A Man, a Horse, and a Pug (Don’t) Walk Into a Bar: Colorado Man Charged With Riding Under the Influence

by | 09.10.2013 | 6:42pm

Patrick Schumacher left officials in Boulder, Colo., scratching their heads this week after they arrested him on suspicion of drunken horseback riding and animal cruelty. Schumacher was aboard his horse Dillon on a 600-mile trip from Larkspur to Utah for his brother's wedding when authorities encountered him on University Hill.

They say he failed field sobriety tests and had been seen striking the horse. Schumacher said he was unaware it was illegal to ride a horse after consuming alcohol, and had been swatting flies off Dillon. He also maintained that while he had been drinking, he was not drunk. Both Dillon and Schumacher's pug, Bufford, who rides aboard his owner's backpack, were released into his custody and reportedly unharmed. The powder pistol found in his saddlebags was not returned to Schumacher, and led to misdemeanor charges also.

Schumacher said he and Dillon have made similarly long journeys in years past. Schumacher's driver's license was revoked in 2001 and he has ridden horseback everywhere since then.

Prosecutors in Boulder County say they aren't sure if a “riding under the influence” case has ever been tried there before.

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