Denman’s Long Vacation: A Broken Leg And An Exotic Reading List

by | 07.18.2017 | 7:10pm
Trevor Denman

Renowned track announcer Trevor Denman, who held the microphone at Santa Anita from 1983 through the end of 2015, is nearly set to return to the booth for opening day at Del Mar. These days, the semi-retired South African expatriate works just the summer and fall meets where the “Turf Meets the Surf,” and spends the rest of his time on a ranch in Minnesota.

In a recent interview on ESPN's In The Gate podcast, Denman discusses his vacation's reading list (including titles like The History of the Jesuits and Mein Kampf), as well as an incident on the farm that left him with a broken leg.

“I fell off the back of a trailer,” Denman said, describing the March 17 accident. “It was 9 o'clock in the morning, I wasn't drunk, I wasn't fooling around or trying to impress anybody, I just slipped and fell. Broke my leg in three places, one of them really bad.

“I'm on the brink of being able to walk on it.”

Additionally, Denman talks about the development of his own personal style of racecalling, and addresses what it will be like to return to the booth after over a seven-month vacation.

Listen to the entire ESPN podcast here.

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