Mirahmadi Feeling ‘Good,’ Pronounced Cancer-Free

by | 09.11.2017 | 6:02pm
Frank Mirahmadi

Monmouth announcer Frank Mirahmadi has officially been pronounced cancer-free by Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, reports drf.com. Over the last 12 months, Mirahmadi has undergone two surgeries for colon cancer.

“I feel good, and obviously relieved,” he said. “The six months of chemo was taxing, but thankfully I was able to handle the side effects and fatigue without missing any work. I have had many people praying for me, and am a big believer in the power of prayer. I hope they will continue because cancer is a vicious disease.”

Scheduled to undergo blood tests in March and another scan in one year, Mirahmadi is preparing to return to Golden Gate Fields on Oct. 19.

Read more at drf.com.

  • Charles Smith

    Frank Mirahmadi is a gentleman and all around good guy. Outside of racing he’s had a few ups and downs, but who among us has not? Looking forward to him retuning to the mike at GGF next month.

    • Michael Infurna

      Photo says 2009? 8 years ago? Lol

  • J


  • longshot

    Great to here. Stay strong Frank

  • Michael Infurna

    Franky is the Best!!

    Maybe you can a find a more recent picture of him!! Was he in high school when that picture was taken?

    • Charles Smith

      That’s actually a fairly recent pic, taken in the announcer’s perch at Golden Gate Fields.

  • Joe Sollitto

    This is fantastic news! I hope to hear Frank’s voice calling races for decades to come!

  • MP Mickey

    Frank is one of the best things to happen at monmouth park in a long time. It was hard to replace Larry however Frank is doing a great job. He is into his calls and his accuracy is fantastic.

  • Judy Gaddis

    So happy to hear this news on Frank. I hope that his tests in March reveal a repeat diagnosis!

    Be well, Frank!!

  • ctgreyhound

    Mirahmadi did a small stint at Saratoga Live this summer & he was great. Hope he’ll be a “regular” next year. How wonderful he is doing well healthwise.

  • Kevin Callinan

    Good news for a great guy.

  • Kathy Baldwin

    What wonderful news for Frank Mirahmadi and the horse racing world. Awesome race caller! :)
    Keep the faith, Frank, cause God’s got your back! ;) So happy to have you back in SoCal!

  • Leslie Navarro

    I am so happy for you Frank! May you always be healthy!

  • Delrene

    This is great news. So happy for him and his family. It is a vicious disease and to tough out the chemo without missing work is truly an achievement. Many blessings to Mr. Mirahmadi and his family.

  • whirlaway

    Very happy for you Mr. Mirahmadi and all the best wishes for future good health. I enjoy your race calling.

  • Marshall Cassidy

    Congratulations, Frank.

    Such good Memorial Sloan Kettering news to carry you through the next year. Show them who you are at Golden Gate!

  • William Waters

    Great news regarding Frank. I sure hope he returns next summer for his moonlighting at the Spa.
    His work there this summer was flat-out super articulate, informative and entertaining. God bless you, Frank.

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