Vazquez Appealing Pennsylvania Ejections

by | 03.23.2015 | 2:08pm
Juan Vazquez

Trainer Juan Vazquez, told by Maryland Jockey Club officials last month he is not welcome to stable or race at their racetracks, is appealing a similar ban in Pennsylvania, according to his attorney, Alan Pincus.

Pincus said Vazquez was notified of his ejection for three years from Penn National race course in Pennsylvania on March 14 and for one year from the Penn National Gaming-owned Charles Town races in West Virginia the following day. On March 16, Pincus said, horses entered by Vazquez were ordered scratched at Parx Racing in Philadelphia.

Vazquez won a stay of the ejections from the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission and he is permitted to race at Pennsylvania tracks, pending the upcoming hearing. Vazquez is stabled at Middletown Training Center in Delaware.

“Pennsylvania is doing very well lately in protecting the due process rights of licensees,” said Pincus. “All we ask is that he be given a chance to defend himself against whatever it is the tracks have against him.”

Vazquez and his assistant, Hector Garcia, both were banned from MJC tracks after Garcia was suspended for four positive drug tests while Vazquez was serving a suspension for being the aggressor in a fight with jockey Trevor McCarthy at Delaware Park last June. Garcia was suspended 13 months.

Pincus, who successfully had an ejection of a trainer in Pennsylvania reversed in 2012, said the hearing before the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission is scheduled March 31.

  • Needles

    Bye Bye, Juan. We don’t need people like you in our great sport. Go rub horses on a farm somewhere. Your actions are disgusting.

    • Hamish

      Somebody is behind this fellow and protects him quite well. Who are his owners, who pays his bills, who are his horsey friends, where did he get his start?

      • youcantmakeitup

        I hear he appeals every ruling and then when the appeal is just about to expire ,another lawyer comes in and pleads that he has just taken over the appeal and needs some time to get the facts of the case.So it gets extended and extended and extended.The farther one gets away from the smell, the better off they are. Happens in the courthouse everyday. Continuance granted.

        • Gina Powell

          There is a very solid pattern on racetracks all over North America. There is a group of Attorneys that seem to be controlling horse racing. Here’s how it seems to work: they cheat their way into the Winners Circle until they are caught. Then, when caught, the Attorneys come forward with countless legal appeals that only an Attorney can afford. If true, this really is a form of coercion. They put fear into the cash strapped Racing Commissions. It just seems that way because where in the heck would a Trainer get the cash flow to pay an Attorney for multiple drug violations? It just makes sense that there is some underbelly of Attorneys controlling horse racing in North America. It’s very tough to compete against these legal eagles. When you examine the multiple drug violating Trainers such as: Moss, O’Neill, etc. there all have Attorneys as Owners. Something is going on here me thinks.

          • togahombre

            all very imaginative, if you make accusations you should bring some facts, besides who’s the trainer moss?

          • KY RACE FAN

            Think they have enough on him,doubt their are any false accusations. Probably a lot more than are stated,he needs to go===period!!!!!!!

          • togahombre

            the vasquez case is documented, it’s the “…group of attorneys that seem to be controlling racing…” that i question

          • johnnyknj

            No, it’s not the attorneys..everyone knows it’s the Tri-lateral Commission and the Jewish International Bankers!

          • Hamish

            Under certain circumstances, don’t some horsemen organizations pay the legal costs of defending trainers against drug positives, as sort of a benefit of membership?

          • Really?

            I’ve only seen this if there is a rash of positives at one time. For example feed that was contaminated or when they changed the testing and PA and there were like 50 positives for robaxin and joint meds.

          • youcantmakeitup

            Gina, I know what you are trying to say but I don’t think lawyers are controlling racing. Besides, horse racing is out of control to some extent. The lawyers that keep showing up at these hearings, yes some own horses but they are more like ambulance chasers for some horsemen.There is another commenter here who thinks all accusations couldn`t be true unless convicted.My experience on the backside is that some are guilty but never convicted. Even when its obvious.

          • togahombre

            your making up little stories again, if something is to be considered true its always helpful to support it with those pesky facts and evidence, you know; the same things you would demand if it were you that was accused

          • youcantmakeitup

            Look , the lady gave her opinion of what goes on in racing. You can call them accusations but she is entitled to what she believes and some of what she believes is very factual. On a racetrack, sometimes ” demands ” don’t mean a thing. A commission hearing or a steward`s hearing are not the same as a hearing in a courthouse. If it were, racing wouldn`t have all the problems it has. The US constitution is just paper on a racetrack.

          • Yes Master

            This is only a suggestion. If reciprocity was enforced between racing commissions, and if a trainer was suspended in another jurisdiction, as an example LA, and then moved to Fla make them reapply for a stay in the new jurisdiction, Fla. Make stays harder based on prior records like, and I am using this as an example, felony cases and prison sentences. You can appeal but the sentence/sanction/ suspension is not subject to a stay.
            I remember this issue with a breed association and a number of trainers with minor suspensions for a significant drug. However the directors applied the Rules which required the case had to be heard in the state where the Association headquarters, and no stays. A legal task force was set up so if they tried to apply for an injunctions in another state to ride, it was denied and they were subject to fines, court costs and attorney’s fees. So none of them tried that route. In fact the suspensions they initially received did not comply with the rules and they received a year suspension rather than 30 days. No appeals. They were served.

  • Tinky

    When asked how we would like to be allowed to “defend himself”, Vasquez reportedly replied “With my fists, of course.”

    • youcantmakeitup

      I love it , Tinky. But the truth is that he is probably a walking time bomb. When people with his temperament feel like the whole world is against them and they are cornered, anything can happen. Just look at his PPs and what would the morning line be?

  • Steve

    Hey Juan, here’s some advice – don’t cheat and you won’t need to file appeals

    • Gina Powell

      Good one.

  • Eyeswidehandstied

    Go to finger lakes race track they will welcome you with open arms!

  • morethanready

    If the assistant you appoint comes up positive with your horses while your suspended both ‘trainers’ should be given the same penalty. Learn from the Chapa embarrassment- second and third chances with some just lead to more abuse. At some point his owners are going to stop paying his bills.

  • Jay Romig

    good fnn bye

  • C.E. Butler

    Juan Vasquez is a black eye on the sport. He should join the likes of Dickie Dutrow and be banned for 10+ years. His suspensions for drugs and violence are well documented and it is about time racing venues step up and do the right thing by banning him.

    DE Park should be the next track to bar him but no his punnishment there is to be able to race but not stable his horses on the grounds; did you ever hear of something so insane?

    • Really

      True. That only screws the other horseman. If you are going to let him run, give him stalls so he is subject to the same scrutiny as others on the grounds (unfortunately that is zero for Vazquez at Delaware, he is a loose horse there). Training from the farm allows him to medicate raceday, shockwave, put fake works, etc.

      If he is going to run, give him stalls and make him pay for his own surveillance like they did for Rudy R. When he went to Kentucky. He’s already being billed for stall rent.

      • c. butler

        The sad truth is w/out him DE field sizes will be lower (if thats possible) than last year. Thats why they let him stay.

  • Guest

    Technically the only recent positive that Juan Vazquez has is the DMSO positive in PA and the fight in Delaware. Delaware dealt out his punishment, which he completed. The positives that everyone is up in arms about technically belong to Hector Garcia. Period. You shouldn’t be able to rule him off “just because” you feel he is detrimental to racing because I could sure give you a long list of people that should have been ruled off “just because” way before him.

    • morethanready

      No, not period. Garcia was his assistant- he appointed him. This is exactly why they came down hard- because he could return and say ‘hey it wasn’t me’. I guess your buying it but PA, MD and it appears the rest of the Mid-Atlantic want the barn gone.

      • Guest

        There is no rule saying an assistant can’t take over and take on full responsibility. You might not like it but it’s done all the time. But these guys don’t deserve to be ruled off. There are people out there with worse records who ride/train higher caliber horses who have done much worse on national television but yet they are still welcome with open arms and no one bats an eye. I feel they are going too far is all.

        • morethanready

          Who? Whose record is worse in the last 6 months than these two,. What trainer has been on national TV after they smacked a jockey because they didn’t like the way he rode against them. Your sticking up for the worst element in the sport…… and if we get enough people like you making excuses for them we won’t have to worry about watching racing on TV at all- sponsors are already running from our game.

          • Guest

            Calvin bored got in a fight in the winners circle on national TV during the breeders cup. Huge fight right in live television. Now everyone hails him as an amazing jockey. Hall of fame even.

          • morethanready

            Now that is a sound comparison. The other jock happened to be this year’s Eclipse winner and a sure HOF- two guys who just went at it on the track and it carried over- no fines, no suspensions. At DP this jackass mugs a jock who was just doing his job- arrested for assault, 90 day suspension- quit while your behind!

          • KY RACE FAN


    • Guest

      You got to be kidding. He is the steroid king , a little bit violent to other people, and a egomaniac.If all trainers were like him, they would be called a terrorist group. In fact he terrorizes the whole industry.

  • Jim O

    Is Delaware Park picking up the tab for stabling at the Sharp Farm for Vasquez? Thus saving face so he can race at Delaware.

    • Hamish

      Is Juan really at the Farish/Sharp farm? The PR said he was at the Middletown Training Center, but is that the same farm just a differet name?

      • Really?

        Same farm, different name.

    • c.butler

      Good question. I know Bayard Sharp is spinning in his grave knowing a “clown” like Vasquez is using his facilities.

  • Dan

    Juan V is a cheater not good for racing. Delaware pk should ban him from their track as well. Why do the horsemen at Delaware pk need to put up with this guy running there? This guy had the monopoly at Delaware pk too long, time for him to go! Plain and simple time for him to go for the integrity of the sport. Period

  • Bryan Langlois (ShelterDoc)

    I agree the issue is with the constant continuances. Its a problem throughout the legal system. Basically..a judge just has to say “NO” when these continuances are asked for. Of course then that gives a defense attorney grounds to appeal the judges decision. It never really ends. To me, the easiest fix would be to amend laws to say that any racetrack can order a trainer off the grounds and deny him/her starts because of violations that put the horses under their care at undo risk.

  • Tony

    “All we ask is that he be given a chance to defend himself against whatever it is the tracks have against him.” Is this guy Pincus for real? Whatever it is the tracks have against him? unbelievable!

  • Guest

    So….what was the result of the hearing on March 31?

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