Oaklawn Diaries: Information Please?

by | 03.17.2013 | 8:18am

Oaklawn Park's major Kentucky Derby prep is over, and multi-Derby-winning trainer D. Wayne Lukas showed us how it's done, finishing one-two in the all-important Rebel Stakes.

The Paulick Report's Ray Paulick and Scott Jagow are still on the grounds at Oaklawn, trying to understand how to navigate one of the most intricate and unique racetracks in America. Just watch the latest Oaklawn Diaries.

  • Nick Kling

    Memo to Paulick Report Staff:

    “Oaklawn Park’s major Kentucky Derby prep” is the Arkansas Derby, not the Rebel Stakes.

  • Old Growth

    What a shallow and silly piece. When an outfit can put more fans in place than all the rest of the tracks in America combined for the day, all you can do is offer a banal video? And without a kind word. Maybe you should spend more time at Turfway.

    • John F. Greenhaw

      You could have interviewed over 34,000 people enjoying racing on a glorious Saturday–yet you do a story from inside an elevator–what’s up with that?
      Are you fellows against doing an interview with some thinly clad babe out on the apron?

      • John F. Greenhaw

        And while I’m at it, there were thousands of young patrons in attendance on Saturday. I’m not sure how much they contributed to the handle, but they were sure having fun! But a little exposure from the PR showing the young fans we are supposed to be cultivating sure couldn’t hurt as opposed to doing all your segments with people my age or older. Ray, think outside the bun—young men go where the young babes are, and there were plenty of those lovelys out on the apron on Saturday. Opportunity lost!

  • Don Reed

    00:53 – Looks just like Keeneland.

    ” ‘Oaklawn Park’s major Kentucky Derby prep’ is the Arkansas Derby, not the Rebel Stakes.”

    Funny – Roger Houston (sic?) at The Meadows had the same mistaken assumption.

    He also may have been the man who made it temporarily impossible for the Elevator Lady to close the elevator doors.

    • Chris L.

      You mean the Roger who makes every harness race sound like the Hambo with Pegasus leading the way?

  • I was entertained! On the right track, but yeah..errors distract from enjoyment.

  • Peggy Wolf Brinson

    Oh my my!! Christine was my English teacher in high school and she is still sharp as a tack!! She still has a comical personality. What a fun job you have! Keep up the good work!
    We will have to pop in and visit you the next time we are in town.

  • salthebarber

    Fans just would like to be treated kindly. It’s nice to see a racetrack that does so. For me, it’s just odd to see everybody be so nice to each other.

  • David

    The old man once had little use for a certain trainer who would swoop in on the locals like a big yellowtail eyeing a few chipmunks with high-end stock. So, my guess it wasn’t entirely like “old times” when Wayne ran 1-2.

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