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By Ray Paulick

Pennsylvania-based Thoroughbred trainer Darrel Delahoussaye was arrested by State Police Wednesday morning and charged with several felonies and misdemeanors alleging theft by deception, illegally administering drugs to racehorses, rigging a publicly exhibited contest and tampering with physical evidence in an investigation that began last fall.

The 47-year-old trainer was arraigned, with bond set at $20,000. Delahoussaye posted bail and was released.

The Paulick Report has learned the two charges of theft by deception—both third-degree felonies—resulted from allegations dating back to October 2009 that Delahoussaye financially benefited from races on which people wagered and from which he is said to have illegally administered drugs and other substances to horses under his care. The other charges—first-degree misdemeanors—allege that Delahoussaye prevented a public event (a horse race) from being conducted according to rules, that he illegally administered drugs prior to a race, and tampered with horses in order to benefit. The Associated Press reported that the pain killer snake venom was one of the drugs used. The AP also reported Delahoussaye was charged with reselling three injured horses after promising they would be retired to a petting zoo with at least one of those horses racing three times in Massachusetts.

The indictment and subsequent arrest of Delahoussaye is the first charge to emerge from a lengthy grand jury investigation into the activities at Penn National racetrack that remains ongoing. Numerous individuals have testified in front of the grand jury and sources indicate more indictments are likely.

Delahoussaye's name was immersed in controversy earlier this year at Penn National when a horse he trained for Michael Gill, Laughing Moon, broke down in a race and was the catalyst for a boycott by jockeys, who refused to ride in races in which Gill's horses were entered. They cited their own safety and that of the horses as the reason for the boycott, saying that a higher than usual number of horses owned by Gill were breaking down. Gill subsequently fired Delahoussaye.

Delahoussaye has a lengthy list of rulings in the Association of Racing Commissioners International database going back to 1984, when his license was revoked for a felony conviction. He was eligible for reinstatement in 1993. Since then, he has had at least two suspensions for possession of needles, syringes, and injectable drugs (one in Ohio in 1998 and another in Michigan in 2000), and in 1998 he was banned by the Ohio Racing Commission for one year for an incident at Beulah Park when he was ruled to have “mistreated, abused or engaged in an act of cruelty to a horse” and used an “appliance other than whip for the purpose of stimulating speed.” The appliance was described in court documents as a “wooden stick with stripped electrical cords stuck to it.” A veterinarian and two assistants testified seeing a horse at Beulah Park “jump two or three feet in the air” and then witnessed Delahoussaye unplugging an electrical cord from the wall. Delahoussaye appealed the case but ultimately lost.

In June, Penn National management revoked Delahoussaye's stall privileges at the Grantville, Pa., track, and he has since been stabled at the nearby Sandomar training farm, where he has 20 stalls, according to the farm's co-owner Sandor Horvath. He has continued to run horses at Penn National.

“He takes care of his horses immaculately,” said Horvath. “He's been here about three months and slowly building up his stable, claiming a few horses at Philadelphia Park and Monmouth. I don't know anything about any arrest.”

An official with the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission said the commission had not yet seen the indictment and could not comment.

  • Al

    Still can’t believe this guy was ever licensed in PA given his notorious past. When he was determined to be an acceptable horseman, why was’t the racing commission watching his every move? Somebody(s) in PA dropped the ball, or perhaps was just looking the other way? A total restructuring of horse racing enforcement and rule making should be an immediate priority of whomever steps in to run the state.

  • Wingtips

    Basically he’s part carny and part gypsy and manages to outrun his past. DD will set up shop somewhere else in due time. After all, the PA Commission and Penn Nat welcomed him with open arms. Heck, Burton Sipp is out there running a big string.

    Sure hoping that this isn’t the only arrest that comes out of this lengthy investigation. The true crime is if Penn Nat managment dodges all charges. Maybe they cooperated and helped do in DD.

    Our sport continues to slip into oblivion.

  • Tom Goncharoff

    Sheesh, what does it take to get ruled off for life anymore?!

    The appliance was described in court documents as a “wooden stick with stripped electrical cords stuck to it.” A veterinarian and two assistants testified seeing a horse at Beulah Park “jump two or three feet in the air” and then witnessed Delahoussaye unplugging an electrical cord from the wall. Delahoussaye appealed the case but ultimately lost.

  • Paula Weglarz

    Honestly, I have seen people ruled off for just arguing. Why is this jackass carrying a license?

    I hope PA immediately suspends any privileges.

    Now, how long before he rolls on Gill, and perhaps, as has been alleged, some officials at Penn??

  • Mitch C

    How can darryl claim horses from monmouth when he doesn’t have a license there??? Hello??? NJ racing Commission, are you awake?

  • Mitch C

    To a previous poster, trust me, Penn National has done nothing but sit back and pretend like there is nothing wrong. When I look up apathetic in the dictionary, there is a picture of Christopher McErlan.

  • joe

    Racing cannot be marketed –except at a few attractive tracks, with short and festive racing– without drastic change including getting rid of scum and drugs.

    His bond should have been set higher to keep his ass in jail. He should be prohibited from having anything to do and being near horses for the rest of his life.

  • Myectomy

    Well, well, well. What do we have here. Looks like we have a felon doing felonious things and a training center owner being blinded by dirty money. How much does Darell pay Horvath each month Ray in stall rent??? Probably 10 large. What else is he going to say? LOL

  • Caroline

    Does Ohio have no animal cruelty laws to enforce, have them but fail to enforce them, did Beulah/the Ohio Racing Commission not report the 1998 case to Ohio law enforcement, or – is the Ohio racing commission responsible for enforcing all state laws concerning acts of cruelty to horses?

  • Ratherrapid

    presumption of innocence?

  • Mitch C

    Ratherrapid, based on Deputy DA Fran Chardo’s track record with conviction rate, I wouldn’t bet the mortgage if I were you.

  • Absolutley shocking to read of witness’s watching this ”apparition ” abuse a horse by a electrically wired stick and not do anything. If I had seen this done to a horse, the abuser would have been wearing it around his neck, with me shouting, “NOW let’s turn it on baby” !!!
    “HEY…white man CAN jump” !!!! How many horses suffered since that time and now years later he is still racing horses ? Clearly , there needs to be effective laws to get people like this out of the horse industry for good and never be allowed back. EVER.

  • Jack

    This should be a quick trial with the very thorough drug testing that is conducted by today’s racetracks. BTW, that first sentence is a joke. Hopefully, they’re conducting a similiar investigation on a number of trainers at Saratoga Race Course.

  • Gene

    I would like to know where are all the mental midgets that said there was no investigsation, that it was all a farce. Maybe you would like to tell that to darrel delahoussaye right about now. how about Frank Quigley, Chris McErlean, and Robbie Marshmellow! how do you guys feel right now? I heard on the news already that penn national plans to co-operate fully in any investigation that is currently going on. what changed guys?? afraid of repercussions, is that it? hopefully all of you are shown the door just like the rest of the individuals involved in any wrongdoing at this dump of a track. i must admit, the next few months are going to be gut wrenching for a handful of individuals and most of the blame for this investigation has fallen on the shoulders of a few good people. but criminals always point the finger at others. a word to those involved, don’t blame others, YOU all did this to yourselves, through your greed. well, now its time to face the music boys! Enjoy the coming months ahead, i surely will!

  • Ruffian

    Charming. Any thug with an electric prod can get a horseracing license in PA, apparently. What a disgrace and embarrassment for the state that currently offers an embarrassment of purse riches for these clowns so they can abuse the animals along with the system. As both Al and Wingtips have suggested, somebody high up isn’t paying attention and needs to, and hopefully, it’s not the first of the indictments to come down. Betcha Double D turned state’s evidence but still had to be the first on the chopping block, so to speak, to keep up appearances.

  • I Call BS

    I don’t see what the big deal is really. Mr. Delahoussaye has been known to be on the radar. There is no news here, Gene. Your past posts suggest that employees and jockey agents are also going to be arrested. Also, the AP is saying this may be the end result of the Grand Jury. Much ado about nothing.

  • Greg J.

    What sad and pathetic men, two peas in a pod, Gill and Delahoussaye

  • Manila

    Well slot machines didn’t seem to help this circuit any, did they?

    There is a Hall of Fame Jockey who has the same last name and it seemed a bit sensational to use the headline without specifying which Delahoussaye had been arrested, IMO.

  • pony person

    This is why Racing is a dying sport. Because the people who HAVE the authority to clean it up, keep letting the same bums back in to participate. HELLO??? Arizona?? Are you reading this?? How many times do people have to tell you the hidden ownership thing going on?? The same hidden ownership you were FORCED into addressing several years ago. But what did you do? You let the same people involved right back into the chicken house. And one of these days it will be the death knell on the front page for racing in AZ. And the few honest people left will pay the price. What is wrong with our industry that the people in charge CANNOT/WILL NOT say no!! And what the heck do you have to do to become undesireable or a detriment to racing???

  • rollover red rover

    Red Rover Red Rover let Darrell rollover. Sad news on the homefront. Strong sources indicate that Delahoussaye is rolling over on all of his past friends as we speak. Just how did Gill get so many stalls and special made small fields. Darrel was well known to say that he would be taking the whole ship down with him. Including all of the corrupt individuals that set the racing office up for the Gill victory parade. And what about those horses that he was helping another high profile trainer dispose of? Uh oh. Queen. B The games almost up

  • Laurie

    I understand most of the charges but not the illegally adminstering medications part. Why aren’t all trainers who get a bad test arrested if that is a crime instead of a rules violation?

  • Gene

    Tell me Mr. BS, your buddy johnny K doesn’t have a very healthy apperance right now nor does Mr. jenkins. could that be that one of them has appeared in front of the grand jury last week and now is worried about Double D spilling his guts? We all know the answer to that question but keep telling yourself that this is all over and continue to make a complete fool of yourself just as Penn National management has been doing for the past several months. another thing, i do believe you were on here a few months ago boasting how there would never be ANY arrests and that there was NO investigation. go talk to Toddie M, he would like to believe that too.

  • Notebook

    HEY look…the man should ahve been stopped years ago. Hes been baned from more tracks than anyone should be banned from! If you are banned for any ABUSIVE treatement to an animal you hsould be banned for life,. If you are brought up on charges for animal abuse you should be Banned from getting even on the property of a track let alone a license to conduct business as a trainer!!!! Oh, Wva, pa all dropped the ball on every ocassion!!!! Hell in Wva theres a track so dangerous the management is in denial of the nuimber of NIGHTLY injuries which happen there. So what make me belive therye are willing to BUST a trainer for abusing his race horses when in a sense the TRACK is more or less doing the same thing!

    Once a dirt bag always a dirt bag. People like this give this sport a bad name and keep owners out of the game! TIME TO TAKE CONTROL…make people accountable for their actions!

  • Al

    Seemingly more here than meets the eye. The investigation is just heating up, not concluding, as certain posters and interested parties may hope. The racing commission and the racetrack could very well be next in the indictment line. Predetermining the results of a publicly wagered sporting event is bad news. The problem is in PA, this has been standard operating procedure, so even the crooks and those compromised don’t understand how serious a crime it really is. I hope there will be a day in PA when horses race on their own ability and the order of finish is not a pre-arranged fate.

  • wizard 82

    Investigation? What investigation? This was all supposed to be a made up fairy-tale. Nobody forged a Coggins. Nobody set up pre made races. Stalls for sale? Ah!!!!! It’s all nonsense. Well, it looks like it’s time for a special select few to start saying their prayers. But the truth is, they would have probably robbed the good lord himself if they could have. My prediction – five to ten for the moron who talks last. Good luck with those poker faces boys

  • Caroline

    I thought the photo accompanying the headline was a dead giveaway.

  • John Merriweather

    Let the Pa. and N. J. racing commissions investigate trainer Harry Hepbron (Gill’s former van driver who entered/claimed horses at Philly Park and Monmouth Park very recently) and Edward Longo, owner with ties to Gill. On July 3, Hepbron entered a horse in the first race at Monmouth named Runaway Legend (a late scratch), but Runaway Legend had last raced at Penn National on June 26 under the name of Darryl Delahoussaye.

    How do these characters get licensed? Is the Pa. Commission so totally incompetent that they don’t run background checks? Remember a few months ago when jockey Fergal Lynch got banned in Britain for race-fixing? He comes to Pennsylvania, gets licensed, and vies for leading riding honors at Philadelphia Park! It was only after it was brought to their attention that the Commission said “whoops!” and booted his butt out of Bensalem. And how about Greenwood Racing … the Pa. Commission rubber-stamped their approval for this group to buy Philadelphia Park from Bob Brennan back in the early 1990’s, just because they wanted someone to buy the track. It didn’t matter much that Greenwood had ties to the Armenian underworld … they welcomed them with open arms!

    Pa. Racing Commission is a total joke.

  • Steve

    Fat,Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life.

  • racing 101

    Any one can get a trainers license, if Charles Manson got out of prison tomorrow, he could get a trainers license, for instance, Jim Cullen was banned from all north american sales grounds but still holds a trainers license, Scott Raley was banned for a year in Kentucky after his groom was caught with a 60cc syringe full of vodka administering it to his horse, yet he still trains horses in Kentucky but uses another trainers name!!!
    Trust me, there is nothing being done to police this industry. I and any veterinarian could write a book on what goes on.
    Any thing you read in these publications are just to pamper the public and cover up the fact that
    these tracks do not have the money and know how to police the industry.

  • Trappeddownontherail

    Drugs, drugs and more drugs. Another black eye for the industry. And still we allow drugs that mask other drugs and we wonder why the sport is losing fans and failing to attract new ones. Fall into line with the rest of the world and get rid of all race-day medication, enforce the rules and ban the habitual wrong-doers in ALL States, not just one. Where is the RCI?

  • The Demerit Police

    Here’s the rundown for those of you keeping score at home.

    1.) Commission at Penn, probably Larry “Raspy Voice” Clionsky was vehemently opposed to licensing Darrel. Larry called downtown, talked to Michael Dillon. Dillon and lead Commission Counsel Jorge Augusto conferred over a game of H-O-R-S-E at the local basketball court and Augusto calls Larry back and says in context “He’s going to be training for Gill and we don’t want to make any waves with Gill because he sues everyone.” 10 demerits for Dillon, 100 demerits for Augusto +200 points to Larry “angry face” Clionsky for saying “no”

    2.) Darrel, being the saint that he his, is not only granted a license, but Racing Secretary Paul Jenkins gives Darrel stalls, about 40 of them !!!! 1,000 demerits for Paul Jenkins, 250 demerits for Rob Marella (it would be more but you can’t help the people who don’t know what is wrong), 500 demerits for Christopher McErlean

    3.) Darrel’s horses start breaking down at the 2nd highest breakdown rate in 2009 (only behind Miss SB), jockeys strike. Gill Fires Darrel. Darrel is then granted another set of stalls because “Gill’s Stalls” were reassigned. 500 demerits Paul Jenkins, 800 demerits Rob Marella, 1,500 demerits Christopher McErlean, 2,000 demerits Jorge Augusto, 1,000 demerits Michael Dillon.

    4.) Dillon quits and gets because he sees the ship sinking, 2,000 demerits for being a wimp. Auugusto gets 500 demerits for laughing at Dillon. Russel Redding and Michael Pechart get 2,500 demerits each for being worthless, dumb bufoons.

    5.) Darrel has stalls taken away. +100 points McErlean regained points for seeing the light, -200 points for Rob Marella for, well, being Rob Marella, +5 points to Frank Quigley for eating eggs and hash browns with the horseman in the track kitchen.

    6.) Darrel starts claiming horses in New Jersey and Philly, Charles Town starts allowing Darrel to finally run. I can’t continue to keep going or I’m going to lose track but McErlean gets -5,000 demerits for allowing Darrel to continue to compete at Penn and LETTING HIM FINALLY be allowed to enter at West Virginia. -1,000 demerits to Sal Sinatra for being a complete ignorant racing secretary. -1,000 to Bob Kulina for running an Elite Meet with fraud taking place.

    Final Tallies (do I hear a drumroll)

    Christopher McErlean: -6,900 Demerits
    Michael Dillon: 3,110 Demerits
    Jorge Augusto: 2,600 Demerits
    Russell Redding: 2,500 Demerits
    Michael Pechart: 2,500 Demerits
    Paul Jenkins: 1,500 Demerits
    Rob Marella: 1,250 Demerits
    Sal Sinatra: 1,000 Demerits
    Bob Kulina: 1,000 Demerits

    Larry Clionsky wins with +200 points
    Frank Quigley +5 points

  • Cris

    You cannot set bail much higher when it is first degree misdemeanors they are basing it on.
    I know there is a jockey with the same last name and there should be a little more care in the headlines. As dirty as this guy is there should be a little care in how we vent. Over reacting and making other people look bad without proof makes us sound like a mob. We will only clean up this sport if we control ourselves as well as the bad guys. I don’t know them and don’t want to . I will say I saw a trainer rip a blinker off a horse and scream in its face at Charles Town Saturday night. The horse was Don’t Do This At Home the vet scratched it prior to the race because it was feeling the effects of the very hot evening. It was 104 when I drove up. If all the starters and jockeys and vet had not been there I would have went for someone. I am going to call the track and check on the horse. These guys need to clean up their act. I was there to see The Lady’s Secret on the monitor and went outside to leave when this happened.

  • Training Farm Person?

    Is Sandor Horvath a man or woman? I’ve never heard the name. I wonder if Mr. Ray Paulick asked Mr. or Mrs. Horvath about how immaculate the care is for Darrel’s horse when they’re shipped to the “Darrel Delahoussaye Petting Zoo”. What is up with the Petting Zoo reference in the Carlisle Sentinel story and Penn Live (Patriot News) ? How does Darrel have all this time to immaculately care for his horses then run his own Petting Zoo?

    I also wonder if Ray asked Mr. or Mrs. Horvath if he considers having the odor or DMSO from hundreds of yards a way, immaculate care. Any dickweed with no conscience can block and pump horses with a lot of DMSO and bed stalls correctly.

    Wonder if Danny Wright will scratch Darrel’s horse entered at Charles Town. The smart money says they’ll let him run the horse under someone else’s name.

  • John Merriweather

    Demerit Police, that was hilarious and brilliant!

    You forgot to give demerits to the Philly Park stewards, who were alerted to the Harry Hepbron scam and did nothing, allowing him to claim and enter horses whilly-nilly.

  • South of the Border

    Racing 101,

    Great points. The best is that Cullen is banned from the sales at Keeneland but can run his horses at Keeneland, At least in PA they go after the criminals.

    Bet, the Bloodhorse rights another puff piece on Westpoint and Terry “no comment” Finley.

  • Demerit Police

    Chris I think most of the fodder posted on Paulick Report has been pretty darn accurate and will be proven to do so. In terms of making accusations, you should get your facts straight as well. The horse’s name was Don’ttrythisathome, not Don’t Do This At Home.

  • joe

    Where is Cole Norman?

  • Demerit Police

    John Merriweather honestly I started getting a headache doing all the math. Add the Mountaineer Stewards as well because I think Hepbron runs horses there as well. Feel free to take the baton and continue the game.

    The MILLION DOLLAR question we should be discussing is this:

    1.) Does Gill have charges forthcoming
    2.) Who will be left in the wake of the Darryl Delahoussaye flip with PSP
    3.) Will Roger Stein have Darryl on his radio show this weekend for a free PR spin

  • MC

    Check out the entries for Charles Town this week. He has entries all over the place. Really? Can he do that?

  • Steward Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, I am a Steward Kindergarten Teacher. I’m offended at all this chatter.

    We teach our stewards well, but in case they missed the course called COMMON SENSE 101, I’ll post the cliff notes for everyone to see.

    Chapter 1
    What do do when you see the following in a racing form

    Previously trained by Darrel Delahoussaye
    Previously trained by Harry Hepbron
    Previously trained by Darrel Delhaoussaye
    Previously trained by Harry Hepbron
    Previously trained by Darrel Delhaoussaye
    Previously trained by Harry Hepbron
    Previously trained by Darrel Delahoussaye
    Previously trained by Harry Hepbron
    Previously trained by Darrel Delhaoussaye
    Previously trained by Harry Hepbron
    Previously trained by Darrel Delhaoussaye
    Previously trained by Harry Hepbron

    * The winning answer is question who is actually training the horse to protect the betting public.

    Chapter 2
    What do you do when you are shown proof that a trainer forged a coggins?

    * Answer: Immediate suspension
    Rodney Peters Answer: $500 fine

    Chapter 3
    What to do when a rider is in front by 10 at the 1/8 pole and loses the race without using the stick?

    *Answer: Big-time Suspension
    Rodney Peters Answer: 30 days off in January

    And people wonder why racing is going down the drain !

  • PX2 Stable

    forging a coggins is a federal offence and they should prosicute to the fullist!!!

  • PX2 Stable

    Cole Norman???? OH where can he be?

  • I Call BS


    From my experience, these grand jury arrests do all the arresting at one time. Looks to these old man’s eyes like it’s one and done !!! Big deal, they arrested a guy with a rap sheet who will be easy to convict ! It doesn’t matter anyway because he’s just going to keep running the horses using Hepbron anyway. You can’t stop Darrel from training horses face it. Johnny K is not my buddy but I have never met a more ethical man than john k. He is the best agent on the grounds bar none. Why do you think he gets mounts for Steph, Hooper and other big trainers on the grounds? Because he’s a good agent !

  • rollover red rover

    Top story on the news. Penn should be embarrassed. To allow a dirty bottom feeder like Delahoussaye to troll around on their grounds and allow known stall salesman Paul Jenkins to continue selling his soul to the devil. And where was Rob “wet flopping noodle ” Marella in all of this? They would rather give a generic statement than let that lost cause of a liability make a fool out of himself again. I see major terminations in the future of this disaster of a racing circus department. The incompetence is beyond all comprehension

  • ben smith

    he looks like John Belushi before he died

  • Mitch C

    This investigation is going to rock the world. Darrel is hardly the worst offender in all of this. The ganbling owners, cheating jocks, and jockey agent to the stars should take some sleeping pills because I think they’ll need a sleeping aid very soon.

  • Mitch C

    Is it illegal for a jockey agent to own horses?

  • I would like to know where Cole Norman is as well. Seems as though I read he was training on the farm for Gill.

  • Bribery

    Is it illegal to bribe witnesses who may testify against you? If not, that is what I would think we could see happen at Penn.

  • Bribery

    I think Cole Norman is probably working at some training center hoping he doesn’t see a police car come and get him.

  • Alfred

    Here is a link to the Dauphin County Grand Jury findings leading to the arrest of DD.

    Interesting reading!

  • minthill

    Amazing that this guy, with a lengthy list of other crimes and known acts of cruelty (witnessed, no less!) could be given a trainer’s license. I blame the officials involved at these racetracks almost as much as I blame this piece of scum.

    Ben Smith – great comment by the way…

  • JoyceJM

    We have……

    … convicted losers, abusers and kill buyers being given trainer’s licenses.
    … de-nerved horses being entered in races.
    … horses in their teens still being forced to run.
    … horses that are drugged every time out.
    … no true hands on pre-race exams.
    … horses that wouldn’t pass a pre-purchase exam for trail riding that are allowed to race.
    … horses running when the Heat Index is off the charts.
    … horses losing their lives on the track every single day.
    … an NTRA Safety Alliance that only has 11 accredited tracks.
    … a Congress that thinks the above item deserves accolades.
    … a Congress that allows this industry to be self-policing (how’s that working out in the Walking Horse world??)
    … no universal drug policy (I think we need a D.A.R.E. program for owners/trainers).
    … suspensions that only mean that the horses will run under someone else’s name.
    … an industry in which half the year’s foal crop will end up in a kill box.

    Racing?? GO (to hell), Baby, GO (to hell)!!

  • KLH

    Good post, Joyce. However, there are still really good, honest, caring, horsemen out there. They don’t have high win % because they don’t dope their horses.

  • Susan

    I know of a horse that he sold back to the original owners. Took forever to get vthe horse and they soon knew why. He had to pump her full of drugs just to get her to be able to stand in the van for the ride. Once those wore off she had to be put down. So they lost money and they lost the horse. Talk to people who work in the barns at Phill Park and Penn Natl. They were terrified Michael Gill and Darryl would claim their horses. They knew the horse would barely live through the experience.

    Shame on racing for allowing this ot occur.

    This man and Gill are absolute garbage. May they rot in hell for what they have done to horses.

  • curlin32

    ive been going to penn national for 30 years.the past year i’ve seen so many “funny” things happen during the running of some races,ex… proven front runners all of a sudden have no speed at all. didnt break bad,just no speed. horses running in the first quarter of a mile,under a choke hold. watch the board in some races.lots going on there. some times of races make no sense. i’ve seen horses break down,just about every friday night. but that seemed to stop when michael gill’s horses left. coincidence? the problem is, at least i think, there is no accountability.question.”why wasnt your front runner on or near the lead?”answer from trainer,”he didnt have his A game tonight”….problem solved. im sure thats true alot of the time……but, watch the film. sometimes there’s more going on in the race. watch the board,look at the trainer of the winner,the final odds. the exacta payoff. makes you wonder??? this used to be a fun,relaxing hobby for me. not so much fun anymore. i hope the penn national management team steps up and starts to hold people accountable for their actions.the horses need you too. we need you’s about time cheaters dont end up in the hall of fame but in the umemployment line. please fix this. penn national could be a benchmark for all other tracks…..the clock is ticking

  • Mitch C

    Curlin 32, your points are well taken. The makeup of the current suits in the Penn Racing Department make it unlikely changes will be made. However, if some handcuffs start showing up then maybe that will force their hand. There are a lot of problems with Penn National but it’s about to get blown up in a big way.

  • nevermore

    I’ve been an owner in Pa for 24 years. The complete lack of focus from the regulatory bodies is dissheartening. A quick review of trainer claim activity, amazing form reversal ( 25 beyer Point jumps), and the fact that these few trainers are rarely if ever claimed from should have set off alarms long ago.

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