Morris Resigns Post At Stronach Group, ‘Effective Immediately’

by | 10.12.2017 | 6:02pm
Jockey Stewart Elliott accepts the 68th George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award from Santa Anita's Joe Morris

Santa Anita Park has announced that Joe Morris, Senior Vice President, West Coast Operations for The Stronach Group (TSG), has resigned, effective immediately. A 1983 graduate of the University of Maine, Morris, a past general manager of TSG's Golden Gate Fields in northern California and past president of the Thoroughbred Owners of California, had served in his most recent capacity since November, 2015.

“We would like to sincerely thank Joe for his hard work and dedication to The Stronach Group and to Santa Anita,” said Tim Ritvo, Chief Operating Officer, TSG. “Joe is a hands-on executive with deep ties to the Thoroughbred industry and we wish him all the best in his future efforts.”

Currently the owner of a small breeding farm in Lexington, Kentucky, Morris's resume also includes a six-year stint with the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and has served as publisher of several different industry publications.

“At this time of my life, it's going to be good to get back to my farm in Lexington,” said Morris. “My wife has been running the operation back there and my family has been spread over several thousand miles for quite a few years now and we're looking forward to spending more time together in a place we all love.”

  • Ryan

    Bye felicia.
    One down, many more incompetents to go.

  • affirmed

    I dont ever get involved in politics… while I read about it, and watch the political proceedings, anyway I did read on Paulick last week that Tim Ritvo was in California trying to find ways of reviving the Horse racing there, and he Ritvo remarked that Santa Anita was in bad shape racing administration wise! he was sent by his boss Stronach to clean house, not surprising now this big wig have retired! Racing at times have it’s downers , and it depends on the Money wagered by bettors, and pools, etc, and while American Horse racing is tops, there are still so many dysfunctions.anyway, I dont have anymore to say, only that if they can revive the game, then please do, with the age of Internet wagering, etc..Fans dont really go to the RaceTracks as before, while they wager on apps from home, or the Money is still being wagered, even if the race tracks are if its to bring back Bettors to the tracks they are worried about, then guess what, they have a lot of worrying to do, as people cannot find the time to go as often like in the 1960’s, 1970’s .. Racing have changed, everyone now can bet from their Cell phones, so attendance is great at Saratoga..the best summer track in America, in fact during the summer Months all Race Tracks do well.,especially the triple crown races, they do generate interests.. it’s not the drugs now, its fans and Bettors who are fed up with the non transparency, and programs they present!. it’s a spiralling escalator, going down, not the one going up! so now,say something you big money CEO’S , say how you all are going to improve the quality of Horse Racing.. it’s all about you now., example firing a guy, and replacing him with another guy with no real vision, will always be the same ,so lets hear and see your new directions, I am awaiting!.

    • Olebobbowers

      …’.anyway, I dont have anymore to say,’… (followed by 24 more sentences, establishes a new track record, and equals the world record. Giant Congrats Affirmed!)

      • affirmed

        I know , I really said so much after promising ., saying “Anyway I dont have anymore to say”.. I apologize Olebobbowers…the truth is..I am a retired top Race Horse owner, while I am still involved in the game somewhat..and just want the game to be one of quality racing, with transparency on all fronts, hoping this will happen, sooner than Later… sorry for saying so much .,,please accept my apologies.

        • Olebobbowers

          My apologies for failing what I intended to be humorous. I certainly relate to what you presented to me, and appreciate your efforts toward putting respect where it’s lacking in our fading sport.

    • CEOmike

      First, Australia bets $30 billion a year, the US $12 billion – even though the population of Australia is only 24 million. Why?
      For one, there is one NATIONAL Racing regulator which sets uniform racing procedures and establishes a NATIONAL racing calendar.
      Second, there needs to be some sort of track equalization payment. All other major sports were in trouble with a few getting rich AT THE EXPENSE of the smaller guys, but driving them out and eating their lunch. By limiting purses ($6 million (or 12) when the next best are less than half is CRAZY – that is why they have caps in MLB, NBA, NFL – one team paying that much ruins it for everyone else.

      • affirmed

        Thanks CEOmike, you have explained to me facts, and hoping that now the American racing big fat cats take heed, and do whats right for the racing Industry.

      • togahombre

        the great majority of the racing conducted is overnight racing, thats where the efforts to promote racing has to start, if you doubled handle and attendance to the star events it likely would hardly make a ripple in the racings overall gross revenue, if you seen the wagering participation on the overnight racing increase by 5% the annual increase would make headlines

  • Jerry

    HEY JOE————————






    • Boo-Hiss

      What job HASN’T Morris screwed up? His arrogance prevents him from learning.

    • Olebobbowers

      Oh my!

  • Monrovia Damon

    Can’t have two bigs running the show. Ritvo was brought in to change the culture and make drastic improvements to the racing product. There is always attrition in these cases. I trust the direction Ritvo is headed and think we’re going to come out of it better.

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