CANGAMBLE: Paulick drank the CHRB Kool-Aid on takeout hike

It appears Ray has earned the ire of many handicappers and bloggers. First, he jumped the shark. Now he’s the Kool-Aid Man. What’s next?

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Plonk on Life At Ten: Get tough, Greg…Make your mark. Be firm. Be historic.

From You think Roger Goodell has his hands full in the National Football League legislating what to do with alleged inappropriate photos from Brett Favre? Try being Greg Avioli for a day. The head honcho of the Breeders’ Cup should be basking in a glorious, post-event sunbath right about now, but instead sees his […]

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IL HBPA: A lot of lawmakers are working hard to save horse racing

Optimism and horse racing don’t often mix. But it appears that the Illinois HBPA is becoming increasingly hopeful that the expansion of gaming will come to Illinois racetracks.

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Pull The Pocket: Has Paulick jumped the shark?

We knew the day would come when Ray Paulick would be compared to The Fonz. We just didn’t know our friend at Pull The Pocket would be instigating the comparison. Click below to read the majority reaction to our article on California takeout.

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New Jersey adviser recommends sale of Monmouth Park

Jon Hanson of the Hanson Report that gave recommendations for how to proceed with the future of Atlantic City and New Jersey racetracks has backed up the advice given to Governor Chris Christie to sell Monmouth Park. This is the same conclusion his Hanson Report gave several months ago.

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