Jockeys Avoid Injury From Stray Golf Ball At Sandown Racecourse

by | 09.09.2016 | 6:42pm
Sandown Park

In a bizarre turn of events in Sandown Park's first race Friday, a pair of jockeys were able to avoid serious injury resulting from a stray golf ball on the course, reports

The track is located next to a golf course, and though it is regularly swept for stray golf balls, they can be missed in the four to five inch turf course, said Andrew Cooper, clerk of the course.

In this case, a horse in the front of the pack kicked up the golf ball, which bounced off of jockey Charlie Bennett's helmet. The ball ricocheted in front of jockey Kieron Fox's mount Luxford, causing the horse to spook and jump to the right, unseating Fox.

“It happened so fast I didn't know what had caused it but you can see on the replay it hit Charlie's helmet and straight across in front of my filly's face,” said Fox.

Neither rider, nor the horse, were injured, and both riders rode races later on the card.

Watch the slow-motion replay here:


  • Thinker


  • Ned Daly

    When I was at the Hippodrome d’Auteuil in Paris a few years ago I was surprised to find a pitch and putt set-up INSIDE the course. This is a fairly small area because the course is set up to also run figure eight races.

  • Audrey Gulla

    What crazy, freak accident! Glad everyone was ok….horse & riders….

  • Delrene

    What a nutty freak accident! Glad everyone ok.

  • 33horses

    Oh to have 4-5 inch turf. What a concept! Bizarre twist of fate. Glad no one was hurt.

  • Marshall Cassidy

    I had the distinct privilege of working Sandown’s announcer booth in 1983 with their regular commentator, Graham Good. During my stay I was impressed by the several English details not seen on this side of the Atlantic, including a fully-lit fireplace and a sit-down scale in the clerk of scales weigh-out room, a wood chip paddock walking ring, helmeted assistant starters. That there was a golf course adjacent to the property escaped my notice and I find surprising. How hazardous could a stepped-upon golf ball be to a Thoroughbred?

  • Tinky

    Was he riding the fore! horse?

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