KY: Jensen Files to Run as Democratic Candidate for 6th District

by | 12.17.2013 | 11:57am
Elisabeth Jensen (center) filed paperwork Dec. 17 to run for Congress

Elisabeth Jensen of Lexington today filed papers with the Kentucky Secretary of State as Democratic candidate for the 6th District of Congress.

Elisabeth Jensen is running for Congress because she believes Kentucky's working families and children deserve a strong voice in Washington. She is a former executive at the Walt Disney Company as well as a long-time advocate for Kentucky youth. Her business experience and commitment to serving the people of Kentucky make her uniquely qualified to represent the 6th congressional district.

Jensen currently serves as President and Executive Director of The Race For Education, which provides financial aid, academic development programs, and financial literacy training. The non-profit, which she co-founded in 2002, has delivered over $5,000,000 in educational programs and scholarships to young people. The Race for Education's financial literacy program earned recognition from President George W. Bush's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Overcoming the overwhelming challenges of being a mother of a child with special needs led Governor Steve Beshear to name her to the State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children. 

In 2009, Jensen established Starting Gate, an after school program for middle school students focused on building literacy and language arts skills. The program is currently offered in schools in Fayette and Bourbon Counties.

“The building blocks for Kentucky's future,” she stated, “are affordable education, workforce development, and good paying jobs which, when elected, will be my priorities.”

With her at the filing were Elizabeth Sawyer, Executive Director of Emerge Kentucky, and Rita Smart, State House Representative for Kentucky's 81st district. Serving as official witness were campaign treasurer Laura D'Angelo and Sannie Overly, State House Representative for Kentucky's 72nd district. Also endorsing Jensen's campaign were Kelly Flood, State House Representative for Kentucky's 75th district, Susan Westrom, State House Representative for Kentucky's 79th district, Urban County Councilwoman Shevawn Akers, Jennifer Moore, chair of the board of Emerge Kentucky and former chairwoman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, and Pam Miller, former Mayor of the Lexington.

“These women are exceptional examples of the kind of leadership we need more of, said Jensen. “I can't thank them enough for their support of my candidacy, and I look forward to relying on their mentorship and guidance throughout the campaign.”

“Women are highly educated, skilled, and an economic asset to our nation and state.  Yet, women often do not have a seat at the table in leadership positions.  As a working mother, I know that Kentucky moms get more done before lunch than Congress gets done in a week. It is time for their voice to be heard in Washington.”

“As I have traveled the 6th Congressional District, these concerns have come up from Nicholas County to Anderson County,” said Jensen. “We need to stop playing politics in Washington, and start actually governing to improve peoples lives.”

From Anderson County to Wolfe County, and every county in between, Elisabeth Jensen's campaign for Congress has built a diverse network of support. Last week, Jensen's campaign released Jensen released a list of co-chairs for her campaign from counties across the 6th Congressional District, along with co-chairs for a Seniors, Youth and Young Adult, Women, African American, Latino/a, and Veterans Caucus. It is a group that will continue to grow as the campaign moves along.

Full list of Co-Chairs

Anderson Betty Springate
Franklin Jill Robinson
Woodford Joe Graviss
Scott Brian Perkins
Fayette Bob Layton
Jessamine Jacqueline Coleman
Harrison Mary Contella
Bourbon Leslie Spears
Clark Brandy Bailey
Madison Sandra Powell
Robertson Karen Curtis
Nicholas Mike Dotson
Montgomery Megan Bowles
Powell Ed Lynch
Menifee Ria Harper
Estill Shayne Puckett
Fleming John Sims
Bath Tom Hogge
Wolfe Roy Lumpkins
Youth/Young Adults Clint Morris
Veterans Michael Moynahan
Women Diane Hancock
Latinos Dianet Valencia
African Americans Michael Haskins
Seniors Lillian and O. Leonard Press
  • Richard C

    With all the shenanigans occurring inside The Beltway, the time is long overdue to throw all the bums out.

  • dg

    If she believes working families and children need a strong voice in Washington, why is she a Democrat?

  • noname

    Other than once having been employed by WinStar in one of her numerous jobs, Ms. Jensen has zero connections to horse racing. Moreover, she announced her run not recently, but last summer. Why is this posted on Paulick Report? It is certainly not horse-news-worthy.

    • RayPaulick

      I think a large number of young adults – many of them from horse industry families – who have been able to fulfill a dream of a college education through scholarships at the Race for Education would argue with you that Ms. Jensen has “zero connections” to horse racing. She co-founded the Race for Education and has led the organization to great success. This was an announcement that she has officially entered the race by filing the necessary papers.

  • c bea

    Ask her where she stands on Obumblecare?

  • brussellky

    Her chances of winning are only slightly better than the chances of a stallion standing in Idaho leading the general sire list next year.

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