Paulick Report, Kentucky Confidential Team Up for Kentucky Derby

by | 04.25.2012 | 8:37am

Louisville, KY – Following last year's successful debut as a leading platform for storytelling and handicapping coverage of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Confidential today announced a partnership with the Paulick Report, the most widely read independent online Thoroughbred racing publication in the country.

With top writers, cutting-edge horse experts, handicappers and photographers, Kentucky Confidential will draw followers into the world of the 138th Kentucky Derby like no other website before. Co-created by former Washington Post turf writer and Paulick Report contributor John Scheinman and Railbird Media founder Jessica Chapel, Kentucky Confidential will feature the work of two 2011 Media Eclipse Award winners, writer Claire Novak, who writes for and other publications, and photographer Bob Mayberger, of Eclipse Sportswire. Kerry Thomas, pioneer of the Thomas Herding Technique, will also give his exclusive analysis of the Kentucky Derby field after correctly selecting Animal Kingdom as the winner of last year's Run for the Roses.

“Kentucky Confidential broke new ground with its coverage of last year's Kentucky Derby and we are downright giddy over the opportunity to partner with this creative and energetic group of writers and photographers in bringing our readers a fresh, unique look at the story lines leading up to the first Saturday in May,” said Paulick Report publisher and co-founder Ray Paulick.

Kentucky Confidential presented by the Paulick Report will remain at the web address while content from the site will be integrated between the two properties. Paulick Report readers at find a permanent link to Kentucky Confidential at the top of its page from Sunday, April 29 through Sunday, May 6, the day after the Kentucky Derby.

“Our goal from the beginning was to differentiate ourselves by focusing on great storytelling – both written and visual – rather than rounding up the same news as the rest of the pack,” said Scheinman, who edits Kentucky Confidential. “Jessica and I are so proud to be teaming with the Paulick Report because we both strive to present a unique and independent voice and vision. Plus, you couldn't ask for a better showcase than the Kentucky Derby.”

The Paulick Report, which has undergone dynamic growth in its four-year existence, also will spotlight the top stories from Kentucky Confidential in its daily headlines as well as in email blasts.

  • Josh Stevens

    PROPS to Paulick Report for stepping up to the plate on this one. KY Confidential was “good for business” last year with their unique coverage of Derby, and its a great momentum move on the part of Paulick Report. Looking forward to the coverage!

  • Patti Davis

    Did Ray really use the words, “downright giddy?”

  • Matt S

    I really enjoyed Kentucky Confidential and Mr. Thomas’ take.  But, he did not pick Animal Kingdom to win.  It sounds like from the link below that he picked Dialed In.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I had to dispute the “correctly selecting Animal Kingdom”.

  • John Scheinman

    Our own “Action” Andy Andrews, who will be back this year, picked Animal Kingdom for Kentucky Confidential. Kerry, who is brilliant, did not exactly pick a winner, but he rated Dialed In highly. Here is what he said about Animal Kingdom:

    “It will be a hell of a battle to watch if he and Dialed In hook up in
    the Derby. Those two have the most complete emotional conformation
    profiles in this race.”

  • Calibob

    I remember Mr. Thomas sayin more positive things than almost anyone in the race last year, only Dialed In got more of a positive review. His perception of these horses and their emotionl intelligence is truly unique. Looking forward to seeing his analysis of this year’s contenders.

  • Calibob

    Here’s the direct quote —

    “It will be a hell of a battle to watch if he and Dialed In hook up in the Derby. Those two have the most complete emotional conformation profiles in this race.”

  • Nymdhahn

    this is not the first time that a writer, blogger etc has said they picked Animal Kingdom to win, when they actually picked him as “one of top horses”  Please make correction Ray.

  • Don Reed

    Kentucky Confidential last year was superb. 

    How is it that such a great sport only inspires a few writers & all the rest drag the commentary into the narcoleptic swamps of cliches & the recycled dregs of previous articles written long ago (boring even then, when first published)?

    Best of luck this year, KY.  I really hope that John & Jessica on May 5th A) Have a great time wandering around the track, having fun getting memorable interviews & B) Cash tickets.

    If in doubt, go for Plan B.

  • Don Reed

    Yes.  I can’t think of anything else to say.

  • Andre Lobanoff

    congrats Ray !!!!!!!

  • Convene

    Sounds like fun! It’ll be good to get a different perspective on things.

  • TickerTapeParade

    File this under ‘Who gives a sh#t’.

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