‘This Is Nuts’: Navarro Disputes Finding That Horse Tested Positive For Cocaine

by | 04.20.2017 | 11:46am
Trainer Jorge Navarro

Trainer Jorge Navarro says that he will contest the ruling of the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering board after being notified that one of his horses tested positive for cocaine a race at Tampa Bay Downs.

Navarro told the Daily Racing Form that he was notified two weeks ago of the finding, which stated that the 7-year-old gelding Minecraft tested positive for cocaine after finishing second in a $5,000 claiming race Feb. 8. Minecraft was claimed from Navarro by trainer Dennis Ward.

Since being notified of the drug positive, Navarro said that he's had all of his employees tested and that “they all tested clean for cocaine.”

“I don't do cocaine, my horses don't go out and party, so why would cocaine show up in my horses?” Navarro said. “This is nuts.”

Read more in the Daily Racing Form

  • ziggypop

    Coke remains in a system for 12-72 hours after use. By the time the employees were tested, they were likely clean.

    • I’m guessing he actually tested for Coke Zero.

    • Gordon calhoun

      so..he must be GULITY GULITY GUILTY

    • secondlife

      Or it could have been someone else from another barn. There is no rule at the tracks that says grooms can’t hang out in another barn after work hours. It could have been anybody.

  • Richard C

    — A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork / That’s the way we spell New York / Right on —

  • joey

    Dude, I have absolutely zero clue as to what you are trying to say?

    • Leroy

      It was really easy for me to get a clue as to what the post said and I totally agree with it dude.

    • disqus_wZUB6w9ANy

      His point is straightforward and plain as day, dude. Agree with what he is saying .

  • Buzz time

    This is nothing to compare to what happened in Keeneland on Blue Grass day.
    There is a video of Rosario handing battery to Casse jr. after commonwealth.
    I already posted this info in another forum, but it was immediately been taken down by PR. Officials have seen the video but they choose to stay quiet

  • Gls

    What’s nuts is how do you get cheap horses to re break at the eighth pole?

  • Tammy

    Because you only go to the test barn if you WIN!!

  • Michael Castellano

    Coke would only possibly help a horse run faster if it was administered shortly before the race, and it would surely be detected. Roids are known to strengthen horses even after they are no longer detectable. That’s why they are used. This could definitely be a result of contamination by someone who was using it at the lab

  • cmarz

    Grooms do not go into other trainer’s shedrow as a matter of respect. At least we did when I rubbed horses years ago.

  • tonyharris

    This guy is bad news! Tampa Bay Downs has not given him stalls for years because of many bad tests. These high win percentage super trainers do and use wherever they can get away with. This instance could be an actual fluke because of a groom or stable hand. However, aside from this situation, he is a low life cheaterm and should be barred from the game. My opinion, but he probably is much worse than Dutrow!

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