Report: Kelsey Lefever to get probation, be restricted in horse activities

by | 02.21.2012 | 4:00pm

Kelsey Lefever, the 24-year-old Honey Brook, Pa., woman who allegedly took in ex-racehorses on the premise of finding them a good home only to send them to a nearby auction populated by buyers for slaughterhouses, waived her preliminary hearing on Tuesday before Judge Lowell Witmer in East Hanover Township, Dauphin County, Pa., and is scheduled for a formal arraignment on April 19.

Lefever originally was charged with one count of deceptive business practices and four counts of theft by deception, but the deceptive business practice charge has been dropped. The charges were for two grade 3 felonies and two grade 1 misdemeanors.

A report in a Philadelphia newspaper said Lefever will agree to enter a first-offender program as part of a negotiated deal with prosecutors, receive two years of probation, and be prevented from activities related to horses. She will not be allowed to acquire horses during her probation, according to the report.

“We agreed under certain conditions that she would enter the first-time offenders program,” assistant district attorney Francis Chardo III told the the Inquirer. “She will be restricted from activities relating to horses.” He also said Lefever would be banned from ever getting a racing license from the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission. Terms of her negotiated settllement and probation could be spelled out April 19.

Restitution, Chardo said, would be possible but determining the value of the horses would be tricky because they were “sold for one dollar.”

Lefever's attorney, J. Michael Sheldon, told the Harrisburg Patriot-News he and prosecutors have “agreed to an outcome that behooves everybody.”  Sheldon did not divulge terms of the reported agreement.

Lefever was charged in November after a lengthy investigation that began when Beau Jaques was identified in a kill buyer's truck at the New Holland auction grounds in Pennsylvania on May 16. Only three days earlier, according to the affidavit of probable cause, owner Kevin Patterson gave Lefever $200 and 10 bags of horse feed after she said she could find a good home for Beau Jaques. Three other horses in the same van allegedly were given to Lefever under the same premise. All of them were presumed slaughtered only a few days later in Canada.

Lefever had been recommended to Patterson by other trainers at Penn National racetrack who said she had done a good job finding homes for their horses. Lefever was a frequent visitor to the Penn National stable area, sources have said, though she was not licensed by the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission.

When Lefever learned of the state police investigation and began to get nervous, the affidavit says, she asked Amy Groninger, a friend who originally was going to adopt Beau Jaques, to say someone else had the horse but that the person's full name was unknown. Groninger told investigators Lefever admitted in a conversation with her that this was not an isolated incident.

“I killed every one of those f—ing horses, over 120 of them, if they only knew,” Lefever allegedly said, according to Groninger's statement in the affidavit of probable cause. “I only have five left and the ones that you have. Every one of them is dead. I don't even know their names and there wasn't a goddamn thing they could do about it because they gave me those horses. I didn't sign one contract for any of them and there is no paper trail from Bruce (Rotz, the buyer for the Canadian slaughter plant), so they have to prove it.”

  • Noelle

    Did Sheldon really say “behooves”?  Seriously, though, when a defense attorney says an outcome is good for everybody, he means the outcome is good for his client.  If so, too bad.

  • Upstart

    Very interesting comment by the defendant’s attorney.  “…outcome that behooves everyone”.  There is only one perpetrator here.  No really sure the horses want the “outcome to behoove” her, but it’s too late to ask them.  The fact that Assistant District Attorney Francis Chardo III “could not be reached for comment” also does not bode well for the lost horses.  Or those of us who care.

  • rachel

    This Chardon character looks like he would have difficulty prevailing in a high school mock trial. Two felony charges against a soulless woman who had premeditated plans to deceive her customers? And he’s talking about probation already? He reminds me of the type of attorney who would sweat through his suit when faced with a complicated case. Get real Chardon! Where are the consequences? If I ever decide to start my life of crime, I’ll probably move to that area. How sad.

  • Cheryl

    Looks like we’ll never get rid of evil people like her!!!!We need more severe punishment than probation for the likes of her ! I’m sure the outcome will not be good for me or anyone else that loves horses and wonders if any horse we knew and loved could have been one of her 120 others she is so proud of killing.May her soul rot in hell !!!!!

  • Tjs

    All of these poor horses were ‘behooved’ you moron. This gal should be behooved as well. Crime fits the punishment. Disgusting

  • Soccermom711

    Wow.  She admitted what she did and showed no remorse.  Naturally, we’d give her probation.

  • victory for our horses and choice words i cannot display here.

  • Upstart

    Check out Francis Chardo III is seeking election to a judgeship on the Dauphin County PA Bench.  Time for you PA folks to step up.

  • Margaret Smith731

    I would like the privilage of “behooving” the punishment. The word would take on a whole new meaning.

  • Horseinaround

    Plea agreement your ASS.  What a sad day for horses !  Im sure Beau Jaques would have liked a plea agreement. What a bunch of simps !

  • races are run

    I am sure she is “banned for life from Penn national? She was able to walk around the “backside ,because her grandfather is a trainer at Penn national .. keep her photo up eveywhere !

  • Horseinaround

    Mabe Chardon’s hair cut will be the new style ! What a clown.

  • guest

    its one story after another from penn national. that place is a bush track. the sooner they shut it down the better for all the horses that run there.

  • delmarla

    Poor horses…she is disgusting..

  • HappyHarriet

    This woman is a soulless creature.

  • Porander2000

    Just goes to show ya, you can”t tell a demon by it’s outer looks !!!!

  • Not shocking at all… I figured she would not do time for this … We have an entire industry that sends horses off to daily and yet we expect the law to care? They don’t! To believe that most of the owners of the horses that were given to this woman were cared about by the owners of them is just pure stupidity…. Horses are handed off and sent to slaughter daily in the thoroughbred racing industry. Find a solution to the problem of what to do with horses that are no longer needed or wanted at these tracks and people like Lefever and the many many people on the back side of tracks that help horses to “just disappear” will be out of business.

  • dh

    Well said Mary, the best post so far. Why are we so happy to kill the messenger (and Lefever deserves a harsh sentence) but we give the owners and trainers who fill the pipeline everyday, a free pass. And where is the Penn National HBPA president in all of this, probably hoping her and some of her buddies names don’t ever come up in this mess.

  • Tsunami7

    How was this woman raised? and why so heartless? I know our legal system isn’t the best in the world but to just let her off with probabtion is ridiculous. She has no soul and does not show remorse what can they expect in the future from her?

  • In racing banned for life means nothing. You only have to look at the trainer who ran one-two in the Gen George at Laurel this weekend. Who are the Owners that keep sending this clown horses.

  • Merasmag

    if racing is judged by the worst of what happens (as it should be) u can kiss it goodbye and goodriddance based on this…no reflection on secret circle…of course…

  • KL

    No remorse.  Absolutely disgusting.

  • She should do time in a glue factory. Holding two pieces of wood together for life or until it rains.

  • RayPaulick

    Let’s try and remember, no matter how emotional this issue may be for some of us, our  system of justice begins with a presumption of innocence for any defendant. Kelsey Lefever should be no exception to that.

  • Upstart

    Apparently you and Mary spend the majority of your time reading each others posts.  “We” don’t have “an ENTIRE industry” that sends TBs to slaughter.  You both need to educate yourselves. There are MANY TB breeders, owners, trainers, exercise riders, grooms and hotwalkers in addition to numerous large and small rescues who spend any number of resources to secure positive futures for TBs on or off the track.  If you two would like to indict an industry I suggest you focus on the AQHA for their stated policy regarding sending “America’s Horse” to slaughter.  And then you need to educate yourselves on the slaughter policy of the AAEP-your friendly vets.  Yes, there are problems within the racing, but there are MANY good people working hard to make a difference.  Your ignorant comments add to the problems, why not be part of the solution instead.

  • I don’t know what world you are living in… While there are many many people out there that care for and would never send horses to slaughter in the racing industry.. it DOES still go on daily. This is a FACT.. BEING in denial will not solve anything and not finding a solution to this industry problem will certainly cost more horses their lives and people like Lefever to continue to profit from their deaths 

    I agree that the there is a problem with other breeds of horses as well but that is not what we were talking about here. We were talking about thoroughbreds and Kelsey Lefever

  • JC

    Prayers for Beau Jaques and all other victims of slaughter.  I still believe that if Kelsey is convicted, her time should be served on a Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouse floor.  For shame…

  • dh

    Yes and I am one of the many people who make a difference, I have several retirees that live a very good life on a beautiful farm because I bust my ass to feed them and would never dream of sending them to the killers, even if costs me my last dime(which it probably will). I am making a BIG difference in those horses lives. You need to get your head out of your ass and realize that many people on the racetrack discard horses like cigarette lighters. If you don’t believe me, meet me at Penn, CT, MTR, or the minor league track of your choice, and don’t forget your trailer. I’ll get it filled for you quickly and for free.

  • Upstart

    Nice comeback Mary.  Still haven’t heard any realistic solutions from you.  Yes, in denial with a lack of facts is where I toil everyday.

  • You say you agree there is a problem with other breeds Mary, yet you are attacking the Thoroughbred industry, which is trying to end slaughter. You give a pass to AQHA, which is actively lobbying to get slaughterhouses back here.

    Lefever was a show horse trainer who apparently did place some horses, that’s why she was able to fool people for that long. Pro-slaughter folks go on and on about rescues being for profit and “stealing” pets and they point to their kindred like Lefever as proof. Well good owners and trainers are the ones who stopped her.

    The good people in racing (including Standardbreds) will continue to stop the scum like Lefever.

  • Upstart

    Already been there, probably before you.  You are all so sanctimonious.  Only you know how horrible the racing industry is.  Only you have ever saved a horse.  No other breed is as brutalized as the TBs are according to you.  Lots of luck to both of you with that.

  • Upstart

    Thank you Janine.

  • dh

    I must be missing something here, are you referring to the good owners and trainers who stopped her or the good owners and trainers who GAVE her 120 or so horses???

  • Kat

    If its in a persons nature to lie and con people, they usually will always do it, and come back later for some other scheme to go to jail for. It’s only a matter of time.

  • I was just speaking from my heart… I don’t think I am the one that needs to come up with solutions.. I think the people who MAKE money from these athletes should be ..slaughter should not be an option. Euthanize your horse when you are done with it.

  • Upstart

    What’s the matter with you?

  • you think good trainers and owners stopped her? That is a laugh… apparently you didn’t get the story. When these trainers and owners are threatened with bad publicity they what they need to

  • Hope she can never be a horse trainer or around horses after all that she had killed I’m so sorry for the beautiful horses that lost their lives:( Just for greed and $$$$$.  How sad:(

  • Lanthony1

    How pathetic!!!  What happened to justice?  This heartless woman is a disgrace of a human being. 

  • Matthew Martini

    Even with probation, what is unclear to me, after reading this article, is whether she will be convicted of a Grade 3 felony. (Any legal experts out there?) Most employers these days require one to disclose whether they have been convicted of a felony at any time in one’s life.

    I believe in second chances, but one must also own up to one’s personal, past transgressions (and explain them) when they are this severe. If she only gets misdemeanors, I can see her at risk of being a repeat offender. What prospective employer, three years later, would know about this?

  • James Staples



    WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU RAY!!!!  The reason her lawyer is trying to make a deal and get a reduction in her charges is to keep her out of jail for her misgivings.  You only make deals when you are guilty and want things to go easy. And YES, this is an emotional issue.  SHE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL!!!! What is wrong with you???? (I ask again)

  • Rrivarr

    I’ll wait until April 19th to say let’s just slap her on the other wrist absolutely disgusting!

  • tfly

    First offender programs are generally ‘probation before judgement’ types of rulings.   That is- there is no conviction of anything.  Serve the probation unsuccessfully and the charges get reinstated.

  • P H Diedrs

    Where is the justice in this?   She needs to serve prison time!

  • B. D. Eise

    Well, “Firehouse Fran Chardo” is a perfect 2 for 2 in botched investigations when it comes to Penn National. And this clown wants to be a judge?? Dauphin County is in a lot of trouble if that ever happens. He wouldn’t even be a capable steward at Penn National and they are the worst in the business.

  • Reneeingreen

    Horses that were in Kelsey’s possesion on Killbuyers trailer. Check from Killbuyer to Keysey…… sounds pretty innocent

  • Spikeandjake2002

    so true Mary.  it is heart breaking to think this goes on. 

  • EPN

    The plea agreement needs to include her obtaining a PA Dealer & Hauler license which is required by anyone buying, selling, or transporting horses in PA. The regulations state that violations are grounds for denial or revocation of a permit. However, documents prove that the PA Department of Agriculture hands out Dealer & Hauler permits to anyone who applies, even if the Department has been contacted by District Attorneys offices informing them of dealers’ convictions. Frank Carper is just one example. The EPN has called for the enforcement of our laws as they apply to horses. The media, Public, animal welfare groups, & legislators prefer to focus their attention on “rescue”. Then when a case such as LeFever makes headlines the Public is outraged over her sentencing. If more attention was paid to holding people accountable, then people would understand that this is par for the course, they would know to contact the District Attorney, Ed Marsico, who is an elected official, and demand a harsher sentence. The District Attorney is NOT even banning her from obtaining a PA Dealer & Hauler License, without one it is illegal for LeFever to buy, sell, or transport horses in the Commonwealth. No one wants to focus on the “boring” enforcement of our laws, instead the Public & the Media get caught up in the adrenalin filled world of Rescue. What has Rescue done to change what is causing the problem of horses going to slaughter? Horse Abuse & neglect? What has Rescue done to hold those responsible for abuse, neglect, slaughter accountable for their actions? In this country we use our justice system, criminal or civil, to hold people accountable. Money is the bottom line, it is what drives decisions. People make decisions based on the bottom line. Until the Public stands up & demands that owners are held accountable, this is going to continue. But no one wants to bother to read about the various statutes, regulations, & ordinances that IF enforced would hold owners accountable. No one wants to bother to understand how & why these laws are not being enforced & what they can do to change it. Until we start holding people like LeFever accountable on a DAILY BASIS, nothing will change. This is a repeat of a case a few years back a dealer was telling owners who were unwilling to face reality about their horse’s value, or unwilling to pay to care for horse themselves, or unwilling to put horse down, people who are prime candidates for someone like LeFever to come along & tell them EXACTLY what they want to hear. He sold them all to slaughter via Sugar Creek. Same story. Same reaction. Flurry of media attention. Outrage in horse community. Human nature being what it is, people like LeFever never skipped a beat because they know human nature & they know people will continue to give away horses rather than take financial responsibility for the horse. Back to the MONEY. Just like Puppy Mills there has been an effort to educate people about giving horses away. Despite efforts to educate & well publicized cases such as this one, people continue to give horses away.
    As long as someone can profit from your horse-one mans trash is another mans treasure-there will be people who will do whatever it takes to get you to give them that horse for free. The ONLY WAY TO STOP IT, is by using the language human beings know best- MONEY & FREEDOM.
    Shame on owners who fail to take responsibility. I for one am fed up with reading about these stories for the past FORTY YEARS! What is it going to take to get people to realize what is going on? Oops, I forgot, this stuff is boring compared to Rescue, Racing, Showing, Winning. Maybe if horse people put as much effort into ending the fraud, neglect, abuse

  • Tryandkeepup

    This is just going to push this woman harder to get more horses into slaughter even if she is  not convicted.  There is no compassion in this woman’s soul to love an animal nor will there ever be.  All of this is just going to put her on the killer’s payroll now and she will make sure that she makes as many kid’s pets and all other horses suffer for her being caught.  Please say a prayer for all the horses that she will make sure go to slaughter legally now she knows what NOT to do.

  • Based on your statement Mr. Anton it seems to me that you have never been involved any sort of litigation be it criminal or not. It is standard protocol for the D.A.’s office to throw as much against the wall as possible and see what sticks. Especially when the evidence is “thin” or the charges maybe hard to prove other then face value. If the defendant has the money play to it out in court there maybe a good chance they will be acquitted. But they also run the chance of being convicted on all counts at worst or single felony at best. It’s basically a poker game. The DA’s office takes into consideration if the defendant has the recourses to pay an attorney to “play out the hand”. Most don’t. Conversely an attorney will tell their client even though the DA has little to no case it will cost a lot of money to prove their innocence. And even if a defendant is completely innocence they would be far better off just to take a plea bargain at a lesser charge. This is the way the system works. Any good defense attorney will tell a client you never go to court on principal. Plenty of innocent people have plead guilty to lesser charges. Mostly for not having the resources’ to defend themselves properly. JUST because a DA’s office publicly charges someone with slew of offenses DOES not mean they are guilty of any of them and in the end it maybe only a minor offence. JUST because a person takes a plea bargain DOES NOT necessarily mean they are guilty of ANYTHING. Please don’t be so naïve.
    I AM NOT defending this SOB. I for one had direct dealings with this woman. My wife and I gave her two 3 year old TBS that we foaled, raise and broke. They were perfectly sound and nice horses. I felt they just did not have the size and scope to send to the race track. Yes, we could have gotten a few thousand for our efforts but we though we did the right thing by giving them away to a “good” home. It’s been almost 2 years now but I can still clearly see their sweet faces. Not an easy thing for a person like me to be reminded of.
    Given the fact that most state laws are extremely weak in this area of law. The out come of this case should not be a surprise. I would like to have seen her be made to work in a slaughter plant. I suppose there is some solace given the fact that the horse community is for the most part close knit her career in the horse business is over before it really got started.

  • Espont

    Yeah, what about her parents? I read somewhere she came from killbuyer’s, I also just read her grandfather is/was a trainer at Penn? If the gr.father does work at Penn still, is this what he does to supplement his income, is this where she got the idea?
    I wish she would get jail time because it would get her away from her daughter. I wonder if she has any child custody issues stemming from her charges. What a pathetic person, she should be sent to jail, there’s enough
    evidence here what’s the problem?

  • Irenef200

    Since there were horses who died as a result of her deception I think she should get some real punishment for this.  “Restricted” from dealing with horses during her 2 year probation is not enough punishment, but a slap on the wrist for such a serious crime.  I think this woman is beyond redemption, but I would agree that spending time at a Mexican or Canadian slaughter house would be appropriate.  I think Judge Judy would see the merit in that.  Having nightmares might be a deterrant in the future.

  • Dazindolly

    OK!!! Do you KNOW what a BUSH TRACK is…It is a race track with NO PARAMUTUALS!!  That is a BUSH TRACK!!! So get it right DA

  • Randy in Lakeland

    I hope she is never allowed to be around horses. She will do this again when she gets the chance. Very bad person!! Our justice system takes care of the guilty remember that they have more rights than the innocent. She needs to be put under the jailhouse.

  • EquineProtectionNetwork

    If you have an opinion on her sentencing then contact the Dauphin County District Attorney, it is an ELECTED, position. Take the time to write a letter to someone who is in a position to do something. Unless people express their opinion to the District Attorney, how will they know? Your time is valuable, spend it with someone in a position to do something about LeFever.
    PA law requires anyone buying, selling, or transporting animals, including horses, to have a Dealer Hauler Permit. Contact the ADA, Fran Chardo III, Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office and request that LeFever be prohibited from having a PA Dealer & Hauler Permit.
    I am not so naive to believe her not having a permit will stop her from buying, selling, or transporting horses. However, her conviction under PA Law CAN prevent her from EVER being issued a permit. So in the future, long past probation of 2 years, if she is arrested again it will be a SECOND offense. A 2nd conviction will not be as easy for her as the first time.
    If LeFever had been arrested this time for not having a Dealer Hauler Permit, a second conviction would be misdemeanors. The section also includes transporting horses across state lines without Coggins & health papers. LeFever could be prevented from ever obtaining a permit, thus if she was ever caught again dealing and/or transporting horses she could face jail time due to prior offenses. Contact the PA Department of Agriculture requesting that LeFevere be denied a permit in the future due to her felony charges, contact the Dauphin County District Attorney and ask that they send notice via certified mail of LeFever’s record, (PDA denied receiving notification from Essex County DA Office regarding Carper & Nickerson, 2 dealers with convictions that despite notification PDA issued permits)Make sure to copy your elected officials & the media on your letters so the PDA & District Attorney’s office can’t sweep your concerns under the rug. You want to change what is happening, then take steps that while small, will eventually take you somewhere instead of in circles.

  • True, but she admitted to it.  Let’s remove the horses from the equation – she was still deceiving people in her business practices and should be punished.

  • Dcurtis78

    You really got it right, totally agree with you.

  • Couger69

    She should have gotten jail time for her offences..Everyone of those owners of those horses thought they were getting good homes-Not Slaughtered !!!!

  • Dcurtis78

    I would like to know how the blame game solves the problem, if as much energy was spent trying to work together with the industry you are intent to blame for world hunger, maybe then something good can come out of it, slaughter is ugly, rescue’s can’t save all of them, and facts are you have to bred alot of mares to come up with one Zenyatta, ethunasia come fore front to most, however for backyard owners or for those who board the expense can be daunting and where are all the bodies going to be put, there is no simple one size fits all answer, I could go on…I am a racetracker and I do love my horses racing and retired, I have some of each, and I really am tired of being the bad guy here because I love horseracing.

  • frankie conditions

    What a disgrace ! No wonder her generation (and I’m sorry to generalize) has a “whatever” attitude. Crimes of this magnitude and when remorse isn’t anywhere present in her black and rotten soul and she gets probation ? Her “peers” can all talk about it on facebook. It’s so disturbing that society refuses to hold this unscrupulous individual and others like her ‘unaccountable” ! Shame on the D.A.’s office and shame on Penn National for doing little to stop scandal after scandal that eminates from their backside.

  • Shelley

    Thanks for that comeback to Mary Adkins-Matthews anyone that generalizes that much about the Thoroughbred Industry has obviously never been directly involved.  I have been involved for over 25 years and can attest to the fact that most people involved in this industry are nuts about their horses and spend time and money every day looking after those horses we supposedly “don’t care about”.  Sometimes a few bad apples…

  • Nikkirando

    she has no soul – wish SHE’D end up in a slaughterhouse.  ONLY THEN will the punishment fit the crime.

  • L.T.

    I hope the D.A. finds out this cost him his next election. That’s what cutting deals with crapp get you.

  • giftoffaith

    I don’t think we’ll ever get to a point where all horse are safe from slaughter, that breaks my heart, but we need to come together for a solution to do better for our horse who can no longer race. I am a very small part of the racing community. I have 1 racing, 2 retirees and 1 who never raced. If and I know this will probably never happen, we stop breeding so indicriminately, we will not have such and abundance of horses that don’t make the grade or who can no longer race. I realize people with a lot of money have a lot of horses, but can’t afford to have them on the feed bill when they no longer bring in the money. We need to keep it in the forefront so nobody can forget the horros of slaughter.
    Sorry if I rambled, but I hate thinking about this happening everyday.

  • Lor in PA

    I’ve shared this link to my FB page Pennsylvanians Against Horse Slaughter.!/pa

     I wonder if we could influence the judge to mandate permanent ban on this woman owning/training/working with horses.  Clearly she has no conscience and probation isn’t going to give  her one!

  • giftoffaith

    That’s a good start.

  • CarriageHorseLover

    Justice was NOT served here. THAT poor excuse for a prson should NEVER be allowed to own a horse again. She should be banned from ANY commerce dealing with horses for LIFE. She certainly should have had to pay some fines and have do do some community service. But some jail time wouuld have been appropriate– class 3 felonies– 120 of them? AND she should never be allowed to have a horse in her possession under any circumstance in her lifetime. And not only should she lever receive a racing license in ANY state, she should be banned from all race tracts, auction houses and show grounds for LIFE as well. In a fe years, this little “sweetie” who bragged about killing 120 “f—–g horses” will jsut set up shop in another state and start all ovewr again. She deserved more than this pitiful “slap on the wrist for what she did.”

  • Bluehen16

    People like this never stop, she will just buy grade horses out of pastures now far from race track security. It’s like drug money too easy.

  • Originalezevans

    I am indeed troubled by the possible out come.  I hear ya Ray, I really do but the frustration over hearing yet another individual charged with crimes that ultimately resulted in the injury, abuse, and/or death of horses (or any animal in that fact) could get off with what IMHO is a slap on the wrist is just hard to swallow.  I’m not a lawyer but I just can’t help thinking this case hasn’t been tackled from every single angle…and I’m not typically a “follow your gut” kinda gal.   My concern is that if found guilty, the punishment/penalties will be nothing more that words on paper.  I am all too aware of individuals that have been assigned similar punishments and these individuals are not only re-engaged in related activities but own, buy, and train them long before their probation is over.

  • Originalezevans

    … the way, thanks Equine Protection Network.   Good information!

  • Fransherwood

    This is just disgraceful!  Where is the justice for those 120 horses and the people that entrusted her to find them good homes?  She is a dispicable person.  There is no love for horses, except for the quick profit that their meat could bring (and no doubt tainted at that!).  I don’t live in PA, but if I did, I would be proactive about ousting this DA.  Keep an eye on her.  She’ll be back at it in no time.

  • HappyHarriet

    Where’s the justice?

    She walks; probation will mean NOTHING to someone like this – she figures she skated and is likely thumbing her nose at everyone in the horse industry.

    My bet – she does it again – just wait.  Maybe not this exact infraction, but this is a person whose sense of entitlement is so large that she will not be able to act right, because she has no idea what “right” is.  

    When the criminal justice system fails, the civil justice system can fill in the blanks.  I hope the 120 owners sue the pants off this little twit.

    I repeat my prior comment (sorry, Ray, for overposting this one time): 

  • Myheartsezyes

    She should be knocked off!!! She will get her jugement day in hell….

  • Eugene levey

    They should put HER in prison along with the D.A. the judge and the lawyers..

    They are all nuts>>PROBATION     WHAT A JOKE

  • Eugene levey


  • what the bloody hell is wrong with this woman?

  • races are run

    She has 5 horses listed , right now on under “Brandamore farm” in honey brook, PA  and horses for sale on user name avatrego   I am sure they will keep a close eye on her actions?

  • matt m

    goes to show, turds come in all shapes and sizes.  a 24 yo pretty young woman who is bile.

  • So she can’t do anything in PA, but what about neighboring states?. I am sure she will be out of the state before you know it and doing the exact same thing.  Just a gut feeling on that one.

    And to those that are actually arguing with each other on the comment posts….really??!!!!

    The bickering among factions of the racing industry and other breed organizations about which group is more disasterous to their horses is completely counter-productive. It solves NOTHING, and defers the work that needs to be done.

    I am on the backside of racetracks almost every single day.  It takes time to build up a reputation (good or bad) on the track. People know who the “right” people are to give a horse to, and they know the “bad” people that make “problems” go away.  Its easy to get free horses, what’s important and necessary is to do right by them, when they are given!!

    Sharla Sanders
    The Second Race


    Larry, I honestly feel for you, as I am such a lover of animals. Unlike alot of trainers and owners my horses are not just a pawn for the game.  Although you may be correct in what you said, they need to throw the book at her and that is all I can see and say at this point. You and your wife are, NO DOUBT very good people.

  • guest

    Just saying she should be charged more bing that i have seen dead horse remains just left in her pasture. She should be bained from having any horses.

  • TickerTapeParade

    Unless you are a vegetarian (like me) I believe all you people who are so disgusted with the slaughter of horses are hypocrites. Do you get this pissed off over the slaughter of cows, or pigs, or sheep? Probably not, especially when you’re stuffing your faces with bacon burgers and lamp chops.

    Let’s keep things in perspective: what this woman did is deceptive and beyond shameful, but the act of killing horses for human consumption is no different than killing other livestock to eat. Because we don’t allow it in this country doesn’t prevent it from being socially acceptable in other cultures. Shame on her for doing what she did, but shame on many of you for totally losing sight of the big picture.

  • Snofarmer

    Why didn’t the prosecutor have the balls to insist on a stronger penalty.  The first offense was when she sold the first of 120 + horses for slaughter.  By the time  she got caught she was no longer  a first offender by anyone’s standards.  The judicial system failed miserably on this one!

  • guest.

    This truly goes to show people can get away with what they want as long as they can make a good deal in the end. This girl killed innocent horses and that doesn’t matter because it was a “first time offense”. It makes me sick to think that in two years she could go back to doing the same exact thing if not sooner.

  • Espont

    Did you report that? if not why not?

  • Voice of Reason

    Folks, there is so much more to this story and Kelsey’s side has not been told…  The reactions on here are crazy and mean-spirited…  Wait until all the facts come out before forming your opinions…

  • Dawn Mancina

    Wow – another case of getting just a slap on the wrist for crimes against animals.  I thought she’d get more since took Beau Jaques under false pretenses.  So much for that.  Too bad “an eye for an eye” doesn’t apply.

  • Jen

    What a joke.

  • Joe

    It would be interesting to know where those horses came from and how long she’s had them. Are they Thoroughbreds?

  • Joe

    Yes, did you report the dead horses?

  • Willy Mess

    I don’t know much about the tb world but I do know that the girl that told the police about Kelsey should be looked into also. That b______ch STARVES horses. I know that for a fact. I don’t know how that poor horse lived. He could hardly walk, he was so weak. Amy Groeninger is the person that does THAT to horses!!!!!

  • Pertz1013

    She is disgusting!!!!  She needed a 2 by 4 upside her head.  How cruel and no remorse…makes me sick!



  • BOBALOO227




  • races are run

    @ “voice of reason” What’s more to the story ..”more horses she conned people out of ? She sent those horses to slaughter, and that is a fact .  She looked trainers in the eye and said “I’ll give this horse a good home” then she contacted Bruce rotz  and sold them directly to kill…she has no side to her story , except she is an ill bred , dirt bag .

  • Voice of Reason

    Kelsey actually saved the lives of lots of horses.  This case was agenda driven and completely unfair as she was demonized.  The prosecution has no case and then she has been silenced by her lawyer (normal legal protocol) and unable to publicly defend herself… 

    This is a fact that I know for certain:  With Kelsey unable to rescue horses from the New Holland sale and take horses off the track, retrain them and place them, more horses will have this unfortunate fate than would have otherwise…  

    You called her an “ill bred, dirt bag”; I believe this is classic Psychological Projection…  The people that have jumped to conclusions and demonized her should be ashamed of themselves…

  • Clemclemson12

    This is a criminal proceeding against LeFever.  The DAs hands are tied by what the law is.  The Congress of the State of Penn makes the laws.  Not the Judge or DA.  It is not illegal to sell horses to slaughter in Penn.  Only to defraud someone in a business dealing.  IF YOU REALLY WANT TO STICK IT TO LEFEVER – SHE NEEDS TO BE SUED IN CIVIL COURT BY SOMEONE SHE DEFRAUDED.  They could get punitive damages against her.  So – if you really want to hurt this awful person who sends horses to slaughter without bothering to even know their names – we should raise a legal fund for a civil lawsuit against her for fraud and punitive damages.   Wipe her out!  I will be the first to donate $100.  Who will be the Plaintiff? Lets do it.

  • Clemclemson12

    This young woman’s parents must be so proud of her.  Obviously, they raised her in a household that revers and respects all living creatures.

  • Clemclemson12

    Voice – If you read the Affidavit, then that would be enough to form a reasonable opinion about what a horrible person Kelsey LeFever is. Lets say – she really didn’t say any of the things that she is reported to have said.  Lets say she didn’t text and email all the things that she did.  She still took 4 horses and promised the owners, straight to their faces, that they would not be sold for slaughter.  Then, less than a week later, they end up on a kill trailer.   At a minimum, she lied to the owners.  The opinion that got formed leading up to her arrest was that of the investigating officer that she had broken the law.  Thats a pretty strong opinion for the rest of us to go off of.

  • Orangespice65

    She should never be allowed to touch another horse in her life time, which is longer than what the horse’s had that she sent to slaughter. I have two beautiful paint geldings rescued from ZILAH WA. FEEDLOT.  And I just rescued two more horse’s from a private party. A thourghbred mare and  a polish arabian gelding. She should do jail time any way.

  • Orangespice65

    That is what I said, she should never be allowed to touch another horse.

  • Gene

    In comment to the “VOICEOFREASON”, I truly doubt that Kelsey Lefever will ever tell her side of the story fearing that it will implicate some of the scum that assisted her and we wouldn’t want to do that, would we? how did she so readily have access to the backside of Penn National? How can the Assistant D.A. be so willing to give this girl only probation for these sickening crimes? this from the start has smelled funny and it makes you wonder about the D.A’s office once again. haven’t we been down this road once before with something involving Penn National? Well, i suppose you can cheat and lie to people and send hundreds of horses to slaughter and just get a slap on the wrist when dealing in Dauphin County. Hell, one could probably forge legal documents here and get away with it.

  • Breezetowin

    I can tell you where Penn National is on this since I spent an entire day on the phone with all who seemed even remotely involved.  According to Penn National, “what ocurred is of no fault of their’s.”  They referred all blame to the owners…stating that owner’s make the decision ( as is true in this case)..”the racetrack itself can not and has no responsibility in the decisions concerning the horses”. When I was referred to the Pennsylvania Racing Commission at Penn National, all I received was a rude, arrogant reply “of just what do you want me to do about this?”…when I told him, I received the same response !  I reminded him “I am a taxpayer in PA and I would like to know what your job entails”….he immediately hung up !  All in all, I have simply decided to not give my business to Penn National!  We need to remember that Kevin Patterson is just as guilty….he should have known better, being an owner and trainer,to have paperwork/contract signed!  Seems any small town “hick” would even know that !  Additionally, I had also discovered that Parx, in PA, has been on to Lefever for years…she was banned from the backside there.  Goes to show that Parx is on-the-ball ! There, a well-working, established rescue program is in effect…..just check with Barbara Luna of “Turning for Home”.   All in all, the horse racing industry needs to establish a program that will fund the retirement costs for ALL RACEHORSES..regardless of their class.

    It’s all frustrating, sad, etc…..get on the ball and put the pressure on the  NTRA to establish a program ASAP !  Without it…this slaughter will continue..!

  • Breezetowin

    Excuse Me !  now, you have stepped on toes that should not be stepped on.  I am very involved in racing and I DO..DO MY SHARE OF MAKING A DIFFERENCE !   I am an equine artist and often donate portraits which take me an average of 12 totally focused hours to complete.  My work is donated to the rescues !  How insulting of you to state that I do not know what I am talking about and do nothing !
    In my opinion…you have merely shown your OWN IGNORANCE since you choose to admonish me without any facts as to my character or involvement.  My response to simply fill in to dh where Penn National stood according to my conversation on 1/19!

  • Derwin

    Joe, Lefever has several ads currently listed on Equinenow. NY bred Lady Activator, 2008 grey/roan filly, last raced Belmont Park 4/30/11 trainer George Weaver, owner/breeder Richlyn Farms

  • Voice of Reason

    Kelsey Lefever “saved” this filly when she, with her own money, purchased her out of the New Holland sale at a price above which the known kill-buyers would pay.

    With her own money, she saved this filly and has trained and maintained her for the past several months…  If not for Kelsey, this pretty grey filly would have gone to slaughter…

    Seriously, you people just don’t know all the facts here and if your character is reflected in your written words on this blog, then God help you, you are some foolish and scary people!

  • PA Horse owner

    This young woman is located in the “epicenter of horse dealer-stealers.  Pennsylvania does nothing about New Holland and other horse auctions because they stay away from the Amish and the buyers and sellers of livestock.  Anybody who advertises a horse on Craig’s list or gives a horse away is exhibiting the attitude of “out of sight-out of mind”.  It would be interesting for the IRS to look at Kelsey’s reported tax returns and check out the “kill buyers” paperwork also.

  • EquineProtectionNetwork

    If you know this then contact the PA State Trooper, Colleen Shelley & ADA Fran Chardo.
    Law enforcement needs your eyes & ears.
    You want LeFever punished & stopped, then tell the people who are in a position to do something, not this message board

  • horsenaround2

    She got away with it why because someone looked the other way like the boys who were molested at Penn State

  • horsenaround2

    Are you serious the race owners call the rescue groups and demand they pick up the racing horse before they kill them on the spot! In fForida they slaughter them in the swamps for their flesh please wake up…

  • farm girl

    I STILL think someone should look into Amy Goeninger. She STARVES horses. Saw this first hand. Aweful,just aweful!!!! That poor horse could hardly walk off the trailer because he was soooo weak. She is a horrible person!!!!!!

  • Gd

    I know Kelsey and she was in it for the money

  • guest

    No and i am a-shamed I didnt.  And this was a year and half ago that I saw this.

  • Voice of Reason

    How come my comment earlier today didn’t get posted?

  • Otis

    I do believe that we have been moderated.

  • Ghyllbeck

    The deal will not have any effect because friends/relatives can buy and sell horses for Kelsey Lefevre

  • Derwin

    Voice of Reason  “Kelsey Lefever “saved” this filly when she, with her own money, purchased her out of the New Holland sale at a price above which the known kill-buyers would pay” 

    Thanks for enlightening us as to where she bought this filly using the blood money from the horses she has sent to slaughter to “save” this one!

  • races are run

    Yes, I am sure “voice of reason” will be right at her side , helping her sell horses ..

  • gd

    so in the second paragrah, you are basically discribing Kelsey because that is exacatly what she did to that race horse that the guy asked her to finda a home for.

  • Guest

    Cause your an a** hole

  • Voice of Reason


  • gd

    RunsWins2nd3rd4thPrizeWin%Profit%$1LS 4yo+268435$24,36231%81%$21.00 Dirt Flat268435$24,36231%81%$21.00 All268435$24,36231%81%$21.00 Trainer:
    Kevin S. Patterson
    Diamond Oak Stable (Kevin S. Patterson)
    ch g Straight Man | Beautiful Beau

    Im not sure about racing but the horse looks like he did okay in racing maby 10,000 was a bit much to apraise him for but it couldnt have bin 0

  • gd

    http://form.horseracing.betfai… thats the site for the horses wins and earnings above graph did not copy well


    Mr. Voice of Reason:  You say you own and breed horses. They should be taken away from you and send you and Kelsey to the sale.  I you lived in Calif. I would have to come see you one on one. She as well as you, and not of high esteem in my book.

  • Not Shocked

    You are delusional !!! this piece of trash looked these people in the eye, and LIED.  She is an unredeemable human being and should be properly punished.  Fraud is a serious issue, and no amount of BS from you will alter the facts.  She buried herself with her own statements. 

  • Upstart

    “…if I had to assume..” pretty much describes “voice of reason” (that’s a joke) and Kelsey Lefever…  Makes me wonder who you really are and why you feel the need to continually defend the indefensible.  We don’t need people like her in horse rescue.  BTW, if she actually “saved many horses” we’d be hearing from those “many” new owners on her wonderful accomplishments.  (That ought to keep you busy posting under numerous clever monikers.)

  • Voice of Reason

    If you could communicate in an intelligent way, I might actually try to understand what you are saying…

  • Voice of Reason

    The amount of money that the horse earned in his lifetime at the track has no bearing on his worth when he was given away.  He was running in $5,000 claiming races and wasn’t winning nor was he getting claimed…  He then got injured and couldn’t race anymore…  Those kind of horses generally speaking, have no economic value (other than slaughter) and actually have negative value due to their cost to keep…

    Some people that are looking for a horse(s) might be willing to take the time and effort through the healing/convalescent process which is why a seller of horses might sell to them or even give the horse away…  But, you have to find these people and for all we know, Kelsey thought the guy that she sold them to was doing this…

    The key to successfully moving horses onto another career after the race track is to not run them into the ground and retire them sound…

  • gd

    I thought the guy that she sold to was a slaughter transporter at New Holland which there are and everyone knows who they are …. If you go to New Holland you will know who you are selling to unless they are a complete stranger being that then Kelsey didn’t go threw the right measures of selling the horses at New Holland.  Yes there are allot of shady people out there and you cant know them all but you have to take responsibility some where down the line.

  • cherie1316

    Lets send this b**** to slaughter see how she likes it. If she is this cruel at 24 what is she going to be like 10 yrs from now? In jail again im sure for murder or robbery.

  • Barnmom45

    Send her butt straight to hell!

  • Jackkeurig

    evil b*tch

  • Yeah that will teach her!!!! (how to do it again…)

  • chris lichon

    I’m sure her wrist is VERY sore as a result of that slapping. Surely she’s learned her lesson. Now if only someone could teach her how to be a human being.

  • Bo 15108

    I just don’t get it, she gets 2 yrs probation and can’t have anything to do with horses during that time…. AND THAT’S IT ? dayuuuuuuuuuum….are you people kidding me, and I live in Pennsylvania…I’m disgusted….

  • Woodrow Maines

    if she’ll do that at 23 than she’ll always be a loser, bet she is a smoker (ha)

    • Ursocorrect

      And drives a car that is older than herself, which has at least one major body panel (possibly two) a different color from the rest.

    • James

      I’m a smoker I don’t sell horses to killers Woodrow.. Maybe I should tho just for the remark huh. Would you like that mr woodrow? I deal with 40 every single day, maybe some should go to canada huh mr woodrow!

  • BarryP

    At least this one will not be dealing in horses for a while, but what about other unscrupulous horse dealers like Jonathan Martin and John Wilkoski??? They might not be sending TB’s to auction but they do things with draft horses and draft crosses that should be investigated.

  • Marion Janis

    I truly hope she adores HELL, cause that is where she will end up, hopefully feeling the pain of every one of the innocent souls she helped murder. She has no soul.

  • Jay Romig

    she is lucky kevin patterson didn’t use her for a nail

  • Ursocorrect

    When her attorney commented on the agreement they made with prosecutors and said, “… an outcome that behooves everybody,” was he trying to make a sick pun? Could he have used another word besides behooves, like befits, suits, works for, etc?

  • Archduke Ferdinand

    The glue bottles aren’t going to fill themselves.

  • Ellen

    WHAT!!???? This didn’t ‘behoove’ (really) anyone except this witch, the defense attorney’s pocket and save time for the prosecutor. What about people who truly believe their horses were going to good homes? AND…paid her for it, no less! Okay….will quit ranting, but she never be allowed to have any sort of a license in any state for LIFE….never own another horse, be associated with any animal adoption agency and….if we all try very hard, let’s get her face to go viral!! Please turn her loose with some horsemen (real horsemen) on the backside of any race track….and look the other way!! She won’t want to show her face! Not…not ‘threatening’…..just dreaming outloud!!!

  • poptart

    She should not have just gotten 2 yrs probation!!!!! OMG! what is wrong with our laws those poor horses made money for the greedy and when they could not perform they get killed!!! why not given to people who would LOVE TO HAVE THEM for RIDING PETS!!!!! I could see if there was no way they could live happy and healthy then send for feed…But she should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO OWN OR GET HORSE AGAIN!!!

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