Breeders’ Cup or Bust: The Thoroughbred as Athlete

by | 10.29.2013 | 3:23pm
CANTER trainee Green Cat with rider Casey McDonald

Thoroughbreds were born to run, but that's certainly not all they can do. Programs like CANTER California take runners off the track and teach them to use their athletic prowess in other ways. Our fifth annual Breeders' Cup or Bust fundraising trip turns the spotlight on these talented ex-racehorses – like the familiar one you're about to meet – and the people who devote their time and energy to giving them a long, healthy second career. CANTER is one of several organizations supported by Breeders' Cup Charities through CARMA.

Please take time to appreciate what these athletes do and donate to the cause.

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  • rachel

    When I was growing up, TB’s were a common horse of choice for eventing and dressage…when the Warmblood craze hit the States, the JC did nothing to promote their own beautiful, versatile breed…the American Throroughbred should be “America’s Horse” for these disciplines, like the QH and Arabian industry has promoted and supported their breed as able to do anything.

  • armando

    I think all racing fans & specially Horse owners & trainer’s alike need to seriously put in effort in providing something like a retirement plan for racehorses from their winnings in the track.there also needs to be way to check up on retired racehorses to keep them from going to slaughter houses& becoming petfood or somebody’s dinner!

    • 14151617

      Perhaps we as citizens and fans. Should Demand the Safe Act be passed by Congress right now and save all horses from the kill floor here and being shipped out of our borders to be slaughtered else where. Talking about it is not going to get it done.Get on the phone and call,send emails to your Representives in Congress.Only you have the power to be the voice of these wonderful Voiceless Creatures.
      Speak up for them where it counts.One dies on the kill floor every 5 minutes of the day.

    • zchairman

      Armando, I applaud your suggesting the owners do a better job of taking care of their horses after their racing career is over, horses certainly deserve that. Unfortunately, 90% of all horses don’t pay their way on the racetrack and many owners really don’t care what happens to their horses when their racing career is over. There is ZERO chance most owners are going to devote part of the horses earnings after their career is over.
      The only way horses will be guaranteed to be cared for after their racing career is over is for the sales companies to charge an ‘aftercare fee’ when the horse is bought and an ‘aftercare fee’ fee when a horse is claimed or changes hands for any reason. Getting the money ‘up-front’ BEFORE the horse is retired is the only way there is ever going to be proper financing for ‘equine aftercare’.

      • Another Country

        All these ideas of money out of the purses and from sales or claims are great theories, but like most theories they would never work. The average race horse retires at say 4 years old. With proper care these animals will live well into their twenties. So how much do you think it will cost to care for these horses?? You have vet care, blacksmith, housing, care takers, not to mention hay and grain for at a mild estimate 15 years.

        There is going to have to be some organization or rescue to over see this monumental undertaking. (Lets not even mention that 90% of those rescues go under fast) They will have to secure an ungodly amount of land to hold the countless number of horses that will be sent to them, because remember if I as an owner had money taken from me to be set aside to care for a horse that horse can not be denied entry to this utopia. So lets say a very conservative estimate being 10,000 horses a year. It is estimated that 30,000 thoroughbreds were slaughtered last year so 10k isn’t a wild estimate. So in 5 years you will have 50,000 horses to care for with another 10k on the way.

        I will stop there because i could go on all day. So please when everyone comes up with these well intended theories please do a little research. Believe me I am all for saving and caring for each and every horse but the reality is it is not possible…

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