Ritvo: Stronach Tracks Bar Vitali, Hunter From Entry Box

by | 09.20.2016 | 12:32pm
Tim Ritvo

Trainer Marcus Vitali, currently serving a 120-day suspension for multiple medication violations in Florida, has been told by officials with The Stronach Group – owners of Gulfstream Park in Florida, Laurel Park and Pimlico in Maryland and Santa Anita Park and Golden Gate Fields in California – that they will not take entries from him in the future and asked Vitali to leave the Gulfstream Park property.

Trainer Allan Hunter, in whose name Vitali's horses have been running over the last two months, has also been told his entries will not be accepted by Stronach Group tracks. Hunter has been given 10 days to remove all of the horses currently under his care from Gulfstream Park. Hunter has one former Vitali horse entered on Friday's Gulfstream Park program that will be allowed to run, according to Tim Ritvo, chief operating officer of The Stronach Group's racing division.

The action came one day after a Paulick Report article by Natalie Voss examining licensing questions surrounding Vitali, who voluntarily relinquished his Florida occupational license earlier this year to avoid a possible suspension, then moved his stable to Maryland. He returned to Florida later this summer to seek reinstatement of his license. As part of a consent order from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation's Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering reinstating his license in September, Vitali was suspended 120 days and fined $7,000. The suspension began retroactive to July 1, when VItali was not licensed.

“We called in Vitali and Hunter and said to Hunter, ‘Are these your horses or are they Marcus's horses,'” said Ritvo. “Allan Hunter was cooperative. He did not deny it (being a program trainer for Vitali), said he was doing the guy a favor and didn't want any trouble. We made it clear we could have done an audit to find out who was paying worker's compensation and who is paying the bills.”

He added that all Stronach Group tracks are going to make a “much more exerted effort” to prevent program trainers taking over a stable when trainers are suspended for a prolonged period.

Vitali was third-leading trainer during Gulfstream Park's 2015-16 championship meet, winning 25 races from 148 starts. Hunter, who won a total of 11 races from 2011-15, is sixth in the current Gulfstream Park standings, winning 12 of 66 starts, primarily with horses that previously ran under Vitali's name.

Ritvo also disputed a point in the Paulick Report article on Vitali, based on a state investigative report, that said he told Jay Stone, then the racing manager for Frank Calabrese, not to talk about or delay filing a complaint against Vitali in March 2013 until after that year's Florida Derby. Stone's complaint said Vitali ran a filly knowing she had a slab fracture in her knee and that Vitali supplied him X-rays after the race showing the broken leg. Stone had claimed the horse on behalf of Calabrese. She finished 45 lengths back as the 6-5 favorite and never raced again.

“Jay came up to Mike Rogers (Stronach Group racing division president) and me at the party the night before the Florida Derby,” Ritvo said. “Rogers and I were furious at Vitali and told Jay Stone, ‘Send everything to the state.' No one was ever told to wait until after the Florida Derby. The state didn't do anything. We should have acted upon it ourselves, but after that we hired Dr. (Robert) O'Neil to look at this kind of issue.”

O'Neil was hired in July 2014 as the company's Equine Health and Safety Director.

  • Awesome news. It’s about time tracks start doing the RIGHT thing.

    • Maribeth Kalinich

      They brought Vitali up to MD from Gulfstream knowing he had multiple violations and had turned in his license to avoid being sanctioned. Trainers had to give up their shed row to make room.

    • Vendettaroad

      Suddenly, like that, you believe these greedy and nefarious people. They developed a conscience and character overnight. Its an INSIDERS GAME and their only trying to mollify its EXPOSURE TO THE PUBLIC.

  • carlo

    great news. I always knew that Mr STRONACH , TIM and PJ integrity will prevail this is message loud and clear that GULFSTREAM won’t allowed this kind of behavior. One down. Two to go. (Ziade and Navarro)

    • jash

      sorry , but this is why there has to be ONE national org that can issue BANS AT tracks nationwide.

      Much as I hate gvt over reach , these RATS have made it the only way.
      Just as this rat did , they skate around using loopholes between states.

      If an honest biz , that’s one thing , but with the bad actors driving out any good it is way past time.

      • Peter Scarnati

        Don’t see the need for Fed intervention when the events here on the Paulick Report has accomplished this task over the past two days.
        No fuss, no muss. Just tell it like it is. Look how quickly Ritvo, et al “came around.”
        Maybe more honest journalism (in all facets of society and not just horse racing BTW) is all that is required.

        • Really?

          Right be these guys don’t go away. Places like Parx welcome them with open arms (and hand extended for payment).

    • Exhausted Race Fan

      Do you mean Ralph or Kirk Ziade? As far as Navarro do his violations get posted or is there a list available to the public? I know they exist I’ve seen horses moved up after the fact and Navarro horses taken down after the drug test results. I just couldn’t find where GP allows this info to get their betting public.

    • jash

      OH Ritvo , that’s a nice story , but sending everything to the state was a dodge and if you don’t/didn’t know that then you are not fit for the job.

      Sorry , but you knew by taking no action you were letting this rat place others in danger.

      No excuse. NONE.

      • Racing Fan

        In fairness, can you imagine if he took action with every complaint ever placed against someone on his backside? The state, like it or not, is the one who is in charge of investigating charges. Your post is lame.

      • Ky Race Fan

        Agree! Maybe Ritvo should go!!!!

      • Leeward Vet

        Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many post race positives Tim Ritvo racked up as a trainer? Rumored to once have had record numbers at a FL meet.

  • Exhausted Race Fan

    Nicely done Paulick! I believe their integrity had a slight SHOVE to make the right move since they had obviously known about it for how long before reading your article. If only you alone could save racing. Aren’t Ralph and Nick Zadie currently doing the same thing at the same race track under the same Ritvo, PJ and Stronach?

    • Hamish

      The PR Report’s light was shinning brightly in quite a few eyes in this mess! It all sounds good, so can’t wait to see how these Stronach Group determinations hold up to any potential challenges and then are fully executed.

    • 20 yrs Pony Girl

      Exactly!! It’s being done Under SEVERAL different trainers!
      When I Hot Walked for Marcus at CRC 2014.
      I Seen him shoot straight DMSO from a syringe down the horses throat, to set their stomachs on FIRE to make them run like crazy from the pain! One nice big gray filly starting killing the walls and fractured her back leg. Her ankle was swollen like a baseball
      He had us take her out and run the hose on it, I asked if he was going to have her x- rayed, he told me, he was the Trainer to mind my fukn business. Later, after X- ray. It was shattered. She never ran again!!
      His record was great 2013- 2014. DMSO down the throat!! No bad tests cuz he’d just say, we wrapped them in leg paint with it!!!!!
      Evil bastard got wat he DESERVED!! LIL Prick

      • larry outlaw

        Vitali should be at the end of a rope,I don`t know what DMSO is,but before they hang him they should give vitali a shot it.

      • Manefan

        Good God. I can’t imagine the pain of just witnessing something like that. Though I know I would be stunned to see that, I wonder if you were able to report it to CRC to get his heinous actions on record. This industry needs a lot of supervision and cameras in all areas of the track but, especially where the horses are stalled is just a start.

      • Mike Oliveto

        If you witnessed this in 2014 why didn’t you tell anyone??? WTF???

      • Judy Gaddis

        That incident you cited made my blood boil almost as much as the filly mentioned in the article that ran with a known slab fracture in her knee. And people STILL question why we have so many breakdowns not only during races but during the mornings as well?

        Something of a security nature has GOT to be implemented to protect these horses and prevent these types of things from occurring. I don’t have a pat suggestion since I am not on the “inside” of the racing world but surely those that are can come up with something suitable.

        These are the exact types of stories that makes it harder and harder to defend being a fan of the sport, let alone attract any new fans.

        • Maribeth Kalinich

          I have friends who absolutely love horses but won’t be dragged to a race track. That says it all.

    • forestwildcat

      Kirk is in the shed everyday at Gwest

      • Exhausted Race Fan

        Obviously the rules only apply when Gulfstream’s managers have their backside in a sling. Why is it so hard to get an honest group of administration within Stronach’s tracks? These are issues anyone who visits the backside can see and is disgusted by. Ritvo, PJ, GP Security have you visited the backside lately? Or maybe can you look out from your ivory tower while Integrity is thumbing it’s nose at you.

      • Frustrated horse lover

        Kirk has an active license and can legally be where he’s at. Macy’s did NOT have a license and was continuing to come to the track on a guest pass and train his horses. Allan Hunter was never at the barn.

        • forestwildcat

          kirk is a repeat offender and in my opinion should not have been licensed and should never be licensed again

  • Gate To Wire

    Poor Marcus, the only trainer in America to actually get caught using a beard.

  • ben

    My best wishes to Ray et all, they done a trerrific job.

  • mikec

    Ritvo and Stronach Group need to answer for allowing rebate computer whales into their pools and killing regular players with their advantage

    • larry

      Hear Hear and owner appeals on inquires two. As l have said all along the corruption is in the tote.

  • Elizabeth Becht

    way to go Stronach step 1 in cleaning house and revitalizing the racing industry

  • Peter Scarnati

    While it’s good to see the right thing being done in this sad episode, I’m also a little taken aback by all the compliments here for Ritvo, The Stronach Group and/or Campo.
    The bottom line is they had done nothing while knowing all of the gory details for YEARS. It’s laughable when Ritvo says: ““Rogers and I were furious at Vitali…” Right. So furious in fact, that Vitali was given carte blanche to be on the backside whenever he wished while unlicensed and allowed to race and train there for two and one-half years in the interim. If he were sincerely “furious” this is certainly a strange way to utilize that emotion for the good of the game, especially when his CUSTOMERS are betting money on this guy’s horses day in, day out.
    Kudos to Ray Paulick and his capable staff for doing the job of true journalism — REPORT the news and let the chips fall where they may. Sadly, this concept is so rare these days that one must go out of one’s way to acknowledge good honest journalism, rather than it merely being a means of civilized societal order as it is meant to be.

    • Backstretchdirt

      Exactly right, on the backside, in the racing office all while unlicensed. What a joke these people are.

    • Dave Fawkes

      Peter well said, well said! This has been going on far….. Too Long!

    • Chumsmo

      I’m sure the CDI tracks will welcome him with open arms.

    • Fan

      9/22, entries by Hunter still on Gulfstream card

    • Decimus_D

      Got to love it. Even when they do the right thing, its not right enough fast enough.

      Sometimes coming in like a whirlwind isn’t the right answer. In a country of absurd litigiousness you have to be careful. They told the guy go to the state, and even admitted fault in not doing something themselves. Then they hired a guy, now they are reciprocating Florida’s decision and trying to stop the BS we all see when a trainer gets suspended. Now they are kicking him out, along with some other bad names.

      These are all steps in the right direction. Cant we just be happy that now people are starting to do the right thing?

      • Maribeth Kalinich

        The right thing would have been to make Vitali stay in Florida in early 2016 and deal with his license issues and not allow him to bring his stable of 36 horses to another Stronach track in Maryland as an unlicensed trainer and license him in Maryland. Then we wouldn’t be revisiting Vitali’s issues. The only reason TSG took action was because Paulick Report ran an article about Vitali’s license. TSG did nothing until the day after that was published. They need to be proactive not reactive.

  • Carolyn Bauche


  • Richard C

    Let’s not forget the program trainer horses; monitoring what happens to them should be part of any future follow-up stories.

  • greg

    This is a start, it is easier to find a bad apple in a smaller size batch, if only the bad apples in a bit larger batch i.e. So Cal would be exposed and eliminated like Fla. has done, a much larger issue with that however is the bad apples in So Cal control between 25-30% of the horse population, ban them and no card will fill, so while not oblivious to the difficulty it can be done 1 apple at a time.

    • Erika Holderith

      Specifically, who are you referring to? There are some excellent trainers in So Cal. I would not smear them with the same brush.

      • greg

        actually not only would I, I have for a very long time, there are 3 that are as bad as any trainer in the country, I’ve already named names and given examples several times. How about you give me your “excellent” trainer ideas and we’ll see if we agree. I’ve played there since ~1970 and raced the circuit for almost from 1990-2012, I finally stopped when things got ridiculous as they continue to be

        • Erika Holderith

          Richard Mandella, John Shirreffs, Simon Callaghan

          RIP Charlie Whittingham, Laz Barrera, Donald Warren

          • gus stewart

            Ok agree with those 3. But as greg who i dont know states many top trainers,, you mention mandella yep he still is around and still has enough wealthy owners to get him top stock not as many. Simon i dont know enough about him. John s yep plays fair with his horses but not to many horses.. point is for years the top percentage trainers had the money and power to buy whatever it took to get an advatage. Within rules possibly mist of time but certainly had an edge. When the heat finally started the last 2 years they dropped in percentage as i mentioned in other comment i know as a fact, you run 3 months on average vet bills win a few. Then make a call for your number one vet and 2 months of winning way more then the prior 3 months. Within guidlines but vet bills go up.. thats the game ericka

          • greg

            all very honest, excellent horsemen, although Sherriffs is not that impressive, YES, what he did with Zenyatta was amazing, however any trainer who’s win % is constantly around 5-8% really isn’t that good. Take Z out of the picture and very few know his name. Please don’t say Giacomo, as I will reply with Mine That Bird as his trainer did the same thing

          • David Juffet

            Johns horses don’t break very well.

  • Pete Sundar

    Thank you PAULICK REPORT and Ms. Voss, for doing what more long and established ( DRF, Bloodhorse etc ) outlets couldn’t do…look out for the horses, and gamblers !

  • FHBPA Silent Member

    The same Marcus Vitali who oversaw the Florida HBA ballots?? Bill White’s VP??

    One must ask what shenanigans occurred with that election???

    Perhaps Paulick should investigate that group?? White’s horse ownership??

  • The little guy

    Not sure of the motive behind the change of heart, but nonetheless, bravo to the Stronach Group for protecting the horses as well as the sports integrity!

  • wjfraz

    Needs to start in California. There are so many program trainers there.

  • Romanella

    Congratulations to the Paulickreport on this situation
    I am concerned however about the horses involved. I think that this should be part of the ourcome to insure that they are protected in the future. They are innocent and at the mercy of their owners.
    I know that it is complicated but it is the way that the horses were treated that is the heart of the matter

  • Michael Infurna

    Monmouth Park or PARX for Vitali now. Unless all tracks join in it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans!!

    I do applaud Stronach for having the balls to take this stand!!

  • Ned Daly

    Nice work Ray and PR staff. Glad to see there are some journalists around, not just lazy stenographers. Speak truth to power.

  • Racing Fan

    Great news. Now what about the 4-5 others currently stabled at Laurel who ar of the same ilk as Vitali? What about the Stronach plan to only allow vets to carry the ARCI approved medications in their truck except emergency medications?

    Vitali always has been and always will be a snake…in my opinion.

  • PointGivenTCL

    Kudos to Natalie and PR for doing the dirt digging necessary to get this kind of reaction from Stronach Group. Only wish it hadn’t been necessary because the track cared more about enforcing rules and safety than a public relations nightmare.

    • Peppermint giver Patty

      Valid is in KY still racing- don’t know of any more details.

  • blahblahblah

    Pretty embarrassing for The Stronach group when the Chief Operating Officer of the group reads an article online about what is going one at one of his tracks and then decides to act. A dangerous precedent has also been set where an article online can seal a persons fate within 24 hours.

    • Hamish

      Based on this trainer chap’s record, he’s been sealing his own fate for many years now, so it seems all the article did was open people’s eyes to his ways. From what I’ve read and seen, TSG consists of a pretty shrewd group of qualified executives and horse racing industry operators, so if somebody at corporate made an executive decision, good for The Stronach Group, horse racing and our horses.

      • johnnyknj

        Frank and his CEO aside, shrewd is not a word I would associate with anyone I have dealt with in the organization.

        • Hamish

          I should have said “at the top level.”

    • Kevin Callinan

      The Web has been impacting careers for quite a while now, #hillary

  • Steve

    Once the suspension is over, you will see his name in the entries at Parx

  • Since the beginning of time when a trainer is suspended their assistants take over or a friend and no one cares. Though I find guys like Vitali vile, there was definitely a concerted effort to destroy him. If the same folks went after big name guys who have done far worse, it would help the sport more than ruining a nobody like Vitali.

    • Rob B

      Finally someone with a clue. Thank you for being reasonable. Is Marcus at fault here? Of course, but this is a witch hunt cultivated by them acting like they had no idea about the setup he had going. Complete frauds

    • larry outlaw

      He ruined his self.

  • larry

    Where is the government on any of this

  • Erin Casseday

    While I am glad to read this news, what is to stop him (Vitali) after the suspension is up? He will be back in business as usual. And, one other question. Should not the owners who have their horses with Vitali not be held accountable also? Especially those that have had horses with him over the years.

    • Maribeth Kalinich

      What’s to stop him before his suspension is up? He turned in his license in Florida before he could be suspended.

    • albert

      think the owner pays the vet bill so they knew what was used when I got the vet bill I went through it to make sure there wasn’t a charge for a horse I didn’t own and it happened more often than not I always knew what the vet gave my horses I was always there or someone with knowledge working for me was there not a minimum wage person

  • Linda Simon

    Yay finally someone gets it right! Lets hope the rest of the east coast tracks follow this example and start eliminating the cheaters!!!

  • gus stewart

    Most of this nosense wouldn’t be possible if the vets were track vets not private vets. If anyone can give me an easier fix let me know. So dont blame trainers who take advantage of the system, blame management. I know this as a fact that goes on in so cal . Drop off the radar for 3 months back on for 2 months. So explain why this hasnt been changed.. oops here comes the small fields small mutual take out and owners who use this loophole leave the biz.

    • greg

      Just 1 point on that Gus, it was a track vet (who BTW are way too overworked and rushed to do anything) that allowed a horse with a slab fracture to run.

      • gus stewart

        I couldn’t answer on that situation. I mean maybe it was an honest over site. If there were only track vets with steady employment. The teack would hire more vets to handle the horses stalled on the backside. Meds are the biggest problem, thats how track vets would be more aware of most of the horses problems within each backstretch. Thats what i think i could be mistaken,, just suggesting some solutions

        • greg

          It would be very interesting to give every trainer 1 polygraph and ask “in the last 6 months have you or anyone affiliated with you given any horse under your care any medication that is illegal OR given legal meds in illegal quantities? Also have you or….used anything deemed illegal to use on a horse at a racetrack in the same time period?” failing or refusing to take = minimal stalls. I KNOW it won’t happen, but can’t hurt to dream LOL

          • gus stewart

            Years and years ago, we ran clean, not naming names, but occasionally to make sure we played on the elavated feild which was being allowed to many trainers, we pushed the envelope, so i would fail polygraph. It was always witin guidlines just through the loopholes. We got out of biz for several reasons one main one we didnt like how horse was a few days after that race.. didnt want that on our hearts

    • Just Getit

      Gus it’s laughable, now the fox is in the hen house…..Dr. O’neil and Patty are now oversight for Gulftream but a few years back they were doing the same as the other vets. They just weren’t as good. So this is one of the fundamental flaws in the system. That’s why O’neil has tried his best to get Phillip! Just a circus.

  • Tommy

    $7000 smh

  • J



    • Ned Stronish

      could you please stop with the caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Oliveto

      There is a 0% chance that he’ll have an entry at a NYRA track.

  • Five

    So,….Ritvo and Stronach Group going after program trainers !!!!
    We will see….probably all hype.
    They can start with…….Nevin ?

  • Just Getit

    Get rid of Vitali (not a bad idea he’s a slimeball) but check Ritvo’s past as a trainer and check his positives he’s no better. Why is everyone always on Kirk and Jorge…..have you ever seen how they treat their horses. These guys will run rings around 90% of these clueless trainers on the backside. If there is a problem they attend to it immediately. The use of adequan, legend and gastrogard are not illegal. just because they can afford them like some of the other big trainers does not make them cheats. People need to get a grip.

    • shakeyoudown


  • Rob B

    They were very aware of the setup but chose to turn a blind eye until this report came out. So the PR doesnt come down kn them they take drastic measures to oust him and his paper trainer. If they did this from the start fine, but dont act like you didnt know then react like that. Dont believe the xray story for 1 second either.

  • Rosie

    Not good. Those Trainer’s should be Rule off. Running a Horse with a Fracture.

  • Condor

    If tracks and authorities would just follow there own rules to the letter ,then none of this rubbish would happen. People take it on themselves to bend or ignore rules and then it all falls apart and cheaters take advantage. Ffs just enforce rules and do your jobs properly please. Racings dying from all this bad press but the way to better headlines is to clean the sport up not brush it under the carpet only to rear its ugly head again and again.

  • Stacy Ferris

    Stronach is a hypocrite and we should add Ritvo rift along with him. Only reason they have made this decision is due to public pressure. Most racetrackers and most management of the racing industry know the person put in place of a trainer is training for the actual trainer . Whether it be by phone or whatever . Also to allow Vitalie of n the backside during suspension is beyond me . So way to go Ritvo And Stronach you do not get and brownie points for us that can see through you . Put on your big boy pants and stand up to this crooked trainers and stop kissing there asses

  • Great job by Ray and Natalie. They are doing the job. And nice that The Stronach Group has done the right thing. I don’t mean to diminish the efforts of these folks. But, while this side show is going on, trainers that cheat at the highest level are going on about their merry way without anybody or any jurisdictions doing the type of work that would out these cheats and make the game more appealing to their peers, racehorse owners and horseplayers. Vitali is but a fringe player knocking at the door of a den of thieves who cannot even get a seat at the table. So while those, including the RCI and HBPA, concern themselves with Bute, Lasix and the like, the cheating that is rewriting the history books of our sport and our stud book is going on unabated.

    • Hamish

      Well put. Wholesale cleansing of the bad actors in the game needs to pick up momentum, be they trainers, grooms, vets, racing officials, state regulators, racetrack operators, horsemen organizations, owners, jockeys, agents, bettors betting when the “fix” is in, van drivers, whomever can benefit from illicit behavior and the money it brings. Cheaters and those willing to protect the cheats should no longer be welcome, period.

    • Gate To Wire

      Exactly, it’s laughable given some of the performances the last few years that people believe that EPO and blood doping isn’t happening at the highest level. When athletes do things that are too good to be real our history has shown that they aren’t real. It’s the same in horse racing. It was so obvious that Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds etc were all on PED’s but in horse racing every walks around with their head in the sand oohing and aahhing about how great some of these trainers are. I hope you enjoy wearing your yellow wrist bands while you cheer these fakes on.

    • Will Styles

      Barry, the real cheating sir isn’t with medication. It’s within most racing offices across the country. Certain people get preferential treatment to have races wrote specifically for them and their owners, while others just fill the card for those trainers. A horse named Hartford comes to mind when I think about preference. The hose broke its maiden at gulf in 2014 and they were forcing trainers to enter to fill the race. They let it go with only 6 head.

  • anita b

    I hope thT nyra + fINGER lAKES AND n>j TRACKS FOLLOW SUIT. I thought that if a trainer couldn’t train at a track that he could not be allowed access to the track.

  • farmer

    I’m sure they’ll have stalls for Marcus….right next to Ramon and Juan Vasquez at you know where. Get Alan Pincus on the case….when they see him coming the racing commissioners shake in their boots

  • Al Milano

    Congratulations Ray!

  • Guest

    Why has there been no press or an article about Mr. Jorge Navarro’s Class II Drug positive on May 1st of this year?

  • Douglas Amos

    Nobody has claimed more dog meat than Calabrese. One sunday @ GP he claimed three odds-on horses that never hit the board. The next day, he put up $35 k in the 1st for another one. This all comes back to the owners who hire and fund these criminals. They should never be licenced, nor in any way be allowed to have access to the game. At Aqueduct 1 wednesday, Oscar claimed a horse from Boland. The transfer van back to Belmont was held up for an hour waiting for this distressed filly who obviously had a gravel pit for a knee. On Saturday, she won the stake! Been happening for years and will not end as long as money can buy your way in.

  • kmunster2015

    Just an observation that has already been pointed out by a few commentators below. There is aleady at least one BEARD still at Gulfstream and it is pretty obvious. Ralph Ziadie has been a 5-8% trainer the last several years with few horses , Now all of a sudden he is 30-35%. What happened? Possibly his son Kirk Ziadie who has been suspended multiple times and is appealing his 6 Year suspension is the real trainer behind the scenes. Owner is Richard Averill (high percentage owner for many years at Tampa and GP) -same major owner.

    I am amazed that few make these observations and put the pieces together. Kind of pre 9/11 where no one could put all the data together to prevent a terrorist attack. By the way i pointed out to several people at the OTB that Allan Hunter’s horses were exploding and maybe Vitali was the real trainer in absentia about one month ago. Hunter won less than 10% from what i could recall now all of a sudden he was winning 20-24% . one reason i really bet Florida except Tampa!! Take care Kevin M>

  • fooled

    he gets what he deserves, he has abused the system when he was at Boston , we made a stupid mistake of claiming a great horse called FACT that had been injected on a regular basis, never raced again . He should be out

    • Will Styles

      Looks like you got fooled on the claim, don’t be a sore loser or fooled again. If you want to claim horses get educated and do your homework. You sound like your some about losing your money.

  • kmunster2015

    NOt to be a braggart, but i posted this article hours before Gulfstream park and Ritvo requested Papers from Ralph Ziadie (worker;s comp,etc) trying to verify he is not a BEARD for his son kirk Ziadie. I think it is pretty obvious that Ralph’s horses win percentage closely mirrors the ‘Great’ Krik Ziadies at his prime(one year he had an unbelievable 41% percent win mark!!) I am glad they are checking him closely. I don’t bet Gulfstream Park at all and Ziadie and Navarro are 2 main reasons. Take care Kevin M.

  • Will Styles

    Jay stone is the pot calling the kettle black. Marcus is a solid guy and a good horseman regardless of the haters. While he broke the medication rules and is being punished accordingly. As a human being Marcus is solid as they come. I first met Marcus in 2011 when I came to hustle book at gulfstream park. I was a newb and walked the barns introducing myself and my rider. He was stabled at Calder at that point and was one of the few people I met that was not only kind but decent towards me. While I’m no best friend of him. Over the years when I would make it to Florida I would stop by the barn to say hi and look at his stock. All of his horses had impeccable care and looked fantastic. He took great care of them. He always went out of his way to be polite and kind. Definitely a little cocky with the Boston accent. But a good human being. I hope he continues training, regardless of the haters he’s been great to me.

  • albert

    again it all starts from the top above management

  • fooled

    Its not being a sore loser, when you claim it is what it is , but read the stories about Vitalie and the abuse to the horses it is over and over again, we are losing owners every day and when trainers like him abuse the horse at all cost it hurts the good guys

  • Leeward Vet

    As racing fans do we not remember what happened to a certain clocker & a certain trainer who were charged with a federal crime at Penn National? That is far less than the current abuse of power by a certain individual in management at GSP.

  • beachdoode

    Allan Hunter is running horses at GPW right now….What’s up with that ???….
    So is Ralph Zadie ……

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