Mike Smith charged with DUI following Del Mar opener

by | 07.21.2011 | 3:15pm
Mike Smith on phone with stewards

Jockey Mike Smith was arrested Wednesday night on drunk driving charges as he drove home following the opening day of racing at Del Mar, the Daily Racing Form reported Thursday.

Smith tells the DRF: “I was driving on my home road down here, which is dark, and I got pulled over, and I blew a little over.  It wasn't like I was going 100 miles per hour, or being reckless. I was going a little over the limit on my home road.”

Smith posted bond overnight, worked horses this morning and planned to ride Thursday afternoon.  Local law enforcement had a heavy presence around Del Mar after the races Wednesday, stopping 350 drivers and arresting 15 people on suspicion of drunk driving.  It's not clear whether Smith was counted among those.

  • SixteenK Claimer

    Not acceptable at all. A DUI is a DUI. Hope Mike puts this behind him asap and never does that again.

  • manuelB

    Pretty irresponsible. For a man who knows how dangerous it is on the race track, to put innocent drivers at risk is not understandable behaviour. “Blew a little over” is bunk. He must have been driving erratically to be stopped in “his home road”.

  • opps i did it AGAIN

    “I blew a little over.” ummm isn’t this the same exact jockey who passed out in a cab and ended up in Arcadia after a Delmar session ?

  • tuff

    #1and2 your remarks are stupid you are inoccent till you are proven guilty //////////you are in the usa unless you two belong to the talaban

  • Glimmerglass

    Evidently The Police wasn’t a Zenyatta fan.

    De do do do de da da da

  • bookiebuster1

    #3 “tuff” you juvenile comment shows your complete ignorance driving even buzzed in 2010 is not only against the law its about as wise and intelligent as you comment. It painfully obvious you need to finish up your education good luck :)

  • Taylor

    You blow a “little over” means you still had the capability to have presence of mind to call a cab or get a friend to take you home.

    No excuse for blowing over the limit, period.

    Either you are responsible, or you are not.

    Seems to me Mr. Smith should know very well what can happen when 1000 pounds of momentum hits something.

    #3 – you are innocent until you blow over the limit. If you weren’t drinking, you would blow it.

  • Bob Baffert

    Mike Smith weighs 112 lbs. Doesn’t take much to tip him over the limit. He was up at 5:30 working horses. He looked good to me. He was just in a bad spot at the wrong time. These cops are treacherous at Del Mar. No breaks.

  • Taylor

    #7 – You’re right, it probably does not take much. He also has been at or near that weight for quite some time, surely long enough to know it would not, in fact, take much.

    It’s called the legal limit, there should be zero tolerance if you exceed it and get behind the wheel of a car.

    Walk, take the bus, grab a cab, lay down and roll home, just keep your behind out of the drivers seat.

  • Backontop

    Drunk driving is drunk driving and there should be no breaks for blowing over the limit!

    Bob, if he ran into a car that had your family in it you’d have different view wouldn’t you.

    #2. You are correct, Mike got in a cab at Del Mar and showed his license to the cabby for his address, so the driver took to his home in Arcadia, and then Mike had him drive him back to Del Mar. give him credit, at least he did the right thing by calling a cab!

    #3. He admitted he blew over the limit!

    I was almost killed by a drunk driver once and have ZERO pity for any fool that drives drunk! For those of you that think this is the norm I hope yours is the car that he hits the next time he drives drunk.

    What stupid comments when he admitted to being over the limit!!!!!

  • Toast

    Looks like Mikey’s gonna need a driver!

  • Ron Taylor

    As Charlie once said,talking about jockeys,”that’s why they wear size 3 helmets…

  • Backontop


    Baffert, my wife weights 110 lbs. and she has enough sense to know when she shouldn’t drive after drinking.
    I swear to God you make some of the most stupid comments! Please count to 10 NO make it 100 before posting!!!

  • …if you look close enough, you can almost see the glow of the halos coming from these posts. He can’t make a mistake? Was is stupid and dangerous, absolutely. Have we all done dumb and irresponsible things, absolutely. The only difference is there aren’t a bunch of do gooders posting on blogs about it.

  • Sweet Cindy

    The operative fact is that Mike had very little to eat…with low blood sugar, even one small glass of wine will put you over the limit.

  • CARF Watch

    #14 and therefore should not be driving if he chooses to drink wine. The fact was he is over the limit, could have killed someone, and should be thrown in jail.

  • CARF Watch

    #7 Bob Baffert doesn’t get it.

  • Barbara

    He “admitted” to blowing over the limit because they tested him last night… and told him what he blew.

  • Backontop

    I honestly can’t believe the ignorant comments explaining away drunk driving! He weights 112 lbs., he had very little to eat. HE WAS DRUNK!!!! There is no little bit pregnant, there’s pregnant & there’s drunk. He was over the limit and got caught. At least it appears by the article that he isn’t making excuses for his poor choice. This is cut and dried, he drove drunk, he got caught, he will have to pay the fine and community service. No halos here, just no respect for ANYONE who drives drunk, there is no excuse for it!

  • Frank

    Was Zenyatta with him?

  • Joe

    I wonder why licensed, active jockeys are allowed to drink alcohol at all and why they would choose to do so to begin with. Most jockeys are on a tough diet and some are unhealthy physically and mentally because of it. Why would they choose to absorb extra calories from alcohol instead of highly nourishing but lean food?

  • ArlingtonRS

    People, move to china and leave your computers behind. I get it, You’re all such wonderful and upstanding people, that value human life so much, that all of you can honestly say that none of you have never, ever driven after a couple of drinks. If that is the case, you special people are in a very small but elite group and I would like to congradulate all of you for such an achievement. You all have inspired me so much that, I would like to propose banning anyone from driving that did not get 8 hours of sleep the night before and did not a healthy breakfast that morning. I would like to take that even further and suggest manditory cholestrol and heart checks, before being allowed to drive, or else throw them in jail. How dare some one drive with high cholesterol or a bad ticker? As for you Bob Baffert, YOU ARE A HALL OF FAME TRAINER! You cannot sway any of these haters. The time wasted on your post would be better spent hanging with your kids, as would mine. In fact thats what I am gonna do right now.

  • John

    The first thing I thought was what happened to Willie Shoemaker and his way home after training at Santa Anita driving his Bronco while drunk. He rolled it over and the accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.
    Please, Mike Smith, don’t drink and drive. It’s my daughter or son out there that could be driving – as well as yourself.

  • John

    The first thing I thought was what happened to Willie Shoemaker and his way home after training at Santa Anita driving his Bronco while drunk. He rolled it over and the accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.
    Please, Mike Smith, don’t drink and drive. It’s my daughter or son out there that could be driving – as well as yourself.

  • rwolfe

    Bob dont be such an idiot.

  • Backontop

    Sad, sad, sad. In addition to working at the track I work with high school students and see this type of nonsense weekly. Parents drinking then driving and setting terrible examples for their children. Comments here makes me feel sad for your child as they will learn from to make excuses for this type of behavior and then pay the price. ArlingtonRS do your children a favor and spend some time explaining to them not to drink and drive. With your type of comment you’ve obviously have just not been caught, YET!

  • ArlingtonRS

    Backontop, my point obviously sailed right over your head. Are you suggesting you are part of that elite group that has never once had a couple and then drove? I never said that I drink and drive, you know nothing about me. Furthermore, I have too much to lose and too little to gain from drinking and driving. So do not pontificate down to me about getting caught, Yet! Thanks for your concern about my children. Why don’t you go down to the local police dept. and complain about all the people that will be leaving all the local taverns and driving home tonight. You would think that would be like shooting fish in a barrel for the PD. Sounds like that would make you happy.

  • Backontop

    Yes ArlingtonRS I guess I belong to that elite club since I do not drink! And if the police department caught every drunk driver I would be beyond happy! A good friends son was in the car a couple of years ago with the Angel pitcher that was killed by an ignorant drunk driver that had been arrested previously for drunk driving. You’re the one that brought up the elite group that have never, ever driven after a couple of drinks not me! Sounds like you do not belong to that group by your comment.

  • Bob Baffert

    The only reason I made those comments is because I really like Mike Smith. Yes , he should have taken a cab.

  • McGov

    #21 ArlingtonRS: you’re absolutely right. I agree 100%. Wild speculation. Bashing Smith and Baffert…if you love this sport then you have to love these guys and I’m not saying that’s a pass to do what you want but…give me a break. I guess they’re all perfect, throwing stones like that.

  • Google Act 71

    DUI is an inexcusable offense. It kills thousands every year for no reason.

  • McGov

    Most of us could have a glass of wine with dinner and drive home and not blow over. Lets not judge him and speculate and put him into a category that he doesn’t belong in.
    Reminds me of the “Joe the plumber” joke. It’s a tad early to tar and feather him.

  • ArlingtonRS

    Backontop, (For those of you that think this is the norm, I hope your car is the one he hits next time he drives drunk.) Where do I start with that statement? First, I find it to be deplorable that someone who claims to walk such a high moral ground would hope bodily harm onto someome in a tragic fashinon because they did not agree with their opinions. I am certain if most adults were asked, they would say they had driven when they should not have, and were lucky nothing came of it. Yeah, I was there before, but I sure as hell wasnt alone. Fortunately, I never had an incident and I moved on. You want bash me for that, you go right ahead. I can take it. I do not advocate driving while impaired, let me be quite clear on that. State and local government do not care how much alcohol is consumed, they tax it to the moon($$$$$) and then serve you till you cant see and then give a dui($$$$$). Govt does all right doesn’t it? Bottom line is Mike got caught. Mike will have some trouble and it will cost him some pain financially and mentally. No one was hurt, Mike will be held accountable by law, let it go.

  • Backontop

    “No one was hurt.” How many times do drunk drivers use that phrase?
    Then you blame state government, local government, bartenders, and the police for the DUI.
    Poor Mike Smith!
    Sure, I’ll take your advice and let it go because this can’t go anywhere with you attitude! OUT!

  • Taylor

    I can’t quite wrap my head around thinking drinking & driving are a bad thing somehow equals some sort of implied moral superiority.

    Drink all you want, that’s your business. Don’t get behind the wheel of a car if you do. That is no longer your business, you are forcing your stupidity and/or bad judgement onto others in a way that can and does cause accidents. Fatal or non-fatal, what difference does it make?

    Bottom line is if you are assuming to be responsible enough to drink, then BE responsible.

    It isn’t a case of polishing my halo, it’s common sense. Do you want to be the jerk that takes out a family, runs over a dog, crashes into some poor schmuck on his car, or not enough so he ends up in financial jeopardy just because some ignorant twit couldn’t figure out not to drive if he or she had been drinking.

    No, he didn’t have an accident or hurt anyone. This time. All it takes is ONCE to end that particular streak. I don’t care if it’s Mike Smith, Bob Baffert or Jesus come back to Earth swigging down a Colt 45.

    Don’t. Get. Behind. The. Wheel.


  • Anne

    Okay, not one of you has ever speeded up at a light turning red, you left later than planned and now in a hurry and driving carelessly, texting, talking on the phone when their was a headset law, tried to beat out someone at the light to get into a different lane, slammmed on your breaks when you saw a cop with a car directly behind you, tailgated… the list goes on. Yes, you might have not been under the influence but you were still DANGEROUS and putting someone else in arms way and in some cases breaking the law. None of us are perfect. Laws are laws I understand that, but unless you are some perfect person, jumping on the holy water band wagon is kind of silly.

  • nick and brenda

    remember what happened to shoemaker…mike smith hope u learned a lesson

  • hip703

    Amazing how so many are acting like Nancy Grace, ready to convict Mike Smith before he has his day in court.

    It’s also interesting how so many people in this forum are so quick to condemn Smith. The response to Albarado’s alleged spousal abuse was comparatively tepid:

  • tuff

    hey bookiebuster how big is your welfare check to bust abookie is against the law but you could not bust an egg/////////////say hello to einstien///////////////////

  • bookiebuster1


    You can sure tell the drinkers here :)

    Hey tuff next time use some English please and complete sentences we cant decipher your childish banter.

  • Nick

    Apparently all the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ people never bothered to read what was posted. Scroll up to the part where Mike himself says he “blew a little over” which sort of implies he failed the breathalyzer and was, you know, driving over the limit. There is no justification for it.

  • Randy in Lakeland FL

    He got caught. Mike is a great person but he is also human. Most of us if not all are not perfect people. Find something else to go off about.

  • tuff

    bookiebuster you are a english prof.i guess or a moron……….ithink you are in second grade ty

  • Don Reed

    A possible reason why he didn’t take a cab is because the last time he did that, leaving Del Mar late one evening (last year?), he gave the driver his home address, then fell asleep.

    He woke up in the Arcadia neighborhood, outside of his other residential address not far away from Santa Anita!

    Randy #42: “He got caught. Mike is a great person but he is also human. Most of us if not all are not perfect people. Find something else to go off about.”

    I second the motion.

    No one has contributed more positive energy or gone out of his way to right wrongs and lend a hand when things were on the fritz than Mike.

    He’s battled back from a broken back that almost ruined his health, his sanity, and his career; and whenever the going got gruesome, he never once blamed anyone else for what had gone wrong.

    Give the guy a break – that he, in turn, would give you if you, today, were in his shoes.

  • tuff

    bookie buster are you a trust fund baby you write like one to bad you are dumb go see dr. phil

  • equine paparazzi

    what a lively discussion!
    he got a DUI, he wasn’t indicted for murder. I would hazard to guess some of the self-rightous posters here may not drive under the influence of alcohol, but may drive under the influence of legal medication that reduces reaction time or maybe sleep deprivation or maybe even distracted driving.
    Let the proper authorities deal with Mike and put your ropes away.

  • Sweet Cindy

    Mike, please eat something at the next party :-) Then have your glass of wine

  • Is there a bigger creep than Mike Smith? First on Jockey he treats his beautiful younger girlfriend like crap not the idiot says something stupid like “I blew a little over”. Here is a guy who just doesn’t get it….

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