Hancock: A Proud ‘Elitist,’ And In Good Company

by | 03.14.2016 | 8:28am
Arthur B. Hancock III, owner of Stone Farm in Paris, Ky.

I was a bit puzzled when at a recent HBPA conference a radio host by the name of Stephen Byk referred to those of us who are trying to clean up our sport and protect our horses as “elitists.”

I have been fighting this battle against the liberal use of drugs in horse racing for a long time, and if an elitist is a person who lives and breathes horses, who worries about them 24/7, and who works with them every day, then I accept Mr. Byk's accusation.

Mr. Byk should also recognize that in calling me and other like- minded people elitists, he places us in good company, since every person in every other country in the rest of the entire world races their horses without the widespread drugging policies that are prevalent in America!

Is it elitist to support a bill that would put the United States Anti-Doping Agency in charge of policing our sport, thereby attaining national uniformity?

Is it elitist to attempt to protect our horses and our breed?

Is it elitist to want the sport of Thoroughbred racing, to which we all dedicate our lives, to be clean, above board, loved and respected?

Is it elitist to yearn to once again be proud of our sport?

Is it elitist to care?

If that is the case, I would say to Mr. Byk, yes I am an elitist and damned proud of it, too.

Arthur B. Hancock III is the owner of Stone Farm in Paris, Ky.

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