Hiles elected to third straight term as President of KY HBPA

by | 12.10.2012 | 4:51pm

On December 10, 2012, at the first meeting of the newly elected Kentucky Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association's (KHBPA) Board of Directors, Rick Hiles was unanimously elected as the President of the organization. It is his third consecutive term as KHBPA President. Previously, Rick has served as the KHBPA President on two separate occasions, for a total of five terms.

“It is an honor and privilege to serve my fellow horsemen,” Rick stated. “Along with the new KHBPA Board, I will continue to fight to preserve the rights of horsemen.”

The KHBPA is a trade association representing the interest of the vast majority of owners and trainers of thoroughbred horses racing in Kentucky. The KHBPA is affiliated with the National HBPA with nearly 30,000 owner and trainer members nationwide and in Canada.

The KHBPA has been outspoken on the need to preserve the use of the therapeutic medication, Lasix, on race day to prevent the onset of bleeding in race horses. In addition, through its purse contracts at each and every racetrack in the state, the KHBPA assures horsemen an equitable share of wagering revenue for purses.

The newly elected KHBPA Directors include:

OWNERS                                                                     TRAINERS                                                                                 

Frank Jones, First Vice President                            Dale Romans, Second Vice President

Tom Conway                                                               Bill Connelly

Dr. Randy Scheen                                                       Kenny McPeek

Mike Bruder                                                                William “Buff” Bradley

Pete Salmen, Jr.                                                          Robert “RC” Sturgeon

The KHBPA Board also reappointed Marty Maline as the Executive Director of KHBPA.

  • As stated by Mr Hiles, his group represents the health and welfare of horsemen and trainers rather than the health and welfare of horses. Raceday medication disfavors the horse and favors the horsemen, so these folks are going to favor raceday drugs every time. Other groups represent the health and welfare of horses, and they realize it is not only poor form to needle racehorses with drugs before they head over to the paddock, but dangerous, as jurisdictions that allow raceday drugs suffer ~ 4X the breakdowns clean racing jurisdictions experience. Raceday drugs offer a distinct advantage to trainers by allowing them to partake in substandard horsemanship and to provide substandard husbandry for their horses, much to horses’ expense.

  • Tsparks

    You must be dumb as a stump . You don’t pay the bills and maybe someone else has always paid yours .
    Horses run on less drugs than Pilots do in commercial airplanes . No owner wants their horses overdruged but they do want them to have the right kind of drugs . What do you do if you get a sore muscle or your head ( if you have one ) hurts ?

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