Indiana Grand Diaries: Far More Than A Fraction

by | 10.11.2017 | 2:44pm
Indiana Grand's Grand Gesture Stable is hands-on in many ways

Several racetracks around the country have started fractional ownership clubs, which offer people shares of a racehorse at a low, fixed cost without the liability of full ownership. The idea is to give fans a taste of the ownership experience.

Indiana Grand launched a new fractional ownership group this year called Grand Gesture Stable, and it's taking things quite a bit further, as Scott Jagow reports in this edition of Indiana Grand Diaries.

Note: Copy correction in the video – Mari Hulman George is the breeder of AJ Pacer. Indiana Grand owns the other half of the filly.

  • Larry sterne

    Great and satisfying report. What total percent available for the 1% partners? Do they keep owner ship as long as horse is racing plus do they retain residual stud or sale values if any?, or can they buy in again next year at same price?

    • Thanks, Larry. Their shares will be sold and partnership dispersed at the end of the month. After expenses, they will split any earnings but I believe everything will start over from scratch for next year, perhaps with a different horse. Although, AJ’s personality is great for this because she’s accessible and of course, not every racehorse is that way. This year by the way, you had to be an Indiana resident to buy in, so the track was trying to benefit locals.

      • Larry sterne

        Hope this becomes a more common event

      • slvrblltday

        Really cool and cool it’s aimed at residents!

  • Manefan

    I almost joined a club like this in 2012. The only thing that stopped me was that each year the horses were sold but not before running through close-together claiming races in Chicago’s winter. As the trainer said, horses are creatures of habit. I just couldn’t. I hope for the best for A J Pacer.

  • Snowman

    Great job, Scott. Need more of this!

  • ctgreyhound

    Thanks for bringing attention to “ownership 101”. It may be short & sweet, but the education lives on. Look at all those kids…..hope they come hooked on this incredible sport that keeps on giving with new equine heroes popping up every day.

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