Jess Jackson dropped from Forbes list, transfers holdings

by | 03.11.2011 | 10:58am

For the first time in decade, horse owner Jess Jackson did not make the Forbes Magazine annual list of the world's richest people.

A Forbes reporter said Jackson was dropped because he no longer owns a stake in Kendall-Jackson Winery or parent company, Jackson Family Wines.  Those interests have been transferred to other family members.

The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat also reports that Jackson is still battling skin cancer.  The 81-year-old survived a bout with cancer in 2009 – the year his filly Rachel Alexandra won Horse of the Year – but sources tell the newspaper that Jackson's cancer has returned.

  • Watcher

    That’s what happens to owners who buy at two-year-olds in training sales!


    Sincere wishes that Jess Jackson can overcome this latest battle with cancer, and that he will be able to enjoy the new Curlin/Rachel foal early next year.

  • jesse hester

    Is Watcher serious? Unbelievable.

  • Watcher

    I was referring to his well-known financial setbacks.

  • Get The Facts Straight

    Watcher… are a douche. Best wishes to Jess Jackson on a tough battle. Doesn’t matter if you like him or not he is one of just a few owners who provided at least some excitement to this industry over the past three to four years.

  • Stan

    get the facts straight

    calling watcher a douche is an insult to douches everywhere.

  • PJJ

    If you have skin cancer it means you have cancer somewhere else in the body. Thats what I was told many many years ago when my father was diagnosed with skin cancer on his nose, two years later they found out he had lung cancer, he only lived 3 months after they found it and started treatments. Jess more than likely has it somewhere else and it has progressed since he is transferring his holdings in the wine business.

  • NoAgendaHere

    Do you guys even read the article or just the headline. This “reduction in wealth” is not a reduction at all. It is the orderly allocation of assets in the normal process of estate planner. I am sure “Watcher” will never have to worry about this!

  • MED

    Hoping against hope he can beat it again and see his super-baby. Mr. Jackson, I didn’t always agree with you starting with your choice of trainer, but I’ll always be grateful to you for giving us so much excitement with Rachel.


  • Watcher

    I’m sorry for making that statement. It was meant in jest but clearly I missed the mark.

  • Ray Paulick

    Thank you for that apology. I think everyone is pulling for Jess Jackson to be around when that first foal of Curlin-Rachel Alexandra hits the track…and I doubt he’ll have to hitchhike to get to the track.

  • Joe

    I thank Mr. Jackson for the thrills his great horses gave us. May the rest of his life be filled with love, comfort and peace.

  • Kris S

    Best wishes to Mr. Jackson.

    To PJJ, it’s incorrect that skin cancer means cancer is somewhere else in the body. Sounds like an old wives tale.

    My brother had it and lived another 17 years (he died in a car accident). When they did his autopsy they found absolutely no cancer.

    My mom also had it 25 years before she died of a heart attack. Again, on autopsy she did not have cancer anywhere in her body.

    Finally, my grandmother had it in her early 50s and lived 39 more years (to age 92). She was cancer free when she died of old age.

  • Rachel

    God Bless you Mr. Jackson, you are a true horseman with a phenominal eye for a great horse (not just a good horse) who gave us an extra year with Curlin, and raced your great horse like great horses.
    You and your wife are also very generous people. Take care.

  • Rachel

    Should be great horses, not just great horse.

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