Arnold Zetcher resigns from TOC

by | 02.07.2011 | 8:21pm

By nearly all accounts, Arnold Zetcher is a nice guy. He proved to be too nice to put up with all the b.s. (sorry, but I don't think there is a more appropriate term) that is confronting horse racing in California. During his brief tenure as chairman of Thoroughbred Owners of California, he has been called a thief by Jerry Jamgotchian, the relentless and litigious self-appointed guardian of California horse racing, been ridiculed by horseplayers angry at the recent increase in takeout that was designed to benefit horse owners, and forced into confrontation with the California Thoroughbred Trainers, who want to take over from TOC as the horsemen's representative on contractual issues with the racetracks.

In the end, Zetcher just wants to race and breed his horses and enjoy the sport he came to love in recent years. Like someone in the business told me years ago, most people don't join a country club so they can mow the grass.

The sudden resignation of Zetcher comes at a critical time for California racing. Bay Meadows, one of the two major tracks in Northern California has been closed, and the second, Golden Gate Fields, is not performing well. Hollywood Park is owned by the same land development company that bulldozed Bay Meadows, and that Southern California track won't be around much longer. Santa Anita Park, also in Southern California, went through a bankruptcy proceeding (as did Golden Gate Fields) when Magna Entertainment was forced to liquidate its assets and there were fears it would be sold for development. Zetcher led a TOC committee that explored the possibility of an acquisition of Santa Anita, and all he got for the effort was grief.

The TOC chairmanship is, as Zetcher wrote in his letter of resignation, bigger than he anticipated. It's not a position for someone unwilling to go to the mat on what he or she believes is right for racing and right for horse owners. The late Ed Friendly, who started TOC, weathered many confrontations with tracks, trainers, and regulators. So did the late Bob Lewis, who was as tough on the inside as he was gentle on the outside. Zetcher knows how to run a major business, proving that during a very successful career that had him leading retails giants like Talbots women's fashion chain, Kohl's, John Breuner Company, ad Bonwit-Teller. You don't do that without fighting and winning your share of battles. But after spending decades in boardrooms, the politics and sniping and challenges that face horse racing apparetly are more than Zetcher wants to deal with. I don't blame him.

Unfortunately, his resignation is not a good sign for the future of California racing.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that while the CTT may have stated its intention to attempt to decertify the TOC, its goal is to reunite both owners and trainers in a single organization. The California Horsemen's Beneveolent and Protective Association that previously represented horsemen's interests in California consisted of both owners and trainers.

Press Release

In a letter to the board, TOC Chairman Arnold Zetcher announced his resignation effective Feb. 16, 2011, citing a need to focus his time and energies on his other business and personal interests and expressing his appreciation to his supporters.

Zetcher was elected to the board in 2009 and has served on the Racing Affairs, Owner Relations and Track committees. At its first meeting of the new fiscal year on July 23, 2010 the TOC board elected Zetcher chairman for the 2010-11 term.

Zetcher's Letter to the Board follows in its entirety:

February 7, 2011

After considerable thought, I have decided to resign as Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors of the Thoroughbred Owners of California, effective at the TOC's next board meeting on February 16, 2011.  My family and I made this decision on Wednesday, February 2 and communicated it to the TOC leadership over the weekend.

It has become clear to me that the time required for this very important position is well beyond my expectations and has not allowed me adequate time to spend on my other business interests and other boards on which I serve.  Therefore, although I have only been Chairman of the TOC for 6 months, I believe it is time to turn these responsibilities over to others.   

The TOC is an extremely important contributor to California horse racing and the individuals who volunteer for its board should receive the thanks from the entire industry.  I wish them only the best as they represent owners and continue their efforts to improve thoroughbred racing in California.

At this stage in my life, I look forward to returning to managing my own racing and breeding stable, which has grown considerably.  I also want to thank all of the many supporters who helped me during my time as Chairman.

Zetcher's top stakes winners include Gabby's Golden Gal, Richard's Kid, EZ's Gentleman and Zardana, and he has campaigned such notable runners as Tizzy's Tune, Gabrielina Giof and multiple graded stakes winner House of Fortune. Zetcher is the retired President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Talbots, a chain of over 1,100 women's specialty stores.

“It is a loss to the industry when someone of Arnold's caliber and experience moves on,” said TOC Vice Chairman Brian Boudreau. “With so many demands on his time, we know this was a very difficult decision for Arnold but one that was done in the best interests of his family and other endeavors, but will be a tremendous loss for the TOC. The TOC board would like to express its gratitude to Arnold for his service and wish him well in the future.”

  • One gone and X amount more to go.The TOC should just disband.Where do they get their funding?

    Please list all the accomplishments by the TOC for Nor Cal and So Cal owners in the last 15 years.

  • Dell

    How about the bigger purses then any other State moron. Oh I forgot, you don’t care about the horses.

  • We’ve always had big purses genius because we’ve always BET MORE than any other state.

    The biggest purses in thoroughbred racing came from CA well before the TOC formed in early 90’s.

    The recent purse increase was at the expense of horseplayers via the TAKEOUT BILL.

    Okay, now that the biggest purse claim was easily shot down….give more that the TOC has done in the last 15 years for Nor Cal and So Cal owners.

  • steve


    One of your friends ran off.Looks like the boycott is have some affect.

    Keep up the good everyone.

  • Ray Paulick


    TOC put owners in charge of negotiations with tracks, instead of trainers. TOC got legislation approved that requires ADW companies that do business in California to pay a fair share for the signal; that bill is the role model for many other states unable to get it done; TOC owners contribute more toward equine retirement through CARMA than any other state; TOC is very protective of the rights of owners. That’s a very small list from someone who looks at TOC as the best-structured organization to act on behalf of owners in any racing state. Some of the people who have served on TOC’s board are incredibly bright, successful, innovative, and dedicated to preserving the sport.

  • Only the Shadow Knows!!!

    Smokescreen, folks. Not even Putz Paulick got the real story. Word is Zetcher is trying to lease Santa Anita from Stronach. Frankie Boy wants to lay off some of his risk. The real issue will be who gets the Breeders Cup dates. Maybe Baffert can keep us posted since Paulick the Putz is interested only in internet hits.

  • steve


    Was that a Love letter to the TOC.

  • Ray Paulick

    Only the Shadow Knows,

    I’m afraid you are delusional.

    I support owner’s rights in most cases and think the TOC is the best owners’ organization in horse racing.

  • tonyaz

    so who will be leader? One of the fringe benefits is Pacific Classic Winner with no drug test?

  • Jammer


    Why is Dirty Arnie running out so fast? It’s just getting good!!!

    Don’t worry racing fans, YOU WILL KNOW WHY VERY SOON!!!!!

    Look at pg 3 of the TOC’S FINANCIAL STATEMENT and ask ARNIE why the TOC’S “UNRESTRICTED NEW ASSETS” PLUNGED BY $863,000 OR 40%!!!! (2009-2010)

    Gee, where did the $$$$$$$$ go Arnie??


  • Ray-

    I know California Racing a hellava lot better than you… just visiting CA tracks press boxes for some garb and free grub when you were a journalist/editor.

    The TOC has indeed a long history of respected men involved….problem is on THEIR WATCH CA Racing has declined more than any other big racing state.

    You list a few things but how about improving CA Racing for owners with lower vet/training bills,bigger purses without takeout hikes, and generally maintaining the high standard that CA Racing had for decades but no longer.

    When has the TOC objected to lenient steward suspensions for trainers like O’Neill and Mitchell on repeated drug offenses? Never.How about not forming the biggest CA ADW to boost purses for both Nor Cal and So Cal owners.They sat back quietly while Chuchill Downs after selling HPark comes back to become the biggest ADW company making millions from CA races.This happened when everyone in the industry by 2001 knew the biggest growth in our sport was ADW business.How about the TOC not objecting to Bay Meadows Land Company buying Bay Meadows then years later not objecting to Bay Meadows Land Company purchase of HPark from CDI. We lost historic Bay Meadows on their watch and we’re on the verge of losing historic HPark to developers again on the TOC watch.

    The TOC Board is generally made up of successful businessmen that are millionaires and yet have a record of underachievement the last 15 years.

  • Ray Paulick


    Where does that information come from about not testing the winner of the Pacific Classic?


    Yes, I know. It is painfully obvious that you think you know more than anyone else who comments on this site–and that’s saying a lot.

  • Jammer-
    How and by what means does the TOC get their funding? Thanks.

  • #8 Mr. Paulick replied:

    I support owner’s rights in most cases and think the TOC is the best owners’ organization in horse racing.

    Shirley you jest!

    There is dissension in the ranks. Let us drop the Kool-Aid for one moment and inspect the various chinks in the TOC armour shall we?

    In #5 Mr. Paulick replied:
    Some of the people who have served on TOC’s board are incredibly bright, successful, innovative, and dedicated to preserving the sport.


    Frankly they need professional consultants when it comes to the horse racing business. Why do they not have anyone like Dr. Betts as a chairperson?

    It is time for Santa Anita management and the C.T.T. to take back the glory that has been taken away from California Horse Racing.

  • Jammer


    The TOC gets their money from YOU (THE BETTORS) because they take it from the HANDLE!!!

    Here’s another reason to STOP WAGERING ON CA HORSERACES!!!!!!!



  • Ray Paulick

    To my knowledge, all designated horsemen’s organizations (those who represent the majority and negotiate under the Interstate Horseracing Act) receive funding from handle.

    If there are HBPA or THA officials reading this where that is not true, please post.

  • Ron Ellis

    It is pitiful when a classy guy like Arnold Zetcher, who invests his money and donates his time to try to help a sport in trouble, decides it isn’t worth the hassle dealing with a counter productive piece of crap like Jamgoatchen!

  • I would support the CTT to take control but I’d like to know their position on repeated drug offenses by trainers,their rules input on the Exchange Wagering language,the better use of the revenues from Cal Marketing Co. and the future of CA ADW business.

  • tonyaz

    Are they still freezing test results for two years? With a secure documented record of everybody who handled the substance? A rail bird from Coronado Island flew over to Tucson a few months ago for the synposium, and had some interesting thoughts to share on the golf course while the “big boys” were playing shuffle board inside the hotel. Any coincidence that trainers can do what they wish in Cali with no punishment? I wonder why they are scared to suspend O’Neill and others? Don’t mind me, I am just dumb. Amazing how the beauty of a golf course can make the humans sing amongst the birds, especially when you can’t make putts. But much like the LAT situation, nothing will be done.

  • Jammer

    Ron Ellis:

    Come on Ron, how do you really feel?

    The TOC has destroyed CA horseracing and my evidence is the size of “your stable” and the amount of races you have won at SA!!

    I note that you are NOT EVEN LISTED IN THE TRAINER STANDINGS through February 5, 2011……….

    Maybe you would like to be the new Chairman of the TOC since you seem to know everything about EVERYTHING!

    My best…………..


  • cc

    Excellent response Ray in #5. So true!!

    I would add the workman’s comp legislation that saved horse racing from sinking in Ca ~five years ago as the expenses passed on to the owners for workman’s comp far exceeded the purse structure at the time. As would have the trainers via the HBPA negotiating with the racetracks 15 years ago would have sank the industry.

    Additionally, having 100% of the latest legislation go to purses will save it now.

    There are many others, from the License Fee relief to informative seminars, etc…too many to name here.

    For the folks at the TOC, keep up the good work! Outside of guys like Jammer, Roger, Andy, Camgamble, and Knight_Sky who can’t seem to get away from computer long enough to breathe the fresh air outside, you have our support!

  • steve

    Mr. Ellis did/do you support the takeout increase in california?

  • tonyaz


  • cc-

    You’re giving TOC credit for solving workmen’s comp problem….all they did was TAX exotic wagers to get about $7 million annually.The workmen comp rates went down about 16-24 months later….where is that money going now….they never rescinded that exotic takeout hike back to customers/horseplayers.Keep talking and the CTT looks better and better.

  • Jammer


    Listen closely…………….

    100% of the additional takeout DOES NOT GO TO CA PURSES!!!! Nearly 50% of the additional takeout (on all wagers made outside of CA) is ACTUALLY RETAINED by the ADW companies and never goes to the Purses!!!!!!!

    You must either be a TOC employee, a TOC Boardmember, or Guy LaMothe.

    Whoever you are, get the facts and AT LEAST try to act smart!!


  • caroline

    It’s understandable that everyone wants to take credit for taking an increasing share of a decreasing pie through their superior bargaining position. A pie which is decreasing over time largely, the evidence suggests, because everyone wants more of a piece of it and is willing to raise the price of it to get that – even if that shrinks custom and customers, who move to other outlets.

    Oh – wait…

    That would suggest a phenomenally low time discount factor – no-one cares about the future that much.

    So I guess we’re all doing just fine – right?

    Diana Krall does a great version of “Fly Me to the Moon” on Youtube, for anyone who might need a light break.

  • David lee

    Easy Mr. Ronald Ellis your not actually a saint yourself. Jerry j has a right flap his gums , there only words . It’s if someones words have merit , that’s when you need to worry . I want to know where the money went . Since money typically seems to disappear when it comes to the backside. But then you wouldn’t cut money up on a horse deal , we all know your the honest type .

  • Hey Caroline-
    Always thought Connie Francis did a better version than George Jones,Elvis,etc. with HE THINKS I STILL CARE.

  • David lee

    Caroline your right

  • JJ

    CTT?? LOL. Go ask Mr. Vienna to take up the issues of rule violations of some of his membership. He has no interest to address this topic and will walk away. And don’t bring up fair representation of stall allocation either, he has no interest in that either.

    I most have missed the fruits of Vienna’s labor when he was a highly paid consultant to the CHRB. Perhaps someone can document all his achievements for all the $$$ he made until his hand was caught in the $$$ cookie jar and he had to pay some of it back. LOL

    Jammer–you made posting #10, #15, #20, and #25 in the span of about two hours. It’s nice evening out in Ca, get away from your computer screen, go outside, breathe some fresh air, talk to a neighbor–one that you haven’t sued of course–make a new friend. It will help your Napoleon syndrome or short man disease.

  • caroline

    Hey guys – I like lots of versions; it’s a great song. I need all of them often. But tonight, Diana’s seems especially “optimism inducing”.

  • Ccc

    By reading the posting tonight I can see why were a dead industry , your all wanting to suck on the money tit , she’s going dry boys , you’ve all sucked it right out of the business , oh Ron spelling b time classy . Got it your not the sharpest tool in the shed . One more time spell it with me classy maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet classy . There you go know you get it . Nah don’t think so .

  • JJ-
    Geez… you’re right on Vienna….forgot he was part of CTT.Okay, we’re back to the TOC. They need to hire bright people to follow a productive agenda but I still want the TOC to criticize stewards if trainers get light suspensions for repeated drug offenses, state their long term goals on CA ADW business,strict language on Exchange Wagering with “out” clauses if public distrust hurts CA Racing after betting scandal(s) and better use of revenues that Ca Marketing Co. receives annually.

  • Mike R.

    I’ve been racing in CA for 40 years and it’s been a great ride. Last year my maiden Cal-Bred winner got a bonus check for $20,000. My trainers have got up early, cared, and worked hard to eke out a living. Quit complaining!

  • BuckyinKentucky

    Leadership roles at any organization like the TOC, HBPA or THA are a thankless job.

    No one attends meetings to offer productive input, take a look at that “Whack Job” Gene Stevens in Florida and his cronies.

    They don’t understand simulcasting or the way things are run but are the first to write negative things and stir the pot about things that are way above their level of understanding.

    Good point Ray, you don’t join the country club to mow the lawn and good move by Arnold for realizing he would be a target forever.

    Horsemen need to work together with each other for the common good to benefit the masses.

    Focus on what is iumportant and let the captain sail the ship!

  • Canarse

    From the tone and content of these posts it seems obvious that CA racing is on a fast road to destruction. The owners, trainers, and horseplayers all have legitimate points, but none want to listen to the others. How long until rock bottom?

  • CG

    For the folks at the TOC, keep up the good work! Outside of guys like Jammer, Roger, Andy, Camgamble, and Knight_Sky who can’t seem to get away from computer long enough to breathe the fresh air outside, you have our support!
    Sorry cc but the five individuals named here aren’t responsible for the half a million to a million Santa Anita is losing in handle every day. There are a heck of a lot of bettors not supporting the TOC these days. And I doubt the tracks are very happy about that either.

  • Andrew A

    Some of the people commenting here need to go on the record for all the Horseplayers to see where you really stand. Some of us know that you look at us as some sort of necessary evil.

    Just say it! “Shut up and bet”!

    I’ve never in my life seen a group of people who feel so entitled to just about anything they want at the expense of the long term health of California Racing.

    Quit taking the takeout money and put it toward purses. Why don’t TOC members pay dues? Then they would find out how many members they really have.

    Owners definitely have a role to play and are a integral part of the industry. The thing is that so are the people who gamble on the races.

  • For those concerned about the time some of us spend in front of the computer, we’ll have plenty of time in March and April.

    Very shortly Santa Anita will announce that they’ll be paring their March schedule from the slated 5 day race weeks to 4 racing cards per week (weather permitting).

    Yes. Usurious takeout rates in the blind wagering pools have really made a difference. Now who gets the credit for this example of “progress”?

  • I know many looking at these posts will come to the conclusion that CA Racing is doomed and will only sink further.I hope that isn’t true.I love CA Racing as much as anyone which is why I’m as vocal on certain subjects as I am and why I’ve boycotted CA Racing for over 3 months now. Just sitting back and being quiet doesn’t bring change nor does it force dialogue that can lead to better understanding/better results for CA Racing.

    The TOC has come under fire because they asked for this Leadership position and with it comes the responsibility to the sport/game of CA Racing which includes the customer/horseplayer.

    If you google toc california mission statement you’ll find on their website the TOC Mission Statement.

    General Purpose has 6 paragraphs that NEVER mentions CUSTOMERS/HORSEPLAYERS and the growth of customers/horseplayers….just owners.

    There is also a list of 12 Objectives and again CUSTOMERS/HORSEPLAYERS are NEVER mentioned.

    The criticism of the TOC is justified as the recognized leader to
    the CHRB because many things have declined….CA breeding,CA Racing integrity with the repeated drug offenses and light suspensions,Wagering,etc.The only increases it seems have been the tax takeout rates levied against the customer/horseplayer under the TOC watch.There is an obvious IMBALANCE of thinking when it comes to CA Racing and I can only hope in the future that the CA Power Groups take into consideration the importance and reaction of the customer/horseplayer to their policies and decisions like all successful companies do.The failure to include the customer/horseplayer reaction has brought us to this regrettable point with no end in sight.

  • Boycott Bob

    Good riddance.

  • Shorty

    Is this the same roger who likes full fields and a full plate at breakfast lunch an dinner? roger you musta started boycotting golds gym when they raised there rates 10 years ago and aint’ been back since. your lucky the track isn’t like southwest airlines and charge you for 2 admissions.

  • No Shorty-
    Wrong guy…if I’m calling Dan Patrick Show…I’m checking in at 6’0

  • Alan Foreman

    I am viewing this discussion with interest. In answer to your question Ray, I can’t speak to TOC’s funding, but THA organizations, and I assume HBPA also, derive their funding from purses. Horsemen pay for their own organizations and the benefits they provide, which are substantial and given little recognition. Again, without reference to TOC, I would take issue with your characterization of TOC as the best organization for owner’s in horse racing.

  • Ray Paulick

    Thanks for that clarification, Alan. And since purses are derived from handle, it is still coming from the same place, correct?

    And I appreciate your loyalty to the organization you represent, the THA.

  • Hypocrite

    Hey Jammer, you want people to stop wagering on CA races? Those that still bet are supplying purse money that you are currently taking a piece of with your horses that you’ve been running. If you want everyone to stop betting CA races, then you must be OK with running for glory only, right?

  • Alan Foreman

    Every dollar wagered gets divided between tracks, horsemen, breeders, bettors and state government. Horsemen (owners) take a portion of their share to fund their organizations. Otherwise, there would be no such organizations. I am loyal to the THA organizations because I have such respect for each of them and the work they do. The record speaks for itself. Again, without reference in any way to TOC, I believe horsemen’s organizations (owners and trainers) have performed a vital role for horsemen and the industry at-large and the work they do goes largely unrecognized. Horsemen’s organizations are the low-hanging fruit in this industry and while there have been some bad apples over the years, the record of service and achievement is overlooked. It is tough work in the trenches and requires an acute understanding of all aspects of the business. The problem with owners organizations (and the reason why there have not been more TOC’s) is that many owners, while hugely successful businessmen and women, have not been engaged in the inner-workings of the industry. I know this comment will generate a negative response, but knowledge and experience are vital when dealing with track owners, racing commissions and state legislatures. I’ve seen it with almost every owner who has been elected to the Board of a horsemen’s organization. They may get involved with one view, but gain an entirely different perspective once engaged.

  • I agree with Mr.Foreman’s assessment.I hope the CA Power Groups give his thoughts serious consideration.We need change and improvement in CA.The TOC…the CTT…based on Mr.Foreman’s experience maybe a “balanced” combination of the two groups would be more beneficial to CA Racing’s future.I also think they need to incorporate some people that are interested in the customer/horseplayer point of view.

  • steve

    Looks like Ron Ellis ran away.

  • Buddy

    Looks like Ron Ellis has a life

  • Ray Paulick


    Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Ron Ellis had the courage to put his name on a message defending Arnold Zetcher’s efforts and commitment to California racing, and he doesn’t need to answer the anonymous and mean-spirited postings that followed from the four or five people who add nothing to the dialogue but vitriol.

  • Robert e lee

    Sounds more like you need think skin Ronald Jammers not calling you dirty . Did you think that the jammer might have something . Interesting situation your industry finds itself in . I guess it says something when an onwer like wygod cuts and runs , guess he may know when the partys over.

  • voice of reason

    where’s my fiddle?

  • bookiebuster1

    TOC = more toothless irrelevant bureaucrats skimming money off the handle exactly what racing doesn’t need.

  • I-Do-Not-Like-Ham

    Poor guy thought it was a country club with perks. “You want me to work” – should have been what he said in his resignation memo.

    CHRB – please resign en masse.

    Keep the boycott going.

  • LJBroussard

    Wow. This is really interesting. As one who is sooooooooooooo over her phase of being involved in anything except my own barn, I can certainly understand Mr. Arnold Zetcher’s feelings.

    Thank you, Mr. Ron Ellis. Thank you Mr. Alan Foreman and others who come here to provide information & opinions and don’t hide behind lame screen names. As always, thanks to Mr. Ray Paulick.

    [email protected]

  • Well Linda-

    How about the customers/horseplayers point of view…..or you just came to post/drop names in the industry o for your own benefit….that’s the great divide right there….the industry insiders vs customers who are perceived as idiots,should just shut up and bet,don’t know the game like we do and are demonized for using screen names with varying opinions.

    Well Linda, I could just say go back to your gumbo but that would be as insulting as your initial post to customers of a game you make a living from.

  • steve

    Linda did/do you support the takeout increase in california?


    roger, you are a punk. Use your real name and I could respect your opinion right or wrong. Actually, a persons opinion is theres’ and it is okay. Just don’t be so smug and use your own name. I do, and have had many meetings at the CHRB, used my name and still hold repect for and from them regardless of our point of view. Be a man little girl!

  • Indulto

    It never fails to amaze and amuse me how self-righteous many who don’t use on-line pseudonyms can be; as if WHO they are is more important than WHAT they have to say. Using one’s name because the expectation of some economic or other benefit from recognition outweighs the risk of exposing one’s personal business to unknown cyber-malcontents — or worse — is hardly taking the higher moral ground.

    My respect for opinions expressed here is based on content that is relevant, sensible, insightful, and consistent. If it is also entertaining, so much the better! None of the preceding complainers has satisfied any of those criteria, and no amount of chest-pounding will alter my perception.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many existing websites fostering the exchange of opinion would fare if contributors were required to register verifiable identities? Who knew the Holy Grail was a level playing field?

  • William Anton-

    I am using my real name and have already posted that I ran 3 departments at HPark for 9 years in the 90’s.I believe when each person does register they give their full name so the Paulick website has that information.

    The racing insiders that have started to demonize those that don’t use full names are just creating a greater divide between the 2 groups.

    William,Linda,Ray,etc. there are racing insiders that blast the customers/horseplayers that aren’t using full names either….don’t kid yourself.I applaud those that do but I wonder if they do in some self serving way to promote themselves within the industry.

    William, continued success with your horses.


    This is great reading material, I didnt even read Brett Favre’s name once…


    Roger, I truly appreciated your last blog. You have put in your time also. I have held a license since the mid 70’s. I served my time on the CTT board and did some good things, but this new board with Mr. Vienna and Sadler, sickens me. It is about a power struggle etc. Not for the betterment of racing. The TOC needs to get their act together also. The sport you and I love is going to hell in a handbasket, both organizations need to figure that out. We do not need a merge at this time, but we need the two groups to work together for racing not their greedy and power seeking selves. I believe you and I are on the same side and sorry for my not so nice remarks I made to you.

  • William-
    No problem….we both want CA Racing to get better.Ya know, from a guy that was raised and went to school in Berkeley…..I’m thinking that the So Cal folks have controlled the CA Power Groups too long and it’s time the Boards are dominated by Nor Cal owners and trainers. I’ve always felt Nor Cal input and interests have been shortchanged over the years.

    The bottomline…we need better leadership and more productivity from our CA Power Groups in the next decade or we’re just going to lose another generation of potential fans.


    The truth is some of the NorCal people that are now on the CTT board have bought into the Vienna BS.He claims he is not the reason for the HBPA split, however, those of knowledge can testify differently. Now as I call him “The Messiah” is on a backward motion saying it is not so. He has a group of lambs that will follow him over the cliff when asked. I am disappointed in my fellow board members from the North when he threatened to decertify. He did not have the votes. I was the last hold out, but to no avail. From the North both Mr. Moger, and Mz. Haley turned coat and ran. We lost the votes we needed.Jeff Bonde thinks he is from the South with his votes and mannerism. The CTT is run poorly and has nothing but foolish followers. How do you beat that?? The North has gutless trainers that cry and moan, but won’t fight. I am always willing to fight for the right not cry and bitch, then do nothing. So Roger, what’s left?? As big a pain in the rear the Jammer can be, sometimes he makes a bit of sense. Although I see him starting to side with the CTT, proves he is a fool at times, huh??

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