New book teaches readers how to motivate equine athletes

by | 04.17.2012 | 8:39am

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Horse Profiling: The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes by Kerry Thomas with Calvin L. Carter. It is no secret that speed, stamina, jumping ability, and athletic prowess depend on the horse's physical ability to perform-to run, stop, turn, balance, and to be powerful or graceful. However, the world has seen many “great” athletic bodies, human and horse, fail to reach their true potential, while others, perhaps thought to be less great in form and function, reach the pinnacle of their sport or discipline. In the world of human athletes, we might claim hard work, “grit,” or “heart” as the force greater than muscle that propels them to the top. But the horse doesn't have performance goals the way we do, so what is it that motivates one racehorse to leave the rest of the field behind to cross the finish line first?

Early on in his research of wild horse herds in Wyoming and Montana, Kerry Thomas determined that what he calls “Emotional Conformation”-not physical conformation-governs equine herd dynamics. At that moment he understood that, regardless of breed or career, an Emotional Conformation Profile could dictate in large part the success or failure of the horse in the human environment- including performance sports and competition. Kerry began to cultivate ways in which a horse's “mental capacity” could be identified and then “conditioned” toward a given goal. In these pages, Kerry explains how it is possible to determine if a horse has what it takes insde him to make what he has on the outside great.

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