by | 11.17.2010 | 12:47am
By Ray Paulick
A new early-bird online nomination discount for the Breeders’ Cup program has proven to be a popular option for breeders who are looking to nominate their foals in time to have them listed as Breeders’ Cup eligible in November sale catalogues and get a $100 reduction off the regular $500 nomination fee. With 10 days remaining until the Aug. 1 early deadline, there have been 2,398 foals nominated, nearly three times as many as were nominated on this date in 2008. Nearly 100% of this year’s early nominations have been made online, according to Dora Delgado, Breeders’ Cup senior vice president of nominations and on-site operations.Any increase in early nominations would come in a year when overall foal nominations are expected to decline. The early online discount was created by the Breeders’ Cup Racing and Nominations Committee in hopes of stimulating participation despite the current difficulties in the overall economy and bloodstock markets.

“We automated the system for nomination online several years ago but hadn’t managed to get everyone shifted to that method, which is much more efficient for both the nominator and Breeders’ Cup,” said Delgado. “By offering the discount this year and tying it to the early deadline, we were able to offer a financial savings for the nominator and introduce them to the automated system.”

Breeders seeking more information about the early online nominations and to get access to the online form can click here.


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