Del Mar Diaries: 30 Years Ago, Denman Found His Calling

by | 07.19.2013 | 7:33am
Trevor Denman

One of the most popular voices in horse racing is undoubtedly Trevor Denman. At this year's Del Mar meet, Denman is celebrating his 30th year calling the races. But as exciting as his career has been, Denman's life certainly hasn't been confined to the announcer's booth.

In this edition of the Del Mar Diaries, Ray Paulick and Scott Jagow chat with Denman about his career, his favorite moments, and his passions away the microphone.

  • mike

    Great announcer but over the hill

  • perks

    Rock on Trevor, one of the most enjoyable announcers ever. A class act.

  • Richard C

    The iconic voice in racing is pure class — a true ambassador of the sport.

  • junoblack

    Even yesterday’s R7 Allowance was called like a G1 stakes – AND THEY WOULD NEED TO SPROUT WINGS TO CATCH RENEESGOTZIP!

  • Kingturf

    I really enjoyed this interview, but sorry Trevor; I loved the Pacific Classic when Dare & Go won. I touted D & D for weeks leading up to that race…never made such a fool of myself yelling and screaming during that race.

  • GloriaU

    Trevor Denman – my favorite! It’s always great to see an article or story on him. He seems so elusive. Thanks for the interview. Love me some Trevor Denman!!

  • Paul Bialk

    After watching the video clip we could change up one of his call’s and simply state … “He is talking like a winner”. T.D. is one of the reasons I still follow racing on the West Coast. One of the all time bests!

  • Buddy29

    One of the best race callers ever and a true class act.

  • Peter Berry

    A gentleman of the highest order: Erudite, beautifully-spoken, compassionate and a polished race caller. There can be no better role model for any aspiring announcer.

  • Kris

    For me there is one true way to determine the quality of a race-caller: Close your eyes and simply listen to the call, if you can visualize the race in your mind without the aid of your eyes then you are listening to the real deal. Trevor is the real deal.

  • Delrene

    I loved hearing Trevor Denman call the race with Freakin’ Rocket – who came in 3rd. Love his voice at Del Mar

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