France’s Alec And Criquette Head Join Water Hay Oats Alliance

by | 07.28.2015 | 1:06am
Criquette Head-Maarek with father Alec Head

Father and daughter, Alec and Criquette Head, hailing from a dynasty of internationally successful trainers of champions and classic winners for three generations, have joined the Water Hay Oats Alliance in support of horse racing medication reform in the United States.

Champion trainer, leading breeder and Classic-winning owner of Haras du Quesnay, Alec Head is joined by Criquette, Europe's leading female trainer to support WHOA's efforts in the U.S.

“In France we have one ruling body for racing, but the problem in the United States is that every state is its own body and therefore it makes it very difficult to make a decision across the board. To make decisions, you need one body. I've trained for many years without drugs. I don't see why you can't do the same in America, just like you used to do in the old days. I support the efforts of WHOA and the creation of the industry coalition. I hope they can succeed in getting USADA appointed to act as one independent body making one rule for racing in America. It will pay huge dividends both domestically and internationally.” – Alec Head

“I have been a trainer in France since 1977. In our country race day medication is completely banned and I have never felt the need to use any medication to train a horse. If we have a bleeder, we train the horse lightly and don't offer food on the day of the race. If a horse is sore, then we are patient and training takes longer. We don't hide or mask problems with drugs and as a result we have fewer horses breaking down on the track. When I take my horses to run in the USA I don't run them on medication, they don't need it. The ban on medication in Europe also helps to maintain a high standard in the breeding shed. When we breed our horses we know their natural talent.” – Criquette Head

Click here for more information on the Water Hay Oats Alliance.

  • Tinky

    That quote from Criquette Head should be repeated each time that a pro-lasix argument is heard.

    It neatly and devastatingly explodes the myths that are typically presented by those who favor the continued use of the drug on race days, and echoes the views of the vast majority of trainers who practice their skills outside of the U.S.

    • Bryan Langlois (ShelterDoc)

      Completely agree…especially her last sentence.

  • Alec Head is the greatest all around Thoroughbred horseman of his era. From training, to developing stallions, to breeding, racing and training champions, he has done it all. Treve is only his latest feat.

    • Rebekah Lane

      Criquette Head (Head-Maarek) trains Treve.

      • Yes, she sure do, and her father Alec head bred Treve.

  • youcantmakeitup

    It`s great to hear some common sense remarks from real horse people. Refreshing. What`s not refreshing is the people they are trying to convince.Whether it be greed or stupidity, they are not listening.

  • guest

    And this is news worthy?
    If Paulick wanted to be fair and balanced(Fox Network style) he would post a similar story every time a licensed Vet or Trainer chose to treat horses with a known preventive for EIPH. But, there is really no need. This movement has been dead on arrival for over five(5) years and regardless of how many minions ole Bee Eye trots out this story is over and done with! MOVE ON!!!!

    • youcantmakeitup

      I tend to disagree. There will come a day when there will be an ultimatum. Clean the game or states will start clawing back slot subsidies which is the life blood of racing. Many states need the money for education, roads, Medicaid etc. The politicians getting elected nowadays weren’t in office when subsidies were issued to racing. The politicians of tomorrow don’t even know what a horse race is. Racing is in intensive care and the subsidies are becoming the low hanging fruit. Only then will racing make an honest attempt ( drug free racing) to regulate the corruption.

    • Jocke Muth

      And you are?
      An anonymous nobody until you put a name under your posts, so move on and troll some other forum.

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