Best of the Blogs: Rick Dutrow and the short turnaround

by | 09.07.2012 | 8:06am

In a new post at the  And Down the Stretch They Come blog, trainer Rick Dutrow and his success with horses racing on short rest is discussed, and the question is raised as to why this practice isn't more common in racing.

Dutrow has had great success doing this, most recently sending Willy Beamin out to capture the King's Bishop (gr. I) just three days after the colt had won Albany Stakes at Saratoga.This training method raises eyebrows here in the States, but not as much elsewhere.

“European and Aussie trainers don't shy as much from the extremely short turnaround as do North American conditioners. In fact, if done with a sound horse, there is no reason we shouldn't see this more,” the author writes.

  • Bernieinocala

    Obviously if this quick turnaround is common in Europe and Australia then shame on American trainers for not doing it.   As Tinky points out adnauseam, “two thirds of the world races without Lasix” which she/he equates to the majority always being correct, therefore, again the majority of the world must be correct so American trainers wake up and do as the Europeans do!

  • Joe S.

    Rick Duthrow !!! are you kidding. Further horses do race here with just 2-3 days between races. One just needs to check all claiming races.  And they do recieve IV LASIX before each race and the frequent starters in Europe do not.

  • VGFarrell

    Just goes to show how stupid Dutrow and those of his ilk think the public are.

  • Patuxet/Allison Roulston

    In 1991 a paper was presented at the AAEP annual meeting that described a new training regimen designed to model bones and decrease the incidence of bucked shins. What’s written here seems in theory to support the application of what was advocated in the 1991 paper.

    Details of that seminal training program can be read here, in Part 5:

  • Gritter

    VGFaarrell it show how weak your knowledge is with Thoroughbred Racing and Training……

  • Thelibrarian

    I’m sure if we all thought we were gonna get kicked out the gate for 10 years..we’d be running every chance we got too! But….I really wouldn’t try to project the case of Willy Beamin onto training in general. They got very lucky on a good claim & you can count this sort of score on one hand over decades. RARELY happens…..but good for them!   

  • Daynus Jividen

    Rick Dutrow’s father,  Richard Dutrow,  Sr.,  was a master of the quick turnaround.  If  I remember correctly Senior’s horse Double Edge Sword won a stakes race on a Monday at Laurel Park then another stakes race at Aqueduct the next Saturday.  Around 1972.  So Richard Jr. has come by his quick turnaround talent honestly.  Perhaps his only honest attribute.

  • JB

    Hall of Fame trainer Woody Stephens won the Met Mile on Monday and the Belmont six days later with Conquistador Cielo.  It was not uncommon to run back on short rest in Lasix free New York at that time.  Allen Jerkens has said on numerous occassions that a quick turn-around can benefit some horses.

  • Patuxet/Allison Roulston

    Woody Steven was only repeating what Elliot Burch had done 13 years before with Arts And Letters. The difference was that Arts And Letters had already won or placed in the Preaknesst, KY Derby, Blue Grass, FL Derby , Flamingo, Fountain of Youth and Everglades. That same year he also won the Jim Dandy, Travers, Woodward, and 2-mile Jockey Club Gold Cup. Back then we had real horses and men who knew how to train them. And now…? 

  • Bernieinocala

    Look what it did for Conquistador Cielo several months later.  He was toast at something like 2-5 in the Travers and retired after beating, I believe, just one horse.

  • Just Beachy

     Rather makes you wonder if Pete Rose wanted to write something re:  training baseball players, would somebody give HIM a sound byte, too? 

    One’s record ALWAYS goes to credibility, and by no means am I discussing how much money a person has made. 

  • AngelaFromAbilene

    Leave “Charlie Hustle” out of this.

  • Just Beachy


  • Yovankajojo

    if memory serves me right there used to be a trainer in new york that did that all the time,surely you race fans know who i’m talking about

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