500 Christmas Smiles: BGFC Fundraising To Provide Holiday Gifts To Farm Workers’ Children

by | 11.14.2017 | 6:14pm
Please help the Blue Grass Farms Charities provide holiday gifts for the children of Central Kentucky's Thoroughbred industry workers

Central Kentucky's Thoroughbred farm workers are still responsible for their equine charges all throughout the upcoming holiday season. Blue Grass Farms Charities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Lexington, Ky., is committed to providing these workers' children with Christmas gifts, as well as a holiday dinner for the family.

Founded in 2003, the BGFC regularly provides the following services to Central Kentucky's farm workers and their families: food and clothing assistance, housing assistance, hospital and home visits, weekly fresh produce distribution, on-site health clinics and screenings, health care referrals, bereavement assistance, chaplain's services, Thanksgiving lunch at Sal's, ESL classes, backpack and school supply giveaway, and even children's summer camp.

This summer BGFC provided 635 free back-to-school backpacks for worker family children, as well as a tuition-free summer camp at The Lexington School. All of BGFC's efforts contribute indirectly, through the workers, to the well-being and success of the thoroughbred horses bred, foaled, raised and raced in Central Kentucky, as well as throughout the world stage.

The BGFC's annual Christmas Holiday celebration will be held at The Thoroughbred Center off Paris Pike on Monday, Dec. 11 and Tuesday, Dec. 12 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Included are a holiday meal, visits with Santa, entertainment, drawings for boys and girls bikes, and gifts for infants through 18 year old children. Farm managers can sign up their employees online here.

A Toy Drive is being held online with GoFundMe to help the BGFC reach its goal of 500 Christmas smiles for the children of Central Kentucky's farm workers. A donation of just $20 will provide one child with a toy and a set of hat and gloves.

Donations are also accepted via the BGFC website.

For more about the BGFC and its annual impact on Central Kentucky's Thoroughbred industry, check out their website at bgfcky.org and the following video:

  • William Jones

    This charity obviously does wonderful work and long may it continue, but can someone explain to me as an outsider why these stud farm workers who are employed by the biggest and richest horse owners in the land are unable to provide for themselves at Christmas? Is it because they are not paid enough that they need the fantastic benefits this charity provides throughout the year? Or am I missing something?

    • Denise Morgan

      They don’t get paid much money. It seems that’s the way it’s always been. it’s the same in the uk. I use to get paid 7 pounds a week. back in the seventies. not much has changed in the Industry. your in it for the love of the horses.

      • yvonne coffey

        It shouldnt be just bc workers like horses,this is peoples lively hood they work hard,Alot of these owners&breeders are just in it for money,and the doping that goes on is pathetic,i wonder if alot of these workers like seeing these owners & trainers doping up a injured horse or a tired horse.No way would I condone as a worker,the despicable things that are done to horses,all for the mighty buck

    • yvonne coffey

      I think these owners are cheap,they spend millions on horses& pay the farm workers pennies,these people work hard& long to be paid such low wages,dont forget these owners deduct tons of money at tax time &the farm workers probably cant even pay to file taxes.Im sure its not all farms that are so cheap,but majority are, I remember 1 guy tapley was his name,He’d rather send a horse to slaughter for the $ than let someone have the horse go to a good home,I know bc he did it to us.$$$$$ and Prestige is all alot of these owners care about

    • Larry Ensor

      I thought the same.People certainly appreciate charity when in need. But I would bet the majority would take much more pride and feel better better about themselves being able to provide for themselves and family.

      I have found market forces in the business of horses makes it difficult for farms to pay what their skilled employees are really worth. There is plenty of money at the top but it seems very little of it “trickles down”.

  • Delrene

    Have a wonderful Christmas celebration! Great cause.

  • Elle D

    Thanks for posting. I always make myself available for this. A worthy charity.

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