Dave Johnson talks signature calls, Triple Crown moments and Belmont 144

by | 06.07.2012 | 10:24am

Ray Paulick interviews legendary track announcer Dave Johnson at the classic NY restaurant Sardi's about Johnson's signature calls, memorable Triple Crown moments and his pick for the 2012 Belmont Stakes.

  • Zraces

    Great interview Ray. A lot of us grew up in the game listening to Dave’s stirring calls.He is a fine gentleman in the truest sense of the word.

  • Rachel

    That was a totally fun interview!

  • Freespirit

    Never knew he started at Fairmount and Cahokia.  Very interesting!

  • Don Reed

    Great interview.  I miss Vincent Sardi.  I only met him once, but that night, he did me a simple favor that shocked me, because usually restaurant owners in Manhattan are thoughtless, self-centered prima donnas who only will go out of their way to help people who are carbon copies of themselves.

  • Sandra Warren

    I really enjoyed that, Ray.  It was interesting to hear the marble story about Fairmount.  They use that one at Ferndale in CA as well, for the Humboldt County Marathon.

  • jack

    good old fairmount

  • john s

    class act, but no John Scully

  • Jim

    I loved the interview, just as I loved working with Dave in NJ. Would you believe I am now getting my start in the stewards stand at Fairmount Park. I have spent 20 years as a racing official at name tracks like Monmouth, Meadowlands, Keeneland and Gulfstream. Even though the quality of the horses is no match for those venues the enthusiasm of the fans attending the races is great; and we have good crowds in Collinsville. Come back and visit Dave.
    PS John Scully is also fantastic to work with !

  • wallyhorse

    What a lot of people today don’t know about Dave Johnson is that when he first became the NYRA track announcer in 1972, he had to replace the even more legendary Fred Caposella, which was not easy.  

    What he also was very successful at was commercials.  He did many over the years and has had a highly successful career there as well in addition to his racecalling and other duties.

  • Bob C

    Dave Johnson started his race calling career at Cahokia Downs.  Tom Durkin started his race calling career at Cahokia Downs.  Do you think there is another track anywhere in the world that produced two greats like the aforementioned?  Too bad Cahokia Downs is no longer around.  It was far and away a better place than Fairmount Park—just ask any fans who are old enough to remember.

  • Terry Wallace

    Dave Johnson has always been a class guy and I was fortunate to be one of his peers for a long time.  We last met at Longchamp in Paris and it was so nice to see a friend in that crowd.  Ray’s interview asked all the right questions.  Dave earned his legendary status and I’m glad Ray took the time to meet with him.

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