Stevens ‘Doing Well’ After Hip Surgery, Back In The Saddle Mid-February

by | 01.21.2017 | 4:23pm
Gary Stevens

Looking fresh and fit as he recuperates from surgery last Dec. 21 for replacement of his left hip, Gary Stevens was on hand at Clockers' Corner Saturday morning, counting down the time until he can resume his Hall of Fame career.

“I'm doing well,” Stevens said. “I'm rehabbing every day, back on my Equicizer which I've been riding for about 10 days now. I see the doctor in two weeks and hopefully I can start getting on horses in 3 ½ more weeks.

“I'll play it by ear from there.”

  • tougaloo

    Gary go away already!

  • affirmed

    Good to hear that Gary Stevens is doing well, and feeling better since his hip surgery! as I said before, my neighbor had this surgery, and he is mid sixties year old, yet I see him everyday, walking and not winching in pain anymore, he says he feels brand new!, and I can imagine Gary Stevens, same , as my neighbor also told me that the more he exercises , the better he feels, and Gary will be ..I just read a post by” Tougaloo ” it said Gary go away already!.. guess what while I dont personally know Gary Stevens, I send my support to him, so “Tougaloo” are you a human being? having no feelings for anyone? .. I guess you will never get sick? whether you dont like Gary Stevens or not, this is not the time to chase him away, how about you, at the place where you work, or once worked, they did not like you? and wanted to get you the hell away? have some Passion for someone, and think about yourself, in that situation, and also your families, and close friends., have some respect for someone recovering from surgery.

    • trooper seven

      I don’t think there could be a bigger fan of Gary Stevens than I am, I watched him when he was getting his start at the old Longacres track, and I’ve stuck with him all the way through the Oxbow victory. Have had a couple of hip transplants myself so I know how they improve life.

      But having said that, I think it is time to switch to training or such like. Gary Baze, who was riding at Longacres at the same time as Stevens, fought just as hard to stay on the horses as Stevens is fighting now, but after god knows how many broken bones and a broken neck, he finally had to wrap it up. Let’s hope Gary Stevens doesn’t have to have even more injuries to give it up…must be a completely intoxicating job…

    • Charles Smith

      Gary Stevens went from a knee replacement to a hip replacement and now he’s planning another comeback. I wish him well, but for a person in his 50’s with over 30 years of other wear and tear from riding racehorses to return to his winning ways under these circumstances seems like a real stretch. I would hate to be in the situation of losing half my assets in a divorce and then trying to maintain a certain lifestyle with my 2nd wife and family while carrying on a comeback as a race rider after a knee replacement AND a hip replacement.

    • Judoon

      Exactly. Gary can decide on his own when it’s enough. It’s extremely conceited of anyone here to state that he should quit riding or that it’s time for him to do something else. I would never think of saying such presumptuous things to/about another person because it’s not MY choice, it’s their choice.

  • Carolyn Barg

    Can’t wait until you’re back, Gary. Look forward to seeing you at Del Mar. You’re the best!!!

  • affirmed

    True Charlie , however its now up to Gary Stevens, he did state that he will let his body tells him when! and if things dont go the way he wants it after these surgeries, when he return to race riding, then for sure, he could look at other options, as you stated, eg. training, owning, etc. and also dont forget hie is also good at the race analysis on TVG ,before he returned to Riding, so he is truly a blessed man, and I continue to wish Gary Stevens the Best in all his efforts., also could he now become the Bionic jockey? just teasing…

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