Trainer Janks: It’s Fraud and It’s a Felony

by | 06.22.2012 | 6:17am

Reading yet again of a new illegal drug, dermorphin, I wonder when racing officials and owners will ever get it.

Racing like other sports is serious business and people who illegally medicate horses are not cheats – they are criminals. They are committing fraud, and yet there are virtually no consequences.

If these same fraudulent acts were committed in banking, real estate or other businesses and industries, people would be indicted. A District Attorney certainly could make a case against possession of illegal substances and interstate fraud.  It is a felony to alter the outcome of a sporting event, and surely one with billions of dollars of legal wagering, so a basket full of felony charges should result.

Yet where is the law – the real law – not the stewards and appointed racing boards and commissions?

There are always going to be new drugs and criminals in every business venue; we are no different and no worse. Where we differ is the romantic notion that horse racing and sports are somehow different: not as serious, not as accountable.

Where is the outrage from the owners who lose to hopped-up horses? Until they start demanding that racing officials call the police, then nothing will change.

I have been training horses for 40 years, and no owner or potential owner has ever asked me if horses in my care have had any positive tests for prohibited drugs. There is no incentive to hire honest trainers, there is only an incentive to hire the criminals. If these trainers get caught, owners blithely move on to the next criminal trainer.

The illegal drugs are never detected right away. There is at least a year's lag time until someone tips off racing officials on what to look for. How many races are lost by honest people before tests are developed at the laboratories and the criminals either stop using that performance enhancing drug or get caught? How many bettors are defrauded?

I have said, and will continue to say, racing can be quickly cleaned up. Take a couple of trainers off the grounds in handcuffs and rule the doped horses off for a year. Overnight, owners will be looking for honest trainers.

The stats don't lie. When certain trainers are continually winning at an unrealistic percentage or changing the form of horse after horse, it's pretty clear. It is no different than baseball, with the all of a sudden ability to hit home runs by certain players, or the Olympics, where a runner or swimmer dramatically improves his or her performance. They all say “no drugs, better training techniques.” In the end, however, it always comes out, and it was always the drugs.

I wonder if I am the only one who is sure dermorphin was not confined to Louisiana and Southwestern states where Quarter horse racing is prevalent.  I wonder about all the people defrauded out of winnings while this has been going on, and I wonder if racing will ever get serious about getting rid of the criminals. Nothing has changed in the 40 years I have been around, except a downward spiral.

Maybe we ought to try a novel approach: Give the honest guy a chance.

Christine K. Janks is a Thoroughbred owner, breeder and trainer with more than 1,650 career victories. The sixth-winningest trainer in Arlington Park history, she was Illinois breeder of the year on two occasions, served two terms as president of the Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association and on the board of directors of the National Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association. She has never had a horse test positive for an illegal drug.

  • Nick Kling


    I nominate you for Commissioner of Racing.  You get it.  Why don’t other honest trainers?

  • Marshall Cassidy

    Couldn’t have said it better, myself. Well done, Christine! 

  • You’re right on the money except for one thing Christine……..Nobody has the “balls” to go after any of them and it’s highly doubtful that someone is going to find some testicular tissue any time soon…..Having said that….game,set,and match to Christine Janks

  • The Cubs are in last place Ray

    The author is spot-on for the most part except for the fact that owners generally do not move on when their trainer is caught cheating.  They stay with them !

  • Cher Villalobos

    Congratulations on a well-written argument.  Unfortunately, the people that need to read it the most, probably won’t even bat an eye at it.  Continued success to you for doing the right thing and having integrity.

  • Handcuffs

    There is a certain US attorney in Pennsylvania who is doing something about it. Let’s see where things are when the dust settles there.


  • Stanley inman

    Am I missing something here,
    I commend Christine for acting like a leader and speaking out.
    She says, “…I wonder when racing officials and owners will ever get it”
    I assume her comments were for them.
    Didn’t she forget another group that could easily remedy our problem-
    The HBPA.
    oh, Christine is in HBPA leadership,
    That says it all.
    Carry on in the fine tradition of finger pointing, Christine.
    A cherished behavior within racing leadership.
    It’s not us it’s them.

  • tfly

    Agree with most.  Arrests and prosecutions for sure.  Ban the horse for a year-why?  You’re insinuating owner involvement/knowledge.  The answer is what ILL. proposed – (anyone know if it went into effect?) – if a trainer gets 30 days or more, the horses can’t be entered unless from a completely different barn;  Can’t be the assistant trainer, a relative, etc.  Also Christine, just because no owner/pros.owner ever asked you if you had any  positives, does not mean that they didn’t research it beforehand. 
    Racing ‘officials’ that do nothing should be fired.  Tracks want these ‘super’ trainers, because they fill the entry box.  Well, we can’t control that.   But the owners and trainers can scratch out of races in which these needle people have entries. Take the days.  Bettors need to boycott those races. (Would you knowingly join a crooked card game)? Until it hits the track’s bottom line, nothing will change.

  • Stanley inman

    All this talk about “rogue trainers” is just so much feel good gibberish.
    These trainers operate because of the “system”.
    The players who have constructed the system, (track owners, horsemen, racing commissions) are not acting like leaders and fixing the problem.
    Why not you ask?
    Because each is embarrassed by it which they know they are culpable for-
    (turn your collarup, tip your hat over your eye and walk quickly in opposite direction.)
    That’s their modus operandi,
    As long as we keep falling for it they will continue.

  • Bryan Langlois (ShelterDoc)

    Agree completely with the issues having to go to the “real courts” and not the dog and pony shows the stewards and commissioners want to do when the “pretend to play court” knowing that things will be appealed.  And….re-write the law so that if a trainer appeals a serious violation, they are still not allowed to train or have horses till the appeal is heard.  This will result in much faster resolution of the cases and stop never ending continuances that defense attorneys use to drag things out.

  • stillriledup

    This is a TREMENDOUS breath of fresh air.

    The biggest problem is that not only are the punishments light for the offenses, but there’s no legal action. All the times that trainers break the ‘rules’ this stuff is handled ‘in  house’.

    The FBI is not involved in trying to arrest trainers for race fixing or tampering with a sporting contest. No trainer goes to jail for drugging a horse. The racing industry needs to start working with the feds to haul someone off in cuffs.

    If you go into certain stores, there will be signs that say “if you shoplift, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law” So, if you steal a candy bar, you have to go and deal with being prosecuted. If you steal a 50,000 or 100,000 purse by sticking some illegal chemicals into a horse you DONT have to deal with being prosecuted? WHY? Is stealing a 89 cent candy bar more of a ‘crime’ than stealing a 50k purse in a horse race?

    Its just incredible to me that horse racing is the wild wild west where real life laws dont exist. Honest trainers, owners and bettors have no recourse if they get cheated out of money….because, like i said, its not ‘real life’. If you get cheated in real life, you go to small claims court and if you have a good case, you win. In racing, you lose (good day sir) and like it. You lose and say “may i have another sir”.

    1) No more ‘cellphone trainers’ . No more assistant trainer on the program letting the suspended trainer train the stable from the golf course or Manhattan Beach. Time to make the owners transfer those horses to established trainers.

    2) Time to suspend the horse. 6 months or 1 year like Christine suggests and you’ll see these cheating trainers fired if owners know that THEY are going to get punished. Owners have no incentive to use honest trainers because there is zero punishment for them (the owner). And, its almost an unwritten rule that if you are a trainer who’s cheating and you get caught, the owner isnt going to fire the trainer because he secretly LIKES that the trainer is trying everything possible to win. Time to hurt these owners in the pocket if they use cheaters.

    3) Time to prosecute. If you are a clean trainer for years and you have one violation, you can get a warning, ok, i understand that even an honest trainer can make an honest mistake once in a while, i get it. But, If you’re one of these ‘usual suspects’ with dozens of violations, you get prosecuted for race fixing and tampering with a sporting contest and you get kicked out of the game. When a trainer sees another trainer with dozens of violations still training, it gives him or her an opportunity to say “hey, i can cheat and if i get caught, no big deal, its not like im going to get in real trouble or anything”

    One of the unfortunate things is that the way the pari mutuel system is set up, tracks dont really care who wins and who loses the betting money because they get the same cut no matter who the winners are. Same with purses….some owners win and some owners lose, but they only have to hand out X amount of purse money….it doesnt matter to them who wins it, its not going to directly affect their bottom line if a few supertrainers clean out all the money or its equally divided amongst everyone.  If cheaters directly cost these racetracks betting handle and profit, you would see a lot more aggressive stance to cleaning up the sport, but as it stands now, tracks really have no incentive to care. You bet, they take their cut and they could care less if you win or the other guy wins.

  • Tinky

    There are two, terrible insidious factors that have long contributed to the lack of serious penalties being applied to criminal trainers. The first is that racetracks are notoriously inept at policing. To use just one example, NYRA caught a vet milkshaking RED-HANDED, and ended up PAYING HIM a huge sum as a result of totally inept prosecution. It’s a bad joke.

    Secondly, and even more importantly, racetracks have always preferred to keep such ‘security’ matters in-house. Why? Because they DO NOT want to expose cheaters, especially of the high-profile variety. They stupidly believe that sweeping the dirt under the carpet somehow ‘protects’ their interests. Profoundly dumb, and short-sighted, but there you have it.

  • Cdavidsc

    Well said and now lets see the work begin to clean up racing with REAL punishments for having a horse test positive, not slaps on the wrist, get the trainers gone along with anyone who thinks drugs are the answer. 

  • Eachai

    Well said Christine. What will more likely need to occur is that an owner, trainer and track gets a massive judgment against them for endangering – or ending – the life of a jockey, exercise rider, groom, etc. or, a class action suit by gamblers for fraud. When insurance companies have to pay out for liability, they’ll dictate a change. Economics not morality governs decision making in our business.

  • Stanley inman

    To add to your analogy;
    When casino owners catch customers cheating
    ( counting cards etc.)
    They escort them out the door, ban them for life.
    No one calls the cops as suggested here.
    Because cheaters cost them millions.

    Track owners don’t kick out cheaters because cheaters don’t get in their pocket.
    They finger point to horsemen.
    If we picketed outside tracks with,” stop the cheating”
    They would join up immediately to end cheating.
    This round robin finger pointing serves the interest of all who have a “hand” in allowing the cheating.
    If you change the “system”; horsemen and track owners will expect to be held accountable, thus the inertia, & stonewalling.
    If horsemen and tracks join together instead of blaming each other, to design a simple solution, (life time ban on class1 violations,)
    The battle with cheating becomes virtually non-existent with repeaters.
    The prevalence and preponderance of cheating is directly related to the ease of “rationalizing”- everybody else is doin it.
    Without life time ban nothing will change.
    We need a red card like in soccer.

  • Rawhide

    Very well said. Many good and honest people struggle in Thoroughbred racing or get out all together because they aren’t wired to take illegal shortcuts.

    The Jockey Club and “management” instead focus on eliminating race day use of a legal medication proven to help horse health (Salix) instead of focusing more upon on a real problem – the use of illegal drugs, cheaters, etc.

    A step in a good direction would be for more Racing Commissioners to have significant horse racing experience instead of just being a political buddy of their Governor. It’s a mind boggling and non productive process at times.

    Someone will always cheat to make money either on the racetrack, a horse sale, or in the board room. Protecting the integrity of our sport and the health and welfare of the horse is paramount.  Discussing tough issues like this is important and brave. Bravo Christine!

  • Tyrese

    Type your comment here.Miss Janks where can I get some elephant tranquiliser???

  • voiceofreason

    In what world do the criminals arrest themselves?

    You are experienced, smart, honest and have a real vision for how to improve the sport. Therefore, you are voiceless. Those that hold a choke-hold on the sport see you as a threat, a change to their way of life. If your changes were implemented, it would lead to a level playing field where horses and trainers are truly tested, where performance on the track leads to an advantage of “talent” and that leads to real assessment of class. In a “use and then abuse” INSTITUTIONAL medication policy, your vision and ideas are dangerous. You have no shot, but I applaud the effort. Slaying windmills.


    Well written and right on the money. So why don’t we start with Doug O’niell? He has 13 or more cases to work with, and plenty of money to throw away on legal fees. Those without the money will see what it takes to slip and slide til they are broke.  The CHRB MUST be more deligent when handing out penalties and making them stick. Mr. Breed, we are good personal friends, but tighten the screws and show you mean business. Santa Anita has plenty of cheaters, shake the bushes and roust them out.

  • Nyctrainer

    This is EXACTLY what needs to be said,then done. I and my partners haven been asking each other this very question for years,why is this not treated like the felony it is. Christine you stated it perfectly. Bravo!!

  • ASL

    Amen, Sister. 

  • Terrymcleod

    Here here!

  • thats what u think…stay tuned…

  • What world are you living in? Fraud one thousand times worse than this has been and still is being committed daily with little to no oversight in banking, real estate and politics. Have you heard of the MF Global scandal or the Fast and Furious scandal or the massive derivatives fraud? How about the Fed giving their own banks 13 trillion dollars of bailouts behind the scenes? How about 545 million to Solyndra, which then closes? How about billions in bailouts to GM, which then ships most of its production to Mexico, Brazil, China  and Europe, at taxpayer expense of 22 billion. Now that is fraud. This is how things are done in the America that I don’t recognize anymore. If you have powerful allies you can get away with anything.Obviously horse racing needs to clean up its act, but do not act like everyone else plays by the rules. The rules for the last few years are, if you are in power, anything goes.

  • Take that


    This is the verbatim testimony to the Congressional committee, that met in Unionville, PA on Apr 30 this year, from Mrs. Gretchen Jackson.
    “Many trainers use a veterinarian to enable a less than sound horse to compete, by giving the horse performance enhancing  drugs. Vets profit from this service and trainers can do this because there is less than a handful of certified testing laboratories that are able to test accurately out of nineteen in operation. I understand that there are more drugs being used on horses that are unknown, not detectable, than ones they can identify. Many tracks use less accurate testing labs to save money. Both horse and jockey face unknown danger under these conditions”
    It’s strange how such startling testimony was ignored by the racing media. Bettors should have been in uproar. Instead we had silence.


  • Hareteamracing


  • Ida Lee

    Bob: I agree with just about everything you say. I too am devastated with what is happening to our country. But what makes us a civilized society is that we protect, or at least try to protect, those living and breathing creatures who depend upon us to protect them. Giving horses drugs before a race to enhance their performance, or even to get them to perform at all, should be unacceptable in a civilized society. We do not get our kicks through the misery of innocent animals.  These horses can’t say don’t give me any drugs…we have to say it for them. To paraphrase a saying I once heard: You know the worth of a society by the way it treats it’s animals.  So yes there are horrible things happening in the world today and I’ve never been so worried for my country but that does not mean that we can ignore the misery of those who cannot help themselves especially for something which I agree should be treated as a criminal act.

  • Take that

    “Many tracks use less accurate testing labs to save money”

    Is anyone going to ask why testing is so expensive? I guess not.
    Is this the reason why the “horseman” are so in love with Lasix?
    It gives their vet buddies a head start. It’s easy for them to stay ahead of the testing labs.

  • John Ed Anthony

    Trainers, and owners, whose horses test positive for Demorphin should be banned from raicng for life.  No exceptions, no appeal. 

  • Steve W

    Way to go Christine- we need more trainers like you in the game- hope u win every race u run at AP this season-Good luck

  • Perks

    its out of control people, time to do something different instead of the same old same old which isnt working.  What can we do for our industry at this point, we are many……

  • ran 2nd to Hickey for years

    When Congress held their hearings what 4 – 5 years ago, and Arthur Hancock testified that drugs are ruining the industry, what happened when he had a horse test positive in a Grade 3?  Nothing.  Did he fire his trainer?   Now he’s going after Lasix, yet running his own 1st time 2 year old on Lasix.  Do as he says, not as he does.

  • Big Red

    Lets face the ugly facts, racing has three forms of terminal cancer.
    1. Use of medications both legal and legal
    2. Dependency on slot revenues.
    3. Public opinion towards animal breakdowns / abuse.

    Illegal doping and legal doping (what O’Neill and other top trainers have done by pushing the limits of legal meds) has been around forever and the fact that some (most) people in the game need to make money to just to survive will go to any lengths to do just that.

    Sorry, this is just human nature and unfortunatly Christine, you may be the minority.

  • Puma132000

    Three cheers Christine,you hit it out of the park !!!!

  • Lex

    If racetracks were in charge of testing nobody who runs lots of horses (the supertrainers) that get bet on heavily would EVER come up positive. They call it GREED….and IT runs the show. 

  • horse

    Let’s review the dialogue:

    Q-1. What published scientific information is available that provides proof
    that a consumed, topical, or injectable chemical substance is able to improve
    the performance of a horse in a race competition?
    A. Not provided in this forum (to the writer’s knowledge).

    Q-2. Large animal veterinarians have not been able to minimize or mask the effect of exotic substances (botox, cobra venom, and now dermorphin) administered by those few named trainers in their racehorses.  Have any trackside vets presented evidence to substantiate the claims that indeed these exotics enhance performance?  Why then
    are they not involved in the crusade to ban these chemicals from being used profusely?

    A. Without question, money is the reason horses are drugged and this is
    primarily a trainer issue as expounded upon in the dialogue. It is generally held that veterinarians have a conscience, but many do not and are only motivated by money.
    Q-3. Why is the motivation of the liberal media geared to bash trainers and in general the racing
    industry?A. Liberal views fuel and incite controversy.   Without a raging
    controversy there is no crusade to speak, write, publish and criticize …. all with the sinister intent to ban scientific
    applications used by trainers , advancements brought by veterinary medicine, and to mar the persistant dedication of ultra wealthy owners who
    invest their time, money, and passion in the Sport of

  • Lex

     …..administered by those few named trainers in their racehorses.  Have any
    trackside vets presented evidence to substantiate the claims that indeed
    these exotics enhance performance?  Why then are they not involved in
    the crusade to ban these chemicals from being used profusely? WHAT are
    you smoking? The VETS ARE the ones doing ALL of the sourcing &
    administration of ALL of this stuff! THE VETS ARE SELLING THIS STUFF TO

  • SteveG

    I’ve read what you’ve written three times & still haven’t figured out what it means…

  • Mike D

    Perhaps thats why Mr Ness is soooo good?  Lets keep an eye on winning % going forward.

  • Triplecrownquest

    There are trainers and owners that have used this have already moved on from this illegal substance to something else… is a vicious cycle…and I would bet it has been going on for years.  Great article…sadly…those that it pertains to most likely will not read it and do not care.

  • Tom

    I think if there was a federal law that stated if you use a class ” whatever” drug, you are guilty of a 1st degree felony and shall be prohibited from attending races , going near racing equines, etc. work out the details.

  • Trisha

    You are on target.  Boy oh boy are you!

  • G1

    Good for you Christine!!  Keep on it-maybe someone or group will get serious about
    this abuse and start doing something about it. 

  • JF10

    Christine Janks is no longer on the HBPA board or part of that leadership and don’t think she has been for quite a few years now.

  • Noelle

    I sort of agree with you, but I remember Arthur Hancock has said many, many times that while he strongly supports the ideal of drug-free racing, and does what he can to promote that position, he has to make his living under the current system.  He says he cannot afford to go drug-free and maybe lose because of it while the competition wins using Perhaps it’s not a terribly principled position, but at least he’s honest.

  • Noelle

    I do not understand the fight for Lasix.  It’s a diuretic. I used it on one of my dogs and it treated her symptoms beautifully.  But she was an elderly beagle with congestive heart failure, NOT a healthy young racehorse.  Lasix is NOT used therapeutically at the racetrack. It is administered routinely and indiscriminately.

    The fact that there are illegal drugs at the track is one problem.  Legal drugs are another problem.  There’s no reason racing can’t deal with BOTH problems.  It’s not an either/or situation.

  • Brightnsunnyjbc

    Remember the drug “Dermorphin” as it is going to be responsible for either saving or all but killing Thoroughbred Racing as we’d like to remember it.
    We all clearly remember the days after Eight Belles suffered a tragic fatal injury on national television, when a unified Racing Community promised to reform the industry.  Everyone from Track Management, Vets, Trainers, Track Superintendents, Breeders & Owners etc. stated that major changes were necessary and promised that major changes would be made! The public uproar was so “deafening” that Politicians (god forbid) were going to solve the industries problems if the Industry didn’t HANDLE IT.  So four years after that tragic breakdown (May 2008) what has the industry accomplished?  Other than trying to statistically track fatal breakdown and the installation of some controversial synthetic racing surfaces….VERY LITTLE!  During the 2008 Congressional hearings illicit drug use was front & center; all agreed “no action” was unacceptable.  SO 4 years later we now have what appears to be in all my years of closely following TB Racing the most widely used “Class I” drug……possibly EVER!  We can argue at length just how prevalent “Dermorphin” is used within the TB world, but based on the recent positives in Oklahoma, Louisiana & New Mexico; one would have to be clinically naive to believe it’s use is/was not widespread. 
    This article submitted by Christine Janks is spot-on.  Whatever changes that have been made to-date are grossly inadequate, the time for change is long overdue.  Do any of you think States are going to continue to support purses if the industry is generally considered fraught with corruption and inhumane (PETA)?  The answer to that question is……NO!  In general Politicians could give a damn about Racing…..popular opinion (loudest voices) is all they care about.  That said, Racing MUST make it easy for its Political Supporters if we’re to survive; today the Industry is failing miserably in this regard.
    How might Racing address their DRUG PROBLEM?
    1) First everyone needs to admit there is a problem. 
    2) Quit arguing over freaking SALIX.  Make a decision regarding SALIX and start addressing the “REAL ISSUES”.  The SALIX debate has done absolutely nothing but create inaction. SALIX didn’t mask “Dermorphin” inadequate testing procedures were responsible.
    3) Racing must spend more or drug detection in both the Labs AND on the Backside of Racetracks.  When the “Cheaters” outspend the “Enforcement Agencies” the results are “FIXED”!
    4) “REAL” Penalties need to be severe and enforced in a timely manner.  This would include all of the following:  Lifetime Bans, Jail time, Lengthy Suspensions, Fines.  YES…the Feds are welcome as wagering is an “Interstate Transaction”.
    Most studies to determine the cause of Racing’s decline typically cite that the general public percieves the “game” to be fixed. The industries substance abuse problem is at the root of this negative perception…..the Dermorphin problem isn’t going to help.  No it only gives people additional reasons to ask questions like:
    1) How long has the drug Dermorphin been used? Can I trust that winning horses form?  Did my horse get beat by a “user”?  Just Askin!
    2) I recall a Horse in last year’s Preakness who was all washed out in the post parade……the Announcers said he “couldn’t win”.  That horse went wire to wire……very strange.   Do you think he was on an illegal substance?  Possible Dermorphin?  Some OTHER “Class I” yet to be detected? Just Askin!
    3) It really was a shame that “I’ll Have Another” was a late scratch from the Belmont.  I understand his California basedTrainer Doug O’Neil has a “shady history”…..Do you think he may have been scratched because the “new” Lab Test to detect “Dermorphin” was introduced after the Preakness and prior to the Belmont?  Just Askin!
    4) The East Coast trainer…..Rick Dutrow saddled a Kentucky Derby winner who was owned by a real “cast of characters”.  Dutrow has earned a reputation as one of the games greatest cheaters……DERMORPHIN??  Just Askin!
    You see as long as our Industry is in denial and a continuous defensive spin mode IT’s DECLINE will continue.  I think Christine Janks is spot-on, sadly my guess is that some   think she’s a KOOK!

  • Cass

    congratulations to Christine Janks.  She goes to show that it can be done without illegal drugs.  Are the trainers that have to take an edge by using drugs paying attention.  Even more importantly, are the owners  paying attention?

  • Meyer1127

    I just have one question on this.
    If they are just now able to detect this with test.
    How many have really been using this stuff because it could not be detected?
    On the West and East Coast and all points in between.
    I am talking about the BIG NAMES?

  • Cass

    I particularly like the idea of ruling off doped horses for a year, although I don’t ever see it happening and if it did, I imagine the lawyers would make a fortune but it certainly would get rid off trainers that can’t train without chemical help

  • May Flower

    Bravo to Christine Janks and Frankie.

    The lasix debate is being used as a lame diversion to stall facing and solving far bigger, uglier and more lethal and potentially criminal problems. Although those of us who know that horses can be trained and raced without a single drug because we have seen it and done it, especially when young horses are naturally managed from birth as future athletes that are not cosmetically manipulated to superficial perfection and drugged into auction-able items that can look a year older than normal and are breezed artificially fast over distances that are irrelevant to Thoroughbreds for financials gains.

  • Michael

    This echos what my thoughts have been, Christine. BRAVO!

  • May Flower

     The biggest mistake that the horse racing industry made is to discount the welfare and safety of its horses (and riders) and choose money and power over the horses. So here we are!

  • Michael Arndt

    Just saw a colt at Keeneland miss by a nose in its first start, win its maiden handily next out, then run second in a stake race, all med free, no lasix no bute. It can be done. No one tries.

  • Triplecrownquest

    Easily in the top 10 of the very best articles ever written concerning the Horse Racing Industry.  Thank you for publishing this Ray and thank YOU Christine.

  • Noelle

    Edmund Burke is said to have said “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”   I think Arthur Hancock is a good man – he has publicly argued for change – but I guess he’s not quite good enough to put his money where his mouth is. 

    As to the Keeneland colt, good for him and his connections!

  • brian

    Some sound points but if that $5,000 claimer gets ruled off for a year , where is it going ? you and i know its of no value if it can’t race, the horse did not ask to be giving illegal drugs.

  • Bookiebuster1

    I agree 100%

    Well actually cheating in a casino is now a class 1 felony you go to straight to jail. Is a far cry from being taking out back and givin the beating of your life. But people know this so they usually behave these days.

    A trainer finally gets ruled off a track or even a country all he or she has to do is move their dog and pony show to a few states over or “ghost” train their horses with some other fools name as the trainer. No one wants to talk about the so called  “assistant trainer” guys who really train the horses who are not listed as the trainer.  This has become a common practice that allows further gilding of the lilly.

  • “SHAKE N THAT BU$H BO$$”!!!…

  • Concerned Observer

    The point is that the cheating is illegally changing the outcome of the bet. The person losing the most is the bettor, and secondly the owners of the losing horses.
    Change the senerio just slightly and say that someone learned how to alter the outcome of the state lottery numbers in their own favor. Would, or could the lottery commission turn a blind eye? Would it be a punishable crime? A felony? 

    With $10 billion dollars per year bet on horse racing, even a 1% drugged race rate is a $100 million a year crime. Not chump


  • They also have to look at loading up on legal meds. A little of this, a little of that, a little of something else until the horse is a four-legged drugstore loaded up on a cocktail of drugs, with each one “legal”. And quit fretting the small stuff. You can’t just look at the number of violations. You have to look at what those violations are for. Maybe I am not understanding the situation, but it seems to me that big fines for high CO2 levels makes no sense when people are using junk like cobra venom and getting a slap on the wrist for it! Go after any trainers using that kind of stuff, take them out in handcuffs and kick them out of racing for a year or more upon conviction, with NO WORKING during the appeal like Rick Dutrow. Ruled off all over the place, yet he has runners in the Triple Crown??? Come on. And no more cell phone trainers!!! And hit the OWNERS with fines. Make them responsible for knowing what is going on with horses they own, and maybe they will pay more attention to the trainers they hire and what those trainers are doing.

  • horse lvr and gambler

    I agree, and add knowingly running crippled horses

  • Valdez

    cheating may or may nit be a class one felony, but “When casino owners catch customers cheating
    ( counting cards etc.)”…….. IS NOT CONSIDERED CHEATING. 

    Counting cards is frowned upon, and you’ll be 86’d, but it isn’t a felony. 

    Get ur facts straight if you intend to spew rhymes.  :)

  • Concerned Observer

    Here is a novel idea. Lets quit constantly ranting about everything we don’t like about our government and step up to (and fix) our own problems.

  • Take that

    Is Lasix use making testing for other drugs more expensive?
    Does Lasix use make it harder and more time consuming to detect other drugs? Do testing labs require more sophisticated and expensive equipment because of the Lasix use?
    These are simple questions.
    If so – it’s easy to see the ‘horsemen’ exploiting such a hole in the testing regimen.

  • KBEquine

    Agree with all except that I am worried about what happens to those horses ruled off for a year.  They didn’t commit the crime but by suddenly becoming a liability and not an asset, they are the ones with a possible death sentence, especially older & only servicably sound claiming level stallions already facing the uncertainty that follows the end of their career.

  • BrianH

    40 years in the game.  Many of those years as a trainer…and not a single positive test….Ole Dougie boy…Are you reading this?  
    Christine…you are my hero!

  • Gfpowell

    Excellent post. Surprised it came from a member of the HBPA since they usual defend cheaters and are in a politically powerful position to make changes like the ones you suggest. I have been an owner/trainer for 15 years, have spent about 1 million over time, grew- up in a TB family who spent large, and conducted myself honestly. It was blatantly obvious to me that a potent drug was being given to racehorses. In some barns, the horses were just not acting right very strange. I also noticed that the same trainers with high win percentages had high breakdown rates – enter Dermorphin. The equation is now complete and me and my owners are LIVID! You ask what honest owner/trainers can do? We have been writing letters and banging on doors for YEARS so dont blame us for cheaters! My suggestions are a National Racing Commissioner with BROAD legal powers to apply the law equally in whatever state these cheaters are caught. Take this power away from the racetracks/stewards. Impose HARSH

  • Bookiebuster1

     Okay let me help you Valdez because obviously you know not of what you speak:

    Have a read and explain to me what your on about because i dont see any “spew rhymes”  :)  Horse racing IN AMERICA has no such uniform set of standard or penalties PERIOD.

  • FE Davidson


    As an attorney, thoroughbred owner and husband of a thoroughbred trainer that ran a drug free operation, without one breakdown, catestrophic injury or positive test for any substance, yet ran deep on a regular basis so as to eliminate the chance of any of our horses facing a brutal demise at the hands of a cheater, I applaude you for your comments.  Accountability does not exist in any facet of the industry….from the cheaters who return another day to race; to the jockeys who throw races and fail to give their best each time out; to the agents who spin the trainers and owners just to pad their pockets or do favors for their other clients; to the backstretch workers who, by their acts and omissions cause unnecessary downtime; to the vets, chemists and compounding pharmacists that create and administer the designer drugs to augment performance and/or mask pain; to the racing officials who look the other way; to the participant bettors (i.e., the jocks, track personel, etc.) who, by the very placing of a bet create an unconscionable conflict of interest.  The frustration involved in competing against the cheaters is immense and extraordinarily costly.

    We were advised on more than one occasion by stewards that, notwithstanding blatant instances of intentionally mis-riding a race on the part of the jockey, not to pursue it as it would lead to retaliation by the jockey colony.  We’ve had vets comiserate with as as to their understanding of the frustration that exists in running a clean operation.  We’ve experienced multiple instances of sabotage following successful runs at the higher levels.  We’ve experienced competitor horses exhibiting freakish performance, never to race again.  And, in each instance, we weren’t the only ones who noticed the felonious acts of those involved.  Yet, the industry is structured in a manner which openly accepts and seems to encourage conflicts of interest and perpetuation of the wrongs.

    We were aware of an FBI investigation into racing at Charles Town (which was well warranted), yet even the FBI was frustrated by the lack of cooperation on the part of the industry.

    While temporarily at Turf Paradise while en route from the East Coast to California, we witnessed was was probably the most egregious forum for cheaters and horse abusers, and recommended to the stewards that out-of-competition testing be mandatory at the track after witnessing 3-legged horses put in 34 second workouts, etc.  Yet the response was an uneasy smile.  The best performance one of our better horses could do was a 5th by 20 lengths in a $10k MSW against trainers winning at a 45-55% clip (only at TUP), yet the same horse shipped to HOL and SA, being within a length of winning in $40K and $50k MSW races.  Again, we weren’t the only ones who knew what was happening.  Yet, no one in the industry wants to take on the incestuous hierarchy.

    You’re absolutely right that criminal fraud, possession, trafficing, and RICO violations are taking place each day in the industry.  And unfortunately, it’s the owners and the horses who are the primary victims.  Yet, at the same time, it’s the owners who also cast a blind eye to the underhanded actions of the cheaters, as long as the purse money keeps flowing.  As long as the odds of making a profit by owning thoroughbreds are large, coupled with a large amount of money being in play, the cheaters will continue to reap the benefits…that is, unless the power in the industry is TAKEN by the non-cheaters.

    Instead of standing idly by and watching the same thing happen day after day, it’s time for a revolution in the industry on the part of the good guys; as nothing will be done by the inner-circle of the industry, as evidenced by the lack of any appreciable progress having been made to date.  Yet, those involved will have to bear and slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune whilst on the way.  The question is whether the non-cheaters have the testicular fortitude to fight the good fight.  And, more importantly, whether the non-cheaters will have the funding to de-throne the powers that be.

    Some may say that government oversight is the answer.  However, one need only look at the incredulous debacle in DC, which is replete with scandal, graft and self-serving, ego centric politicians, to conclude that the federal government is not the answer and too closely mirrors the racing industry in its character flaws.

    Yes, perhaps a revolution is in order.  I’m on board.  Christine, it sounds as though you are on board as well.  Anyone else?

  • May Flower

     … Others, including veterinarians can be highly conflicted between the health, welfare and safety of race horses they medicate to sell and compete and their financial health. Pro-drugs would like all insiders to be re-assured that drugs, cruelty and endangerment are routine and thus normal and beneficial to them thus justified. The lay public should believe that “FDA approved” “therapeutic medication” can only provide therapy.

    The ugly truth is that the majority of the time legal painkilling substances and others therapeutic meds are used to induce faux-soundness. They are used to deceive, exploit and rip despite the obvious danger trainers and main enablers –owners and vets– willingly bring to humans and horses. Other therapeutic medications like clenbuterol are quickly turned into dope. Diuretics are turned into doping agents, are classified as such in Europe and thus banned from competition.

    Most drugs that are administered to horses within one month of a sale or race are fed, tubed, inject IA, IV and IM to benefit PEOPLE while horses and riders are willingly being endangered and are all too often suffering the consequences. Regulatory vets and gamblers are being deceived and ethical owners and trainers are being ripped-off and loosing horses.

    Jockeys have failed miserably to protect themselves. They have the right and duty to protect themselves by demanding protection for the horses they ride and race with. They are being endangered by those who insist on keeping equine health, medical and chemical records secret and give them a leg up. Lives are on the line and jockeys continue to play the game.

    here should be zero tolerance for secret equine exhaustion, mismanagement, injury and disease chemical cover-ups and abusive, dangerous, potentially lethal treatments.

    Racing cannot afford to tolerate secrecy re. equine health and fitness, chemical manipulation and deception, moral bankruptcy, “the game” and in particular “the claiming game”. Jockeys should refuse to ride until equine medical records are honorable and safe enough to be proudly publicly released without fearing that “the game” will be banned.

  • Fmdolce

    Nice but how many bankers that brought us to our knees are in jail? Don’t get me wrong, the drugs have to go but so to do the people on wall st. and banking that made millions by ripping us off.Rmember the drug partys that Enron was throwing? Tip of the iceburg. Please don’t compair what the banks have done with a few bad eggs in racing.Both should be thrown in jail but the law allows for different punishment for the degree of the crime

  • May Flower

    Anarchy, abuse and fraud have chased away too many good people. The bad guys control “the inventory” and racing. We need a central authority with one division created purely to protect horses. Once horses are properly protected around the clock, most problems will disappear.

  • Nucky Thompson

    She certainly did and without the use of steroids too !

  • McGov

    I second that.  Finally, someone is making sense.  How can cheating in a sport where the public bets large sums of money not be a CRIME?  The criminals know it’s a joke…they make big money from purses and betting and when caught are given 5 minutes in the penalty box.  It is, without any doubt, out of hand.

  • May Flower

     And bring more friends, more money and throw more horses at them! The good guys and all horses loose.

  • May Flower

     Horsemen begged Christine to improved the IL HBPA and she did.

  • May Flower

     The whole rotten, lethal, potentially criminal bunch in front offices and backside should be fired!

  • shepva

    well you have it in 4 states, they have identified the horses if these trainers are not banned then it’s time for the Feds to get in here and take over the rules and the’s just gone too far and all the comments about “most of the trainers and vets would never dope a horse” OK then banning those that do should not hurt the sport at all it should help a great deal…but it’s time

  • waldo

    Thank you Christine for taking the time to say something that all honest trainers should echo. I have always thought that urine and blood samples should be frozen and that undercover people should be hired to investigate what’s gone on in racing in the last twenty years

  • May Flower

    Fewer horses would reach the $5,000 claiming level if they were adequately protected against mediocrity, abuse, drugs and moral bankruptcy with security, surveillance, tracking, soundness monitoring, etc. to begin with and if horsemen were forced to manage horses responsibly or else. When a central authority finally reforms and governs racing, it should ban all 5K claiming races and under then raise the bar to 10K and under.

  • Gfpowell

    Never once have I come across this suggestion: the trainer caught with Dermorphin MUST co-operate with authorities revealing the name of the vet or person selling it!

  • robertkachur

    Yadda-Yadda-Yadda—-AS LONG AS demorphine is sold
    in a corner of the track kitchen…..Ms. Janks  never walked by the stand?

  • Common Sense Prevails

    Sadly, lasix is being tied to frog juice. Please understand lasix is used to prevent EIPH. It is the best drug we have to combat bleeding. Lasix has NOTHING to do with Frog Juice.

  • Equine Avenger

    “There is no incentive to hire honest trainers, there is only an incentive to hire the criminals.”

    The number two reason why I quit training. There just isn’t any need for handons ethical horseman anymore. Of course the number one reason, just got tired of lining up against so many cheats. I would rather remove myself out of the game than to sink to the same level. Not my style. I’m a animal lover, not a drug pusher or horse abuser. 

  • McGov

    Well said.  I don’t know how anyone can look a horse in the eye as they fill their bodies with a multitude of elixirs made up of every darn thing someone’s granddaddy thought will make a horse run faster.  As I type this, there are scores of so called horse people trying to figure out a way to get their hands on the next magic elixir so they can cash a big bet / win a purse.  Racing is a beautiful sport tainted by greed and crushing capitalist mentality…win at all costs.

  • voiceofreason

    Brilliant post. Depressing, honest. You say you want a revolution? Love to see the plan. I’m all for it.

    However, THIS revolution should be lead by the GOVERNMENT and then the people. That’s the only way we will see change, as your post can attest. Fact. Without drastic and lasting change, owners, gamblers and honest people will continue to flee.

  • Perks



  • May Flower

     It makes too much sense.

  • dh

    she forgot the 3rd part, It’s fraud, it’s a felony, and IT’S RUINED THE GAME.

  • May Flower

    Diuretics are considered as doping agents and banned from European cycling races.

  • Tonilee

    As a trainer, owner and breeder, count me in.

  • Pedigrees

    a sad rendition of the situation as it stands

  • Tinky

    It IS performance enhancing, and is banned by EVERY professional sports organization, the Olympics, etc.

  • Tonilee

    I second the nomination of Christine Janks as the Uber Commisioner

  • SeenItAll

      They should be arrested ,jailed,  fined and do hard time. Banned is nothing.

  • SeenItAll

     Of course, you are 100% correct.  This has been true forever. The folks in charge do a very poor job of keeping things fair as they have too many conflicted interests.

     We need to see arrests, hard time, and huge fines. And lets take a good hard look at the owners, many of which appear to be running the show.

  • LL

    Good for you Christine. We need more trainers to speak out on this. The whole drug thing makes me sick. I have raced in Chicago on and off since 1979 with several trainers and never even thought about them using illegal drugs. i guess I’m just too trusting. 

  • If these same fraudulent acts were committed in banking, real estate or other businesses and industries, people would be indicted. REALLY!!!  Can’t think of even ONE person in banking and wall street who were indicted since 2007!

  • free reign

    Spot on Christina. As I said before, OWNERS must be punished, not only with loss of purse money. THEY must be fined, and their runners barred, for a substantial period.
    AS in banking, racing uses a desperate and dependent element as hostage, for the enabling of such exploitation. In racing it is the amount of runners and owners. MORE runners and owners would enter the game, with out such a feeling of having their investment, INSTANTLY lose position against cheaters.
     I must beg to differ on your camparison with bankers and real estate brokers. In banking, racketeers pirated ALL Americans deposits, and floated trillions, while buying away outsourcing protections, to devastate our buying power, inflated cost of living, racketeered and trashed the mtg mkt, drove oil sky high, AND THEN still is getting rewarded with tens and tens of trillion in racketeering cash.
    The delusion that racing and small investors will suffer without these gangsters is what cons officials into perpetuating the exploitation. The officials are derelict of duty to protect everyone’s interest.

  • free reign

    Exactly. It is a form of fraud. The drugged horse is a vehicle to embezzle money out of the racing system. The OWNER, as well as the trainer must be held liable.

  • Trainerbowie

    Christine you are right on the money. In the past I dated a girl that was a racing official, and she invited me upstairs, to the placing judges stand. After a few races there was an older guy come by the stand and stuck his head in and said is everybody okay. I asked her in private what that was about, and she said he was a runner, for the stewards and placing judges to make bets. Although that was over twenty years ago it does happen. There is no trainer in the world that is a sixty percent in the money, doing it legally, and just because the drug hasnt been detected yet doesnt make it legal.

  • Bf Loft28

    What about the Veterinarians ? Racetrack practitioners that supply this drugs should be punished too. How about suspending or revoking their license. Not all of them are dirty, but most of them do it, because otherwise trainer will find one that does. I believe that behind every dirty trainer there is a dirty Veterinarian.

  • Hossracergp

    Lifetime ban. No appeals.

  • NY Owner

    The lasix debate is a witch hunt.  I have yet to see any data on harmful effects of it’s race day administration.  Often we don’t know a horse is a bleeder until the first time it races.  Lasix is the difference between keeping the small owners in the business or seeing them go down the road because of the risk that their hefty racing investment is done after one disappointing start.

  • Convene

    If he needs pain meds to run, he belongs in the rest’emup stall, not the starting gate. Yeah, I know, I know … money’s tight … we’ll all go broke … But maybe the horses and the sport WON’T be broke. Integrity, compassion and knowledge all cry out that this is just wrong! Right on, Christine.

  • Convene

     Yup! Integrity’s becoming a dirty word! However, all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men (people!) to do nothing. We all have to stand up, speak out and never stop! We have to refuse to deal with those who cheat wherever and whenever we can in our daily lives! Eventually we’ll make enough noise for things to change.

  • Why don’t you just list the names of the trainers who are known on the backside to use illegal drugs? I don’t mean some “official list of names” based on positive test results.  I mean you that know. You trainers and backside people who say its easy to spot them by seeing how their horses perform against past performance. Why not take a stand and print a name?

  • Clem Clemson

    I am glad to see this discussion take place especially after the suspect withdrawal of IHA from the Belmont ( I assume so that a BIG BROWN fiasco was not repeated).  Its really hard to play the races theses days knowing that there are so many cheaters out there.  Especially in the Triple Crown races.

  • dh

    every time I do, Ray deletes it………..

  • RayPaulick

    I’m afraid that’s not a productive thing for anyone to do that might not want to end up involved in a defamation lawsuit.

  • RayPaulick

    I believe the commenter was asking Ms. Janks to name names…not you. 

  • Exprod

    Ms. Janks,

    I applaud your comments.  You are 1000% right on, however the industry leaders have consistently demonstrated a lack of understanding and vision relative to their industry.  So much so that they have allowed the “Sport of Kings” to spiral down from one of the most attended sporting events, on an annual basis, to an irrelevant industry that needs to be artificially supported by bringing in slot machines.

    I laugh when NYRA posts that they have been testing for dermorphin for months and there are no positives. Yes I believe them.  Sure and there was no such thing as sublimaze, as unknown trainers were all of a sudden training superstars.   Lets not forget the poster boy for “juicing” Oscar Barrera who went from obscurity to the greatest trainer…moving claiming horses up to stake horses in a matter of days and winning 4 training titles in New York.  Yet for some inexplicable reason (because NYRA never announced a positive) he landed back in  obscurity as he lost 130 straight races before he died.  I guess he forgot how to train or maybe it was an incredible run of bad lack that created the losing streak.

    Come on let’s get real. Currently, some of the highest profile and best known trainers are “assisting” their horses, it’s not the isolated rogue trainer on the bush circuit.  I have been using Thorograph performance data (“sheets”) for 40 years and I have looked at data for hundreds of thousands of races over that period.  The visualization of form patterns as graphed out makes its abundantly clear that “juicing” is widespread and rampant., and as Ms. Janks points out until the industry takes a hardline stance…there is no chance that it will change.  Those most affected by the current state of affairs are the bettors and the average horse owner, just the backbone of the industry.  Neither has  any realistic shot as the sport continues to spiral down into oblivion.  Thus far industry leaders have decided that the fix to their problems are consolidation, simulcasting and slots.  They don’t get it and never will.

    Ms. Jenks you are correct.until they start leading this trainers out in handcuffs (including some society trainers) and force disgorgement of illegal profits it will be status quo because the racing industry has a solid record to support the old adage….CRIME PAYS

  • RayPaulick

    Not defending NYRA, but the press release about dermorphin tests came from the  horsemen’s organization, NYTHA. Testing is not overseen by the racetrack or racing association (NYRA), but by the regulatory body, in this case the New York State Racing and Wagering Board.

    NYRA has made its share of mistakes, but they do not control drug testing.

    Having said that, I have no idea why the NYTHA released that press release. It should have come from the NYSRWB.

    NYRA, like the NYSRWB currently is, will soon be under the control of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, so in the future (at least the next three years), I guess we can blame Cuomo for anything that goes wrong in New York racing. It’s his ballgame.

  • Carsonsprings

    ALL of those years as a trainer, thank you

  • voiceofreason

    Whatever. All it takes is phone call to the racing office of interest. Want to know what trainer is doing what? It’s all there, big names to small. Of course it’s hushed and covered up. Be cool if Ray had a section on the home page that had real time information on the cheats for all to see. By state. BAM. Call it “Medication Alley”.

  • Jackson

    Have they been testing for the “synthetic form” of Dermorphin?  If not, then they wouldn’t have detected any positives AND their statement is little more than deceptive spin.  If it is spin then once again the industry appears to be more concerned with damage control than addressing the root cause of our industries decline….illicit drug use which has severly damaged the credibility of all involved in the greatest game on earth.

  • well said Christine K Janks we have been crying for over 20 years about the quarter horse  now Thoroughbred Trainers and their former assistants using morphine nicknamed Elephant Juice now this schedule 7 mainline drug surfaces named Dermorphin which says that according to Daily Racing form published that 4 Thoroughbred horses have returned the positive drug test result of Dermorphin but no names mentioned, believe me there are hundreds of more positives Thoroughbred test of this degrading Dermorphin. 
    But due to vested interest it has been well covered up by the hierarchy of questionable breeders and certain shareholders of Churchill Downs – MID Group, who have total control of the Sport of kings because they have been operating as self Governing Masonic bodies since 1789, meaning they a Government unto themselves, who cleverly via the late Sir Graham Beck (deceased July 2010) – Gainesway Farm a former South African Jockey Club Head Executive Steward the mastermind to the new age simulcasting/son Antony Beck/Thomas Meeker/Robert Evans to Joseph De Francis/Fran Stronach etc which included the late Eugene Klein etc who have cleverly used their secret weapon of mass destruction known as their hand picked former quarter horse trainers to use this illegal range of schedule forbidden 7 drugs especially on their Kentucky Derby Preakness     

  • Hi Ray Paulick its fine to say the NYRA test for Dermorphin etc, but the end results is that the holy than thou Churchill Downs/Mid (Magna)Group and their vested interest partners of certain breeders and State Department officials, have the final say. 
    Bear in mind CDI/MID Group are in total control of the whole Sport of Kings industry, due to them being secret self governing Masonic bodies, meaning a Government unto themselves.  
    Well lets start with some facts, why did Thomas Meeker obviously well backed by the late Sir Graham Beck (deceased July 2010) and the list goes on and on, who suddenly resign, in the early part of 2006, from his 22 year post as being Mr.Churchill Downs. 
    Was it simply because of owner/trainer Dennis Fisher and Rene Wagner attorney’s letter  addressed to him Thomas Meeker cc to Frank Stronach and all State Departments please refer to conspiredcorruption.wordpress…. to view these letters which was also sent and addressed to President Robert Evans the alte Sir Graham Beck/Thomas Meeker puppet CDI President from 2006.  
    Needless to say Thomas Meeker at the time was CDI president and chairman of Calder Racetrack, simply conducting himself in a inappropriate and deliberate corrupt mannerisms, to attain personal financial tax free wealth from CDI – United Tote OTB Kentucky Downs H/Q etc. 
    What was interesting about my Dennis Fisher PA Merryl Brown formal letter, which undoubtedly was on behalf of all horseman and obviously wagering public etc, which simply addresses the issue of their CDI/MID (Magna) Group in-house corruption (white collar crimes),their drug cartel and their illegal alien housing and employment etc, which resulted in their weapon of mass destruction which was and still is of their fixing of races – prearranging race results etc, which obviously allowed for their hand picked trainers and certain vets to drug their horses with schedule 7 mainline drugs nicknamed Elephant Juice but what is of great concern was their rule of law for their hand picked trainers and or vets etc at Calder Racetrack etc, who were allowed to use 4cc of Banamine the night before schedule race meets. Unknown these orders, were well conducted by former Steward Jeffery Noe (Kenny Noe) – racetrack vet Mary Scollay (Patricia Marquis) etc, obviously secretly, yet well backed by Calder President Ken Dunn/CDI President Thomas Meeker/the late Bobby Umphrey/Stall Superintendent Stoney McClaughlin – Steve Cross –  Pete Serbinoff/Tony Otero head of CDI/Calder security etc.  
    The catch 22 to all the above, Dormorphin – Elephant Juice which included sublimaze and other fentinal stimulants etc which were and still are covered up but protected by false drug testing and results, obviously well supported by their CDI/MID Group Corporate and State Department crimes. Here comes the major question to be asked whenlast have you seen a Kentucky Derby – Preakness – Belmont – Breeders Cup and or any other major stake races positive drug test results of any of the 4 placed horse a major eye opener, but notice the positives are mainly Maiden and or cheap claiming races etc another eye opener to CDI/MID Group and their State Departmentin-house corruption and foul play acts.   
    The major player at all times which stretched its octopus tentacles throughout the CDI/MID (Magna) Group and its selected breeders was the Elephant Juice (M99) etc and now Dermorphin which was administered way before scheduled races, which allowed these conglomerate organizations like CDI – United Tote/MID (Magna) Group and their mastermind the late Sir Graham Beck/Thomas Meeker/Antony Beck/Joseph De Francis – Frank Stronach etc in comfort to secretly fix horse races – prearranging race results, manipulate all horseman into mindset of yes sir no sir by supplying them horseman with free mainline drugs from their private property racetracks, which then supported them in comfort to allow their hand picked vets to drug their racehorses or others of their choice with Morphine nicknamed Elephant juice etc (Dermorphin) etc.  
    One of their strongholds was that the Elephant Juice was shipped in from South Africa/South America etc – by the author and finisher of all Elephant Juice or other drugs namely the late Sir Graham Beck/Thomas Meeker/Antony Beck etc, the owners of Gainesway Farm and Kentucky Downs Racetrack from 1997 which became their Simulcast OTB H/Q.  
    The above was well covered up by certain South African and American/European and Asia vets etc – the above allowed these conglomerates via in-house corruption and foul play acts to secretly steal the trustworthy wagering public’s/tax payers, horseman and the American – International simulcast audience hard earned monies, from right under their noses. 
    What should prove that the two conglomerates named the CDI/MID (Magna) Group’s are operating as self governing Masonic bodies which means they are governments unto themselves, whether they do good or evil they only have to answer unto themselves, was and still is by their cheap labor plan of action. 
    Which was based upon CDI/MID (Magan) Group’s power and authority, to secretly yet well supported by INS/IRS and certain Senators – Governors and even Mayors etc to employ and house illegal aliens on and around their private property racetracks, which allowed them CDI/MID (Magna Group) executives and their hand picked executive management, to supply these thousand upon thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens with false social security numbers. 
    This criminal acts, like the drugging their horses with Dermorphin/Elephant Juice and or 4cc of Banamine the night before scheduled races is a criminal offence to the 10th degree by any Court of Law. 
    Undoubtedly the above illegal aliens act allowed CDI/MID (Magna) Group’s executive directors and certain shareholders to be able to registered these illegal aliens by their vested interest partners known as their State Departments to supply these illegal aliens with false identification cards and or photo badges, which allowed these illegal aliens to cash weekly monies earned upon and around their private property racetracks, to be noted it was at all times cleverly observed by INS and IRS/local police and even FBI – DEA officials.         

  • May Flower

    Travis Tygard, head of USADA told Congress that: “A sport cannot police itself”. Tragically, for horses and riders, for ethical horsemen and professionals, Mr. Tygard is correct.

    The FBI should collect information about horse racing from anonymous whistle blowers to prevent cruelty, serious and catastrophic injuries and gambling fraud.

    Racing should not be allowed to operate above the law. Everyone should have the opportunity to protect horses and riders, honest and compassionate horsemen and professionals and to improve racing by tipping the FBI.

  • May Flower

    That NYTHA press-release smells fishy.

  • Don Reed

    This is a HUGE outpouring of support for what Janks has stated.

    Reddam/O’Neill, are you listening?  Are you happy now?  Go count your money.  Juat remember, when you have more of it, you’re more moral.  Less, you’re less moral, less deserving of admiration and respect.

  • May Flower

    “Those most affected by the current state of affairs are the bettors and
    the average horse owner, just the backbone of the industry.”

    Great post but I disagree with that sentence. Owners and bettors choose to participate in horse racing. For many racing is a hobby and at the end it’s only money.

    The biggest victims are the voiceless horses.

    Riders and especially jockeys are next, however, no one forces them to ride. They have the right and duty to protect their own bodies and lives by forcing change. They have the power to shut down racing until the welfare, safety and lives of all horses and all riders become the top priority.

  • stillriledup

     FED, fantastic post, well done.

    I believe that the biggest problem that’s faced in the cleaning up of the game is that the gambling part of horse racing has been put BEFORE the actual horse racing part of it. What i mean by this is that tracks don’t view themselves as horse racing venues who just happen to have gambling on the races. They view themselves as gambling facilities that just happen to have horse racing as the ‘betting vehicle’ of choice.

    Whether its tiddly winks, cockroach racing or horse racing, the tracks treat it all the same, they’re just interested in running animals in a circle and collecting 20% blended of every bet. If they just  happen to have a licence to conduct HORSE racing, well, than horse racing it is. If its a cockroach license, than its all the same to them, as long as they get their cut of the gambling pie.

    What can be done to  convince tracks to actually CARE about the sport as a sport? Seems like there’s really no financial interest in them caring. Everyone seems to scream from the mountaintops about cleaning the drugs out of horse racing and getting rid of the crooks, but the track owners seem to care less. Why you might all ask do the tracks care less? I’ll tell you. The tracks ‘care less’ because of the way the pari mutuel system is set up. Its set up for the tracks to collect a set percentage of every gambling dollar. No matter who wins, they get the same amount (minus show pools aside). So, with that being the case, where’s the financial incentive to sink money to ‘clean up the game’?

    Tracks who are going to invest money on a cleaning up process, want some kind of guarantee that the money they spend is going to have some kind of plus ROI.

    We all shout “CLEAN THE GAME” but none of us are really interested in paying for it.

    Until we get track owners who are actually RESPECT the sport of horse racing, i’m afraid its going to be business as usual.

    We are all ‘fooled’ to think this sport is called HORSE racing, but its really ‘gambling racing’ and the horse just happens to be the animal of choice.

  • May Flower

    The AVMA and AAEP should be ashamed of themselves.

  • cepatton28

    Everyone commenting on here needs to contact the LA racing commission and voice your opinion to the people that will be passing judgement.

  • voiceofreason

    As an owner, breeder, gambler and buyer of yearlings and juvy thoroughbreds, count me OUT. I have sold 90% of my stock and are backing away very VERY quickly. I can’t get out the door fast enough, the exit is being blocked by thousands of other owners, breeders, gamblers and buyers of yearlings and juvy thoroughbreds. I fought the good fight, with my words and wallet. I could tell you stories that would make your hair curl. I’ve lost.

    I applaud your sentiment and fight. I wish you much luck. Since my time with the sport is limited, I hope those of you like FE Davidson get the change you deserve. Fair and honest horseman should have a fighting chance in this skewed and unbalanced game. Best to you.

  • the hole TRUTH & noting but the TRUTH!!!…TY SIR for stepping up to the plate!!!…”THE ONLY KING” in this game is “THE HORSE”!!!…PERIOD…

  • horse lvr and gambler

    never tested possitive and never used are two different things

  • horse lvr and gambler

    good point

  • Don Reed

    Cowards imply.  Come right and say it, weasel:


    Feel better, now that you’ve gotten that out of your system?

    Next step: Signing your actual name.

    You’re a big boy (age 11?).  Someday, soon, you’ll be able to do that.

  • ttowntony

    I have a question….Are stewards allowed to investigate trainers who’ve shown complete form reversals with their horses, and or for a sudden high rise in win percentages???

  • ttowntony

    Perhaps some of the racetracks are as crooked as the trainers, that’s why nothing’s been done all these years!

  • idavis

    Awesome read….it’s good to know there are folks who do lay by the rules and succeed!  I wholeheartedly agree w/you…a revolution is in order and if we are to  save this wonderful sport, we must take it back from the “good ole boys” who keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting change….it’s called insanity.  They need to check their egos at the door and do what’s right for the sport.

  • BET THE DEA IS ON BOARD???…like it r not…stay tuned…

  • ziggypop

     Anyone caught doing any drug that is illegal IE. Cocaine, should be banned for life, no exceptions no appeal.

  • ziggypop

    As a returnee fan of racing, per se,  I am stunned with the complicity of the veterinarians in the drugging and breakdowns of these magnificent creatures. They, absolutely, need to be held responsible for their participation.

  • ziggypop

     Too many 1%ers involved in the game. The DEA will not get into this.

  • Mfastpony

    Amen Sista!

    Finally someone actually gets it.

  • Vhernandez

    Ms. Janks is so right, it is time that this is taken very seriously and people are put in jail for doing this to bettors, and especially to horses.  When are we going to get it right?  Everyone in the world runs without anything , why can’t we???

  • Vhernandez

    Count me in too!

  • Bernieinocala

    Well thought out article by Ms. Janks

  • Ha

    For my horses I want no drugs, no hitting, no tongue ties, no whips, no fear, no buzzers, no mouth yanking, no shadow rolls, no harsh bits, no lack of real training and preparation. If they need drugs then we leave the track, go home to the barn and pasture, call the home vet and follow whatever treatment the vet recommends until they are verified to be well and drug free for quite some time. Then we go back to training and the track. I’m in race horses because my horses know what to do with the great open space in front of them without any suggestion from a human being. They love to run and I love to see them be happy. Thats it. That my whole reason for being a race horse owner. When my horses are no longer having fun, its time to go back to the home barn and pasture. To the druggers and money lovers I say KMA does not stand for keeping my appointment. My horses will wax you any day because they love what they do. You druggers and money lovers don’t have the understanding, brains and work ethic it takes to get a race won without a pharmacy and a whole lot of the consequential dead horses and dead jockeys. See you at the track, drug free, pain free, fear free, more competent and happier than you. Haa Haaa Haaaaaaa!

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