Clasico Del Caribe News Minute: Rivalry And Jubilation

by | 12.06.2017 | 1:26pm
A Puerto Rican pair: Sanjuanera (left) will compete for her country in the Dama del Caribe, while Platino runs in the Clasico

Gulfstream Park is pulling out all the stops this weekend to make the Clasico del Caribe as authentic as possible, with the venerable and prestigious event being hosted in the U.S. for the first time.

That means the grandstand will be rocking with music, noisemakers and celebration. Today, Scott Jagow and Ray Paulick learn more about the traditions that make horse racing events in Latin America unique.

Plus, there's a deep sense of national pride when it comes to what Latin Americans equate to the Kentucky Derby.

Enjoy today's edition of the Clasico del Caribe News Minute.

  • That will be a hoot
    They certainly know how to have a blast

  • Dennis

    What a blast it would be to be there for the celebrations.think youll see alot of americans jaw dropping

  • Susan

    Look at that, places that people love horse racing and without the casino money that is keeping US racing going albet on lifevsupport

    • Jon

      So true!

    • Nathan Drake

      Not that I disagree with your post but these races are taking place at Gulfstream Park…..which has a casino.

      • Susan

        Sorry, perhaps I wasn’t clear. Look at how well racing is doing in these countries without casino money. That this event is being held at Gulfstream is irrelevant as it does not impact how popular racing is in the home countries. Horse racing is thriving in these countries without casino money. Perhaps we need to look at why it is such a big deal and learn. For that matter racing seems to be doing quite well in many countries. Is racing supported by casinos in Japan, England and Hong Kong? Yet the stands are filled, people are enjoying a day at the races. What about Australia where they hold the biggest race of the year on a Tuesday, the Melbourne Cup, “the race that stops a nation”. Is racing supported by casino money in these countries? I really don’t know so I’m asking.What is different from these countries where racing is so popular and North America where it circling the drain?

  • Alden Crissey

    NEED that Clasico shirt!!

  • Larry sterne

    Thanks again for the insight. Many lessons can be learned from how others celebrate racing so we can promote a broader appeal in the USA.

  • Larry sterne

    If u catch the fever, Millinium Farms ,Lex. KY. HAS A Chilian Triple Crown Winner standing. Has a lot of US bloodlines..

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