Buick Suffers Fractured Vertebrae In Arlington Spill; No Surgery Required, Jockey ‘In Great Spirits’

by | 08.13.2017 | 1:55pm
William Buick

Jockey William Buick was aboard the Mark Johnston-trained Permian in Saturday's Grade 1 Secretariat Stakes at Arlington Park when the colt suffered a fatal breakdown shortly after the wire. Buick, conscious but in pain, was loaded onto an ambulance and taken to Northwest Community Hospital, and according to racingpost.com he was diagnosed with a fractured T-12 vertebrae in his lower back.

Early reports indicated that Buick's injury would not require surgery to repair, and that he would be able to return to Britain in the coming days. He will be out of the saddle for some time.

“I spoke to William at what must have been about 4 am his time and it was exactly as had been reported in Daily Racing Form,” said Buick's father, William Buick Sr. “He'd had some sleep and was in great spirits, with no surgery required. He was waiting on a further scan but the doctor had told him that if they were happy with it he would be on a plane home.”

Read more at racingpost.com.

  • Mindy

    ‘in great spirits’ – did he express any sadness over the death of his mount? you know a certain site will use this expression of his emotional state to show how horrible racing people are, I can even write it for them, ‘horse drops dead out from under jockey, but he’s in great spirits’

    • Ron S

      Maybe, just maybe he was in great spirits because he was lucky to avoid a terrible fate himself. Riders risk horrific injuries, even death. I couldnt imagine doing their job. A lot of times riders get criticised heavily for every little thing that happens in a race, but their livelihood is so dangerous. And they are someones parents, sons, or daughters. Sometimes I forget that, but I try hard to remember that.

    • jimmy ski

      He’s in great spirits cause he can walk and use his extremities.It goes without saying that he grieves his mounts demise.Your last line is a bunch of crap!

      • Mindy

        if you’ll read my comment more carefully, I was pointing out that, since he didn’t expressly say (I read the full article on the other site, it doesn’t mention any comment by the jockey regarding the horse) he was upset about his horse breaking down & needing to be euthanized, and then using the phrase that he’s basically happy, that the echo chamber on a certain horse-racing-hate blog will use this to attack racing, and this jockey, specifically, not that *I* was saying it

        • Judoon

          Anti-racing people are going to remain anti-racing whether or not a jockey expresses sadness over a horse’s death. The fact that the horse died, plain and simple, is their focus.

          • Mindy

            but why give them ammunition? why become an easier target?

    • longshot

      He’s not in good spirits because his mount died. He’s in good spirits because he’s not paralyzed. Read the article again and try to figure it out on you own

      • Mindy

        I did, and, as I commented above, if you’ll read my original comment more carefully, I was pointing out how his non-expression of sorrow about his mount, or, if he did, that it was not reported, which is all any of us who don’t know him, have to go on, reflects badly on horse racing, and will be used to attack it

    • Mundah

      I sure he was upset it’s just no one asked him

      • Mindy

        no one should have to, his comment should’ve been that he was grateful to not have been hurt worse (completely understandable), and that he’s devastated about what happened to the horse, it should be automatic to express that, so it’s noted by the reporter, and, hopefully, printed

    • Olebobbowers

      At no point was the interviewer asking about the horse. The subject was the jockey narrowly escaping even worse injury, or possibly death. No one on Earth adores thoroughbreds more than I, but it’s obvious you overlooked the fact’s of this interview. The subject was not the horse, but the rider. I bet if he was your Son or Dad or husband and father of your children, you would understand the feeling of relief this coverage brought forth. The 14 words leading into the article make clear what it relates to, and you can rest assured it brought relief to the majority of us that shared concern about the fallen rider.

  • Charles Smith

    I think it goes without saying that 99% of riders are deeply saddened FOR THE HORSE when a mount suffers a fatal injury. When you consider the possible outcomes for a jockey when a horse breaks down, it’s understandable that William Buick or any other rider would express relief and thanks for coming out of it without facing spinal cord issues or worse. If the animal rights people had their way, all forms of racing, horse or greyhound, would end completely. This is something we have to deal with.

    • Mindy

      my point is that, in the climate you rightly explain, it shouldn’t “go without saying,” it should be said, early, and often, so everyone understands that horse racing people aren’t just ‘using and abusing’ these animals, they do care, and they are sad when one dies, that they don’t just check themselves for injuries, shrug their shoulders, and move on to the next one, that theses horses aren’t merely disposable money-making tools to them (though, sadly, I know that is how some feel about them, and those people should be drummed out)

      • SteveTG

        I see your point but the people who are dead set on ending horse racing will not be deterred by heartfelt expressions of sympathy for the horse from within the racing community. They will call it “lip service” & proceed with their aggressive anti-racing agenda. The fanatic in any arena of life is not deterred by words, logic, or in this case, relief that the poor rider didn’t suffer a worse fate, etc.

  • Mindy

    update, said site to which I’ve been referring (just checked it, but won’t name it here, as I don’t wish to advertise it by name) has an article up about this horse’s death, and, while they haven’t noted about Buick being in ‘good spirits,’ they are circulating a theory that the horse’s death was basically planned, and he was sent here to breakdown and die for the insurance money, so, there ya go, and you know they’ll add about Buick’s comments, if one of them ever finds out

    • longshot

      Mindy your a joke

      • Mindy

        why am I a “joke” for being concerned about what haters, who, if they’re like protesters in other areas of American culture, *can* being on change, are thinking? haven’t you ever heard of keeping tabs on your adversaries? or that it helps to know what the opposition is thinking/saying about your side?

        • longshot

          I don’t even know what the hell your talking about and what your saying doesn’t even pertain to how Buick feels about the horse he was on that brokedown and he is lucky to be alive. Get a clue

          • Caliboy28

            Um, clearly, Mindy doesn’t think it was planned, she was simply stating what she read on another site and actually called it out. Don’t be so quick to come down on people just because you have difficulty with reading comprehension. Sheesh….

          • Mindy

            thank you, Caliboy28, you nailed it

      • Olebobbowers

        A bad one at that!

        • longshot

          You know Bob I hate to cap on people, but when someone even if she did read it on a different website and actually thinks that , that accident was planned , it just is ridiculous

    • Olebobbowers

      ” they are circulating a theory that the horse’s death was basically planned, and he was sent here to breakdown and die for the insurance money”…Sooo, why did they spend thousands of dollars to ship him to America to kill him, may I ask? He had to pass the vet pre race exam also. Chicago was the place for gangsters to be eliminated, well known fact btw. Sorry Mindy, but even Alfred Hitchcock wouldn’t have come up with that one! Oh, BTW, if you only care to read about ‘Permian’ Google it, there’s plenty of coverage, but you chose to read the article about the jockey, and are trying to convert it into an entirely different subject. Get it?

      • Mindy

        where, anywhere in what I wrote, did I say, or even imply, that I agreed with, much less, endorsed, their conspiracy theory? I don’t, it’s hogwash, as is their assertion that that kind of thing happens a lot (foreign horses sent here to race to die & collect insurance $), I was merely reporting what’s going around on that site

        and I didn’t ‘choose’ to read the article about the jockey, it’s the article that was available on this site, so it’s what I clicked on, I don’t have time to Google for articles, maybe you do

  • Gotchagold

    Sad for the horse, glad for the Jock. Get well soon jockey Buick and RIP Permian

    • Mindy

      and this, this is all that needed to be said, perfectly, and succinctly, respect to both the jockey, AND the horse

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