Oh, Deer: Bambi Breezes Two Furlongs at Keeneland

by | 06.01.2013 | 11:27am

Morning workouts at Keeneland Racecourse were briefly interrupted on Saturday morning when a rogue deer took to the track for an unscheduled two-furlong workout.

According to observers, the deer seemed to come from the lawn area in front of the grandstand at around 6:30 a.m. and breezed in a relaxed fashion immediately following two horses.

“There was all this commotion down at the quarter pole, and I thought, ‘Oh shoot, someone went down,'” said Bambi videographer Sarah Campion, who was standing on the rail. “I look up, and there's this deer.”

“The outriders went flying for it.”

Bambi galloped out well and exited the track via the horse path without a pony. It remains unclear whether the work was official, or where fans can expect to see the deer's next start. It did appear clear however, that Bambi has a powerful closing kick at the wire.

“It's a miracle no one got hurt. There was a breezer right before and a breezer right after,” said Campion.

  • Wendy

    Natalie! That’s some of your best writing ever! Classic!!

  • Tom Miscannon

    Nice job! This is reminisent of kangaroos on the track in Australia. Usually, it just causes a delay in racing, but on one occasion the meet had to cancelled because there was just too many and they wouldn’t leave the track.

  • Beach

    “Well, I want to do it too!!!” :-)

  • GT

    She maintained a straighter course than a lot of riders I have seen, It might be another way to fill the card if they pop out of the gate like they pop out of the woods :)

  • ty

    We had a bear on the track here at Ruidoso right before the track opened a few mornings ago.

  • voiceofreason

    21.2 / galloped out in 36 flat.

  • Jackie

    Wow, enter that sucker in the second race. :)

  • dispute92

    She/he seemed to flurish on the polytrack. Who says they can’t transfer their form from dirt to poly? Maybe this one’s trainer just knows the secret! Unless Danzig has something to do with this one’s breeding. Too funny. Happy to see someone was there to film it.

  • Sandy M

    “It’s a miracle no one got hurt. There was a breezer right before and a breezer right after” Ain’t that the truth! It seems like the only qualifications to be an exercise rider lately is a helmet and a pair of boots!

  • 4Bellwether666

    “Wild Thing”!!!…

  • Kim Howell

    I see extra doe tags this fall. Population too heavy.

  • Kingturf

    Great video…I love it!

    • Kingturf

      I wonder if she can run on Turf too

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