Update: Deal Reached Allowing TVG To Televise Breeders’ Cup Undercard

by | 11.01.2016 | 8:59am

Since publication of this article on Tuesday, officials have reached an agreement permitting TVG to televise Breeders' Cup undercard races from Santa Anita on Friday and Saturday. TVG will not televise the 13 Breeders' Cup world championship races. Click here to read the update.

Unless an 11th-hour agreement is reached, there will be no television coverage on six of the 10 races on Breeders' Cup Friday and three of the 12 races on Saturday's world championships from Santa Anita Park.

NBC Sports Network and NBC are covering all 13 Breeders' Cup races with a three-hour telecast on Friday and 6 ½ hours on Saturday (including a prime-time Breeders' Cup Classic from 8-9 p.m. EDT on NBC.

But an agreement between the Breeders' Cup and the advance deposit wagering company TwinSpires, making it the official wagering partner of the Breeders' Cup, is preventing TVG from broadcasting any races from Santa Anita Park on Friday and Saturday – including non-Breeders' Cup races –  into approximately 40 million homes.

That means fans who are used to watching Santa Anita on TVG will not be able to see the first five and the last of 10 races on Friday or the first three races on Saturday. That includes a pair of Grade 2 stakes on Friday – the Marathon and Twilight Derby – and three stakes on Saturday, including the G3 Sen. Ken Maddy.

In 2015, when the Breeders' Cup was held at Keeneland, TVG not only showed the undercard but the championship races as well (with the exception of the Classic, which NBC protected with its exclusive rights agreement.

ADW companies will be able to stream the races live online.

TwinSpires, owned by Churchill Downs Inc., is also title sponsor of the Breeders' Cup Sprint and the Sprint Division. Xpressbet, an advance deposit wagering company owned by The Stronach Group (which also owns Santa Anita), previously sponsored the Sprint. TVG, owned by Betfair, sponsored Breeders' Cup races in past years.

Churchill Downs Inc. and The Stronach Group formerly were partners in HRTV, a one-time rival to TVG. In 2014, CDI sold its interest to The Stronach Group and a year later the network was sold to TVG, which rebranded it as TVG2. As part of that deal, Stronach Group tracks – including Santa Anita – receive priority on TVG.

TVG personnel have been at Santa Anita providing in-depth coverage from the Arcadia, Calif., track since the TVG/HRTV deal went through. They will not be allowed to broadcast from on-site this Friday and Saturday.

While this may be good business for TwinSpires and CDI and gives the Breeders' Cup a few hundred thousand dollars, it's a rotten deal for horseracing fans and the sport itself. Taking these races off television is not going to help pari-mutuel handle.

In other sports, deals are negotiated all the time granting exclusive rights to broadcasts. CBS Sports, for example, is a long-time host of the Masters golf tournament. But tournament organizers don't prevent the Golf Channel or ESPN from having their talent and production crews broadcasting from Augusta National prior to the exclusive air time granted to CBS. The more publicity the better, right?

Apparently, that's not the way TwinSpires thinks, and the Breeders' Cup capitulated to a deal that is contrary to conventional wisdom.

By not allowing 40 percent of the races to be televised from Santa Anita on Breeders' Cup Friday and Saturday, TwinSpires is sending a message to horse racing fans. I'll let you guess what it is.

  • Anton Chigurh

    Stupid as usual rules the day.

  • Bob Hope

    Brilliant !!!!

  • Tres Abagados Stupidos

    If anyone actually thinks the greedy S.O.B.’s at CDI would ever do anything to help promote horse racing and not just up their bottom line let me know. I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you.

    • Eric Clemenic

      the evil empire strikes again!

    • Ky Race Fan

      Well Stated!

    • C Hogan

      I was at CD on opening day and I could only stand the place for the first two races and I ain’t going back. They are a total disgrace to horse racing customers.

    • TVG

      Great news — we can now show the non-BC races on Friday & Saturday’s cards! #BC16 can be watched at TVG.com/Live and we also have a Money Back Special promo on all 13 BC races that is pretty crazy ;) Check it out: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • Dave

    The Breeders’ Cup makes all decisions based on what makes them the most money, and the racing public and the industry overall be damned. It’s a shame that the sports biggest day in the US has come under the control of these morons.

  • jeff_am_105

    Ray: This is absolutely ridiculous! And, people wonder why horse racing is a dying sport? CDI is always anti-horseplayer and anti-fan. It only caters to the 1% who can afford their luxury suites on Derby weekend.

  • Bryan Langlois

    Doesn’t surprise me at all really with CDI. They were the ones who supposedly almost caused an 11th hour halt to PA HB 2303 from being called to a vote to restore breeding awards to PA Breeders after faulty language in Act 7 made it impossible for breeders to get it. The reason that CDI and TwinSpires didn’t want it called up for a vote? There was other language in the bill that would have made it harder for CDI and Twinspires to continue its lawsuit against PA for language that made it harder for Twinspires clients to bet on PA races. But then again, there is a reason that their profits continue to skyrocket, which makes shareholders happy, and that is all that matters to them at the end of the day.

  • Gate To Wire

    Perhaps this is Karma for all the horrible coverage that TVG has provided us since the HRTV merger.
    You won’t miss anything Friday or Saturday. TVG was planning on showing Santa Anita in a tiny box in the corner of the screen with Gulfstream and Parx in a double box covering the majority of the screen.
    Anyone who watches TVG knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    • Dan Adams

      Ponying up the money for better television equipment and a completely HD signal won’t attract more racing fans or a bigger handle… It might make us die-hard fans pissed off, but I don’t blame TVG for that. It’s financially irresponsible to invest in something that will make them little money.

    • John Scheinman

      You can watch South American races in hi-def on the host track’s websites but through the LARC Channel beaming those races to the United States it looks straight out of 1963. Standard definition is the biggest disgrace in American racing, on simulcast feeds and online ADWs. It makes the game’s operators look beyond cheap. There is no defense and there should be a giant grass roots movement against it.

      • JustJoe

        RTN.TV has the most HD in America.

    • J


      • Erin Casseday

        I just posted pretty much the same theme. LOL!

      • longshot

        Do what I do. Turn the sound down when the “handicapers” are flapping their gums, then when you see them loading turn the sound on

    • Erin Casseday

      You said it much more succinctly than I did. Bravo.

    • ross


      • roseann cherasaro

        Right as stake races are being run!

    • themanwiththeplan

      You hit the nail on the head, good job.

  • Just close your Twinspires accounts and move on.

    • Laura Woodside

      Having TwinSpires is the only way I can watch all the races.

      • There are plenty of better options.

        • Sinking Ship

          Not in Pennsylvania there aren’t! Hamstrung by that idiotic “35-mile radius of a racetrack” law.

          • Is that why I can never watch anything? What is the law?

          • WMK

            @Sinking Ship: Me too. (Un)luckily for me I have several online accounts so I can watch and gamble round the clock. I happen to live in Delco near Chester Downs which has no off track, telephone or internet wagering yet they “own” me. Although this is completely unconstitutional have fun fighting this. I’ve written to Harrisburg and to the Casino Gaming Commission and all those responsible pass the buck or don’t reply. Needless to say I hate politics, politicians and those who can afford to pay for their services. Since I am not….ahem….a donor they could care less about what I think or for that matter whether I live or die.

            At any rate an option to put one over on the hacks in Harrisburg is if by chance you live near the border of another state there are two possibilities. If you have a friend/relative use their address. The other is to get a post office box and use that address. Think outside the box.

          • PlasticGangsta

            Sorry, I am from the UK what is the 35 mile racetrack law? Yee Haa

      • tony a

        Ny bets, bet 300 get 300

      • albert

        church hill down and twin spires is one a real estate company the only time the grandstand is open a Churchill is derby otherwise they shut down most of the grandstand they invest to resale the land at most racetracks they buy

    • Arrogate

      Why is it that every time we read about a dispute like this – it is always Twin Spires holding a gun to the industry’s and the fan’s head?

  • idavis

    Never usedTwinspires for that reason! Always use XpressBet. This action is unreal!! Thet are ruining the sport for fans of Thoroughbred racing!

    • TVG

      We have good news! We can now show the non BC races Friday and Saturday on TVG. #BC16 action can be watched at TVG.com/Live and we have a sweet Money Back Special on all 13 BC races! Check it out: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • Gate To Wire

    BTW, not sure if CDI/Twin Spires are to blame here. The Breeders Cup owns the rights and they are the ones who agreed to this.

    • Dave

      Agreed. CDI is looking for a competitive advantages, as companies do every day. It’s the Breeders’ Cup that SHOULD have the fan’s interests in mind. They generally used to, back when the BC was coupled with the NTRA. But ever since they split up, the BC has been all about themselves and their bottom line.

    • RayPaulick

      They are a party to the contract with CDI/TwinSpires.

      • Roger

        Ray – I would be surprised if any deal involving a CA racetrack Event albeit BC must have approvals from TOC and CHRB.

        • Arrogate

          I’m amazed SA/Stronach Group didn’t have to sign off on it. But it is the BC show/meet. And they usually care about coverage and growing handle so not sure who made this call, but they deserve to be…let go.

  • Roger

    .This is an absolute OUTRAGE and the head of TOC and CHRB need to explain how any business deal involving CAL RACING should benefit CDI over TVG or any other
    loyal CA Racing partners……I find this quite offensive that CDI benefits over others in CA given their
    poor past performances.

  • gus stewart

    Before rushing to jugdement, as a few mentioned, racing has a problem working together to gain more media coverage to advance the sport. We living in california have had to deal with tvg and the talking heads for many years,, i will say they now have hired some quality females over the last several years to help in getting women and younger fans. If one of the big tv stations on mainstream media for two days want certain things for thier benifit,, im going to give it to them. The problem is racing should have one commisionar to oversee contracts that are being done in the best intetest of racing. Since racing still hasnt done this,,, this kind of ridicoulous nonsense is what the current fans have to deal with. Tvg on air coverage on spectrum is what u get, but much of thier commentary is like listening to a 1970s car salesperson.

    • TVG

      Gus, just going through this feed and making sure everyone is aware that there has been a change. We can now show the non-BC races Friday and Saturday on TVG. As for #BC16, you can view it at TVG.com/Live and we also have a Money Back Special on all 13 BC races: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • greg

    will they still be shown at sports books in Las Vegas?

    • RayPaulick

      Simulcast outlets will show the track feed, as always.

      • greg

        PFEW!!! thanks Ray

    • TVG

      Hey Greg :) We have some good news! We can now show the non-BC races Friday and Saturday on TVG. The #BC16 races can be found at TVG.com/Live, and we also have a Money Back Special on all 13 of those races: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • WMK

    Very typical of this industry, unfortunately. One suggestion is to open a TwinSpires account and watch the races. One doesn’t have to make any deposits or place any bets (if memory serves me correctly). Just open an account and turn on the video. In addition they usually have a promotion for new customers that can be taken advantage of…or not.

    • Jan Hoadley

      Only works the first time. Then it’s $50 bet funds to watch free. And they do not care about racing fans…only betting

      • WMK

        Jan, I don’t remember the details of opening my account with TwinSpires since it’s been years but I remember having access to their video stream immediately though I could be wrong or things might have changed. If what you said is true (and I’ll take your word for it) since you say it works only the first time then once is all you need.

        • Jan Hoadley

          If I remember right I signed up to watch the Derby. Come Breeders Cup time I had to pay as the free trial was 30 days. Or maybe races were switched…but in any case when I brought it up the lady said they exist for the betting folks not fans.

          • WMK

            Jan, I hear you. I’m just trying to help with an alternate possibility. If you still have an active account give it a try just to see if it’s still active and if it lets you into live streaming. Another thought is if they demand a deposit and you want to skayroo them put in a deposit, don’t bet, watch the BC undercard, wait for that deposit to clear (4 – 5 business days at most) then withdraw it. I realize that’s a lot of work but in some cases it may be better than nothing.

          • Jan Hoadley

            I have Directv now…but didn’t for years. Got it mainly for BC and TC.

          • Dan Adams

            I opened a TS account months ago and still get free live streaming

      • cigarsmom

        Not true. No deposit required to open an account and watch video. After a period of time without any activity, the account is closed. Bandwidth is expensive, especially given the tracks from all over the world you can watch pretty much 24/7 and race replays too.

    • GT Bloodstock

      Why reward this negative action by CDI/TwinSpires? If you have a TVG account, or open one prior to the Breeders’ Cup, you’ll be able to watch the races on streaming video through TVG.

      • WMK

        GT, not a reward at all. See my reply to Jan Hoadley below.

  • KYFan2

    I am really upset that I won’t be able to watch the BC races because I cannot afford nearly $100/mo that Dish charges to include NBCSPN in my package. Was thinking TVG would broadcast Santa Anita. This is bogus, anti-fan, anti-racing. Certainly won’t give Twinspires my money. I look forward all year to the BC races. Now what???!!!***

    • Roger

      Try CalRacing.com…….that’s where I watch CA Races 90% of time. Maybe Ray could shed light if CALRACING.com will be showing all the races at SA on Fri/Sat.

    • PointGivenTCL

      KYFan I have Dish and you can upgrade your package literally right before the races to get NBCSPN, then downgrade right after. You’ll have to pay whatever the increase is over your usual monthly rate to the new package plus a $20 fee for downgrading within 30 days but overall it shouldn’t cost you more than $40-60 as a one time deal – not ideal but certainly I’d pay that for the BC (and have for the last few years).

      • KYFan2

        Good to know! I’ll call and inquire. Thanks!

    • Dan Adams

      Sign up for a free twinspires account. Then use there video footage and don’t give them a dime of your money :-)

  • Andrew A.

    Keep ramping up the aggravation level and accelerate the number of people who’ve had enough of the constant B.S.

  • Ida Lee

    Well, Well, Well … I’ve changed providers and paid extra to get TVG to make sure I got all the BC races … I clear my calendar, I prepare the chicken wings and salsa, turn the phones off and make myself comfortable….thank you for nothing TVG …

    • RayPaulick

      I’m sure TVG would love to televise all of the races. The marketing agreement that is preventing them is between TwinSpires and Breeders’ Cup.

      • Ida Lee

        I hope you’re not trying to be reasonable here cause when it comes to me not having access to all the BC races, there is no reasoning with me ….

        • Gate To Wire

          NBC and NBCSN is still showing the BC races. This is just the undercard and the non BC races. TVG was never going to be able to show the BC races anyway. That contract belongs to NBC

        • JerseyGirl

          LMAO! I so agree IDA LEE💙🏇

        • Dan Adams

          Ida Lee that’s a pointless argument. Let’s blame TVG for wanting to be on track… Ohhkaayy!!! I am happy you eating your wings and salsa staring at a blank screen. Enjoy!

          • Ida Lee

            For the record, I do blame TVG for everything …..unreasonable?….don’t care. I don’t like them. They bought my favorite horse racing network and many of my favorite shows are gone. But, now that I see this will not be affecting the BC races, just the undercard, I’m happy and off to the races (or my TV room).

      • David Juffet

        Not allowing TVG to broadcast the undercard races is flat out stupid. No TV coverage of these undercard races makes no sense at all. TwinSpires has 0 respect for the fans. Very sad.

    • Erin Casseday

      Why would anybody pay extra for TVG? Now HRTV, that was different.

      • Ida Lee

        Yeah, Right ? I changed from cable to dish…cable has NBCSport but no TVG on any package…dish does not have NBCSport which as you know carries some of the big horse races and events…and no package carried TVG but at least with dish you could get it if you pay for it individually so…not getting NBCSport, I needed to pay for TVG..can’t take a chance of not seeing my favorite races live … don’t like it… got to do it …

        • Zafonic

          Direct TV has both.

          • Ida Lee

            If Direct TV in my area had both, I’d be all over it …but it does not. That’s what happens when you live in an area that does not care about the sport. In my community, only 2 other people know about horse racing and only one follows it (with me, that’s 2). One of the ladies goes around with a bracelet made of hair from Silver Charm’s tail. She was crying the other day cause she couldn’t afford to pay extra for TVG.

          • Zafonic

            Are you sure? Direct TV has the same channel listings no matter where you live. TVG channel 602, NBCSN channel 220.

          • Ida Lee

            Oops ! I do have Direct TV …my husband changed it…oh, oh … I owe Dish an apology. We moved not too long ago and sometimes I don’t know if I’m going or coming with the various TV, Computer and phone systems … anyway, I do get 602 cause I pay extra for it … it’s not on any package except a sports package I think. Anyway, I do not get 220 (NBCSN) on the package I’ve got. It’s extra ….

  • Jan Hoadley

    Not everyone bets. Again. ..racing’s biggest day and fans can’t see it live? But we want fans…or fans money. Look at merchandise not just bets. Wake up. Only thing burying horse racing is horse racing people. PeTA and others will be happy to push and cover up afterwards

    • TVG

      Hey Jan :)

      We have some good news. We can now show the undercard races Friday (1-5,10) & Saturday (1-3) on TVG. You can watch #BC16 action at TVG.com/Live, and while you might not bet, we do have a fantastic Money Back Special promotion on all 13 BC races: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • I can’t watch horse racing on network TV anyways with their 15 different camera changes during a race.

    • SPA

      Amen, the camera angle where the camera is on the ground in the turf course is the worst!!

    • Dan Adams

      Now that is the best comment of the day. To be honest, I think the only one most people care about takes place in the final furlong

      • I think most of us like to watch the whole race. To know where are horses are at all times and to make trip notes for next time out.

    • Rachel

      You hit the nail on the head. Just horrible.
      On the other end of the spectrum, the Dubai races are so cool with the close up on the inside rail as they drive along with the horses…you can hear the hooves pounding, the jockeys chirping and yelling…

  • SPA

    A blessing in disguise, we won’t have to listen to Matt Carothers tell us the best betting card on the day is Gulfstream Park West, like he does every Saturday. It also saves us from having to listen to their resident clowns Paul LoDuca, Todd Schrup and Bittany Eurton tell us all who’s on their fantasy football teams.

    I don’t get it with TVG, they have on air talent who have excellent perspectives in the industry like Nick Hines and Christina Blacker but instead they ram carnival barkers down our throats.

    All the Breeders Cup races will be shown on live TV it should be noted.

    • David Sullivan

      I think you should lighten up on Todd Schrup. After all he did wrestle Jerry Lawler at the Houston race track years ago. That fact alone should entitle him to a lofty position with TVG.

      • Mike Oliveto

        He’s utterly unlistenable to. He’s a poster child for the mute button. The best was the day he hacked up a loogey and spit it out while on the air. I swear he must either own equity in the company or have pictures of those that do. Otherwise how does he remain employed?

        • David Sullivan

          Your second sentence is the best description.

      • SPA

        LOL, I’d rather listen to Lawler talk about racing than Schrupp!!

        • David Sullivan


  • Carl Wilson

    Huh? Confusing article – Instead of focusing on the uncovered undercard, it should be more clearly pointed out that TVG will not be able to show ANY Breeders Cup races.

    • Judoon

      So what? The BC races are on NBC’s networks.

    • TVG

      Carl — we just announced today that we can now show the non-BC races Friday and Saturday on TVG. You can watch #BC16 action at TVG.com/Live, and we have a Money Back Special on all 13 BC races: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • Jsmith

    Thank goodness the BC is making extra $$$, they can add it to the pile of savings they have due to taking advantage of 100s of volunteers. But they get a pass for both days u say, yes but that doesn’t mean they all actually get to see any races! Beware what u sign up for, the description and the reality don’t match. Oh, more savings, BC skipped on giving volunteers a $20. Gift cert. to the store this year.

    • TVG

      Greetings! Just announced we can now show the undercard races Friday and Saturday on TVG. As for #BC16 action – you can check it out at TVG.com/Live, and we have a Money Back Special on all 13 BC races: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • Darcy Taylor Julia

    NBC are such assholes, I refuse to watch the network, no shows at all, however I will now I guess have to watch Breeders Cup, the commentators are morons and make the dumbest and most clueless observations. It’s as if they gathered the most eager imbeciles and told them to talk about whatever. Kentucky Derby telecast they spend soooo much time talking about B and C list celebrities that are there and hats, it makes me want to throw up

    • PointGivenTCL

      Actually they had Nick Luck on their most recent pre-BC telecast and he gave a lot of really nice insight, especially vis a vis the Euros. Hopefully they bring him back in an expanded role.

    • TVG

      Hey Darcy :) Good news, all BC undercard races will now be live on TVG. #BC16 races @ TVG.com/Live. Even better news – our money back special: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • J&J

    This totally sucks! I have a horse in the first race on Friday. I always record our races and watch them over and over. I really hope they can reach an agreement, but with those greedy SOBs, it probably won’t happen. Screw you Twinspires!!!

    • TVG

      Great news, J&J: all BC undercard races will now be live on TVG! #BC16 races @ TVG.com/Live. Even better news – our money back special: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback Good luck with your horse, by the way!

  • DanM

    That’s 2 days I will not hear:

    “We needed a new web site. I went to a web design company and they wanted to charge me a fortune”.

    • SPA

      And I was just about to buy a can of FlexSeal and a copper frying pan. Needless to say I won’t be joining Deal Dash either.

    • TVG

      Ok, that is funny… ;) Good news though…all BC undercard races will now be live on TVG. #BC16 races @ TVG.com/Live. Even better – our money back special: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • Steve

    Another prime example of why horse racing is declining in popularity, by preventing other broadcast outlets from televising the sport. This reminds me of the 1970’s, when the NFL began to broadcast their games on major TV networks on Sundays. Racetrack management’s response was “we are not going to give our product away for free”. The NFL exploded in popularity and racing started it’s downward spiral, which continues to this day and proves that racing has learned nothing from their mistakes

  • Kevin Callinan

    The biggest enemy of horse racing is horse racing. You are going to shut out 40 million potential viewers over a couple of hundred grand? Did the Breeder’s Cup also consider the fact that many of us don’t bet a race we can’t watch.

  • This is yet another result of having no central body to govern racing, post times, television coverage, etc. ONLY in America. We make it very hard to be a devoted fan of horse racing.

    • SPA

      Barry, I’ve heard this from many people but horse racing is unlike the NFL, for example where the commissioner is just an owner’s representative. In horse racing you are dealing with state racing commissions, those are, for the most part, political jobs given to hacks. On top of that throw into the mix state governments with their hands in the till (NYRA) and you have the complete mess. But which commission or which political hack is going to cede power to a central body? Answer….none of them, politicians and hacks NEVER cede power and NEVER get poorer while in office.

      • Chris Lowe

        AKA NYRA.

        • SPA


      • Mike Oliveto

        Agree. Furthermore, what racing executive will cede power to a commissioner? Do you see Frank taking marching orders from anyone?

    • Steve

      Jeff Gural for the newly created position of National Racing Commissioner (well I can dream can’t I)

  • Charles Smith

    Considering TVG’s history and reputation, there might not be much sympathy for their predicament, but Twin Spires made a business decision, they had a right to do so. This may shed a little light on the overall, ongoing lack of cooperation within the racing industry when it comes to marketing matters. It’s everyone for themselves, even when a bit of cooperation would enable a greater audience to enjoy watching the Breeders Cup.

  • Tinky

    Sounds like the Increasing Shareholder Value Handicap, a race in which the Executives are 1/5 to get rich, while everyone else gets shafted.

    • Charles Smith

      This is America, Tinky….the big shots in any industry are ALWAYS dollars to donuts to get their share and much, much more

      • Tinky

        Yup, and thanks to inflation, “dollars to doughnuts” ain’t what it used to be either.

        • Jeffrey

          Well and truly said Tinky.

    • C Hogan

      Tinky their stock on the way south their having trouble with Big Fish. They can’t be making any money on horse racing.

  • Bill

    This is just stupid. I don’t see how or why Twinspires thinks this is going to help them. Maybe they will get a few more people watching and wagering through their website. In the long run though I think this is a mistake.

  • GratefulMed

    TVG = NG Really with the split screen come on please.Commentator(s) not being handicappers instead loaded with non sequiturs trying to be funny? Odds on bottom of screen should be for race on screen about to go off not some other race. Payuots delayed. Soooo much more. To fix it all just use a real no surcharge account and it will provide better video before, during, and after any race better than tvg ever could.

  • venetian

    Why is Keeneland not showing BC races? Nothing out there at all

  • KYFan2

    Does anyone know who the analysts will be on NBC sports network broadcast?

  • Karl Deppen

    Stronach is sending the same message with his price gauging for the Pegasus on January 28th !

  • Whirlaway4ever

    Business is business… when most of the people who run the industry do things that are contrary to common sense, you can’t help but wonder how racing is even still around.

  • JerseyGirl

    To keep fans from seeing ALL the races is totally unfair !!
    NBC should at least allow Tvg to show the races they are not. Or show them all!! NBC SN could drop a girls volleyball match for these few races😡

  • Don

    Since the merger TVG has been horrible. whether they are to blame for this or not, this fact remains. Half the time they don’t even simulcast a live Belmont race, instead showing the live feed from Gulfstream with 6 minutes to post. Unfortunately with satellite TV I can’t even switch to the local OTB to watch the race, I have to watch on Xpressbets from my computer.

    • TVG

      Don, hopefully, we can put a smile on your face with the news that all BC undercard races will now be live on TVG. #BC16 races @ TVG.com/Live. Even better news – our money back special: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • Tracy

    I have grown to hate TVG, they have royally screwed up things since the merger. They don’t seem to get that everybody just can’t switch back and forth from TVG to TVG2. Nothing is quite so annoying then when they show a GR1 stake post parade up to the gate and say, if you want to watch this race it’s over on TVG. HRTV showed all the prime tracks had good talent and after the merger it sucks. Occasionally they throw us a bone and give us “a bonus race” Fortunately I have found the feeds and XBTV, but I would rather be able to watch it on TV. But hey, I’m not much of a player, only a fan, so what I think sure doesn’t matter. Not really into the racing at Mahoning Valley or whatever it is, sorry rant over. And when we do get a track all the time, they don’t show it when they have a stake day, now I am done

    • SPA

      The best was last years North America Cup from Mohawk. Exact quote “We’ll bring you the $1 million North America Cup on tape after this $5,000 beaten claimer from Evangaline Downs.”

  • Terlingua

    Too bad for those of us in NC since we cannot register for twinspires. We are just shut out of those races, including the Ken Maddy Stakes with Lady Shipman and Fair Point, the G-II Twilight Derby with Oscar Nominated, the Marathon with Tale of Verve, and the Golden State Juvenile Fillies with Chrome’s younger sister running. I spoke with a young man at twinspires and there is no help for us.

  • Ben Cheese

    SIMPLE QUESTION (Please omit the rants): Will Cal Racing be showing the under card races on both BC days?

  • Dinny Pipps

    Granted TwinSpires sucks but this was a great opportunity for Paulick Report commenters to mix in some mega-slams of TVG’s on air talent along with whining how they love horse racing but can’t afford to pay for carriers that have NBCSN. Very few took advantage and by the way I was looking forward to that piece on Ken Rudulph this weekend.

  • bob

    maybe tvg should have second channel for standardbreds we get no respect

    • SPA

      Amen. I do commend Nick Hines fro trying to learn and take and interest but when I hear Matt Carothers not even bother and tell me “the horse RAN 1:52” I cringe. Although the same can be said of Mike Battaglia and his ridiculous “buggy races” comment during the Hambletonian broadcast.

  • GloriaU

    For the past few years it’s been a struggle for me (as I don’t have NBCSP) trying to figure out where I’ll be able to see the Breeders’ Cup races. Two years ago, it was HRTV. When HRTV went belly up, I breathed a sigh of relief that TVG would show BC races last year. This year, I had to go straight to the source to find out if TVG would be showing the races and was told no. Short of calling my cable company and adding NBCSP to my package, I will stream it on XBTV this year. Breeders’ Cup is my favorite time for horse racing and the powers that be are ruining it. I’m not that fond of several of the “hosts” they use (constantly) on TVG, but I would put up with them to see the BC races. Still in mourning over HRTV.

  • Kyle Stasierowski

    That sucks!!!!

  • David

    For the vast majority of regular players, what difference does this make? The core group would rather stream the inter-track feed and do w/o the C-D level “celebrities” anyway. It’s really on BCL, isn’t it?

  • Linda Simon

    No one should wager with these idiots and go support your local track at the simulcast windows!

    • bhood

      There are millions who don’t have a local track or OTB.

  • rpres43

    Tom Hammond, Jerry Bailey, Laffit Pincay, are good commentators on NBC. And except for some strange camera angles, at least the the NBC telecast is in HD, unlike TVG’s horrible STD broadcast, and even worse their inane clown commentary( Laduka, Todd S.).

  • ryan driscoll

    What is so hard about making it easy to 1) bet a horserace. 2) watch the horserace that you bet on?

  • Erin Casseday

    Does not hurt my feelings or bother me at all. Can’t stand TVG. Sorry, but they suck. When they bought out and took over HRTV they saved me money every month because there was no longer any reason to keep my Dish account. Racing is better off with out them.

    • bhood

      You missed the whole point of this article, didn’t you?

      • Erin Casseday

        Nope. Can’t stand TVG and what they did to HRTV when they took over. Why anyone would watch them is beyond me. Hence why I got rid of my Dish. Only reason I kept it was to watch HRTV. Now I just watch live streaming on my phone or computer.

        Mute point anyway according to the updated headline.

  • melissa

    great college football games on saturday ! i know where i”ll be , too bad for racing, the sport doesn’t need this stupidity,

  • PlasticGangsta

    We have similar problems in the UK with two dedicated Racing channels and a limited to Saturday’s mostly terrestrial service. As I believe is the case in the States one can stream any race one has wagered on but that is limited literally to the duration of the race. I like to watch a well structured programme covering both build up and post race analysis and on the big days a little of the occasion. That can prove costly with one channel costing about $40 bucks sterling the other around $15 each month. This issue seems to me quite simple surely what is good for racing is good for bookmakers? Providing an outlet to as wider audience as possible can only improve betting turnover and improve the overall experience for the consumer. The Breeders Cup meet comes as close to a World Championship as any meeting globally, surely a World class event deserves a world sized audience. Yee Haa

  • PlasticGangsta

    Sorry guys I forgot too mention that here in the UK it is not possible to stream TVG or Twinspires or any of your racing streams due to legal factors. I have tried and it simply states, “incorrect geo area”. It is also impossible to join Bet America or any of the big betting sites! Our sport becomes more international every year, access to media MUST move with the times. Yee Haa

    • WMK

      @PlasticGangsta, the funny thing is that there’s no problem getting UK races and racing from other countries here. Politicians and their corporate owners suck everywhere.

  • Philip Forve

    Horse racing is run by such small minded people. This makes me want to drop my CDI TwinSpires ADW account and move to TVG.

  • oldracetracker

    not in the best interest of HORSE RACING is my opinion…as usual, horse racing fans get the short hairs….

  • peggy conroy

    HRTV was the best—bring it back

  • Mike Oliveto

    Maybe I’m stupid but if I had a vested interest in handle then I’d do everything possible to get all my races seen by as many people as possible. But that’s just me…

    • TVG

      Mike – happy to report all BC undercard races will now be live on TVG. #BC16 races @ TVG.com/Live. As for bettors, we’ve got a Money Back Special on all 13 BC races ;) Check it out:: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

  • ruled off

    sow hat are the times for both broadcasts? Thursdays usually have a preshow. Anyone know? Been looking…NBC keeps it a secret. not a priority.

  • Charlie Davis

    Everyone is mad at Twinspires, and believe me, I get it. I haven’t made a bet with them since CD raised takeout.

    Let’s be honest though. Whoever is responsible for agreeing to this contract from the BC side of the table, really screwed up. Of course Twinspires is going to ask for something like this. They want you watching Twinspires TV and betting through them rather than seeing constant commercials for TVG promos. The people on their side of the table would be negligent if they didn’t request something like this. Sure, it’s bad for the overall business, but it’s in their best interests, which is what they care about.

    Why the hell the BC would agree to it, when they’re negotiating from a position of power with multiple vendors(Xpressbet/TVG/Twinspires), is beyond me.

    • Tiznow90

      Exactly right. BC has been known to have made a bad deal or two in their day. This one no different. Totally on them.

    • Gate To Wire

      Agree with you 100% Charlie.
      CDI/Twin Spires was offered this deal by the Breeders Cup.
      The Breeders Cup owned the rights and they chose this approach.
      Don’t blame CDI/Twin Spires for taking a deal that was in their best interest, be mad at the Breeders Cup for being short sighted in cutting TVG off.

  • tony a

    The Breeder’s Cup races are on TV albeit I hate the camera angles and most of the fluff during show and I’d much rather watch the track feed but what fascinates me is all the complaints from people in which the handle won’t be more than$100 (if this doesn’t pertain to you, don’t reply obviously it’s not meant for you).

  • KYInsider

    Is TVG able to show live all of the official BC races that are otherwise being broadcast on NBCSports?

  • Andrew McMullen

    I know we’re discussing TV coverage but is XBTV permitted to show all of the races? Their coverage is top notch and everyone on the show is an expert in my opinion. Granted you won’t see the coverage on a TV (unless you have a smart TV, etc) but you’ll get expert, live coverage that nearly everyone would find beneficial. Are they live Friday? They certainly ought to with BC weekend.

  • Billy

    Is it the money deal or showing a less quality horse and possibly having one break down on such a prestigious day for racing we all know they like to hide truth…..

  • Jeffrey H.

    TwinSpires seems to be again letting NBC Universal Comcast want more of the coverage just it wants ratings and deal with the betting part is something that is foul, although not very many providers will carry NBC Sports Network also unless you upgrade your package which on DirectTV, it is the ChoiceXtra that you get both TVG and NBC Sports Network in return, that right there pretty much locks out the betters if you do not have the budget to get those channels.

  • ctgreyhound

    This sucks; money over goodwill every time.

  • TVG

    Gloria, happy to report that all BC undercard races will now be live on TVG. #BC16 races @ TVG.com/Live. If you’re betting, we also have a crazy Money Back Special on all 13 BC races: promos.tvg.com/Moneyback

    • Tracy

      So do you plan on showing it on the lowly TVG2 or do we just get the post parade and the kiss off?

  • Kevin Callinan

    Great, I’m already signed up for the promo- it’s a great idea. Now please make sure the site stays up through the Classic!!!

  • Richard Starkey

    That’s unfortunate. TVG coverage is deplorable. Mandela hates TVG too, so tell Todd Schmuck to quit calling him “Papa” Mandela.

  • tony a

    They don’t even bet.

  • albert

    this industry loves fighting about everything rules are rules if u don t like what was agreed on why was any agreement made ask the elite horsemen and rep of thoroughbred horse racing we have very poor elite horsemen if they didn’t have a 1000 horses u would never here about them and what few there are as far as elite horsemen there the hardest workers ever thought nothing was handed to them they worked for there success maybe some of these owners and breeders will catch on get rid of the want to be Lucas’s think the 2 greatest race days in America and they want to have problems a bunch of horses ass’es

  • albert

    this industry is closed minded how many commercials have you seen on tv for the breeders cup races they show more about every sport in the world except the women that owned secretariat
    always says when she appears at the triple crown THIS IS A SMALL CLUB she didn’t mean just the triple crown she meant horse racing I owned 7 horses some ran until 8 others 56 paid 2500.00 on a average my wife and I quit in 03 with a half a million earning they don’t want this to happen they want u to spend much more to support the elite trainers cc screwed there idea

  • albert

    yes I’m back I going to enjoy the breeders cup no matter what huge problems this industry insists on having and soon ill be claiming a horse and do what I did before make some good money with little purchase money and I’m going to enjoy myself racing my horse signed the greatest 2 minute’s in sports

  • Tracy

    So us bums that can only get TVG 2 have to watch Hijack Downs 1,500 claimers or do we get to see it too?

  • Noelle

    There are 2 TVG channels on my cable. Why can’t one of them cover the BC fully all day, both days, the same sort of in depth coverage and personal stories we will likely find on NBC for the Classic, and let the other one cover all the other tracks. People wouldn’t be so ticked off at TVG if you all used one of your outlets to show more general interest racing coverage and let the other one show the strictly-for-hard-core-gamblers stuff.

  • Ida Lee

    I saw that … thanks so much … what I said above ? Never mind…

  • David Juffet

    Thank you for the heads up! Should never been an issue. Having to deal with a company that puts the bottom line ahead of the sport is very sad. Thanks again and have a great Breeder Cup. Safe trip to all.

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