Ray’s winners and losers of the Preakness

by | 05.21.2012 | 11:12am

While I'll Have Another and his connections were victorious Saturday in Baltimore, they weren't the only winners at the Preakness.  Ray Paulick takes us through his list of winners – and losers – after the second leg of the Triple Crown.  Watch below and share your thoughts.

  • JC

    I don’t believe racing is dead and I don’t want racing to be dead but PLEASE do all you can to take care of those horses WHILE they do it, and when they’re done doing it they’re not disposable trash.  And I encourage everyone to give all they can to retired thoroughbred rehabs/rescues!! 

  • ktq1

    Ray, I beg to differ a little on your comment that we don’t have problems in the big races.  I was watching Dutrow saddle a horse in the historic Preakness.  That should not be – it was another reminder that the sport is unwilling or unable to do what’s right to care for the horses.  Kent is chastized, and I’m not defending him.  But Dutrow gets to continue saddling up on these big days – and those inbetween?  There are a ton of good trainers out there doing the right thing, and they don’t get a shot because they continue to compete against those that break the rules – continuously.

    For that very reason, I pray there is no TC this year.  And I’ve been waiting my whole life to see one!  

  • Nucky Thompson

    Dutrow is aobviously a wonderful trainer. Before he got Zetterholm he was running up the track at odds of 20-1 in a maiden at Calder for some small time South Florida stable . Fast forward six months and the horse is 4th in the Preakness – pure genius.

  • Rachel

    That was definitely one of the best races ever run in my lifetime…

  • Grandcosmo


    How many times has O’Neil been popped for performance enhancing drugs? Not a  39 CO2 level – but drugs?

    I know Pletcher (procaine), Aumussen (lidocaine), Dutrow (butorphanol) and Baffert (morphine) have been.

  • desertrailrat

      Several interesting points that you made Ray.  The pushback against Beyer and Crist is growing to a deafening pitch.  The DRF has an interesting dilemma there in that people are basically sick of these guys and they are usually on the wrong side of public opinion on most issues.  Hovdey and Illman are much better received and liked by the newer generation, I wonder if these guys will ever be able to swallow their egos and step aside for the greater good of the company?

      I guess running on “plastic” 2 out of 3 meets in CA, isn’t so bad now is it?  The east coasters finally get to eat humble pie this year in the 3 yr old division.

      Horse racing is not dead at all, but I fail to see the beauty of watching cheap claimers run in blowing snow at Parx in January, or watching half unsound fields run on freezing nights in WV at Mountaineer and Charles Town.  Too much bad racing, I agree whole heartedly.  Now what do with all those horses if we eliminate the ugly bottom end?  And will breeders ever accept the fact that we dont need as many horses?  

  • I agree completely with your last paragraph but doubt that breeders will ever voluntarily scale back their operations to produce fewer thoroughbreds.

  • Matthew Martini

    Horse racing at its best is what the general public wants–not the $5K claimers that are run into the ground at lower-level tracks on weekdays. Additionally, family-oriented fans of racing do not care about racinos, nor would most take their kids to one. With some reforms (e.g. no race-day medication), top-level racing run properly and ethically could capture the interest of a new generation. People like horses. People like horses that are not raced on medication, because the sport needs to be “clean.” People want to know that the horses are being treated well.

    The attendance at the Triple Crown races so far is encouraging. It looks like such gains will continue into the Belmont Stakes. The question will be “How do we convince people to come back next year?” Well, there are obviously several thousands of new customers who have peeked into the sport, and the industry has a chance to solve their problems, but will they? Solving the most rudimentary problems in the sport has so far been impossible.

  • Frank L.

    Matthew —
    Clean up football, then, maybe I’ll listen!!!

  • James Staples


  • Frank L.

    JC —

    The “ONLY” way to assure viable
    race horse retirement is to add 1% to the takeout on “ALL”
    wagers, that money going ONLY to race horse retirement entities!

  • Frank L.

    Nucky —
    People do not “understand” horse racing!! They think that training a horse amounts to galloping around in a circle!!

  • desertrailrat

     That is the first thing you have even said that I agree with.  But I still don’t care for the way you try to shout everybody down, and I think your opinions are glib at best.  If you want to pick a fight like you always seem to want to, just remember there is a tough hombre from the southwest who will take you behind the barn and make (verbal) dust with you anytime.  You need to show some respect for others opinions.  

  • Don Reed

    NY winter racing has been a disgrace for decades now, and was a major reason why NYRA eventually had to declare bankruptcy (Ray, your next poll, can you present one that asks whether or not anyone still remembers that that had happened?). 

    Still, it continues, and now will be propped up by the casino alms for the poor program.

    One loser has not been mentioned, so here goes: We just came home from Chicago where we went to Arlington Park for the first time, and were shocked to discover that…

    AP makes Belmont Park look like a rat’s ass homeless shelter.

    Yet, this spectacular facility is generally considered a second-tier track, while BP (with all the charm of a minimum security reform school) is considered to be superior, and rakes in the Triple Crown money.

  • DAVIDM9999

    I agree this year’s Preakness was one of the best in terms of excitment. Ironically I was back at CD for this year’s viewing.  I was also at CD when Sunday Silence and Easy Goer hooked up.  The roar around the TV sets was deafening and the loudest room I was ever in.  That Preakness is my favorite all time race although I sure wish that ice cold EG-SS exacta would have paid off.  Like you said Ray, sometimes going home a loser is not all bad.

  • Cass

     breeders certainly have scaled back their operations.  Look at the number of foals now being born.  It has been seriously reduced

  • Cass

     its the owners that allow these trainers to keep operating

  • Cass

     are you being sarcastic?

  • ttowntony

    Winner: After watching Richard Dutrow saddle his horse in the Preakness…the clear winners are the cheating trainers…clearly crime pays, at least in this sport!.

  • Jimculpepper


  • Frank L.

    Desertrailrat —

    Let’s talk opinions — in what
    capacity are “YOU” licensed on the race track?

    Next, in talking football, who would
    understand more, as far as expressing an opinion, Joe Namath or a
    casual observer that gets his understanding from periodicals?

    Next, this site is NOT about expressing
    opinions, it is about the exchange of information and idea’s — thus
    it is critical to know something about those who champion change to
    ascertain their understanding of that which is being discussed. In
    horse racing, much like the Federal Government, much is known, but,
    very little is understood by the casual observer. If you gamble on
    the horses, you are, in fact, a casual observer.

    The NYT articles are a prime example of
    what I’m talking about. Now, to the casual observer, which most who
    comment here belong, those articles seem informative, unless you
    understand, and see the “open” flaws in their presentations.
    “Indoctrination”, pure and simple — a negative perception tool
    that works on the “ignorant”, and I use that term with respect to
    the “understanding” of horse racing!! Now, when opinions mimic
    the NYT articles, the level of understanding of the person doing the
    mimicking, is brought forth. Now, this is where the rub comes in —
    I get very upset when someone who does “NOT” understand what they
    are writing about tries to change the the industry in which I make my

    Again, I say — “knowledge without
    “understanding” of that knowledge is a dangerous, bordering on,
    meaningless thing”!!

    You want to change something, change
    the Federal Government, an entity that affects YOU “directly”!!
    Horse racing does “NOT” affect anyone directly, except those who
    are employed, and make their living, with respect to the sport. Now,
    so you “understand” what I just said — a person can take, or
    leave, horse racing. That very same person “CANNOT” take or
    leave the Federal Government, therefore he is “directly” affected
    by the way the Federal Government operates!

  • Jimculpepper

    I always read your comments because they are thought provoking; however, being here at Nashville, I often remind people who earn their living at the sharp end of the stick, that a sport, like music, is still only the entertainment business to Smith, Jones, and Brown and thus, subject to the whims of mere laymen.

  • dh

    I think Frank L. is a Bill O’Reilly groupie.

  • Frank L.

    Jim —

    That’s fine, as long as they
    don’t try to change what they do NOT understand!! As far as I am
    concerned, I think you are in the minority — SO WHAT. Truth is
    usually in the minority, again, look at the Federal Government!!

  • Don Reed

    Aren’t you the guy Spencer Tracy portrayed in It’s A Mad Mad Mad World?  Hmmm?

  • Don Reed

    Yes, Cass, he is.

  • Don Reed

    Did you see Phil Mushnick’s column in the Post where he pointed out the absurdity of the NFL player’s union defending the players who have been accused of conspiracy to main – THEIR FELLOW UNION MEMBERS?!

  • desertrailrat

      Frankie boy, I have held an owners license but currently spend my time and effort raising money for the rescue group of my choosing through the company I own.  I’ll be happy to show you the receipts. 

     The only comparison I see between you and Namath is that both of you operate with blurry vision.  Having and showing respect for others is a positive human trait, no matter how you rant and rave.  You are not the “decider” and have no right to constantly boom down like you are the creator himself.  And I hear Canada is very open to US expatriates, perhaps you should look into it.

      Racing IS life or death whether it be the life of a horse or jock, those of us who donate our hard earned money to clean up after morally bankrupt trainers and owners would rather make a sacrifice in our daily lives than to see one animal die if we can prevent it.

      I go to sleep at night knowing I am trying to do something positive for the sport, what do you do to help out other than act like a disrespectful blowhard on this blog?


  • BobbyMac76

    Going into the Derby, I predicted a California sweep and got shouted down on the message boards, Inferior West Coast racing, they said. This was supposedly a deep and talented class of 3yo’s across but now I’ve heard that if IHA wins the Belmont there should be an asterisk next to his Triple Crown because he didn’t beat anybody.

    Beyer gave the Derby winner an obviously low number which after his Preakness performance, should be adjusted. Couldn’t agree with you more about Hovdey and Illman over Beyer and Crist. And ugly winter racing.

    The breeder’s have cut back. There were 10,000 fewer foals orn last year compared to five years ago. Now just stop breeding mares who broke down to studs who broke down and we can start to see a stronger, more durable race horse again.

  • BobbyMac76

    In no way would I stick up for him but until the appeal process is over, they can’t legally stop Dutrow from participating. I don’t follow your reasoning then for rooting against I’ll Have Another.

  • desertrailrat

      Thanks Bobby, I was remiss in not checking the current foal crop numbers I admit.  But the rest of your last paragraph is gospel to me, let the DRF old school complain about declining speed figs in the classics all they want, if we can get the stronger more durable race horse it is worth missing a few off the charts Beyer numbers at 3 or 4 before they fall apart and get rushed to stud. 

      Anyone who doubts this group of California 3 year old deserves a kick in the asterisk if you ask me!


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