The Early Years: TVG’s Kurt Hoover Once Coached Derby-Winning Trainer In Basketball

by | 05.19.2017 | 6:15pm
A junior high-aged Todd Pletcher once played on a basketball team coached by TVG host Kurt Hoover.

It's definitely a cliche, but there's a lot of truth to the phrase “it's a small world.” The latest relevant example comes from Kentucky Derby-winning trainer Todd Pletcher, who once played on a basketball league coached by current TVG host and analyst Kurt Hoover, according to the LA Times.

When Todd Pletcher's father, also a Thoroughbred trainer, spent a season in Southern California, the young Pletcher joined a recreational basketball league for junior high students in Arcadia. The local high school students were encouraged to coach the younger students, and Hoover ended up as the assistant coach on Pletcher's team, the Trailblazers.

“I remember I wasn't very good,” Pletcher said. “I didn't score very many points. Aside from that I don't remember a lot.”

The Trailblazers ended their season with a record of three wins and 12 losses from a four-team league.

Read more at the LA Times.

  • Whynotwest

    Just fascinating.

  • Minneola

    I hope that Pletcher didn’t give up basketball at that time. Boys develop at different rates and he might have just been a late bloomer. I remember some of the young “studs” in my son’s 7th grade class. They were the athletic ones but, by the time they hit high school, most didn’t even make the JV team. My son, on the other hand — the late bloomer that was string-bean for a long time — ended up being the MVP on his team’s regional championship season in his senior year. By the way, Kurt Hoover doesn’t look old enough to have coached Todd Pletcher. They look about the same age. No????

    Love this story! What a small world.

    • Jbumi

      According to the article, Todd was in Junior High & Kurt was in High School so the age difference isn’t that great. Wish they’d also had a shot of Kurt from back then!

      • Minneola

        That would be fun to see. Even Todd Pletcher looks a lot different at that age. He was quite the cutie. Bet Kurt was as well. By the way, my son got some great coaching, at that same age, from some college students in the local Parks & Rec’s summer program. They were great and taught these younger kids a lot. But, they also could relate to these kids because they weren’t that far apart in age and, at the same time, became really great role models.

  • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Hahaha, I saw this today or was it yesterday on TVG, either way, it was good stuff!!!!

  • Quilla

    Nice hair!

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