Paulick Report Presents Regulatory Meeting Bingo Card: Making Monotony Fun Again

by | 08.14.2016 | 10:17am

Whether you're a journalist or an industry representative, chances are good you've found yourself sitting in a dimly-lit conference room, listening to a panel of experts opine on the state of the horse racing industry. How, you may wonder, can you appear alert and interested in canned speeches and grandstanding as the proceedings enter their second hour? Try the Paulick Report's Regulatory Meeting Bingo cards! Packed with classic phrases and events hand-picked by veteran meeting-sitters, these cards are guaranteed to combat the faint nausea and eyelid heaviness that often accompanies circular monologues about how to “save” the sport of horse racing.

With PR Regulatory Bingo, it isn't a question of whether you'll win, it's how quickly.

Regulatory Meeting Bingo

  • Ed Martin

    This is great!

  • john

    Great analysis…blah. blah, blah..All talk, no action!

  • JasonR

    Bingo!!! lol Teach trainers how to train!

  • Hamish

    Funny stuff! Well done.

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