Sutherland May Not Be Done With Riding

by | 03.21.2013 | 6:33pm

Recently-retired jockey Chantal Sutherland was aboard horses for Mike Machowsky, Jeff Mullins, and Tim Yakteen on Thursday morning at Santa Anita Park and said she's not sure she can stay out of the starting gates.

Sutherland announced her retirement at Woodbine last October with 931 wins from 7,350 mounts. She lives in southern California with her husband, Dan Kruse.

“I wouldn't rule it out. I miss it,” she told Daily Racing Form. She said any definite plans for a comeback would hinge on discussions with Kruse.

“I think he likes me being his wife,” she said.

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  • Racemaven

    We like you being his wife too. Please do racing a big favor and stay out of the saddle.

    • vic stauffer

      What a sad, mean spirited, terrible thing to say.

      • Racemaven

        Yes, her body of work was sad and terrible Vic. I am sure there are many things she can better than riding horses. Also, I see that opinions not shared by Mr. Paulik are deleted. That is a sad and terrible way to run a public forum. I am a serious horseplayer and was the victim of many of those bad rides. Perhaps Ray will re-post my comment for context of this discussion; perhaps not.

        • When one goes overboard they drown!!!…Cut and Dry…ty…

        • How do you know that Mr. Paulik deleted the comment…after all its only a way to log in to the forum not as forum monterator

  • OMG…what better exercise rider than a jockey…Cordero, Pletcher…HELLO!

  • Knowitall

    Who saw it coming? Boredomwithrealwifelife + Getting Over it, Dude = Comeback.

  • Maybe Playboy or Maxim would be a better idea. They would pay her more money than she will ever earn as a jockey. Much safer as well.

  • Glimmerglass

    I’m sure she’s watched Gary Stevens and thought that being a selective jockey could be feasible.

    That said, and with all due respect, she’s no Gary Stevens and being just a casual jock seems dubious. Either you’re all in and its your career – a la Rosie – or you’re riding less than live mounts.

    • Lou Baranello, Former Steward

      Glimmerglass, I don’t believe you know anything about riders. Please prove me wrong and explain to me the the difference between the riding skills of Chantal Sutherland and Gary Stevens. Please don’t tell me anything about how many races each has won, I want to know what you think Gary Stevens does on horses that makes him a better rider than Chantal Sutherland. I anxiously await your very detailed explanation.

      • jumpjockey1

        Lou as a former steward im sure you have plenty of experience. As a former rider i would say consistency is a huge seperation in the skills of Ms Sutherland and Gary Stevens. I think chantal is a decent rider but she was far from the best female rider in the country. Gary Stevens did it all at the highest level both here and internationally and honestly if u owned a horse in a G1 would rather have Gary Stevens or Chantal Sutherland bringinging you home from the 1/4 pole? Myself id choose Gary.. but thats the great thing about opinions we are all entitled to them. As for other peoples comments on here there is no need to make personal attacks on someone. If she chosses to retire then changes her mind that is her right and i hope she makes the decisions that make her happiest.

        • nu-fan

          Totally agree with you. It is her decision and it is her right. However, I, sometimes, think that some people may just not like Chantal–for reasons other than her racing ability. Maybe, it is the way she presents herself to the public. That is, often, how we evaluate everyone.

        • Lou Baranello Former Steward

          jumpjock et al Tell me, please, about this highest level you refer to. Are you suggesting that riders who compete at those tracks which present the highest levels of racing are better riders than those competing at tracks with lower levels of racing ? If so please be kind enough to enlighten myself and others as to what, exactly, the riders at the highest level tracks do on their mounts that causes them to be better than the riders at the lower level tracks. I want to read something that supports your contention about riders at different geographic locations having different levels of raceriding skills. Also, I would like to know the criteria used in evaluating the different levels of racing. That answer might help me become aware of the conditions or circumstances that attract the more highly skilled riders to choose a particular venue. I would also like to know where you would apply the use of the word consistency as an important attribute to a rider. Consistency in doing what? And tell me what benefit it is you seem to think that an owner and trainer would get from having Gary Stevens on their horse from the quarter pole to the finish, that would not be forthcoming from Chantal Sutherland.
          It appears that Glimmerglass has nothing to offer in support of that posting.

          • jumpjockey1

            Lou you obviously know more about riding and standards of riders than anyone iv ever met and in reading your response i see no benefit in arguing with you. I have ridden in plenty of places both here and internationally and feel confident that there are huge differences in riding standards from track to track and yet again between the top and bottom levels within those tracks. But as i said everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to that. I have mine and you believe yours. I believe chantal is much weaker in a finish for one small example. .. if you asked ramon Dominguez what rider he hates being in a finish with he WILL tell you David Cohen. Thats just an example.. but having read your responces im sure you already knew that and will tell Ramon he is wrong as there are no differences in riders at all…

          • Lou Baranello Former Steward

            jumpjockey, would you agree that the responses on this subject are presumptive opinions? Mine excepted, of course.

          • jumpjockey1

            I would in some cases..

      • TY…

      • Tinky

        Oh, let’s see…

        Stevens is more confident (for good reason), has better split-second judgment, reads races better, and is a stronger finisher.

        • Didn’t get that confidence right off the get go…and when your riding much the best all you got to do is read the race.

    • nu-fan

      I didn’t see where it was a prerequisite to be considered a better jockey than Gary Stevens in order to ride again. If that was the case, perhaps, the majority of jockeys today have no business ridiing. Apples and oranges….and, quite frankly, irrelevant to her decision to race once more.

  • Kris

    I wish her well.

    • nu-fan

      Kris: I wish her well too. She is in a very fortunate position to make these decisions. Why shouldn’t we all be in her corner?

      • Kris

        Exactly, Nu-Fan. I’ve picked-up a certain vibe coming from a few in the online racing community that would suggest that because Chantal was also a model, then somehow that made her less a jockey. It is the 21st century and women can do more than one thing. If I had Chantal’s looks I’d also do some modeling!

  • Don Reed

    “I think he likes me being his wife,” she said.

    (“Pay Attention, This Will Be On The Test: What’s the number one reason why men ask
    women to marry them?”)

    Hope everyone invited to the “retirement” party held on to their receipts.

  • M

    With all due respect to her, I’m a little bit tired of hearing her in the news. I wish she could just be like Rosie, let her riding do the talking and the media could just leave her alone. If she does come back, best of luck to her. She’s not the best jockey out there but I still think she’s good.

  • jon

    we need more owners in the racing game. how many retired jocks (who have made a ton of money ) never become owners?

    • nu-fan

      That’s an interesting point. While many, if not most, jockeys do not earn the huge incomes of the relatively few top jockeys, I don’t remember a former jockey staying in this sport as an owner. I wonder why? (Truly, just wondering…)

      • I’ve always wondered that too. Very few even become trainers.

  • She needs to come back if that is what she wants to do…Its in her blood and she is pretty damn good at it…Not to mention she looks mighty fine when she’s sitting on one of those Immortal Animals…She helps put a face on “The Game” through the marketing aspect of things for sure…Those that truly love “The Game” ought to hope she does come back…And may The Racing Gods be with her!!!…ty…

  • jahura2

    Love Chantal, good looking, perrsonable, great face for the sport. Howeevr,she isnt 1/10th the jockey Rosie is, and please dont mention her in the same sentence as Gary Stevens. All that aside I hope she comes back!

  • Red Star

    Hey nothing wrong with taking a little time off for yourself, whatever it is you do for a living. Sometimes you need to look at life like a painting, sometimes when you stand back and look at it you get a different fresh perspective. She can comeback anytime she wants and if my colt makes it to the races she can ride him too!

  • HappyHarriet

    Oh my. First Chantal marries a man who is ALLERGIC to horses not that long after breaking an engagement with a world class rider Mike Smith, then she retires because she’s not enjoying riding any more, then she misses riding (totally understandable in my opinion), and she references her husband. I call Identity Crises here. I hope she sorts herself out and makes choices that make sense to her. I feel she needs some public relations coaching, however. She seems like a ditz to me, and that’s an unfortunate image for person who sits on 1200 pounds of expensive horseflesh going 40 mph while an ambulance follows alongside.

    • I agree. I watched that series Jockeys, and she was bitching to Mike that other riders wouldn’t let her through. And she was serious. Not to mention her repeated statement tha dropping the reins in the stretch drive was “nothing”. She can ride, but I wouldn’t ever put her in Gary Steven’s class or Rosie’s.

    • nancyalis

      I agree with the “identity crisis” part. I would NEVER start a relationship with (let alone MARRY) a man who would not be happy with the fact that I have a career that I will not give up–not for marriage, not for anything or anyone. A person must know themselves well enough to think that way, and mean it, especially if it’s important to them. It’s called “adapt”. Married people do it all the time, if you marry the “right” person. I think she is a decent jockey. I also think she likes California and wanted to stay and win there, which she did. But being a jockey is a 24-hour career. Rosie approaches it that way, as do mostly ALL jockeys. If she wants her career back, she now has to consider the person she married. I agree she needs some PR coaching, and she should leave the “drama” to the celebrities.

  • Todd

    her coming back to the sport is of no real consequence.She is at best an average rider.

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