Hovdey: Smith vs Sutherland is low-hanging fruit

by | 08.04.2011 | 7:47am

Daily Racing Form writer Jay Hovdey, whose wife Julie Krone competed in the Battle of the Sexes match race at Del Mar a few years ago, isn't a big fan of the track's latest marketing gimmick – the Battle of the Exes between Mike Smith and Chantal Sutherland.  Hovdey says the match race is “low-hanging fruit in today's world of marketing to the lowest common cultural denominators. And who doesn't like to see two people who used to be in love not in love anymore, while carrying whips?”  He concludes:

“In the end, it's the premise of the match itself that fails the smell test. Really, if the selling point was the ancient history of the Smith-Sutherland breakup there are any number of ways to both reopen the old wounds and entertain the troops. Horses did not have to be involved. Tennis anyone? Perhaps a rousing game of rochambeau? I've had a lot of votes from friends for mud wrestling, and for my friends I apologize. My vote is to reach for something more essential. Why not just have Mike and Chantal sit down in front of a camera with two glasses and a nice red wine and let them rag on each other over bitter disappointments and perceived slights? Sure, go ahead, take bets.”

Note: The link to this blog post on the DRF site seems to have stopped working.

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