Drape on Saratoga: ‘The People Are as Big a Draw as the Horses’

by | 07.19.2013 | 8:39am

Many years ago, sports columnist Red Smith was asked, “How does one get to Saratoga Springs?”

Smith responded, “From New York City you drive north for about 175 miles, turn left on Union Avenue and go back 100 years.”

As Saratoga celebrates its 150th anniversary, the New York Times' Joe Drape writes that a great part of the racetrack's appeal is not just with the horses, but also in the people that make the pilgrimage to the upstate New York haven.

“Saratoga is a lot more than a horse town,” Drape writes. “That may be what first brought me and countless others here over the past 150 years, but it isn't what has kept generations coming back. It is the people who have done that.”

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  • Genellen

    Just the thought of Saratoga erases all the conflict, negativity, and reality of life today. Celebrated my 50th year there last year, and can’t wait to drive down Nelson Avenue to see the horses rounding the turn into the backstretch at the morning workouts.

    • Spa4Horses

      Genellen, I hear what you are saying. … on my way over : )

  • Don Reed

    @ 1:15 p.m., today, heard over the Saratoga public address system: “We are experiencing water pressure problems at the moment. Please use the facilities across the street on Nelson Avenue at the Mexican restaurant and The Horseshoe.”

    • 4Bellwether666

      Well the old place is wore out and has been for quite some time…Great Horse racing…Great people…Great town but the track looks like slum lords own ii…Period…

      • Don Reed

        Judging by what “living” quarters the owners provide for the workers, it IS a 3rd world country.

        They tried that in Detroit. What a success that turned out to be.

        Pardon my French but I REALLY hate cheap people. And in the ranks of the management/owners can be found some outstanding examples.

  • Don Reed

    TVG managed to present the first race on opening day, just now, without the ROARING sound of a full – packed – house of fans cheering the horses on.
    Are these guys sterile brain-deads, or WHAT?!

    • Spa4Horses

      On the bright side, Don, you can’t get TVG on local cable in the Spa : )

      • Don Reed

        I’m so set dead against the unrelentingly preening narcissists on TVG (the “V” stands for Vanity; Wolf, in particular, imagines himself to be some sort of media Adonis, to the applause of none) —

        This day is declared, “Albany OTB TV Day.”

        Wolf’s exact opposite on OTB-Albany is Mr. Veitch, who has been covering Saratoga adroitly, consistently, and has always been a pleasure to watch.

  • 4Bellwether666

    Well take away “The Horses” and the race track up there and see what you have then???…Its all about “The Horses” Drape…

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