Paulick Report Adds New Forum for Horseplayers

by | 07.29.2013 | 4:29pm

Horseplayers Corner, a public forum focused around our sport's most important constituency group, makes its debut on the Paulick Report website this week. The goal of Horseplayers Corner is to build a community where horseplayers and other industry stakeholders can engage in intelligent conversation, discussing issues of importance to them: technology, wagering strategies, bet types, takeout, handicapping information, customer service, horses, jockeys, trainers and anything else relevant to them.

It is sponsored by, a revolutionary and innovative ADW that has a VIP Odds-based wagering platform. Horseplayers Corner will be administered by the Paulick Report editorial staff, headed by editor-in-chief Scott Jagow, to ensure the subject is relevant to the site's mission.

Contributors to the Horseplayers Corner are encouraged to join in the conversation on topics already started or to create their own. All that's needed to participate is a Paulick Report user name and password (register here). If you encounter any bugs or technical issues, please let us know as this is a new venture for us. You can always reach us at [email protected].

“We have an ever-expanding audience at the Paulick Report that – in addition to owners and breeders – includes serious horseplayers, along with top management at racetracks, regulators and others in decision-making positions,” said Ray Paulick, publisher of the Paulick Report. “What's been missing is a conduit connecting these groups, and our hope is the Horseplayers Corner can fulfill that role. We appreciate the sponsorship of in helping make this happen.”

“Our customers are getting anywhere from 25%-75% higher odds on their selections by using the VIP Odds-based wagering platform,” said president Mark Cornett. “We were looking for a way to bring this technology to the horse player and are very happy to have the opportunity to partner with the Paulick Report and be able to make this technology available to their educated readers.”

Join the conversation at Horseplayers Corner.

  • bill w

    great idea

  • Patti Davis

    Congrats Ray, Scott, and all at PR.

    But the editor in me gives you a red card and urges you to add an apostrophe to “Horseplayers” to indicate the plural possessive. Please! It should rightfully be named “Horseplayers’ Corner.”

    • RayPaulick

      Did the Breeders’ Cup put you up to that?

      • Patti Davis

        Nope. The Jockeys’ Guild did.

        Save the English language!

        • Don Reed


          (Patti’s new book, “Prepositions Before Swine,” is now available at bookstores.)

      • Don Reed

        A comma-inducing remark.

  • Francis Bush

    Let’s get started with takeout. Imagine watching a football or baseball game and expecting the fans to pay extra for wagering on the game. What has developed is typical of too much government regulation and political interference. Its about time that politicians realize that they have stolen too much money and too frequently from the wagering fans.

  • Tinky

    Good idea. Too bad that the sponsor is simply offering the equivalent of a slight boost in horsepower to a Model T. In other words, tweaking an outdated and inferior wagering platform (i.e. pari-mutuel) pales in comparison to adopting a vastly superior system (i.e. exchange wagering).

    I’m not blaming the sponsor, but rather the consistently myopic industry.

  • Steve

    Optimal takeout,free basic PPs and a little advertising.You can then sit back and watch the game grow.

  • Eric Kalet

    Nice addition to PR.

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