British Trainer Banned For Racing Horse with Denerved Leg

by | 06.21.2013 | 12:53pm

The British Horseracing Authority banned trainer Ian McInnes for three years following a June 10 hearing which determined that McInnes had demonstrated “reckless disregard of horse welfare.” The charges stemmed from allegations that he had run trainee Commando Scott nine times after having a de-nerving operation performed on the horse's hind leg.

Commando Scott underwent the surgery in July 2008 and was not eligible to race afterward, but was run anyhow, placing second at best. McInnes subsequently lied to authorities about the horse's medical history and had the horse removed from his yard to prevent examination.

“It is pretty rare that someone would attempt this course of action,” BHA spokesman Robin Mounsey told the Racing Post.

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  • 4Bellwether666

    “Its pretty rare” that anyone tells the TRUTH anymore on this planet…Five years would have been more to my way of thinking…

    • Karen

      It’s frightening, isn’t it? Why is dishonesty so well received, expected even, in our time.

      • LongTimeEconomist

        You think that being ruled off for three years is “well-received”?

        • 4Bellwether666

          You missed her point completely…And three years for what that butcher did is [edited]…

          • Matt

            Hello> anybody out there> Hundreds of U.S, racehorses have neurectomy’s performed on them every year. Are you all these U.S , trainers “butchers?”

          • 4Bellwether666

            race em…

  • Richard C

    This guy should never be allowed in a grandstand, let alone the backstretch.

    • Ida Lee

      Ditto…I’m almost speechless!!

      • Matt

        Thousands of de-nerved horses running in the U.S. Accepted by most if not all jurisdictions as long as the horse is on the nerved list and it is declared.

        • aham

          It depends on what kind of nerving was done. low nerving is declarable, high nerving however is illegal.

          • Matt

            article refers to a neurectomy, therefore low nerving.

    • nu-fan

      And, the horseracing industry wonders why the public has been losing interest in this “sport”?

  • Beach

    First, extreme drugging, then taking their nerves out of their legs. Oh, yeah, a sport I want to share with my kids… :-/

    3 years? How about banning the guy forever?!

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