Lo Duca Joining NYRA’s ‘Saratoga Live’ Broadcast Team

by | 07.10.2017 | 12:16pm
Former Major League Baseball All-Star Paul Lo Duca

The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) today announced the hiring of veteran horse racing analyst and Major League Baseball All-Star Paul Lo Duca. The Brooklyn-native will make his “Saratoga Live” debut on July 21, opening day of the 2017 summer meet at Saratoga Race Course.

“As a native New Yorker, and lifelong racing fan, I'm honored to join the talented broadcast team doing such great work on Saratoga Live,” said Lo Duca. “NYRA is producing the most innovative television coverage in the sport and I'm excited to become a part of it.”

Lo Duca will serve as an analyst on NYRA's acclaimed Saratoga Live program, joining a broadcast team that includes host Greg Wolf, handicapper Andy Serling, paddock analyst Maggie Wolfendale, trainer Tom Amoss, and analyst Gabby Gaudet.

“Paul is one of the most dynamic and captivating personalities in racing. As a former Major League All-Star he brings an athlete's perspective to the show,” said Tony Allevato, president of NYRA Bets and executive producer of NYRA TV. “We are thrilled to have him join the Saratoga Live team.”

Before joining TVG in 2009, Lo Duca played 11 seasons in Major League Baseball from 1998-2008, earning four All-Star selections for three different franchises from 2003-06 as a catcher. Lo Duca starred for Arizona State University, where he was drafted in 1993 by Los Angeles. He played parts of his first seven big-league seasons with the Dodgers before being traded to the Marlins in the middle of the 2004 campaign. Lo Duca was then traded to the Mets, where he backstopped the club to a 97-win regular season and an appearance in the National League Championship Series. He concluded his career with the Washington Nationals in 2008.

Saratoga Live, presented by Claiborne Farm, will be available in 75 million households nationally through Fox Sports 2 and regionally through MSG+, Fox Sports Prime Ticket, Fox Sports San Diego, Fox Sports Ohio and the Altitude Sports Network.

  • Captain Tony

    You know this sport is in the tank when Deadbeat Lo Doca is characterized as “dynamic and captivating.” I’m sure his former bookie would like to “captivate” some of the money Lo Deadbeat owes him.

  • Fred

    Wow, such hostility; looks like the most unpopular hire of a racing analyst since…Andy Serling!

    • Fallow1

      It wasn’t the hire of Serling that got them upset, it was that he stayed.

      • Minneola

        Well, it looks like he is smart enough to figure out how to stay on board. Gotta give him credit for that. It’s not like there are a multitude of these kinds of jobs. Although he is not my “cup of tea,” I have found that he kind of grew on me. Kinda of like that dorky uncle that everyone has but, at the same time, you kinda like the little guy.

    • Minneola

      Something tells me that it doesn’t matter who they hired. There would still be a lot of belly-aching from too many that they don’t like the pick. I just don’t get what they expect. It’s not like this is a super job that pays a huge amount of income. They are lucky that they got Paul. He has good camera presence and would probably relate to a lot of casual fans of the sport, which, by the way, is needed to keep racing from shrinking to only a relative few of die-hard fans of the sport. These are often the same that will bemoan the coverage of the Kentucky Derby.

  • Nytex

    Contest-take a drink every time Lo Duca says “Really”. You won’t last to the late P4.

    • john

      LoDuca says he likes a horse “a little bit”………you will be smashed by the end of the broadcast with that Pauley man saying if you take a drink each time

      • Matthew Fitch

        Or every sentence where he manages to use “also”, “to”, or “as well”. Usually can count on two out of those three. That quirk aside, I think he knows his stuff and I enjoy listening.

        • john

          Its easy to criticize these guys sitting at home for every little thing. Pauley used to never smile then he was told to smile more. He has that down pat now!!!! Flash those pearly whites.

        • Olebobbowers

          How about when he says ‘i get it’…

  • Tinky

    “As a former Major League All-Star he brings an athlete’s perspective to the show”

    The above claim has been used to rationalize the hiring of countless former athletes, across numerous sports, for decades, and – surprise, surprise – only a tiny fraction are actually any good at providing analyses. Of course it is even more absurd in this case, as having been a professional baseball player no more qualifies Lo Duca to analyze horse racing than practicing yoga.

    • john

      LoDuca is a great handicapper and really knows his horses…..I don’t care that he was an MLB stud. He is well qualified on his racing chops, knowledge and handicapping skills.

      • Tinky

        Setting aside your amusing “great”claim, you need to improve your reading comprehension skills.

        I never asserted that Lo Duca was unqualified for the position; my comment was confined to the ludicrous claim that his MLB experience was, or is relevant.

        • john

          I am not arguing with that point. It’s not relevant As for handicapping, I have made good $ off of some of LoDuca’s selections.. he does not just pick the chalk!

          • Tinky

            Definitely to his credit if he typically seeks value.

          • race

            Tinky, I’m usually interested in your view point–MLB obvioulsy does not equate necessarily to handicapping, and even more so in this case. I’ll miss “Mig”, and I was unhappy to have TVG left to watch after HRTV was gone. Can’t believe they picked LoDuca—very dissapointing–HRTV cast was in my viewpoint the best–

    • West Wind

      He is horrible

  • Chaz Domingoson

    Lo Duca does a solid job.

    • Bandstand Hal

      You must be Lo Deadbeat’s gardener?? Does he pay you on time?

  • gus stewart

    Thats a good move for him. Sorry but out of the male so called talent at tvg, i thought he did a good job. I think going to nyra is a no brainer for anyone based in California. Being in california, i have little hope that things are going to get better. The fact he was a baseball player has little to do about how he has learned enough to talk about racing as anyone else. Trust me i would listen to him then listening to andrew beyer or any of the guys that are so called experts of 40 years. He did resonate with new fans because of his sports career. Good luck paul l

    • greg

      Gus, you’re a better man then me if you can listen to Beyer, but you’re right, Paul is excellent

  • greg

    So Allevato left TVG, Greg Wolf left TVG and now Paul is going to the same place, seems TVG must have the best talent for so much to be cherry picked away. I WISH they’d take Matt the mouth Carrothers PLEASE

    • Mindy

      I wish they’d take Britney Eurton, I HATE her! been so happy since she’s been away!

      • greg

        Jealousy is an ugly emotion. LOL

        • Mindy

          not jealous at all, I didn’t feel like detailing my reasons, but since you cast aspersions on me, I will –
          not long after she started on TVG, she was talking about a race in New York, and a filly who was running, named Betty Bing Bing (you can look her up), who had previously been in CA, in her father’s barn, but who had since been claimed and sent to NY to race, and was now not doing very well, Ms. Eurton expressed joy that the filly was not doing as well as she had under her father’s care; I find this disgusting, to be happy a horse isn’t doing well, simply because she was no longer (through no fault of the filly, or her father, for that matter) making money for your dad, especially considering that bad things can happen to horses who are ‘no longer doing well’ at the track

          secondly, she wore a fur-trimmed coat during her coverage of the Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland, now, I don’t know if it was fake fur or not, but I’m against fake fur as well, because, as long as the ‘look’ of fur is considered ‘in style,’ or desirable (and socially acceptable), people who can afford the real thing, and/or don’t care about the torture it takes to obtain it, will wear the real thing, so even fake fur should be shunned

          • Mr J

            Very,very jealous. Oh yeah,take your meds also. That is all

          • greg

            No aspersions cast, was said in jest

          • Mindy

            fair enough, but my reasoning for my opinion of her is sound, and based on her own words/feelings, and actions

          • dan gable

            Surprised you’re not outside the gates picketing with PETA.

          • Mindy

            I have no desire to associate myself wit PETA

          • greg

            Not looking for an argument, however you said:
            “but my reasoning for my opinion”

            I would think every opinion anyone has is based on a sound reason, TO THEM, or they’d have a different opinion. I do believe she brings some insight from both a female perspective as well as a trainers family’s perspective. I think we’d agree that being a female in the sport in any capacity is more difficult than being a male, and guys tend to have a more black/white perspective while a lady brings more emotion to a discussion, that’s a difference that is sometimes appreciated, and bottom line, she’s damn fine. LOL

          • Mindy

            I have NO PROBLEM with the ‘female perspective’ on air, I love Christina Blacker & Caton Bredar (whom I think, are two of the best at their jobs on TVG, especially their ‘paddock picks’), and I miss all the women from HRTV who didn’t cross(back, in some cases, as they’d worked there before) over to TVG after the buyout (Zoe Cadman, Michelle Yu, Carolyn Conley, Millie Ball); I loved and miss Charlsie Cantey terribly; I love Donna Brothers’ post-race on-horse/track interviews with winning jockeys, (not so much into the no-actual-racing-life-or-experience eye candy NBC hires) it’s just this one commentator, Ms. Eurton, whom I personally have problems with, and it’s got *nothing* to do with her gender

          • TwoBays

            making catty women jokes is not funny to some

          • Mike

            Go hug a tree somewhere. No one cares how you feel about fur

          • Mindy

            try some anal electrocution on yourself, and see if you start caring about how the fur for clothing is acquired

        • Mr J


          • gus stewart

            Met brittany a few years ago, spoke about a possible business deal for the future if she had any interest, 20 minutes, she was absolutely charming, nice and professional. On a funny note when i was younger and had some good game, when i would bring a date to the race’s with looks and personality like hers. I would buy a ten dollar win ticket on every horse, would say now start cheering when they run down stretch, they would ask, who am i cheering for, id say keep cheering i think we’re gonna win. So not only did i make a new race fan, it was a lock for a 2nd date.. so Brittany is as good as it gets for tvg.

          • Linda Shumate


          • t a

            HECK. Why didn’t I think of that? Too late now :-(

      • gammyp6

        Hate is a valid emotion but I rather like Britney….where did she go?

        • Linda Daly

          Just a vacation (Italy) with her family–Peter, mom the whole family. Back for Del Mar.

    • Tom Davis

      I never thought of Matt as the mouth. He’s the best handicapper of his group. But his voice tails off at the end of every sentence he says and I can’t hear the point he’s making.

      • St Owen Racing

        Actually, his dad was the real handicapper in the family.

        • john

          Matt picks good longshots…..loves the early speed…I like his optimism. Funny guy, very self deprecating….seems like a good person at heart. Professional on air as well.

          • Mindy

            ‘optimism,’ like his ‘play a horse off an eased or DNF running line (if they had a decent work in close proximity to that race)’ angle? ;)

    • john

      Matt is endearing and nice guy…..the worst one there is Mike Joyce….save us from the horrible humor (lack thereof)

      • greg

        True story, if you notice every time Joyce is on he’s talking about getting a drink, cocktail this cocktail that, all the time, well I sent an email to TVG saying he MUST have a drinking problem being every discussion has him going for a drink in 10 minutes or otherwise discussing drinking, not saying that he should be in trouble but maybe he needs help, I was being sincere, I get an email response from a contact I have there saying : “I’m Mike’s wife, (she gave her name) I do appreciate your concern but promise you he has no drinking problem, I can fwd. your email to our supervisors if you’d like but I assure you if there were a problem I would know” Damn, talk about embarrassing, I replied and said NO, if he does need help and you’ve gotten this than I’m sure you’ll get it for him, no need to say any more. That was it but what are the chances that would happen??

        • john

          HaHa… hes trying to be cool but he is not cool at all. Joyce is just a blow hard…hes the weak link on TVG

          • greg

            here is a comment he just made while discussing the FT sale on Twitter:
            @TVGMike Humor is an acquired taste …. like Tequila

            Really, the correlation to ANYTHING?

          • RayPaulick

            That was my comment on Twitter, Greg.

          • greg

            I assume you read my post above about the email I sent TVG and got a reply from his wife

          • Jason Himelstein

            Lo Duca says the same old tired things time after time.He talks in a sing songy way, almost condescending. He is boring, in my view.

      • Linda Shumate

        I like Mike too. His humor may be a bit silly but good on air charisma

        • Tammy Fese

          Agree i like mike. And i miss him on the quarters

      • t a

        OH jeezus yes, Mike Joyce is so unlikable, I cringe at his horrible syntax when attempting to be witty.

    • Eric

      Allevato left TVG involuntarily. We all have our own opinions on TVG programming and hosts, but I think TVG has gotten significantly better since he left. Part of it was an influx of professionalism that came in when some of the HRTV talent (namely Hoover, Blacker, and Hazelton) came over to TVG, but I also think they are showing more races and doing less talking and yukking than they used to do 3-5 years ago. No more Late Ddouble nonsense, and more time devoted to reaching out to resident experts on a particular track. For example, they give the Woodbine TV personalities a few minutes to talk about the upcoming races on their card, rather than having the TVG host regurgitate the info that is in black and white in the past performances from a track like Woodbine that the TVG host does not follow closely. There are a couple of hosts that I really don’t care for, but I would say that about just about any channel that I watch, both inside and outside the world of sports.

      I think TVG is closer now to what viewers wanted all along than it has ever been (but there is still plenty of room for improvement).

      I wouldn’t worry about TVG losing people. Horse racing is a sport where there are any number of people qualified to talk about the game, but there are few media outlets that devote coverage to it, and of course the newspapers have gotten away from covering racing. There are plenty of incredibly qualified people out there that TVG could hire if they needed to.

      • West Wind

        I wanted HRTV as it was.

    • Mr J

      At least Carruthers doesnt play 100% chalk like most of the others

      • Ky Race Fan

        Agree! Lo Duca eats chalk for breakfast. How about a guy that picks winners for a change.

        • john

          LoDuca does not pick chalk….have cashed lots of 5 to 1 to 8 to 1’s on Pauley’s picks.

          • Jim Triarsi

            Is Paul LoDuca coming back to TVG after Saratoga? Or will he stay with NYRA in the winter at the Big A?…bbbbrrrrrr. Our crew find him to be one of us, Tom Cassidy too. They were very friendly to us when they did Monmouth Park together. We used to live right over the bridge from MP,now in Florida and Gulfstream, big difference. The girls are the girls, and glad they are around too,with their views on form and condition, etc. LUV you Paulie, see you in Long Branch, JJT & DDT

        • john

          Don’t expect Lo Duca to be handing out 3-5 favorites while he is on the set. He prides himself on giving out back-to-back Kentucky winners recently. In 2011, he gave his viewers Animal Kingdom, who paid $43.80, and the next year he was on I’ll Have Another, who returned $32.60 on a $2 bet.

          Lo Duca said his favorite horse was 1987 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Alysheba.

    • Linda Shumate

      I love matt. Shut up

    • grovelandhorses

      Right on !

    • really?

      Tony A was fired, he did not leave

      • greg

        OK, but not the point

  • Charles Smith

    The press release left out something about Lo Duca’s baseball career.

    • Wino Jim

      As well as his experience with illegal gambling.

      • john

        you guys are tough……….Cut Pauley a break! Let he without sin cast the first stone.
        Paul is a tribute to racing and brings great talent to the broadcast. He was not my favorite at first, but he grew a lot on air when Simon was sick. Paul expresses himself more and is really a solid handicapper and has great knowledge of the game. He is coming into his own!

      • sgvoak

        no they didn’t. it has no reason for bringing up faults he had in the past. when you got home after u received a new job did u tell your wife. “the man whom slept with x amount of women before we were married got a new job honey, im so excited?”

  • Nell Ray

    Are we beginning to witness the downfall of TVG ? I remember a few years ago when Fox Sports 1 started picking off ESPN’s people. Same could be happening here. Consolidation is never good for business because once you’re the main source you become stagnate. Tvg has found that out once hrtv got out the way.

    • dan gable

      Heard CNN is after Todd Schmuck.

      • SNisson

        Hope they get him! Biggest mouth on TVG & sometimes nasty with Simon

        • Chris Lowe

          Maybe he’ll shut his yap pertaining to personal hygiene. Turned off TVG forever after the body odor discussion with Christina.

      • Chris Lowe


  • Tom Davis

    3-5 odds the first time he comes on the air he’ll be introduced as “4 time MLB All Star”. I hope we don’t have to hear that a dozen times each telecast.

  • Fallow1

    What happ to the rumor about Gasper Mochera?

    • St Owen Racing

      What rumor?

      • Fallow1

        Heard he was in the running for a TV spot, but it might have been FAKE NEWS

  • Paul Braus

    Congrats, Paul! Welcome back to NY! If you folks don’t like Paul, Matt, Britney — change the damn channel! All of these people bring enthusiasm and knowledge and IMHO do a great job. Bunch of haters!

  • St Owen Racing

    Ran into him a few times at Del Mar ~ total class act and a true gentleman. Wish him the best.

    • michael

      Same here, At Del Mar I was sitting on a bench near the paddock, he sits down and we just started capping along about the next couple of races. He asked me about my opinions, nice guy. I wish him the best. Since I cut the cord 4 years ago, I do in house feeds and NYRA is chromecast-able and the circuit I follow most.

  • Mike Connors

    In a unique twist to this story, the NYRA has announced that as part of the deal to bring 4 time all star Paul Lo Duca to Saratoga Live, it is sending Andy Serling to TVG.

    • idavis

      Can’t stand Serling, hope Paul pushes ho2m out, but that’s wishful thinking.

    • Olebobbowers

      Fake news rules…lol

  • Mindy

    will they introduce him as, “Four-time Major League Baseball All Star” every time? ;p

    • Olebobbowers

      I got nauseated daily when tod schroop used that moronic intro. WTH does a baseball past have to do with horseracing??? (in all fairness though, every word out of his mouth nauseates me, even when he brags that he got his toe nails done that a.m. For TVG to have kept him this long leaves one thinking he must know where the bodies buried. ~

  • kuzdal

    The “Saratoga Live” show may be great…or not. Whether you want to talk about fake news, the number of days until Trump is impeached or a field of state-breds at Saratoga, the hard part has to be finding a way to seem interested as well as informative. It can’t be easy.

    LoDuca loves the game. Not bad with his analysis, too. His early recommendation of Animal Kingdom in the Derby caught my attention so, I am rather biased. Good luck, Paul!!

  • Minneola

    Although Kurt Hoover is my favorite, I really like Paul Lo Duca. He speaks well, seems fairly knowledgeable, and doesn’t have an annoying voice. I see Paul Lo Duca as being a great contribution to that team of analysts. Good luck to him. Btw: For those who do not seem to think he is qualified, please keep in mind that some of us might not like your favorites, either. Can’t please all of the people, all of the time.

  • J


    • Judy Fraizer

      Christina Olivera Blacker is heads and shoulders better than all of them. She can put together a cheap pick 4 that isn’t top heavy with 3-5favorites and hit the for big bucks, She’s cute and personable and very professional. Simon is okay but his accent sounds phony as he tries to hang onto it. I like Paul, he’s just been smothered with goofs at TVG. Have to agree with those who don’t care for Matt. Just grinds your last nerve.

      • Dave Weaver

        If she is so good, one would think you could spell her name correctly….Juddy.

        • Judy Fraizer

          Spelled it well enough that even you figured it out Good ole phonics, eh Dove.

      • Patrick

        Agree on Christina and they need to find a way to cover Woodbine more and get Dawn Lupul on as much as possible. Dawn is the Canadian Christina. Or Christina is the Californian Dawn. Whichever.

  • rpres43

    I was not a big fan of “4-time all major-league all-star Paul LeDuca” and his horizontal picks.
    I wish him luck ,having to put up with Andy Serling, who managed to get rid of Jason Blewitt(NYRA’s loss, GP’s gain). Todd is Todd, the “class clown”, who can be annoying with his non- race related banter, but is a very likeable (having known him years ago during his extended stay @ the old Calder).

    I would certainly like to see more of Kurt Hoover and Christina Blacker. I also like Matty C.

  • mongo98

    Lo Duca is one of the few TVG personalities who I took seriously. Todd Schrupp is a Clown.

    • Solomon

      They are both devoid of any discernable talent. Saying one is better than the other is like saying you would prefer to die from brain cancer than anal cancer.

  • ray’s ghost

    The writing is on the wall for Cali and LoDuca (five time All Star and one time on an MLB list devoted to a different kind of achievement) saw the writing and got out. You are warned.

  • Mr. James

    Maybe a little off topic, but do the guys at the DRF video section only preview and breakdown stakes races from the New York area and California? No mention of any of the four graded stakes from Arlington this past Saturday in any of their pre or post race videos. Only Delaware, Belmont and Parx races were considered worthy of coverage. A horse like Dona Bruja who looked like an absolute superstar with her jockey not even pushing her apparently does not even exist in the eyes of the DRF tv people.

  • Barrmorr

    What is NYRA thinking? It is amazing to me that they would hire a guy who thinks horses are just numbers without names. Do they really think that racing fans care about this guys baseball career? In my opinion it is unfortunate the self promoting nonsense that is TVG will now likely be prominent during the premier race meet in the country. At least I have enough warning so I can make sure my mute button is working.

  • Michael Infurna

    Won’t last one meet with know it alls Serling and Amoss!!

    • gus stewart

      Your comments about interviewing owners would be what both shows should do every race if possible. Since thats about the only spotlight they may get as a horse owner. to the rest of what tvg does on air,,, here you go,, breaking news!.. breaking news! We have just received information that as cnn, msnbc, fox, kcal, and all other informstion shows, we are in the biz to try to make you watch and bet as much as possible. Breaking news!.. breaking news!!, we have more information on the upcoming 5th race at saratoga and the 6th at del mar, after we come back stayed tuned, well i hope i kept you reading and in anticipation of more bs, that’s their job, and tvg has the charter on that in racing biz

  • Gate To Wire

    NYRA had the best TV team by far with Jason Blewitt,Richard Migliore, Andy Serling and Maggie Wolfendale. Enter Tony Allevato and now we have a team that is unwatchable. Awkward Greg Wolf has been covering racing for years and sounds like this is his first day at the track. Now the 4 time All Star replaces Migliore?
    This broadcast has gone from great to awful. Thanks Tony!! Can you please go back and try to ruin the NFL Network?

    • Manilow

      You are 100% correct about Greg Wolf, he spent years at TVG sitting next to handicappers, some good some not so much, and learned nothing. It seems like he doesn’t care much about horse racing it’s just a job for him. Nothing wrong with that I guess, I just wish he worked on a channel I don’t watch.

  • Genellen

    Well, this kills Saratoga LIve for me. Lo Duca sounds like he’s asleep when he’s on TVG. To be fair, I avoid TVG like the plague, so maybe I’ve missed whatever he brings to it because he’s paired with the others like that awful Matt Carothers. Being a baseball player has nothing to do with horse sports.

    They have a LOT to do to keep me watching this summer, and I am an avid Saratoga fan who looked forward every afternoon to watching that broadcast last year.

    Great move, NYRA. What other little surprises do you have for us?

  • Threerules

    Thought the article was about Saratoga Live not TVG. We all are very lucky to have this program available and will miss Mig. I think Lo Duca is a great choice.

  • Rocky Schiffner

    Thank goodness the sarge,Nick Hines , is still there. He’s my choice for handicap champ.

    • dan gable

      Biggest blowhard in racing.

    • Jim Triarsi

      PIECE OF WORK….. Rail Bird Supreme…$2 bettors friend

  • ctgreyhound

    One viewing of Saratoga Live last summer & I was hooked. I will miss the Mig, but the balance of the team is back. I’m sure Lo Duca will have an impact.

  • powaymojo

    My, has the conversation bolted from the real subject – Paul LoDuca. Personally, I will miss him from my home 7 miles from DMR – where my cash meets the trash.

  • raebzan

    I have no doubt the man loves the game. But he is thin-skinned, he’s not very good at handicapping IMO, and he doesn’t have legitimate insights. Saratoga Live is going to be a little more unbearable because of his presence. That’s unfortunate for the fans, who already have a fine team working for them in Wolf, Wolfendale and Serling. And that’s not from a “Internet comment” state of mind, it’s from the state of mind of a fan who has enjoyed the NYRA broadcasts as they have been, and who hates to see it turn into TVG East, where legitimate knowledge is replaced by personalities that can be grating more than they are enlightening.

    I mean, you can frame that into the “don’t read the comments, everyone’s a hater” mindset if you wish—Ray already did that on Twitter. But it doesn’t mean it’s any less valid an opinion, that NYRA’s broadcasts have been roundly excellent, and that this hire is a step backwards from that direction.

  • Mindy

    5. doesn’t gross us out with tales of his man-scaping habits
    6. remembers to say the name of the horse they’re talking about both before AND AFTER the tidbit of info (especially if *not* betting related, but more like interesting trivia), so, if we only ‘tune-in’ mid-sentence, and only hear the tidbit, we can know whom they’re talking about

    7. remembers that these are living, breathing animals, not just numbers in the Tote

    • Stephen Nagler

      You nailed it here. Let’s see how New ayork viewers will respond in the Travers when Leucca reduces them to the 1,4, 7 et al.

    • Tony Cheval

      8. Doesn’t waste time whining about millenials or other vaguely political subjects.

  • Ryan

    Was just watching a tvg classic and frank lyons and ken rudolph were the on-air talent. Wow have times changed on that channel

  • idavis

    Paul is fine and will do a good job, but Andy must go!

  • Audrey Harvey

    I miss the serious TVG/HRTV handicappers/commentators. They kept people who really need to be doing something else: Todd, Mike, Brittany are jokes. Matt might pluck your nerves, but he knows horseracing and handicapping. Todd is a player hater. Mike is simple. Brittany don’t have a clue.

  • Jason Giddens

    gonna miss paulie, he was one of my favs on tvg…honestly i’ll try and check him out on the nyra broadcasts when available, but personally its hard for me to stomach greg wolf, that guy every chance he got used his on air platform on a sports circuit to make cheap shot and ignorant political jabs…if you’re that passionate about politics, that’s fine, just yelp about it in the proper arena, not on a sports show…
    good luck paulie

  • t a

    Lo duca is so creepy. the looks he gives the camera makes me believe he is on medication. His handicapping sucks too, anyone that ever watched him on TVG knows this. Nyra had a great show w/ the Mig, Andy and Maggie, why did they kill it?

  • Chico Malti

    For as much talent as TVG has no one is going to like every on air talent person . But as a group they are very good. They have to fill the airwaves with something other than just horse racing, Stop being so petty. i’m sure not everyone enjoys hearing us speak either. If you don’t like the announcer turn down the volume or mute it.

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