Close Call: Kitten’s Joy Edges Speightstown to Top Sire List

by | 12.31.2013 | 12:56pm
Ramsey Farm's Kitten's Joy

It was an extremely close race, but it appears Ramsey Farm's Kitten's Joy has secured the title of leading North American sire by earnings for 2013.

Heading into today's cards, according to the widely-recognized General Sire List at, Kitten's Joy runners had collected $11,320,523 in earnings, giving him a slim $89,342 advantage over Speightstown, who sat in second with earnings of $11,231,181.

WinStar Farm's Speightstown would have had an opportunity to pull ahead on the final day of the year (with some racing luck), but several scratches seem to have sealed the deal for Kitten's Joy.  Speightstown had an entry at Aqueduct Tuesday and four more in two separate races at Fair Grounds, but four of those five horses were scratched.  Had his runners won all three races, the purse money (about $97,000 for the winners' shares) could have put Speightstown on top of the earnings list and set up a wild finish on New Year's Eve at Turfway Park.

Kitten's Joy has two entries in small-purse races at Turfway this evening, and both runners are favorites.  The combined winner's share of those races equals $9,000, meaning the battle between Kitten's Joy and Speightstown could have come down to literally hundreds of dollars in the final hours.  Alas, it's all hypothetical at this point.

But other stats for the two stallions are neck-and-neck as well.  Going into today, each sire had 257 runners.  Speightstown produced 153 winners to 133 for Kitten's Joy, but Kitten's Joy held a slight edge (24-23) in the number of stakes winners and graded stakes winners (11-10).  The top bread-winner for Kitten's Joy was Big Blue Kitten, who won a pair of Grade 1 races and racked up $902,800 in earnings.  For Speightstown, it was Reynaldothewizard, winner of the $2 million G1 Dubai Golden Shaheen.

In analyzing only North American earnings, Kitten's Joy still ranks number one with $10,930,824, about $900,000 clear of Spendthrift Farm's Malibu Moon, sire of Kentucky Derby winner Orb.

Kitten's Joy will stand at Ramsey Farm in 2014 for $100,000, twice what he stood for this year. WinStar Farm has set Speightstown's 2014 fee at $80,000.

Rounding out the top five on the General Sire List are Giant's Causeway, Malibu Moon, and War Front.  Next year, War Front's fee at Claiborne Farm nearly doubles from $80,000 to $150,000, the highest U.S. stud fee along with Gainesway Farm's Tapit, who ranks 7th on the General Sire List.

On the North American-only earnings list, the recently deceased Taylor Made Stallion Unbridled's Song – sire of Will Take Charge – ranks third, with Speightstown fourth and Tapit fifth.

  • jttf

    So did the sire kittens joy improve drastically ? Or did the performance enhancing get better ?

    • rachel

      #19 to #1 is not an improbable improvement for a young stallion who showed promise in his first babies and so his book improved as well…KJ was #10 in 2011, and in the top 10 of sophmore and freshman crops.
      Heck, War Front went from #67 to #5…

      • Jttf

        January 30, 2013 at gulf stream park. Brazilian court wins the first race by 20 lengths. Ramseys and maker just claimed this horse in his last race. In the 2nd race, ramseys and maker win the race by 11 lengths with a horse they just claimed. do you really think I am that stupid to believe their operation is legit ?

        • brussellky

          I do think you are insecure enough to hide behind an alias.

          • Jttf

            Let me see your drivers license. I think you are really Jane doe

  • John D’Amato

    The so-called important key Speightstown scratches you mentioned were of 2 “key” horses which had raced SUNDAY 12/29 !!! They were double entered. Therefore, it should be recognized that Speightstown had no real chance and it is dishonest to suggest otherwise. Kitten’s Joy is the undisputed champion sire for 2013

    • Rob Yetman

      The World Champion is Galileo!

      • John D’Amato

        Galileo is great, no doubt. I am a biiiig fan. At least two factors should not be lost, however. #1. Mare quality – Galileo’s vs Kitten’s Joy’s. #2. Coolmore’s global resources vs Ramsey Farm’s resources.

        • FIVE2_THREE

          What does resources have to do with anything ? Coolmore is not paying for mares to go to Galileo. Galileo is just the superior sire, replay the 2013 Breeders Cup turf for further proof, The people behind Royal Delta Could have stayed in America ,but instead they are sending her to Ireland for Galileo for a reason. how does that saying go ? Breed the best to the……

          • brussellky

            You are kidding right? What about their own mares? They have very few or possibly no mares worth less than $100,000 whereas Mr. Ramsey has very few worth more. What Kitten’s Joy has done with modest mares is unprecedented.

          • FIVE2_THREE

            Are you kidding, Name one of their mares who is a proven black type producer, you talk as if they have Miesque and Urban sea which they don’t. The horses that Coolmore have by Galileo were purchased at sale not homebred, unlike the Ramseys

          • brussellky

            If you really believe mares like Granny Franny (now a G1 producer thanks to Kitten’s Joy but claimed for $40K) are equivalent to mares like Awesome Maria (recently purchased for $4MM), there is no reason for us to continue this discussion.

          • Five2_Three

            She was just purchased. and just because you pay big money for a horse doesn’t guarantee anything in the shed, genes have no idea of how much they cost.

          • brussellky

            So you are saying the $40K claim and the $4MM purchase have equal chances of succeeding as broodmares? If you can prove it, you have missed your calling and should be buying broodmare prospects for a living!

          • FIVE2_THREE

            If you’re of the mindset that believes that pricey horses succeed the most in the shed then my question to you is how is the Green Monkey doing on the sire list these days ?

          • brussellky

            No offence, but that comment exposes you as having no clue what you are talking about. The Green Monkey has no pedigree and, even more importantly, was purchased before he had ever run based upon his training at a 2YO sale. Awesome Maria brought big money AFTER she was finished racing based upon her performance and pedigree. While your comparison is apples and oranges, mine with Granny Franny was almost exactly on point as she only ran a couple times after the claim, at a lesser track, prior to breeding her (she was obviously claimed solely as a broodmare prospect at the end of her career).

          • FIVE2_THREE

            He has no pedigree? WOW you may have missed your calling in life, you could have saved Coolmore a lot of money had you made your service available instead of lingering here, I guess you know more than Coolmore does, it’s easy to know more when you’re not putting any money up.

          • brussellky

            Considering that Forestry is far from a sire of sires and the The Green Monkey has 7 siblings and NONE of them have won a race, yes, he has no pedigree and was obviously purchased in spite of that.

    • brussellky

      You are 100% correct John. Also missing was the fact that Speightcity, without whose win Speightstown would have had no mathmatical chance, was 30-1 on the morning line not even taking into account he ran 2 days ago. Further, another must win who scratched was 20-1. This is the most misleading non-story I have ever read on the Paulick Report.

      • RayPaulick

        Lighten up, fellas. Just a little New Year’s Eve hyperbole!

        And remember, brussellky, if they weren’t running on Lasix, these Sunday runners could have come back on Tuesday, just like Oscar Barrera used to do “back in the day.”

        • John D’Amato

          I remember those days and agree with your comment – EXCEPT: not at 30-1 nor from Tampa to New Orleans – as is the case here

        • brussellky

          Ray, with zero scratches, any bookmaker would have given you 2,500 to 1 this morning on Speightstown winning. I realize journalists sometimes have to create false drama but this one went too far as it defied reasonable logic.

          • Amanda

            Wow. You really need to remove the stick from your butt, chill, and get out a little more. There’s more to life than the internetz.

  • Ida Lee

    I (a lover of all things “Kitten”) congratulate the wonderful Kitten’s Joy and his connections. His “kittens” are beautiful, talented and a “joy” to watch. P.S. Notice my cute play on words LOL…Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year everybody.

  • jack

    Kitten’s Joy has injected much needed stamina influence to American racehorses. He will turn out to be the best American sire since Storm Cat. When they send the top mares to KJ he will absolutely be the dominant sire of champion racehorses. I am hoping Ramsay will never sell him to the sheikhs or the Japanese.

  • Francis Bush

    I was lucky enough to see run and wager on Kitten’s Joy at Colonial Downs. He was sharp enough that day to win the 2004 Virginia Derby with little effort. What a fantastic sire he has become and what a wonderful family, i.e., the Ramsey’s, have contributed to the racing industry.

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