UPDATED: Hearing scheduled for banned Tampa Bay Downs veterinarian Paraliticci

by | 02.07.2013 | 4:43pm

Tampa Bay Downs management has exercised its private property rights and banned veterinarian Orlando Paraliticci from its premises, effective Feb. 3. A hearing has been scheduled for Paraliticci before the Florida racetrack's board of stewards  Feb 15, according to Peter Berube, vice president and general manager of Tampa Bay Downs.

“We revoked his privileges to practice at Tampa Bay Downs as of (Feb. 3),” Berube said in response to an email from the Paulick Report. “He has been excluded from our entire facility.”

Berube would not comment other than to confirm that Paraliticci has been excluded and that a hearing is being scheduled.

Paraliticci did not respond to messages left on his cell phone.

  • Riatea

    Which trainer/trainers does he work for?

  • Ida Lee

    This is the kind of manure that really sends me into fits of outrage. I don’t know why he was banned but I hope this “animal doctor” who is supposed to care for his patients and “first do no harm” did not harm any animal in his care in any way or allow/contribute to any animal in his care to be harmed by others.  Does not sound good…

  • Who Dat

    TBD likes to keep bad press “in house”.

  • Fair is Fair

    I want to know why Cibelli wasn’t made to leave too… After all it was her horse that Orlando got caught blocking the morning it was in…

  • Digger

    These kind of vets only work for NESS,HUGH MCMAHON,DUTROW,Guerrero(both of them),Jacobsen,Cartegena,Moya,Robertson along w/a bunch of other drug trainers.We still can’t figure out why the game has such a bad name when a .05% trainer becomes .27-.45 overnight. Its no longer called handicapping by studious horseplayers its called vettraining and the above are not only the best at it but the best at getting away with it.When will just one racetrack ban all drugs?????

  • WTF

    why is it taking so long for a hearing to be set up. This incident took place jan 27th and the hearing isn’t going to be till March. That seems a bit drawn out

  • Who Dat

    Good question Fair is Fair. Why wouldn’t they, as long as they’re exercising private property rights, surely they don’t think he took it upon himself to take such a chance in a high profile public stable. And what’s with a hearing a month away if he did in fact get caught treating a horse that was in that day ?

  • Get your facts straight

    Get your facts straight before you speak… He wasn’t Ness’ vet.

  • WTF

    If Dr. Orlando is getting in trouble no doubt the trainer should as well. TBD should not try to sweep this incident under the rug. People are outraged that TBD is actually allowing these illegal and unethical practices to go on. Dr.Orlando got caught red faced and red handed this time. HOW many times did he NOT get caught? Thats a good question

  • Right or Wrong

    Cibelli lives with Margo Flynn aka Vice President of Marketing and Publicity..does that answer the questiona sto why TBD has taken NO action against her? Any other trainer would have been escorted out. But remember, she is also leading the standings and TBD does not like bad press..

  • What about trainer responsibility? No mention of any penalities against her?  Interesting.

  • Garyveg1

    Why hasn’t Cibelli been penalized or excluded as well?

  • VA_fan

     to be fair, Fair, Dig said “these kinds of vets”, not *this vet*.

  • Chadharris_45

    Once March comes the meet is pretty much over. The money is at other tracks…certainly not here! Trainers at Tampa know you can’t fight city hall so they put up with whatever Berubi and Company and don’t rock the boat and keep from getting excluded for stalls in the future. Its winter and where can you go to get away from the bad weather up north. Few options.

  • littleblackhorse

    Why is it allowed to be treated as Private Property Rights?  This is race fixing.  Does anyone know how gaming laws in the state of Florida are investigated and by whom?  Tampa must be on the radar as it’s repuation has faltered year after year due to highly questionable trainer statistics.  Most experienced, hearty players avoid “veterinarian handicapping”.  It needs to be proved or disproved by authorities above TBD to allow the track continue in good standing or take the steps to repair it and begin salvaging what could be a worthy contender in the horse racing industry or shut it down to prevent the sketchy repuation this sport has to defend everyday. How many horses and jockeys are in jeopardy between now and March or will they be any safer after this investigation?

  • Chadharris_45

    Unlike many other states, Florida has no actual racing commission.

  • Chadharris_45

    By the way…there has been no mention of the fact that Ness’s barn was raided by state officials last week. Ray Paulick was informed!

  • littleblackhorse

    Thank you Chadharris_45, I appreciate your response and hope you can also answer this genuine though flippant sounding quesion.  WHO THE HELL IS IN CHARGE??  If the tracks in Florida are allowed to play by their own rules and jeopardize the safety of these amazing athletes that have no choice to compete under such conditions why would anyone bet them or watch them for entertainment?  What legitimate horseman would want anything remotely to do with such an organization?  The hearbreaking efforts and resources spent to ensure these animals have a safe and competitive career is completely negated.  Any of us that love the sport and the horses well after their racing careers are over can not accept this.  Does anyone know the breakdown history of the trainer involved and all affiliated with this particular incident?

  • Who Dat

    Mrs Thayer how bout some transparency for a change. Make the moves now that will give some confidence to the betting public, not the same old Tampa Bay Downs way everyone expects. Not only the players directly involved but everyone up the line that tries to make it smell better than it is.

  • Sandra Warren

    There is a Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering.
    If you click on the Chapter 550 link, you’ll see that it serves to regulate the same things as most other states do. 

  • littleblackhorse

    Thanks Sandra Warren, do you know if their investigations are public knowledge?  And how they get brought in to issues like this one?

  • littleblackhorse

    Why would any Veterinarian do this to “their patient”?  Are there any vets out there that would tell a trainer No, this horse’s safety is my responsibility?

  • msallthat

    As a horse racing enthuiast, bettor and owner I feel cheated by Tampa Bay Downs! How much purse money have I lost by your turning a blind eye to what’s knowingly happening on your backstretch that affects the outcome of a race? It’s hard enough to generate support for this dying sport without having to explain the greed and ignorance of those in charge. Mrs. Thayer and  Mr. Berube need to step up and clean house to preserve the integrity of horse racing and Tampa Bay Downs.

  • msallthat

    I bet Rick Dutrow wishes he had been stabled at Tampa Bay Downs rather than the New York Race Tracks, maybe he would still have his license?????

  • Bigboyracing

    Because her significant other is a tbd employee

  • tfly

    Ray, is this true?

  • Watcher3

    Glad to see that vets are at last held accountable for their work. 

  • Bonnie

    Doesn’t Cibelli have “personal ties” with someone who works at TBD?

  • More Likley than KNOT!!!…The good old BOY/GIRL DEAL!!!…ty…

  • U gotta LOVE IT!!!…TY…

  • Gotta Love Peaceful Anarchy!!! (as in “Boy Cotton”)…ty…

  • Bout Time “THE STATE” got off their @$$E$ when it comes to T-Bred Race Tracks!!!…Ray???…

  • Humans like U (that Love the Horses/The Game) will help change ALL this BS in the very near future!!!…ty…

  • Good…Stand up & Bee Counted!!!…Don’t be Scared…ty…

  • Damn sure can’t ban all Drugs!!!…Please…REGULATE THEM like they are suppose to DUE…Ban all DRUGS for Humans Too???…GMAB…

  • Barry Irwin

    This is why the big gamblers abandoned the game in Southern California in the 1990s when many trainers decided to join the Dark Side. 

  • Kim Howell (Anita Xanax)

    Of course there are, just as there are doctors who tell patients the truth. I’d say most likely more than not are honest; the others just overshadow them.

  • Thegospeltruth

    If this was any other trainer,  the hearing would have been held immediately and this woman charged for her crime under the absolute insurer rule.  But it seems she has a close relationship with someone in management who is apparently trying to make this go away.  Where is Berube who is always standing up so “bravely” to off shore ADWs?  Why isn’t he demanding that justice take place now and not in March?…..Or is it just business as usual at Tampa Bay Downs!

  • NY Owner

    I’m wondering what medication they could use for the block that wouldn’t show up in the post race testing?  Yet another “frog juice” substance that isn’t on the radar yet?  Ugh!

  • William Koester

    There is a group of track vets that need to revisit just what they swore to do
    Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skill for the benefit of society through the protection of the animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.
    I will practice my profession conscientiously with dignity, andin keeping with the principles of veterinary ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.


    Yes there are vets that say no, but there is always a shadier vet around the corner who will say yes and those are who the shady trainers go to.


    You’re right! Ness does his own “vet work”

  • Dbennettthequeen

    The vets are instructed by the trainer. Period. They don’t randomly walk in to stalls of trainers and Medicate their horses. I think many times the vets might fear losing a big outfit, so they might do something for those trainers that they would not normally do otherwise. You have to realize that the trainers are the vets “bosses” so to speak. I’m not justifying ANY action that can #1 potentially cause injury to any animal or human #2 or potentially change the outcome of a race through deceptive medicinal practices but, if an “employee” (vet) faces the possibility of losing 15-20,000. Per month by refusing to do something that the trainer will ultimately get another vet to do….it would be a difficult decision for some. I know Dr. O personally. He was actually my vet at one time. He is a good person and good vet. Never once did he EVER suggest to us anything that would be illegal or unethical. Nor has any other vet we have done business with in any state. Hopefully, the hearing in March will reveal how this situation came to be and Dr. O gets the same consideration from Tampa that others with question marks have gotten in the past. Good Luck Doc ! Just tell the truth……

  • Who Dat

    Damn sure can ban the act of “blocking” a horses leg before he is examined by the track vet because he is racing that afternoon.

  • Ida Lee

    The oath says it all. The really sad part is that those who do not take things like sacred oaths to heart, end up hurting those who need and depend upon them the most because they can’t help themselves. The betrayal is heartbreaking…

  • Dbennettthequeen

    I’m sorry digger, that is untrue. Doctor O has been my husbands vet and my husbands percentages have been quite CONSISTANT over the course of 14 years. Between 20-25%. And that is using several vets in several states. FL, KY, IL, IN, etc. with that being said, your theory is flawed.
    Additionally, banning all MEDICATIONS, (or your term, DRUGS) would be detrimental to the ATHLETES asked to run. When you decide to stop using an aspirin when you have a headache, or icy hot when you have a strain, then you will be qualified to ask that question again. Medication can be therapeutic. Unfortunately, it can also be abused by all kinds of doctors. Human and animal.

  • Circusticket

    Sorry, I’m not as optimistic as you are about this.  There’s a real chance that we’ll destroy ourselves.  And I’m an optimistic person, really.

  • Track Fan

    As a horse owner for the past twenty years I’ve always wondered how many trainers and vets have gotten together to “help” a horse win a race. Chemical warfare is banned throughout the world except on the backside of a race track. It is extremely difficult to keep a horse sound and fit. Hearing that a vet and a trainer was blocking a horse’s leg not only cheats other owners and trainers, it also cheats the betting public and worst of all puts jockey’s life in danger. 

    We all know this has been done thousands of times in the past but it’s time to clean up our industry. If the industry wants to grow and keep the trust of the betting public, vets and trainers need to be fined and barred for life. Will it take a death of a jock? Will it take the betting public to stop wagering?

    Tampa Bay Downs needs to stop playing favorites and look at the big picture. If a horse under Jane Cibelli’s care was being blocked … she is 100% responsible. Just like a manager of a sports team or a president of a company … everybody knows that a trainer is responsible for what happens to all horses under their care. If Dr. Orlando Paraliticci was ruled off the track why is Jane Cibelli still allowed to keep her horses at TBD and race? It just doesn’t make sense! This should be the start of what needs to be done to fix racing. Let’s hope Tampa Bay Downs has the guts to do the right thing.   

  • Marc

    In order to have a lucrative practice on the racetrack, many veterinarians routinely mask injuries to enable sore horses to compete.  That is the purpose of pre-race painkillers, joint injections, neurectomies and nerve blocks.  These “shadier” docs follow the trainers’ direction without an adequate examination of their patient and without giving primary regard to the best interest of the racehorse. That, in my opinion, violates the state veterinary practices act and the veterinary oath.

    I’m reminded of the story of the fellow offering money to a woman for sex. “$20”, he asked.  “No” she replied. 

    “$100?” he continued.  “I don’t think so.” 

    “How about $1000?”  “Well, maybe” she said, “But I’m not a prostitute.”

    “Lady, we’ve already established WHAT you are. Now we’re just dickering over the price.”

  • Gottafeed

    One year at TBD, I was stabled next to a trainer who was, to be succinct, clueless. Mr. Clueless had a nice old horse, who had a few problems, including a bum ankle. His vet tapped the ankle and the next day, according to Trainer Clueless, the ankle was cured. I asked the vet why he had done that and told him that if he needed $50 or 100 that badly, I would give it to him. His response was that if he didn’t do it, someone else would have. In the end, the horse ran…. and came back in the wagon. It’s about the money with some of these people. FLDVM, you are correct. I don’t care what business you are in,  there is always a bandit lurking somewhere. Problem with this trainer wasn’t that he was shady, he was just stupid.

  • tfly

    Well, if the vet decides ‘business over ethics,’ then they should pay the price and suffer the consequences.  Regarding Dr. O- i’m not saying he’s not a good person or good vet, but IF he did block that horse, then he should be kicked off the grounds.  Yes, good people sometimes do bad things- but there are penalties for doing so.

  • tfly

    Interesting- no Ness entries at TB Sat. or Sun.  Coincidence?

  • equinevet

    The substances used can be as simple as alcohol or as sophisticated as cobra venom plus a number of other chemicals and biologic agents such as sarapin from the pitcher plant or ammonium chloride – none of which there is a “test” for in urine or serum.  Let’s not forget the analgesic effect of shock wave therapy used within 3 days of a race (illegally in most jurisdictions)…I’ve seen ruled off vets just set up shop close by the track or continue to work at training cetners and have just as much business as before…sad.

  • Jjmsmootie

     Well said that covers it!

  • Matt Clarke

     The question should really be why did Mr. Clueless have a stall? How and why did Mr. Clueless obtain a trainers license?

  • forestwildcat

    cibelli should be gone as well but she’s big buds with the right people down there

  • forestwildcat

     Sticking a joint two hours before you run is not therapeutic or ethical

  • Who Dat

    I have noticed that all of the comments inquiring about the connection between the trainer and TBD management have been taken down ? Why is the trainer who is responsible for the welfare of the horse (“trainer responsibility rule”) not being treated the same as the Vet. Does it have anything to do with the connection they have ? Has management asked you to remove those comments connecting the two ?

  • Aggadan

    Ah Rick Dutrow  Doesnt do these kinda things. Remember on thing a trainer is held responsible for what the vet does. Open your minds enough to see that all ricks violations are for theraputic drugs.  But stay tuned  Rick aint done yet 

  • RayPaulick

    Tampa Bay Downs has not asked me to remove anything. The only confirmed information I have on the record is that the veterinarian in question has been excluded. There is no confirmation on the record about the horse or barn/trainer involved. Anything else is speculation and conjecture, and unseemly comments by people hiding behind anonymous names will not be tolerated. 

    I have asked if the hearing before the stewards will be open to the press, and hope to attend so that I can report on the facts of the case. 

    The Paulick Report tries to facilitate dialogue on important issues but our policy is to filter, edit or certain type of comments that are speculative or unproven.

    The wheels of justice sometimes move slowly, even in horse racing. A lot of people seem keenly interested in playing the multiple roles of prosecutor, judge and jury in this case.

  • Lowechris18

    Was Orlando at Gulfstream today? Just askin’…

  • Who Dat

    Thanks, Hot topic that is in the headlines in nearly all sports, people are more emotional because this athlete is dependent upon they’re caretakers choices.

  • Zebra

    If an MD were caught red handed this way, he would lose his license, and certainly would not be able to practice at another hospital, no matter who he knew.

    If an NFL player (or any professional athlete) were doped before a game this way, serious attention would crash down on not only his head, but that of the trainer, coach, team and the entire NFL.  It would be assumed this was happening all the time – and they’d be right.

    I’m not sure what concerns me more – the fact that the lives of the horse and jockey are being jeopardized for money – or the fact that TBD is implicitly supporting this by not launching a wider investigation? 

  • Griese72

     the truth,the whole truth and ”nothing” but the truth.

  • Dbennettthequeen

    I agree

  • Kyrydr

    I worked at race tracks all over the country as an Official and rider, and I don’t know a single track that would not immediatly suspend the trainer for allowing this to happen under the Trainer Responsibility Rule. All tracks have such a rule.
    I don’t know all the details about this incident, but maybe the trainer’s hearing is coming up on this matter. There is a legal process that has to be followed, lets hope so. 

  • LL

    Many years ago I decided to be a partner on a horse with a friend of mine. She obtained a horse from a trainer that she thought was on the up and up. We didn’t know until the horse broke down (track vet said she had never seen a break that bad) that he had been nerved. Hard lesson to learn. Much more careful now on who trains for me. 

  • littleblackhorse

    Was the horse’s name River Congaree trained by Jane Cibelli? 

  • guest

    When I first graduated from vet school in 1970, I thought I would like to do some race track work.  When I talked at length with a racetrack veterinarian, he told me I was too good a person and too idealistic as the “trainers always want specific things done, and if you won’t do them, they will just go to someone else who will.”  Seems things have not changed one iota.

  • Dr Cathy Todd

    I told many trainers NO and ended up getting banned for a couple of months over in the UK on a souped up charge of milkshaking which my hospital never did but enough trainers said we did and voila–no more access to the track! 

    When a bunch of crooked trainers get together their lying can get anyone warned off the track—they lie and they stick together!

  • msallthat

    This was not a comparison of infractions, it is to point out that he has been held accountable for his actions unlike the Tampa Bay Downs trainer. Myabe it would have gotten swept under the rug, too.

  • Gottafeed

    Matt,why did he have a stall? Who knows. As to how he got a license…. after 45 years racing, nothing surprises me anymore.

  • Roisin

    By not penalizing the trainer also the whole thing is pointless and stupid !

  • Sevencentsstable

    Wait, Wait, Wait! Did you say “…in the UK?” Because you said “no” to some sort of doping? How can that be? According to ALL the press over here, UK racing, all Euro and Asian, and Australian trainers are PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW ! Really, they are supposed to be the best of the best, even their worst trainers are supposed to better horsemen than us “drug dependent, no training, drug abusing” US trainers!


  • Sevencentsstable

    We heard back in Septmeber that Louisiana had come up with a test for P-block and Serapin. Remember commat QH racing was going to get REAL interesting – most of those guys block “just in case”. Did it not pan out?

  • Hopefieldstables

    Fascinating, can you give us the link to your hearing where you “warned off” from “access to the track”. We can see which trainers gave the “evidence”.

  • The Caine Family

    The problem isnt rick dutrow is the same problem i have been trying to address for a long time.   Let  me give you an example.    Trainer says  do the prerace on the horse with allowed substances for example lasix.  The vet knows the horse has to be treated 4 hours out.  so the vet treats the horse 3 hours out. The vet then tries to adjust the dosage to account for the hour lost. the horse is supposed to have  5 cc shot of lasix  he receives 4 cc instead the vet then says he treated the horse within the 4 hour time  with 5 cc   the horse runs the race  comes back positive for an overage of lasix    the trainer is find cause the vet screwed up. So now the trainer  gets 1 violation  for trainers who have over a hundred horses in there care they will get  more of a chance to get violations. It isnt that they are neccesarily doing wrong its that there labeled as doing wrong.   We need to monitor the vets actions vs  labeling the trainers as doing wrong. In 35 percent of the cases trainers were running in other states when the horses get positives. 

  • Mypups22

    you are exactly right. every track has the unscruptulous vets who will do anything to help their good outfits. they are the one’s who make them all the $. we have witnessed first hand vets at our track go into a horse’s stall who has already been treated with lasix, go in and hit the horses an hour before they run with needles. but this is only for a few select trainers, not all get the special treatment.
    the racing officials know who these vets are, but turn a blind eye to them as they dont want bad press or to get their friends in trouble. it just stinks for the trainers who truley love the game and horses, but get disheartened by being defeated by the trainers whose horses, who hobble around in the morning,but yet run out of the tv in the afternoon. its no wonder horse racing is deteriorating. horses are disposable to alot of these trainers, as all they and the vets see if the almighty $.


    The horse that Cibelli had blocked was owned by her lover Margo Flynn. Who happens to be the VP of marketing and public relations for TBD…. 

    If TBD were actually going to clean up the backside, there sadly would be no horses to fill races and Peter Berube knows this. That is why nothing ever happens.

  • Tash04

    Sounds like http://www.sportofkingsbook.com might be true after all

  • Tash04

    She got very hot at Monmouth Park the last couple of years, it is amazing that they don’t even try to stop the cheating and the drugs!!

  • Zebra

    littleblackhorse I can’t find River Congaree anywhere.  What happened to that horse?

  • littleblackhorse

    Mr. Paulick, I respect and appreciate what you do and your unbiased approach, thank you.  But “comments by people hiding anonymously” may be the way this appaling behavior can be exposed by those who see it. Imagine being the jockey that was to ride this horse?  What can their public position be when the relationship between TBD management and this trainer is questionable at the least and NOTHING is mentioned of the trainer’s reckless behavior?

  • RayPaulick

    Any licensed person with concerns should go to the stewards, the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau, or the Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering. If those contacts have been exhausted without satisfaction, they may contact me privately at [email protected] with specifics.

  • Tash04

    It will be very interesting to see what Jane Cibelli’s owners do. If I were an owner in this great sport, I would not want to be associated with a trainer that is willing to risk the life of horse and rider in order to win a race. Blocking a leg on raceday is about as bad as it gets and if Jane is found guilty, she should get about the same suspension as Mr. Dutrow, ten years!! This would also be a good opportunity to have an owner responsibility clause. For the next year, any horse that is under the care of a known cheating trainer is automatically put on probation and if that horse comes up with a positive test or is caught giving illegal drugs on raceday, then the horse and owner are given a lengthly suspension as well. It is time to clean up racing and this would be a great place to start!!!

  • Southern Pete

    You people have already convicted the trainer and vet without a shred of evidence. There a many legit reasons to block a horse.

  • Fair is fair

    Yes it is legal to block a horse out if you are trying to diagnose lameness, however it is never ok to block anything on a horse the day it is in. This case is pretty open and shut, the state vet who was walking the backside doing the morning leg checks of the horses in that day walked right up to the front of the stall and caught them in the act. Not much more evidence is needed than that!

  • Matt Clarke

     Yes please Dr Cathy please tell us.

  • Southern Pete

    what evidence to you have? who was the horse? was he scratched by the stewards? The original article never said anything about blocking a horse. This is the usual witch hunt against any successful trainer.

  • Rc one

    The horse was in to run that day

  • Southern Pete

    did he run? was he scratched? what is his name?

  • Thegospeltruth

    So why wasn’t Cibelli denied the grounds?  She told the vet to block her horse.  When is her hearing?  Why the delay?

  • WTF

    There may be many legit reasons to block a horse. true enough. BUT NOT ON THE MORNING IT IS SUPPOSSED TO RUN

  • MTB419

    Stalls are money if a trainer can “drag” a horse in he’s/she stalled……….

  • littleblackhorse

    I think a lot of people are trying to find that out for the sanctity of the sport Southern Pete.  Jane Cibelli had a horse named Raven Train scratched by the stewarts that day.  Maybe she’ll tell us?

  • Southern Pete

    stop making things up. no horse called Raven Train has been entered or scratched this month at TB. Cibelli is not even the listed trainer for Raven Train. That day? What day was that?

  • WTF

    Its not a witch hunt. Dr.Orlando got caught treating a horse the morning of the day it was in to run at Tampa. The horse was/is trained by Jane cibelli. That is illegal, you are not allowed to treat a horse on race day other than lasix. Plain and simple. He got caught Jane’s horse BOTH should be penalized.

  • WTF

    Evidence my ass. You are not allowed to give medication on race days period!  So no matter what Orlando was doing it was being done to a horse racing that day. The trainer and vet should both take their punishment and be done with it. Orlando got caught and it is trainer responsibility, both  are at fault. If the trainer didnt know about it, thats  a shame but the trainer is the one person who is held responsible of the horses in their care

  • WTF

    The vet got caught injecting a horse that was to run that afternoon. Thats illegal The horse was trained by Jane Cibelli. Both facts. Simple the vet Dr.Orlando should be penalized. The trainer wether she had knowledge of what Dr. O was doing or not, the horse was in her care and what happens to the horse is her respnsibility.Both should be penalized to some extent.

  • littleblackhorse

    Jan 27th, Race 2, horse #4. I am not an expert and may be wrong but would like to see this sport as something we can remain being proud of and feel strongly that if something is wrong decent players need to internally investigate and police it until it is weeded out of the game.  The biggest misconceptions of this sport are race fixing and animal cruelty.  This falls under both, it needs to be investigated and treated appropriately.

  • Tash04

    As usual Ray Paulick and the rest of the racing press is being very quiet and politically correct about all of this. They fall into the same category as the Racing Commissions in all the states. They stick their head in the sand and hope it all just goes away. This incedent should be front and center in every racing publication until it is properly dealt with!! I saw a post today that said that Jane Cibelli just recently had two positive drug test!! Until the people that are in charge of the integrity of racing and the racing press find their heart and do their job, racing will suffer!!

  • A vet is contracted to do perform a service.  So, who ordered this “service” and why is a vet the only one to blame? Why aren’t further details available?  Was there a horse involved in this suspension?  Is the sky blue?  If anyone has any answers to any of the questions, please provide us with some answers. 
    As I read the comments, I see there is a trainer Cibelli that was allegedly involved….And?  Is there any action taken to her, if that is the trainer of the horse that was allegedly blocked? I can’t remember an issue such as this that there were such little facts and information given to the public to digest.  What else has been swept under the rugs off the Gulf of Mexico?

  • Myfathergerald

    I hear trainer Jane Cibelli is saying she did not authorize the vet to do this , what a crock I have worked as a vet tech for many vets over the last 30 years and NO vet just walkes into a barn and does work he or she is not asked to do , they have enough work to do without dreaming up stuff to do!!!!!

  • Didleyzip

    It doesn’t just happen in racing, we have show horses and it happens there as well, big show comes up horse comes up lame and the shady trainers will get a vet to block the horses feet, in honesty some vets probably don’t know the horse is still going to compete, he may have blocked the foot to establish where the lameness was.  I also personally know of a story of a trainer that was so into “winning” at all costs that he had a horse injected multiple times using different vets because the former vet wouldn’t inject again so soon. 

  • A1wildkatracing

    Now that this trainer has turned her back on the vet she hired!…andhe’s now in the public eye..how many other Vets will back off and protect their own butts!..I know of another vet yrs ago who lost his license in the same manor…he later would be extra careful who he worked for…
    As for myself…my (and my clients horses) NEVER race if injured…I as a trainer..chose to risk a $150 fine on occasion for a late scratch than risk the safety/life of the horses in my care…I’ve NEVER had an illegal positive..nor even an overage of any kind..it can be done..playing by the rules that is..

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