Retired Jockey Lovato Completes Video Racing Glossary

by | 12.27.2013 | 8:37am
Former jockey Frank Lovato Jr.

Retired Eclipse Award-winning jockey Frank Lovato, Jr. has achieved the goal he established for himself at the beginning of 2013.

In an effort to better educate racing fans and those who aspire to work in the Thoroughbred racing industry, he vowed to produce a “365 Days of Racing Terminology” video series.  It has been among the most challenging and extensive endeavors Lovato has tackled in demonstrating the mission of his 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Jockey World Inc., which is to provide education and promote safety in the racing world.

The project required Lovato to write and create a video every day of the year, each one explaining and illustrating a term or phrase pertinent to the sport of racing.  Aided by his Jockey World Inc. assistant, Kayla Jarvinen, and sponsored by various organizations, businesses, and individuals in the racing community, Lovato devoted an average of four hours per day to writing and producing each two- to three-minute segment.

“My idea behind this series was to offer a fun way to learn more about the world of horse racing, and this is all a part of my mission with our Jockey World organization.  I decided to commit myself to taking a term every single day of the year and bringing it to life, embellishing on it, adding photos and video,” Lovato stated.

“I believe the better you understand something, the better chance you will enjoy it, and this brings us all together to share our love for horses and horse racing.  The response has been amazing.  Fans from all over the world have been responding on social media, and the series will always be available for the public to refer to and enjoy forever.”

The complete series is now available free of charge to viewers at

  • Frankie Lovato

    Thank you for posting this and all the support the Paulick Report has given to me and my efforts witth Jockey World!

  • Tim J

    What a great accomplishment. I just completed watching today’s video when I saw this article. The term videos significantly have helped a ‘novice’ fan more thouroughly enjoy all that is happening in the course of the experience! Thank you for the videos and two thumbs up for the Paulick report recognizing the completion of such a large project and goal.

  • Don Reed

    Frank did some really nice work with these videos. Thank you, to all who funded the project!

    (For once, money wasn’t thrown down the racing rat hole.)

  • Darcy Scudero

    One of Frankie’s MANY accomplishments!! GREAT job guys, I know it took a lot of thought and time, but I’m not the least bit surprised :) xx

  • Figless

    Had no idea this was being done, bookmarked the link and will pass this along to my casual fans and novices.

  • d rhodes

    The 365 Racing Terms are not just for the new to the sport. There are clips and photos everyone in racing will love. Many show great champions, both people and horses.

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