Chapa Charged With Felony for Alleged ‘Buzzer’ Use

by | 01.26.2015 | 5:17pm
The photo that led to Roman Chapa's five-year suspension and criminal charges (Coady Photography)

Jockey Roman Chapa has been charged with a felony by the Harris County district attorney in connection with his alleged use of an illegal electrical device while riding Quiet Acceleration to victory in the Richard King Stakes at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas, on Jan. 17.

Chapa, a 43-year-old resident of Big Spring, Texas, is accused on state charges of unlawful influence on racing after an investigation by Jeffrey Green of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The investigation hinged largely on a photograph, taken by official track photographer Jack Coady, showing what appears to be an object in the jockey's left hand. As of late Monday afternoon, Chapa had not been taken into custody but bail was set at $10,000.

Questions about the photograph and an investigation by the Texas Racing Commission were first reported in the Paulick Report.

The photograph appeared on the Sam Houston Race Park website in conjunction with the stakes result and accompanying story. According to the probable cause complaint, Chapa contacted Coady in an effort to have it removed the day after the race. “Coady told me that the Defendant (Chapa) told him that it was a bad picture and to get it off the website,” Green wrote in the complaint. “Coady told me that he was not sure what the Defendant was referring to. Coady told me that the Defendant sent him a text message and asked him to remove the photo from the Sam Houston Race Park's website.”

Green interviewed Chapa Jan. 19 and said the jockey denied contacting Coady and “stated he had not seen the photograph” prior to being interviewed by police. Coady's cell phone, however, showed a text message from Chapa's telephone with a copy of the photo, according to the complaint. “The Defendant also gave me verbal consent to look at his cellphone,” Green wrote, “and I observed a copy of the photograph in his recently deleted files. The Defendant did not have an answer as to why it was on his phone when asked.”

Chapa told Green the photograph had been “photo-shopped and someone was trying to frame him” and that he “did not have anything” in his left hand “despite what the picture showed.”

Green said  he also met with Quiet Acceleration's owner/trainer Danny Pish, Quiet Acceleration's assistant trainer, the assistant starter, Chapa's jockey agent, outrider, the track photographer and Chapa's valet. All stated they were unaware that Chapa had used a prohibited device aboard Quiet Acceleration until “the picture started floating around the racing community.”

Green's probable cause complaint states that Chapa “unlawfully intentionally and knowingly, with the intent to influence or affect a horse race, use an electrical shocking device designed to increase the speed of and unnaturally stimulate and excite a race animal, namely, a race horse named Quiet Acceleration.”

An illegal electrical device that can be used to stimulate horses

An illegal electrical device that can be used to stimulate horses

On Jan. 19, Texas Racing Commission stewards summarily suspended Chapa pending an investigation and hearing. He was taken off his mounts that day and has not ridden since the Jan. 17 incident. Chapa won with five of his seven mounts during the first two nights of the Sam Houston Race Park meeting.

Chapa was suspended nine months in 1994 in Texas for using a nail on a Quarter horse during a futurity trial and banned five years in 2007 at Sunland Park  in New Mexico for use of an electrical device – also known as a machine, battery or buzzer. He received a $100 fine in 2012 for striking his horse in the face with a whip.

Unrelated to horse racing, Chapa served 10 days in jail in 2002 after a plea agreement that reduced felony charges of cruelty to animals to a misdemeanor. He was arrested after a Dec. 14, 2001, incident in which  police said he “knowingly tortures an animal, namely a dog, by beating it with a strap.”

  • Langleyite11

    Striking his horse in the face with his stick? Plus the buzzers? This guy needs to be gone from our sport. He’s had enough “second” chances.

    • John

      How about one of those electric devices in prison.

      • Ben van den Brink

        What about a bath and some electrics.

      • Kathleen Buchanan

        Not electrical devices needed. I’m sure a small guy like him will have a lot of boyfriends that will give him a lot to think about during his stay.

    • Gaye Goodwin

      Don’t forget using a NAIL on a quarter horse. What a credit to the sport, huh?

  • Scott

    Criminal charges and prison time across the board for liars and cheaters. It will be fun to watch.

    • John

      Who watches the stewards ?

      • harry

        Sadly, no one. I think there should be cameras and microphones in the stewards stands. It is our money they are dealing with, so why can’t the gambler or horse owner listen to why or why not they are going to dq a horse.

      • David Atkins

        NOBODY, they are like corrupt policeman, except we dont have any Internal Affairs to keep them honest!!!

      • 4Bellwether666

        In some cases the track owners/stewards/Horse owners/vets/racing commissioners need to be locked up and banned forever too!!!…

  • Michael Castellano

    This guy is also dumb as a rock, to call the track photographer and complain about the photo being phony. The original can be preserved just as if it was a negative by leaving it on the memory card as evidence, assuming it was shot with a digital camera. The prosecutor was going to have a hard time proving what was actually in his hand, but by going to the track photographer and then denying it he makes himself look guilty. That’s bad in front of a jury. Hope they convict him.

    • David Atkins

      they ain’t called peaheads, for no reason!! good example why we need government intervention in our sport to get rid of all the cheaters….. jockeys,trainers and stewards, yes i said stewards, they are complicite in letting these cheaters continue operating with slaps on the wrist. Once we cull the herd, maybe just maybe we can revive racing before they pull they plug on us and the industry goes flatline!!!

      • togahombre

        You’ve got goverment involvement right now, their the racing commissions that allowed it to get to were it is now, I don’t think the sport can stand any more govt intervention

        • David Atkins

          racing commission are not independant government agencies, they are for the most part cronies of existing racing insiders, ex: Frank Shoop a car dealer, yes car dealership owner, was former chair of Ky racing commission, we need a national racing commissioner and blow the current state infrastructure up(state racing commissions which hire stewards, so called policemen of each states tracks) its so corrupt and crooked, like mafia

          • togahombre

            your right, but their appointed, empowered and protected by the politicians that they serve, more like messengers than regulators

          • bugweed

            Well of course they are. But this sport/business is dying – and nothing is going to be done at any level private or government, to clean it up and stop the exodus of fans, bettors and owners out of the game. Those who remain will, however, continue to argue about how many angels can dance on the head of pin.

          • Jay Stone

            Biggest problem facing racing today. The inept and inefficient state commissions. They are made up mostly of political appointees that have no knowledge of racing. Until racing is controlled by one office with enforcement powers instances such as Chapa will exist.

          • Quinnbt

            Your comment concerning commissioners is spot on.
            A centralized office/czar for enforcement of rules might be plausible; however, all of the four major racing entities have too much invested in the current regulatory framework, which approves or disapproves the dates they can or must run, to turn loose of their already developed relationships wouldn’t be good for anyone.
            The interwoven web makes it difficult to take action on one issue without effecting many other issues.

        • Concerned Observer

          I have read your many posts. Sorry……You really just don’t get it.

          • togahombre

            possibly you simply don’t agree, find some examples when govt intervention has made a serious difference, maybe former kentucky gov jones doesn’t get it either, he’s deeply involved in racing,breeding and possibly knows almost as much about govt as yourself, right now state level politicians run the various commissions, and here’s some news for you; they like it, you want more of that, go help yourself, i’d rather be accused of not getting it than being naive

          • KY RACE FAN

            YOU REALLY DO NOT GET !!!!!!

          • Bill O’Gorman

            It looks to me as if he does get it.

          • Kelso5timeHOTY

            Baseball? How many juicers are still playing?

          • togahombre

            exactly, players, the commissioner go in front of congress, they didn’t know, everybody else from the equipment managers to the kid selling popcorn knew, ex- us senator mitchell does his big investigation, leaves out players from 2 teams, the commissioners and the one he owns a piece of, govt got involved and let it be

          • 4Bellwether666

            With all due respect U know what this means…IHA???…

          • togahombre

            i’d guess there’s a hog in there

          • Bill O’Gorman

            I agree with much of this. Govt intervention almost always makes anything worse. The people that get appointed are often political idealists, and they are invariably too idle to get on top of their brief so are always guided by vested interest lobbying and by jobsworth civil servants [who always remain unchanged].

        • 4Bellwether666


      • Charly Autumn


  • Good riddance.

    • Ruffian31

      I agree. I just can’t believe it took this long…

      • LongTimeEconomist

        They had to interview a lot of people to make sure they have enough evidence to convict him.

        • Ruffian31

          I understand that, it’s just with his background and the problems he’s had and not learned from, he should have been taken care a long time ago. They need a 3 strikes rule in racing. It would sure clear up a lot of bad stuff quickly.

  • 2hoursfromsaratoga

    One down, how many to go?

  • Hamish

    With any luck, more to come….

  • Common Sense

    Penn National will welcome him with open arms.



    • Southwest Dude

      He will probably be riding next week in New Mexico.

      • lawrence cook

        thats true as well, i read., the back stretch is drug ally

      • cal gal

        they let anyone back! again and again

      • Noneya

        Nah he’s in Mexico riding for the cartel doing match races. #knowfact

        • betterthannothing

          Or riding illegal match races run by mexican gangsters in our country where animal cruelty is rampant.

    • lawrence cook

      how true their all thick as thiefs no pun intended PN just as dirty


    Any owner that used this guy is not a lover of animals.
    The same goes for those “Horse Conditioners”, what a crock of horse crap.
    Pouf on Phish he didn’t know this guy was a cheater.

    • Gaye Goodwin

      ANY of the trainers who rode him – he KNOWS which trainers and owners are okay with his cruel tactics. Get rid of the whole lot of them.

      • allen

        Agree! They need to clean house now!

    • Charly Autumn

      Most owners are not aware of a jockeys behavior!

      • Bill O’Gorman

        But if bad behaviour -as regards batteries, whip use, and interference – then they’d make themselves aware.

        • Charly Autumn

          What owner’s behavior are you referring to! The fact that without owners no racing?

          • Bill O’Gorman

            I thought it was clear enough – see Ramsey post by gregrobertson above.

      • old jock

        I would argue more jockeys do not know trainer or owners behavior. Do you think trainers/owners inform jockeys of the injuries and medical treatments and injections? Most trainers and owners do know when a jockey is “packing”.

        • Charly Autumn

          I am an owner, but maybe I am naive! I would not ride a jockey who packs or a trainer who tolerates it!

        • Charly Autumn

          Most owners are not aware of treatments their horses receive! Most the time certain medical interventions are not specified on their end of month bill! Do you have inside information of what goes on on the backside?

  • bangem andleavem

    Why was it colored yellow like that? Black would have been harder to see. He must have gotten it at the discount store.

    • Horse Guy

      They often try to color devices to match the reins.

  • PTP

    Not the first time, and not the last that people will be let back into horse racing after being convicted of abusing animals. Surely something can be passed by various states and/or fiefdoms where being convicted of beating an animal disqualifies someone from working with our equine athletes?


  • Tired of the BS

    It is great to see Harris County DA get involved in this. Not only are the handicappers and the public in general cheated, but all the other owners as well. I have not seen SHRP DQ the horse as of yet. Hopefully that is next. While most no longer believe the industry can be cleaned up, this is a step in the right direction.

  • Jay Stone

    If he is proven guilty then this would be a good time for the federal prosecutor to charge him with trying to alter the outcome of a sporting event. This crime fits the criteria for that federal crime. It also might deter others from using this device. This individual has gotten away to many times to be allowed on any backside in the country. The Jockeys Guild should also show their disdain for this behavior as it takes money out of the pockets of the other 99 percent of their membership. Animal abuse has also recently been designated a federal crime.

  • togahombre

    alot of people, after following thru on a bad decision, have gotten a second chance and made the best of it, this case, which goes way beyond a second chance, is as much the regulators fault as it is chapa’s


      GET REAL!!!!!!

      • togahombre

        read what i said, slowly, a second chance not a fifth or sixth

        • guest

          Good call. No room for debate here. The obvious instrument in his left hand says much. The look in the horse’s eyes says it all.

      • 4Bellwether666

        They gave the sorry @$$ a racing Lic. and let him get back on another race Horse after a 5 year sentence away from the track and other convictions…

    • kim gillette

      this is his 3! offense, lock his butt up! he also accused Coady photography? I would have to slap his butt with a slander suit, as he didn’t say IMO!!!! chapa I told you , you would eventually get caught! hope its jail time this time , where is john mac your attorney?

      • kim gillette

        he served 10 days in jail for beating a dog???? omg, how can you beat a dog? lock him up for sure

    • bobjonestwo

      Everyone deserves a 37th chance.

      • 4Bellwether666

        Sad this kind of BS goes on isn’t it???…

  • Mayhem

    And to think he would probably have been named jock of the week if he had kept the machine a little better hidden. Should be interesting to see who he flips in his next attempt at plea bargaining. I’m thinking a jumbo popcorn and soda will not last as long as this feature…

    1:50 guilty as pictured!!!

  • spanky

    About time the law got involved. now how about the feds going after the trainers who used dermorphin. Changing the outcome of a wagering event is against the law. Take one out in handcuffs and the rest will stop if they know they can go to jail not just get days.

    • Peyton

      The feds are not going to get involved.

      • Kathleen Buchanan

        Is it not a big enough case for the feds? Does the DA have to notify them or does anyone in order for them (the feds) to prosecute?

  • Chan Fardo

    If only I had the stones to do the same.

  • Gotchagold

    Can someone please beat him with a strap! We have to sweep this kind of garbage out of our sport.

  • Fly the Red Eye finally has a long deserved stakes win after being denied by Quiet Acceleration 2 consecutive years. Is there any possibility of looking at the picture from the previous year?

    • disqus_KsjWyHvfgF

      Agree. They should investigate the same abnormal wins with the same connections… maybe look into it and possibly redistribute the purses–put liens on the connections future earnings and have it go to 2nd-4th places..

      I also wonder if Chapa faced with a few years in jail might spill the beans about trainers or his agent knowing, asking, or requesting the machine, bringing them in for conspiracy.

      Could be a Lance Armstrong moment for racing–with device use being made public.

      • David Atkins

        We honest trainers can only hope this opens the BIG can of worms, i am just so excited the law has got involved, this might draw some national media attention, especially if successfully prosecuted, we can only hope!!

    • John

      What was the inquiry about just after the race ?

      • I am not sure but I do recall a different horse getting out in the stretch

    • Concerned

      I truly believe that ALL HORSES that Mr Chapa ride last weekend should be disqualified!

      • Video evidence and pictures show he was not carrying in our race. I think it is safe to know those other races were closely scrutinized.

      • Anonymous

        Not gonna happen unless Phish is found guilty. Was one of your horses in the race Karl? Just curious…

    • LL

      Interesting comment involving a cheater.

      • Inadvertent overages on therapeutic medications! I really wish we would learn to differentiate between that and cheating but where is the fun in that.

        • Needles

          Pushing therapeutic thresholds and getting caught once is a mistake. Pushing therapeutic thresholds more than once makes one a cheater.

    • Steven Merrill

      I posed this question to you last week when the Chapa story broke. There was no response..

      You use the guy. You know from past suspensions that he’s a battery rider. Do you tell him in the paddock, “Hey, Roman, no machine, OK”? Have you ever told him flat-out, “Don’t ever use a battery on one of my horses, because if you do I’m going straight to the stewards.”? Or do you look the other way?

      • He had never been on the horse in his life there is a 0% chance you would try that on a young horse you had never been on before for fear of how he may respond to it. His instructions are the same we give to all our jocks ” have a safe trip” we brought Colby into ride our horses that night but he opted for a horse in that race with better pps

  • Dan Nick

    3 strikes and you are out…animal abuser, cheater, black eye on horse racing

  • Mimi H

    I had an AQHA mare who was supposed to have been raced. She did have a few really odd habits. She would nearly jump out of her skin at the sound of an electric spark or any similar noise. Her face would look just like Quiet Acceleration’s in that photo. I wonder how many of those panic runs are from Buzzer use and not necessarily being done at that moment.

    • LL

      I remember the picture from the first article and I thought how wild eyed that poor horse looked. Now I went back and reread the first article and the comments from others just about the horse’s look. Interesting that you compared your horse to the situation.

  • chris

    Was watching races at fairgrounds a few weeks ago and it sounded like bumblebees coming down stretch!!!!

    • jazzmania

      So called Buzzers don’t buzz and from 30′ away if you heard anything other than hoofs it was probably coming from inside your head. FAIL!

      • LongTimeEconomist

        You’d hear a few whips, too, but that’s about it.

      • oldjock

        I would say some of them do. I remember riding one incident in particular. It was night racing in the middle of a bad winter and the horses were being loaded into the starting gate when you could hear a buzzing sound from one of the loaded stalls. The jockey had a machine in his glove with holes for the prongs but the machine had move and was somehow shorting out. The jockey started hitting the gate with his hand in attempt to stop the noise. The starter asked the jockey if he needed an assistant starter and the jockey stated no, and that he would be find as soon as he got the bees out of his stall.

        • jazzmania

          You reported that to the stewards, right?

          Seriously, It would be easy to make but no one would want to taze a horse with a continued high voltage / low current shock unless suicidal.

        • another old jock

          A lot of people commenting without much, if any, experience with a “machine”. Doesn’t hurt a horse, you just get a “startle” response. No different than an electric fence; and I think the fence “hits” harder. A whip can be much more abusive. I’ve been hit with both. I think Chapa will get off. A picture is a far cry from actually catching him with it.

    • Corky

      That must have been that no riding stiff Chaves. He just resurfaced at the Fairgrounds riding all the Beattie rats. He got chucked out of Penn because the lights were flickering in the casino everytime he rode a horse for her.

      • Nuthinbutthetruth

        Attention Horsemen at Fairgrounds: If any of you cajuns’ see Bankrupt Beattie walking around in her big boots to her knees get a crane and flip her upside down and a years supply of syringes and machines will fall out.

    • Charly Autumn

      What you heard is called Tinnitus in the medical field!

    • vic stauffer

      I suggest an immediate CAT SCAN.

  • PhiloSkinner

    Throw the book at the punk. ‘Sealed the deal’ when ‘guilty of beating a dog”. Shouldn’t be allowed within 500 miles of “any” animal

  • David Atkins

    i would like to put chapa in a room with a bunch of rotweilers and doberman pinschers and let them exact revenge

  • Louie Dula

    This jerk should never be allowed near any racetrack ever again. And for beating the dog should have been sent to jail. He obviously has issues and shouldn’t be allowed near any animals.

    • LeoM

      Right on Louie. First of all, convict the bastard, and make him do time. Ban him from ever stepping foot on any racetrack for life. Lastly, make him muck stalls and pick up dog poop in animal shelters throughout the state. For any trainers that used Chapa and knew his tactics, shame on you. He’s going to sing like a canary and rat you all out to save his own butt. Let’s see how the racing commission will react.

  • Sara B.

    please issue a lifetime ban.



  • bo

    This Trash does Not belong in racing! Or around any animals what so ever.. Hopefully they prosecute him successfully and he will end up in jail where he belongs!! It’s time to take the Trash out in the sport of horse racing….

  • JL

    Sounds like an animal lover. Hope he’s treated the same way soon.

  • gregrobertson

    “unlawful influence on racing”, a felony! Imagine that, So how is it Kenneth Ramsey is out there winning eclipse awards when he was caught red handed trying to fix the outcome of a race?

    • Hamish

      What race?

      • gregrobertson

        Eclipse Awards 2004

        Ramsey flies high – and low

        By JAY PRIVMAN


        Ken Ramsey, just before being named champion owner.

        BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – When his name was announced as the winner as
        champion owner Monday night at the Eclipse Awards dinner, the catharsis
        for owner Ken Ramsey was complete.

        Earlier in the evening at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, while
        accepting the award for Kitten’s Joy as champion male turf horse, Ramsey
        made an emotional, heartfelt apology for his actions of Dec. 31, when
        he offered to pay a rival owner $1,000 to scratch a horse out of a race
        at Turfway Park. Ramsey subsequently was suspended for one week and
        fined $25,000 by the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority.

        • Bill O’Gorman

          Plus ca change …… This is a Pillar of the Turf, how can anyone complain about shenanigans among the lower orders?

          • gregrobertson

            I believe there are those in Ky that feel they are far above all. Sadly they are the guys in charge. They are the owners who employ dirty trainers who continue to operate without accountability.

          • gregrobertson

            From my experience on the backside riders don’t buzz a horse unless instructed by the trainer. A horse cannot be lit up only in a race, they get trained to it in the morning. If a horse was hit with a buzzer for the first time it a race he could take out everyone. Exercise riders use it at the 3 furlong out pole to get that horse to run hard to the finish line.

            Trainer says to the rider “He needs a little help”

  • RaceQH

    What ever came about the New Mexico Ruidoso downs jockey that got caught with a electrical device Raul Valenzuela ?

  • John

    What a scum bag

  • louloulaw

    Who can defend this conduct? Horse racing stewards, trainers, owners???? Anyone have anything to say either defending or rejecting Chapa’s history and indictment?

    • 4Bellwether666

      Defend this conduct???…Any and all greedy low life lawyer…

  • Robin H.

    Once an animal abuser, always an animal abuser. He should never be allowed to ride again.

  • Rickey O

    Well he rode in Ruidoso this summer until he got hurt… Which I’m sure he zapped a horse coming out of the gate… Believe me he is not the only one….Plenty of them in NM ride with them… It’s very obvious… I think everyone know who they are to..

    • kim gillette

      because they get warned when a shake down is coming (NM) unless they have an outsider come in town, then watch out , he will get caught tomake it look like they are doing their jobs, note, IMO stewards should not be allowed to date jockies , or go to match races with them

  • point given

    If he gets jail time (which I hope he does) one of the conditions of his release should be that he is not allowed to be around ANY animals

    • kwmets78

      hang on…..who said he should EVER be released….? ;)

  • Mort Shirazi

    This bloke has no empathy for the horse. He should be banned for life.

  • youcantmakeitup

    I cant say Im a fan of PETA but Assmussen had to know that Chapa carried a machine so I think the Kentucky investigation is flawed. The PETA video shows that at least Scot Blasi knew that Chapa was a machine rider so Assmussen had to know too. And he rode him on the Texas circuit. It will interesting to see what New York comes up with. My experience tells me that a machine rider will participate in other forms of corruption.( holding horses, getting horses claimed for himself or others) When a rider crosses the line then everything is in play.

  • AngelaFromAbilene

    If you *think* he’ll serve one day in a TDCJ correctional facility, you’re crazy. He’ll get probation.

    • yes master

      Maybe not, now that he jumped up to a felony rather than a misdemeanor. Plus even his prior conviction will be considered in sentencing. What would be interesting is whether any consideration at sentencing or plea, is given to his prior administrative suspensions.

      • AngelaFromAbilene

        It doesn’t matter what they take into consideration, this is Texas. IF it even goes to trial, the most he’s going to get is probation and a fine. You can look at the $10,000.00 bond and see that.

  • Charly Autumn

    What a way to give the horses name some unintended meaning! Sounds to me this jockey has quite a history!

  • Chuck Brown

    This guy has history..needs to go forever..Shameful to say the least.

  • PJ Orlando

    It’s great to see accountability starting to take hold in racing. Unfortunately it seems to be just some “green shoots” amoung vast amount of issues. The practice of using the buzzer or other methods to gain an advantage is part of the culture of racing. So, as with any culture it’s going to take more than this to change it.

    • betterthannothing

      Very true about the culture PJ. For as much as the industry wishes to sell itself to the public a few big days each year as a fun, glamorous, exciting sport, the truth is that its bulging under-belly, not far below the surface, is dysfunctional and disturbing as hell. The only way to save racing is to improve its popularity by making it squeaky clean, front to back, top to bottom under a strong authority and a single set of strong rules. Horses must always come first no matter what.

  • Richard C

    Sadly, there is no justice for the railbirds who wagered on fixed races.

    • Bill O’Gorman

      What about the ones that backed the winner – and may or may not have had an idea of what was going on – are they going to give their winnings to charity?

  • Jack Frazier

    I imagine he will be offered plea deal to name owners and trainers who asked
    him to use one. Using a federal law to deal with this may get drug offenders as well. We can only hope. Everyone connected to him needs to be looking over their shoulders.

    • 4Bellwether666

      The federal law IHA deals with the interstate fixing of a Horse r

      • Jack Frazier

        So they should use it in this day of Internet wagering

      • Hamish

        Unfortunately, IHA of 1978 does not give the feds the specific power it needs to override the states and regulate race fixing, at least per Title 15 Chapter 57 Section 3001, The IHA. But under the RICO code and other such federal law enforcement mechanisms, game on.

    • Peyton

      The feds are not going to get involved in racing.

      • Hamish

        Probably not “involved” like running racetracks or counting pari-mutuel wagering dollars, but certainly to the extent of what occurs on an interstate basis and the underlying regulatory functions.

        • togahombre

          penn national they came in and handed it off to the locals, tampa bay awhile back they were investigating the wire transfers to and from those midwest riders when it turned out to be gambling they just handed that off to the trpb, the feds have very little desire to get involved with racings problems, when they do get involved it’ll probably be to turn out the lights

          • Hamish

            Wrong as to PNat, that is still an ongoing federal investigation as the state prosecutors handed it off to them, perhaps as a result of close political connections within PA. The Tampa Bay jockey race fixing cases, those that had it’s roots in Michigan, with some outreach into Delaware, was sucessfully prosecuted by a federal attorney. The TRPB, to my knowledge, has no recent regulatory “bust” feathers in their cap that they may tout? I’m missing your point?

          • allen

            he has no point!!!!!! never has made sense on anything he posts!!!!!!!

          • togahombre

            my post is being moderated and probably wont make it thru because of some items that can’t be verified in published material, maybe you don’t feel i make sense to you, but i’ll never shine apples to make points with anyone, allen

  • togahombre

    racing boards and stewards have all the tools, they have the authority to investigate, suspend and fine,and revoke licences, what they don’t have is the will

  • 4Bellwether666

    They (PR POLICE) took down another post because it offended the JOCKEY CLUB/NTRA/RACE TRACK OWNERS/RACING COMMISSIONS/STEWARDS/VETS and most of all the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (IHA)… ALL do nothing groups that just stand by with no back bone and watch A NATIONAL TREASURE GOING DOWN THE DRAIN!!!…A ton of you good folks will stand up like you have here be counted and help save ‘THE GAME’ we all LOVE before it’s to late…ty…

  • Jay Stone

    I don’t know Mr. Broberg but I think he should be applauded for his comments here and the fact he answered questions from a tough group.

  • diastu in tempe

    Please, please, please! Give me 5 minutes – just 5 minutes – in a room with this guy! I only need three things: a riding crop, a dog leash, and a stun gun.

  • Matt D.

    Dennis Rader, the serial killer from Wichita, Kansas was also known as the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) strangler. In that vein maybe it’s time to refer to serial abuser Roman Chapa as the BSN (Buzzers, Straps, Nails) jock. BSN (word association) is easy to remember, abuse is hard to forget.

  • Marty P

    Best case Scenario he takes a plea deal, lifetime banishment and community service instead of imprisonment in return he testifies against all the trainers knowingly allowed him or persuade him to use a buzzer. As heinous as he is, he is only a small fish in an ocean of corrupt individuals. Anything less than bringing down Steve Asmussen is a failure.

  • Kelso5timeHOTY

    Now only a conviction is needed.

  • 4Bellwether666

    Hope he gets the brown eye blue treatment in the joint!!!…This guy is ruthless and deserves the same…

  • 4Bellwether666


    • Bill O’Gorman

      ?? these look like the form figures for a jumper that only Ian Watkinson would volunteer for! pulled up turned over, fell pulled up, brought down, unseated rider, pulled up , never nearer, unseated, turned over slipped up. Just trying to spread a little sunshine among the venom!

  • jazzmania

    good eye!

    • Ben van den Brink

      Everybody should also look to the trainers that used, hired, this guy.

      • jazzmania

        I’ll leave that to investigators as an opinion without information is like hunting squirrels by burning down the forrest IMHO.

  • Michael Castellano

    Great eye, hadn’t notice it. That makes him even more likely to be convicted.

  • hype22redux

    I feel bad for rafeal….gig is up for a while

  • TXowner

    Interesting to read the “I am innocent” comments by Broberg.. who has employed Chapa 26 times since 2014 , winning 30% of those races, INCLUDING a stakes just prior to the race in question…

    • PJ Orlando

      I’m just going to say from past experiences and countless stories. Jockeys tend to do whatever they want, lower tier ones especially. They are to me no more than a independent sub contractor. It’s a hard life that most of the time they make it harder on them selfs. I can see numerous scenarios where a trainer would have zero involvement in something like this.

  • Hamish

    Last comments out of PA Middle District US was “this is an ongoing investigation,” so unless it has been shut down, we’ll have to wait and see what else surfaces.

  • no surprise

    I was just looking at past winning photos of this horse, and I noticed the inside rail Coady photo from his win on 1/18/2014 in the Richard King Stakes appears to show an identical buzzer in Roman Chapa’s hand. Not as clear of a shot but definitely visible once you zoom in on the photo.

  • Lina_TX

    Ah! I was wondering what that was on his middle finger. Makes perfect sense!

  • Marilyn Shively

    this story made the Today Show this morning (Friday)

  • Kathleen Buchanan

    I can’t believe how stupid he was to deny calling Coady and denied seeing the picture when he should have known that Coady’s phone would have all that evidence on it. Then he didn’t even have the intelligence to know when you delete something that it goes into your deleted files or trash files. I have to say that when someone is that stupid, it shouldn’t be hard to convict him unless the DA doesn’t have a lot going for him.

  • Owner

    OK Saw stupid comment that a trainer “must know” no, not true. I give a probable to the notion. Let look here—Leading trainer, and his star is rising (Pish)willing to lose his livelihood ? Stevie A. already in enough blank with Peta? Again this guy makes an awfully good living to risk for a race @ Sam Houston.

    My father worked at the track before I started and I rode the stable pony was around when Lou Cavalaris Jr. had Dancer Image DQ from his KY Derby win so have been around the “so called backstretch” for a number of years. I was a hot walker, groom,clocker, even mutual clerk, and now away from the track and making a great living –an owner. (Oh–off topic–I greatly disliked Lou as I dealt with him later as a young man and thought he was a cheap prick and cry baby–but cheating was not his thing–only could have been a mistake– bute–he was in every stall of his horses and worked like a madman–he was a great trainer, if not a good person at least in my eyes)

    I have no good idea why other than he was an ass–or was overly competitive and willing to cheat to win–but Chapa was a decent rider–he could have make a good living on the up and up. Obviously he had no regard for animals–period–pity–and double up and the Good Riddance comment

  • Richard Han

    Look.he did it.he has been all along.i road against him in 2000 at retama ok.everybody knew it.i hate that punk.put me on the Staind,I would love to bury him.the st stuard all most had him one time and didn’t know it.A horse should kick his head of.i would love to spell the beens..I hate him.

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