Scheinman takes the reins from Paulick

by | 06.27.2011 | 6:01am

In 1925, a serviceable first baseman for the New York Yankees named Wally Pipp was pulled from the starting lineup and a little known youngster named Lou Gehrig began his legendary Iron Man streak of 2,130 consecutive games. This week, Ray Paulick ends his consecutive days streak at 1,103 days at the helm of the Paulick Report without a break. (This is a little bit of exaggeration. He has taken weekend off here or there…)

While we don't expect John to flip this site into the Scheinman Report this week, we do very much look forward to a guest writer giving the site a new feel and persepctive over the week to come. Think of John as our fill-in talk show host for the week.

John will be penning our usual weekly features; The Breeders' Cup Forum, Keeneland presents the American Graded Stakes Standings, and Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday. Additionally, the Maryland scribe will pontificate about the issues of the day and hopefully start some very interesting discussions about the Thoroughbred industry. And as always, look for this former Washington Post turfwriter and co-founder of Kentucky Confidential to weave his patented sense of humor into conversation. See the video below of Scheinman hunting for Kegasus to get an idea of what we're talking about.

We are excited to have this opportunity to bring our readers a steady dose of one of the best writers in our industry. And because Ray can't help himself, we may be treated to a Special Report from Mr. Paulick. By the way, if you see a guy who looks homeless with a funny walk on the streets of Lexington, that's probably just Ray trying to figure out what to do with his life after realizing how easily he's been replaced on his own website.

  • Welcome aboard John….now can Davey Johnson lead the Nationals to a Wildcard spot?

  • Rachel

    PS I’m from the Boston area…we’re all set, we’re champions of everything!

  • “founder of Kentucky Confidential”

    I think you mean co-founder, no? At any rate, have fun!

  • wilderness fisher

    welcome, did you watch the Queens Plate, nice filly beats 16 boys and the cream of the N.A. jockey colony

  • Looking forward to The Schienman Perspective on the all-important Takeout issue.

    …and a few other problems in racing.

  • MikeD

    He will certainly bring some class to this place.

  • Shuvee

    Hey, you can’t fool us PR readers. We all know who’s really the boss of the place.


  • Spud Paulick


  • Kelly


  • Joe

    Ray will reappear somewhere, somehow and will use his knowledge to improve racing.

  • ManuelAdum

    Hey Brad: Ray’s funny walk and all, he did just fine last year hiking from Lexington to Louisville.

    “Those with a straw tail should avoid playing with fire.”

  • Scheinman at the helm? This is scary. However, the Washington Post should kick itself for letting John go.

  • Cris

    So glad to be able to speak with John again. Someone who understands racing in the Mid Atlantic and all its nutty kinks. Good luck John. Have fun.

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