‘Easy to Love This Place’: A Video Postcard From Saratoga

by | 08.29.2013 | 4:35pm

Another summer is waning, so it's almost time to bid adieu to Saratoga racing until next year. This season has been a special one, as the oldest continuously-operating sports venue in America celebrated its 150th anniversary with all the pomp and circumstance befitting such a remarkable occasion.

But every summer – every day – at Saratoga is an anniversary of sorts for the many people who embraced it from their parents and continue to pass it on to their children. From sun up to sun down, a day at Saratoga is a unique gift.

The Paulick Report's Scott Jagow sends us this postcard from The Spa.

  • betterthannothing

    Lovely “video postcard”. Can’t wait for your next one!

  • Eric Kalet

    Great job on this Scott!

    • Thanks to all, and thanks Eric for the gorgeous opening photo of the canoe…

      • Eric Kalet

        My pleasure!

  • MarginMaine

    Thank you, Scott!

  • Michael McMahon

    Great story on a GREAT race track in a GREAT town. Please if you have not watched this yet – ENJOY

  • Ed Lewi

    You captured Saratoga Scott. Thanks for the memories.

  • Don Reed

    WOW. Beautiful work, Scott.

    Perefect photography, superb sense of timing and transition, articulate people, & the best moment at 3:51 – the smiling lady, fourth from the left, in the winner’s circle standing next to Todd Pletcher (directly behind them, in the crowd, the fellow who looks like the young P.G. Wodehouse).

    Saratoga rises and crashes. You caught it at the top of one of its best waves.

  • pallyhubris

    “postcards from saratoga”
    lifted directly from joe drape’s nytimes pieces of the last few years.

    • RayPaulick

      It’s a term that’s been used by many book publishers, magazines, writers and probably videographers. We loved Joe Drape’s written postcards from Saratoga and featured them on the Paulick Report. We thought a video postcard would be a nice way to help close out the final weekend of the meeting.

    • circusticket


      • Don Reed

        THAT’S the ticket!

  • Trixie Hammer

    I know how time consuming videos can be and this is great! Thanks for sharing. Enjoyable lunchtime entertainment!

  • 4Bellwether666


  • Francis Bush

    This gentleman in the photo told me he had purchased seats for resale for at least 40 years. He was kind enough to give me a “Pink Sheet” one day when I was approaching the entrance. He was reselling seats and knew what he was doing. Congratulations to him for proving that older people can figure out ways to provide for themselves without governmental assistance.

  • Don Reed

    Went up to Saratoga on Friday August 30, and the fellow you see above selling the tip sheets was right there at the front gate.

    Me: “Say, did you see yourself on the Paulick Report video?!”

    He: “No.”

    Me: “Do you have the Internet at home?”

    He: “No.”

    Hopefully, he went to the Saratoga Public Library to see the tape. Nice guy.


    The Paulick Report’s own Disqus system refuses to accept “Paulick” as a properly spelt word. In fact, it won’t accept “Disqus,” either.”


    Eric Sheinman (sic?), now writing for NYRA, sends his regards from the Moodena Gasoline
    & Very Very Expensive Espresso (the price will give you heartburn) Rest Stop on I-87.

    He’s driving a British car, the Cooper, which has a Washington DC license plate with their churlish motto, “Taxation Without Representation.” When he got out of the car, I asked if he was British . No, he’s not, which would have made the story perfect.

    (“Moodena” N.Y. may be misspelt, which is unavoidable, since we can’t leave Google alone, unattended, for five days without discovering upon returning home that they have DESTROYED their “Maps” function. Let’s change it to “Modena,” for the heck of it. Incidentally, Yahoo Sports also destroyed their previously popular website. “Computer geniuses” is an oxymoron.)


    By the way, of all those horses coming out of the Saarland shed, how come we didn’t see one named “Saaratoga?”

    Was there one?


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