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By Ray Paulick

TwinSpires advance deposit wagering company has posted a message on its website acknowledging an outage on Sunday night involving tote company Amtote that affected Hollywood Park's ninth race and the 11th race at Sun Ray racetrack.

The outage was brought to the Paulick Report's attention by a customer who said his wagers on Hollywood Park's ninth race were acknowledged as “completed” on his wagering history page but were not paid out when his winning wagers came in. The outage is at least the third tote problem since Kentucky Derby day when another Amtote malfunction caused numerous ADW customers to get shut out on their Kentucky Derby bets. A tote problem involving Scientific Games equipment surfaced at Monmouth Park on Belmont Stakes day, causing a drop in handle at the New Jersey track.

TwinSpires acknowledged the problem and said it was refunding wagers but apparently not making good on winning selections that were “lost in transmission.”

Following is the note posted at

“Amtote experienced an outage Sunday evening for approximately 10 minutes which resulted in wagers for race 9 at Hollywood Park and race 11 for Sun Ray Park not making it into the host track's pool. All wagers were refunded.  We are working to gather the details of all the races, wagers and players impacted by this Amtote outage.  We will provide more information on the situation as soon it becomes available. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

The following email was sent to the Paulick Report by a TwinSpires customer Sunday evening:

“I placed multiple wagers through on race 9 at Hollywood Park, today June 27, and they are not honoring any of the wagers because they say there was a tansmission error on Am tote's end.  I do not understand this because I pull up my wager history at and all wagers I have placed says “completed”.  The wager was successfully submitted on my end and to twinspires.  Since the wager was sucessfully transmitted aren't they essentially booking my wager and not paying me what I am do for my WP and trifecta payout? They paid out all multi race wagers ending in race 9 such as pick 3, DD, pick 4 etc, but they are not paying out any intra-race wager made on race 9.


“Several of my wagers were made with at least 10 MTP, some closer, but they all say completed on my transaction history, which I printed out, but they were all refunded.  This does not seem right.  They accepted my wager.  I am betting with twinspires and not amtote.   i could have printed out my wager ticket right after I bet it on twinspires and should be paid on that ticket right?  They dont wait until the last minute to transmit wagers and even if they did they removed the funds from my account on the wager. Every dollar I spent on race 9 was taken out of my account.  So they obviously accepted it.  Even if it did not get submitted from twinspires into the pool, which seems unlikely, it was accepted by twinspires so shouldnt they be liable?”

So TwinSpires said wagers will be refunded, even though a customer's wagering history showed the bet as “completed.” Should the company be required to make good on winning wagers (where a customer can show that his transactions were “completed)? Wouldn't TwinSpires simply pass the loss along to Amtote?

If the wagering provider was required to make good on such tote malfunctions, more serious efforts might be made to upgrade and modernize the aging tote systems that seem to be plaguing the industry's customers with increasing frequency.

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